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  1. Aside from SC4 deluxe, I also play other games, including Starcraft 2. Recently, due to Blizzard's changing the system requirements for that game with an update, I had to upgrade my video card. Since then, SC4 has the worst lag issues I've ever had. I have also had more CTD issues when dragging networks, or bulldozing. A good friend recommended Cities In Motion 2 to me and I have started playing that. Since transport networks have always been my favorite part of the game, I find myself getting far more enjoyment playing CIM. I am seriously considering dropping SimCity 4. As I continue to keep my machine up to date I have to consider that a game that was created for Windows XP may not be feasible on my machine. Before anyone asks, I do run the game in compatability mode. That being said, I want to let you all know that I appreciate all the great custom content available here and at other sites. I also greatly appreciate this community. I have made a few small (I'm low income) donations in the past. If I do leave SC4 behind, I will always have fond memories of this place.
  2. Problem with SimCity 4 on Origin

    After my CD was damaged, I had to buy the game again. Went through Amazon fo a digital download. No DRM or patching issues. Plus. I have the right to download again if anything goes wrong.
  3. Not long ago I was working on a city when the game froze. I got the following BSOD message: Your PC has encountered an error and has to restart. DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION. In researching the error I found instances of it occurring in Windows 10. The most common occurrences were in playing games in full screen mode. The error seems to be in Windows 10 incompatibility with certain graphics card drivers. However for some reason my drivers refuse to update. There is however a fix I discovered that doesn't involve updating drivers. 1. Go to the Power Options control panel. 2. Click on "Choose what the power buttons do" 3. click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" 4. Scroll down to shutdown settings and uncheck "Turn on fast startuup" This has worked for me and prevented the error.
  4. Thank you for that link. Will wait and see how that works out. Fortunately, I can try that fix as I have Pro installed. I am hearing rumors that the security update policy will affect some earlier Windows versions as well. I will repost on this topic if problem occurs again.
  5. Three times in the last month I have been playing the game on my Lenovo ThinkCentre. I have an Intel Dual Core 2.33GHz processor. Windows 10 pro on a 64bit system. My copy of SimCity Deluxe is a digital copy so I have not had the problem with the safe disk issue. The problem seems to be occurring with the Microsoft policy of doing cumulative security updates which pushes these updates without my being aware. The game will freeze and within moments I am presented with a blue screen and a frowny emoticon, telling me that a fatal error has occurred. The computer reboots, usually more than once and then tells me updates are being installed. I am wondering if anyone else is having any issues like this.
  6. OK that did not work either. I better clarify something and maybe that will help. The task manager says the exe is running as a process. But it is not in the list of running apps. And still just the splash screen, then nothing.
  7. I tried that and the properties dialog refused the new target. I am not running deluxe. I have Rush Hour as expansion pack. I removed the deluxe from the directory name, but still wouldn't accept the new target. I did change the display properties in the compatibility dialog, but no luck there either.
  8. Ive installed SC4 + RH on my computer. A refurbished Dell Optiplex 280X with 2.99Ghz and 128mb graphics and 1gig RAM. It came with Windows 7 RC. When I first installed the program it ran once just fine. I then downloaded and installed my plugins that I lost when my old computer died. The splash screen with the bridge appears and then nothing. The program wont display. Task manager says its running, but nothing happens. I waited a half hour and nothing. In fact, none of my games that require full screen display are displaying. I reinstalled and still nothing.
  9. The Portland & Oregon BAT Team, Chapter 2

    Here we go again, I've been off line for a while. My old computer crashed and I lost all my SC4 data. Had to limp along on a PC with not enough resources. But yesterday I got a new to me PC. A refurbished Dell Optiplex 280X with Windows 7 and a3ghz processor, 1g ram, and a 128mb graphics card. Cost me 150 bucks. I will have to buy a new copy of Win7 next year but, at least I can save up by then. Anyway, glad to be back.
  10. Prop 8

    What bothers me here is two things. First, the religious argument against gay marriage is one of "if you allow gay marriage you are interfering with our religion." How? That is a bunch of theocratic bunk! The second and more important thing that bothers me is the obsession with the physical sex act. All of those who object to gay rights do so based on the physical side of love. In other words they define all homosexuals by their sex life. Would any of you like having your lives defined by how often and how you have sex? Yes I realize that there are some (both gay and straight) who do so. But most of us see life as being much more than that. Both of my sisters are in committed same-sex relationships. One is raising her eleven year old daughter, who is a very happy well adjusted, and very smart child. I doubt very much that either would define themselves by how they have sex. As to the genetic argument, I think it's irrelevant.
  11. Guess the Airport!

