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  1. Based on the screenshots, those textures are awful.
  2. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    After my CD was damaged, I had to buy the game again. Went through Amazon fo a digital download. No DRM or patching issues. Plus. I have the right to download again if anything goes wrong.
  3. Heretic SeaPort Project

    Nice effort. You obviously worked hard so I would encourage you to keep it up. That being said, I found many of the lots disappointing. One major problem is that things like ramps would somehow lose their elevation and merge with the surrounding area that was intended to be lower. I looked from all angles and it's not a trick of that. It gives a kind of M. C. Escher effect, and unfortunately, that is enough to keep me away. Not being a lotter, or batter, I realize that I lack a knowledge of all the issues involved in creating content, but as someone who enjoys using all the content on this exchange, and others, I feel my experience in using lots is important.
  4. SM2 Breakwater Concrete Blocks

    Marvelous. Will fit in well with other shore options and as a stand alone. Very versatile.
  5. SM2 cnut Grain Shipping

    I think this would also work well in a port setting in conjunction with one of SOMY's waterfront lots. The Nexis grain shipping lot would work well also.
  6. God Terraforming in Mayor Mode

    I have been using this for making minor tweaks. Mainly for correcting shorelines in ordere to make seawalls fit. But I recently discovered something. Had some zoned lots that weren't growing. Decided to add some flora using this mod. All of a sudden the lots started growing like crazy.
  7. Not long ago I was working on a city when the game froze. I got the following BSOD message: Your PC has encountered an error and has to restart. DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION. In researching the error I found instances of it occurring in Windows 10. The most common occurrences were in playing games in full screen mode. The error seems to be in Windows 10 incompatibility with certain graphics card drivers. However for some reason my drivers refuse to update. There is however a fix I discovered that doesn't involve updating drivers. 1. Go to the Power Options control panel. 2. Click on "Choose what the power buttons do" 3. click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" 4. Scroll down to shutdown settings and uncheck "Turn on fast startuup" This has worked for me and prevented the error.
  8. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    Just spent a couple of hours trying to create a CTD with TE lots and NAM puzzle pieces. I am happy to say that I failed miserably. This one should win you great honors.
  9. Thank you for that link. Will wait and see how that works out. Fortunately, I can try that fix as I have Pro installed. I am hearing rumors that the security update policy will affect some earlier Windows versions as well. I will repost on this topic if problem occurs again.
  10. Three times in the last month I have been playing the game on my Lenovo ThinkCentre. I have an Intel Dual Core 2.33GHz processor. Windows 10 pro on a 64bit system. My copy of SimCity Deluxe is a digital copy so I have not had the problem with the safe disk issue. The problem seems to be occurring with the Microsoft policy of doing cumulative security updates which pushes these updates without my being aware. The game will freeze and within moments I am presented with a blue screen and a frowny emoticon, telling me that a fatal error has occurred. The computer reboots, usually more than once and then tells me updates are being installed. I am wondering if anyone else is having any issues like this.
  11. OK that did not work either. I better clarify something and maybe that will help. The task manager says the exe is running as a process. But it is not in the list of running apps. And still just the splash screen, then nothing.
  12. I tried that and the properties dialog refused the new target. I am not running deluxe. I have Rush Hour as expansion pack. I removed the deluxe from the directory name, but still wouldn't accept the new target. I did change the display properties in the compatibility dialog, but no luck there either.
  13. Ive installed SC4 + RH on my computer. A refurbished Dell Optiplex 280X with 2.99Ghz and 128mb graphics and 1gig RAM. It came with Windows 7 RC. When I first installed the program it ran once just fine. I then downloaded and installed my plugins that I lost when my old computer died. The splash screen with the bridge appears and then nothing. The program wont display. Task manager says its running, but nothing happens. I waited a half hour and nothing. In fact, none of my games that require full screen display are displaying. I reinstalled and still nothing.
  14. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 2

    Here we go again, I've been off line for a while. My old computer crashed and I lost all my SC4 data. Had to limp along on a PC with not enough resources. But yesterday I got a new to me PC. A refurbished Dell Optiplex 280X with Windows 7 and a3ghz processor, 1g ram, and a 128mb graphics card. Cost me 150 bucks. I will have to buy a new copy of Win7 next year but, at least I can save up by then. Anyway, glad to be back.
  15. Prop 8

    What bothers me here is two things. First, the religious argument against gay marriage is one of "if you allow gay marriage you are interfering with our religion." How? That is a bunch of theocratic bunk! The second and more important thing that bothers me is the obsession with the physical sex act. All of those who object to gay rights do so based on the physical side of love. In other words they define all homosexuals by their sex life. Would any of you like having your lives defined by how often and how you have sex? Yes I realize that there are some (both gay and straight) who do so. But most of us see life as being much more than that. Both of my sisters are in committed same-sex relationships. One is raising her eleven year old daughter, who is a very happy well adjusted, and very smart child. I doubt very much that either would define themselves by how they have sex. As to the genetic argument, I think it's irrelevant.