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  1. Adrianor's Latin American BATs

    Wolderful, how is going that projects? i only see R$$ Pack Santiaguino 2, CS$$ Pack Limeño 1, CO$$ Pack Porteño 1, R$$ Mini Pack Santiaguino 1, R$ Pack Santiaguino 1, CS$ Pack Santiaguino 1.
  2. Beach Extend Mod

    Not work for me, i have only Yucatan Terrain Mod and this mod :(, help please
  3. LBT Yucatan Terrain Mod

    Do not work for me, i have only yucatan terrain mod, but in game, are the maxis terrain, why?
  4. Amazon

    How I make this work?
  5. This not grow

    I think they only have stage 6 to 8.
  6. Why is everything so dark at night? Is it to be used on Darknite?
  7. South American houses PACK

    This pack do not have Stage 1? because the houses is not growing (sorry my english)
  8. R$ Pack Santiaguino 1

    I did a lot of things here, when I inhaled the Pack R$ from Maloskero I saw that R$ Santiaguino started to grow later, because it will?
  9. This not grow

    Hey guys, i have a error, in my plugins folder, i have two mods, R$ Pack Santiaguino1(No dependency needed) and TSB_BlockAll_R$.dat, so, i my citys the R$ not grow, why? if TSB BlockAll R$ block only Maxis building. Please, i don't know why this happen (sorry my english)
  10. R$ Pack Santiaguino 1

    I thinks is virus, I'll delete all of the plugins folder and install again
  11. R$ Pack Santiaguino 1

    Yes i make 1x1 and 1x2, but with DT BlockAll building do not grow, houses and shops,, and i have only these latin houses and shops in plugins folder and another day, the folder R$ Pack Santiaguino 1 he did not want to be deleted, and the rar file not extract " R$ Pack Santiaguino 1" to plugins.
  12. R$ Pack Santiaguino 1

    Why do not these houses grow in my town? Using blockMaxisbuilding
  13. $%&^!ing Maloskero! Great lots man
  14. Industrial Revolution Mod

    THanks guy, i reinstalled all with this other dependency, and work, great !
  15. Industrial Revolution Mod

    hey guys, i need help, What dependency i not installed to occur this?