    Number 2 has got to be Diego Garcia.
  12. Guess the Airport!

    I want to say number 1 is Boeing field (King County International is the official name). The clue is the plane that's landing. It's a customized 747 airframe that Boeing uses to ferry large aircraft parts around. But that could make it any airfield where Boeing has major operations. However it looks like port cranes in the distance and that leads me to think Seattle, and thus Boeing Field.
  13. I will throw my two cents in here. I think the point could be made that if the US, or the Soviets had stayed out, Hitler might have won. There is also an argument to be made that Hitler lost the day he invaded the Soviet Union. In that the British should be credited, in that he turned his attention to Russia after being unable to break Britain's resolve in The Battle of Britain (Hitler actually viewed the British as cousins of Germany and was not happy about fighting them.). Now there was a lot of opposition in the US to joining the war against the Nazis. It evaporated with the attack on Pearl Harbor. But the Japanese attack was not the opening salvo for us. In fact Roosevelt had ordered the navy to protect US flagged ships participating in shipments to both Britain and Russia. The Destroyer USS Reuben James was sunk by a U-Boat in October of 1941. And the patrol plane that spotted the Bismark, enabling the Royal Navy to sink her, was a PBY Catalina on loan to the Royal Navy, and was piloted by an American who was training the British crew. Even if Pearl Harbor had not happened, the US would have entered eventually. Our participation was important, and necessary. But we certainly didn't do it single handed.
  14. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against EA

    Originally posted by: Duke87In any case, you will not deny that the a not insignificant portion of lawsuits in this country are stupid and frivolous.quote> I will not deny that frivolous lawsuits are filed, but I doubt that many get very far. Any lawsuits is complicated, and there are thresholds within civil procedure that have to be reached. I am aware of this as I was formerly on the Board of Directors of an agency that brought legal action in disability rights cases. For instance in many states you must have expert witnesses in order to proceed with certain types of cases, such as medical malpractice. Lawyers are not going to proceed with a case that they do not foresee going very far. At any point a judge may issue a summary judgment throwing out a case. And in the long run less than two percent of the civil cases in the United States end up with awards of more than $100,000. The main thing driving the call to limit damages is the same thing driving the current financial crisis. A desire to evade corporate responsibility. Insurance companies are finding there profits in danger not because of big money awards, but because they have made the same stupid decisions that AIG and Lehman Brothers made. Now they want the government to limit payouts when their corporate clients do something they should not have. If the client keeps doing stupid things they should cancel their policy and refuse to insure them, but since thes guys are often on each others boards, that will not happen. As for the stockholders of these companies, they should file suit to have these greedy swine removed because they are jeopardizing profits by doing stuff like this. With the current regulatory environment being one of the fox guarding the henhouse, I am wary of anything smacking of tort reform.
  15. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against EA

    Originally posted by: Duke87 Originally posted by: your_adress_here Originally posted by: NMUSpidey Originally posted by: masochist Also, in the McDonald's Coffee case, the lady originally only asked for the amount it would take to cover the cost of surgery done on the afflicted area. She wasn't looking to get rich.quote> And she should still be punched in the face for her utter stupidity.quote> That's got to be one of the stupidest things I've read on these forums.quote> How so? If you can't figure out that coffee is hot without a warning label to tell you so, I'd say you're pretty stupid and deserving of a good smack upside the head.quote> Actually your post makes me wonder about your reading comprehension skills. Did you not read the facts of this case that I posted along with a link to them. The cup design was such that the coffee splashed on her simply because she removed the lid. McDonalds ignored repeated warnings that this could cause serious injury. Your remarks are ignorant.