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City-building game(s)

Found 32 results

  1. Hello fellas! I am starting this topic because I've got an issue while trying to patch my digital copy of SC4, bought via Origin Games platform. A few years ago I managed to patch my game correctly, but now it seems impossible. My SC4 version is 1.1.610.0, but I can't apply the 1.1.638.0 version I need to start using mods again (I formatted my PC some time ago and I didn't reinstall the game until today). Is there someone who's experienced the same problem?? Please let me know if you found a solution. Thanks!
  2. I looked through the forum and searched as well but seems this topic is not on here anywhere. Seeing if other members want to share their Origin screen names and add each other to the friends list. I know my Simtropolis name is a little different from my Origin name and I am certain others are also. Just reply with your info and we can add each other, etc! My name on Origin is "CWLGamer"
  3. While hunting for more cheats, I came upon "SimCity Complete Edition". It seems like it has extra goodies and seems to released in 2014. But no one is talking about it. What is that I am not getting? Repeat: It looks promising. One caveat tho, the download link is Origin. gag!
  4. Hi I have a problem with my game, I recently started downloading mods, buildings, all the good stuff. It was great, until I saved my game one day and it crashed my PC. When I tried re launching it, it just wouldn't work. I ended up Reinstalling the game completely (through the origin store ) The NAM mod is still working no problem but everything else isn't. It's like the plugin folder doesn't work. I will still try to hopefully delete everything and then install everything again but I'm not sure it'd do anything thanks for the help oh btw I own a SimCity 4: Deluxe edition through the Origin Store
  5. Hi I've got SimCity Cities of Tomorrow downloaded via Origin. Can I download new regions/maps or make my own? If so where can I find them and how do I install them? (Idiot's guide).
  6. A while back, I purchased Sim City 4 on Origin when it was on sale. I had no issues installing NAM, RHW, and even using a custom resolution. I had to reset my PC due to a virus. I reinstalled SC4, but now Origin won't update it past 1.1.610. I tried contacting support and they gave me a long list of things to do that have nothing to do with getting an update (disabling anti-virus, safe-mode, etc, etc.) Why did they go from giving you the fully patched version of the game to blocking you to 610? Is it something on my end or did EA actually change something? No matter if I download the game to my SSD or HDD, I get the same result. A separate patch I downloaded with NAM tells me old files can't be found and won't allow me to install a new patch, so no NAM. Anyone here have the same issue? A solution besides buying another copy on GoG?
  7. I want to put the money tree into simcity 4, but I do not know how to do it with origin. Please help.
  8. First off, I apologize if this should have been in a thread and not its own topic, I haven't been here in a while. So, I've been trying to get a digital copy of Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition from Origin so that I can play SC4 on my Windows 10 computer. As far as I've heard, you can use the box code from a physical copy of SC4 to receive a digital copy from Origin's website. However, after typing in the code from my box, it denies the code. I'm using the code from my physical, boxed edition. In fact, I just reinstalled SC4 and used the code for that process, and it worked fine for that. Am I doing something wrong, or is what I am attempting to do not possible? Thank you in advance.
  9. Ok so only had the game a couple of months and already fed up with people dropping out in public multiplayer, so would like to start a active region with some serious players. So either add your name here or add me on origin. ID is: Ohmagain I realise there is another thread for this but that one tailed off some time ago. Either way happy gaming
  10. Hi all, A few months ago after installing Windows 10 and much negotiation with EA, I was given a free Digital Copy of Sim City 4 deluxe edition to work via the Origin gaming platform to compensate from disks not working on W10. Anyway, SC4 worked perfectly that it ever had done, apart from one problems, a few cities just won't load. My largest city, which worked perfectly before crashes to desktop before it loads the city, however I am not sure if city size is the problem, as one other small-medium size city will also not load. I would really love to recover my city as I've been building it since 2010 and a lot of work has gone into it. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be and how I can fix it? Can provide screenshots if required. Thank you
  11. Hi, Some people have been saying that if your disc copy of SC4 does not work, you can contact origin and they will supply you with a free digital copy. First off, is this true? Does it work? Secondly, i do not want to have to buy SC4 and give any more money to Steam or Origin.
  12. So i bought SimCity 4:Deluxe Edition on origin and the cars are driving on the left side,i tried finding solutions on the internet but somehow there's no results about simcity 4 on origin anyone help?
  13. Hey Guys! I'm looking to add people on Origin who actively play Simcity 5 on North America East 4. I am active and would like to build in a region that actually has active people!
  14. Starting a new region

    Hello everyone . I am starting a new region and I'm looking for some good experienced players to join me.
  15. Hello folks, my name is Santiago and this is my first post in this forum. Please excuse me for my possible grammar mistakes; english is not my native language. So, the thing is, I've recently bought SimCity 4 Digital Deluxe edition at Origin's website, downloaded it, and wanted to get the NAM mod. I've been playing SimCity 4 vanilla edition since 2004 (not so often though), but wanted to get this mod for my cities. I got the corresponding update for my region (I've got the North America version), applied it, but it still says "version: 1.1.610". My question is: how do I update this game that I downloaded via Origin? Is it possible? I would really appreciate your help and comments. Thank you in advance! ------------------ For the spanish speaking people (if there are some) ------------------ Hola, mi nombre es Santiago y este es mi primer post en el foro. Hace dos días compré el SimCity 4 Digital Deluxe en la página de Origin, lo descargué y lo instalé, y se me ocurrió bajarme el NAM mod. Descargué la actualización correspondiente para la región del juego que tengo (que es América del Norte), apliqué la actualización, pero sigue con la misma versión (1.1.610). La pregunta es: cómo actualizo el juego que descargué desde Origin? Es posible? Espero que puedan brindarme ayuda. Muchas gracias!
  16. Hi. I bought SimCity 4 Deluxe from Origin, and I can't update it. I'm from Brazil, I bought the game, I downloaded and installed it, and the version is 1.1.610. Everytime I try to patch the game, a error box appears saying: "Old File does not exist". I tried to copy all the game files to Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4 Deluxe, but I still getting the same error. What should I do? I'm using Windows 7 x86. I'm trying to patch the game to 1.1.638 and then patch it again to the nightlighting update.
  17. Battlefield HardLine

    Hello , New BF working in few month but now in Beta Version , NEED REGISTER if you want test! https://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/2014/00072578-e3-2014-la-beta-de-battlefield-hardline-en-exclusivite-sur-ps4-et-pc.htm
  18. it is possible to use origin install the NAM mod ? Because I can't install the necessary patch in origin. and what about the bat buildings? can i install they to? sorry for my english by the way I used google translate.
  19. Hi I'm using Mac OSX 10.9.2 and I want to install files from the Stexchange... but I can't find this location "...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder" in mac... Thank you for your support. Cheers! Sean
  20. This thread is to consolidate reports on Origin/SimCity server outages and to share your current experience with SC servers as it affects your ability to play the game in order to help and update others. (This thread is NOT intended to discuss your opinions of always online or your opinions of Origin itself -- ) Report in if: You are unable to install, update or launch the game You were booted or your game fell out of synch Other connectivity issues related to the game In all cases, it's helpful to others to report your location and time of connectivity loss so that we can compare notes. Useful links: The SimCity twitter: https://twitter.com/simcity SimCity Server Status page: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/server-status
  21. Join My Region!

    Hello! If anybody wants to join my region, add me as a friend on Origin! Origin Name: TimothyDahBomb Server: Oceanic 1 Region Name: Cluster Of Islands Have Fun!
  22. http://www.vg247.com...tion-to-origin/ So basically this means no purchase for me. Such a shame, the game I've been waiting for years gets announced and it's seems awesome, and yet they manage to screw it up with stuff like this. I could live with the always online requirement (even though it's idiotic and drives people to piracy), but no mods means no purchase. edit: after hearing from you and other EA/Maxis sources, it seems like mod support is on it's way. There's still the issue of the always online requirement. While multiplayer sounds exiting (I for one would love to build regions together with friends), it shouldn't be forced on people, and I'm also a bit concerned about the global economy thing they are implementing into the game. There should always exist the option of playing completely offline, having your own fun without anyone else interfering in your little sphere of city simulation. And frankly, that's what they should be focusing on the most, traditional SimCity gameplay, just updated to be as good as possible in 2013 and the years to come.
  23. Hello, SimCity players and welcome to: Upcoming Updates/Patches: What Do You Want To See? About: I came up with the idea a couple hours ago, so I decided to create this thread. I noticed that on the official SimCity forums, they have something like this, but no one really uses it, so I decided to create something like it here. *****Note: Please tell me if someone has done this already. I checked the forum but I just want to be sure. So right now, I'm asking you: What do you want to see in Update/Patch 8.0? Just vote in the poll! You can only vote once, but you're allowed to have multiple choices. Didn't see anything you liked up there or want to have another idea in mind? Vote "Other" and then tell me what you want in a reply/post. This thread will be updated regularly or new threads may be created. It will be updated when everyone gets information on what's to come for Update 8.0. Enjoy!
  24. I have a BAT i need to export, but I have figured out that I don't have BAT for Gmax on my new computer. I lost my CD copy of SC4 Deluxe, and was able to put the code from the CD case (which i still had) into origin and get a copy of SC4 that way. But origin being stupid like it is only includes the game and nothing else, so there is no way for me to install Lot Editor, Plugin Manger, or BAT for Gmax because EA restricts their installer to only work on the CD version of the game. Is there any way to still install the programs? I need to install them to be able to finish the BAT I am working on.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering whether anybody knows abut these packs - I can't seem to find any gameplay clips on YouTube, just the trailer. So I know they come in three flavours - German, French & British - and they come with the Double Disco Deluxe version of the game (or whatever it's called). What I don't know is if I can mix a combination of the different building types (say, French & British) within one city? One region? How does this work.. I'm not bothered about online compatibility with other players. Duh, maxis, it's not like SimCity's the DEFINITION of a one player game or anything... bloodsuckers. I'm kind of on the fence abut whether to buy the title, I completely agree with many of the criticisms that have been raised here and elsewhere, and I would dearly love to make a stand against EA's vindictive treatment of loyal fans etc etc. but I've been ill the last few weeks & to be honest it's probably worth the money for me to stave off the boredom... I do have another question - I've heard this Origin whatchemajigger scans your computer when you install it. If I happen to have a pirated version of SC4 on my computer (please don't judge, I've probably bought the game about 5 times on separate occasions) will it immediately ban me? Also, can anyone in the UK share whether they've had the same server issues (losing cities, long waits to play, no cheetah speed) as in the US? Sorry to cross the picket line and all that. Thanks for reading! x x

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