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City-building game(s)

Found 326 results

  1. Paeng's Sandstone Parks (Beta)

    Version 1.0.0


    This Paeng's SandStone Parks (beta) was made by Paeng and originally was uploaded as a forum attachment onto the PLEX and hasn't been available according to my best knowladge. Disclaimer on BETA: As I see, he was about to make and release with its official release a few "raised/slope wall" parks too (you can find an expanded image into the Documentation Folder of this upload OR you can check the 2nd picture above, which shows you how they would've been look like, and an explanation about his dissatisfaction with the lots). I think (my pesonal opinion), he actually cancelled the release of these lots, because you can find all the 1x1 lots to be made as functiaonal PED MALLs under the release Paeng's PedMall Parks. Please note with the permission of the Simptropolis Staff Members (Cori and Cyclone Boom) and Catty-CB this file has been uploaded on behalf of Paeng. It was not available anymore due to the unfortunate demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by Paeng. Installation: Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "Paeng" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "Documentation" folder. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. LIST OF ITEMS: * 13 various 1x1 fillers, small parks and walkways (see the attached picture) * 1 2x2 medium plaza park * 1 3x3 large plaza park ----------------------------- Dependencies ----------------------------- * PorkieProps-Vol1.dat * PorkieProps-Vol2.dat * BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol01 * BSC Textures Vol 01 * PEG MTP SUPER PACK Optional: * PEG Red Brick Facelift Mod * SFBT-Essentials (orientation-arrows while plopping) needed file: SFBT_ArkenbergeJoe_Props.dat (188 Kb) IMPORTANT NOTICE: This upload/the zip file DOES NOT contain the "raised/slope wall" parks (what you can see on the 2nd picture), since they've never been attached to this zip by Paeng. Have fun and enjoy! - Tyberius06
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Details from the original readme made by Paeng with updated links: ============================================================ Paeng's Urban Recreational Canals ============================================================ A series of shallow canals to create riverwalks or promenades with low sidings for more urban and recreational purposes, to mix with Peg's Ponds and Streams. ------------------------------------------------------------ LIST OF ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------ * 5 pcs. Walls and Extenders * 4 pcs. Promenade * 4 pcs. Narrow (single width) Canals * 3 pcs. Xtras (Addons) More Addons are planned for the future... ------------------------------------------------------------ DEPENDENCIES ------------------------------------------------------------ * JS Seawalls V3 * PEG Pond Kit II - Deluxe Edition -----------> (transparent patch) * PEG StreamKit-Deluxe Edition * The Terrain Kit (7in1) * Murimk Props Vol02 v2.01 (Park Props) * SG 01 Megapack * Porkie Props Vol 01 * SHK Parking Pack * SPOT ------------------------------------------------------------ DEVELOPER NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------ Experiment with the various sub-sets - all pieces can be mixed freely. Some pieces will need a bit of MMP-treatment to cover up the occasional 'neuralgic' spot. When plopping MMPs take care not to overdo it, otherwise the canal pieces will just "disappear" ;-) It is recommended to use this set together with the Free Waters Mod. The pieces are set with default white bases and are compatible with my Sandstone Sidewalk Mod. All needed info is given via the in-game menu. You find all items at or near the end of the 'Parks' menu with custom icons. ------------------------------------------------------------ INSTALLATION ------------------------------------------------------------ Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "Paeng" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "Documentation" folder. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. ------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to the folks at simpeg.com for valuable feedback! :-) Thanks to Murimk for some additional props. Uploaded on behalf of Paeng by Tyberius with Cori's and Catty-CB's permission. ------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT ------------------------------------------------------------ There is a very limited support for these files since the original creator is no longer an active developer and the original SIMPeg site is no longer available as well. You can ask for support in the PLEX Support Topic at Simtropolis. Should you need support for these items please visit the Paeng Production Forum http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?topic=10716.0 Enjoy!
  3. I want to ask, when I register at SimPeg4, I was given a question. The question is: "When was the war of 1812?" Please let me know the answer. Please help me! Sorry for my bad English ...
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Please note as it was discussed under the PLEX support thread, this file has been uploaded on behalf of Pegasus. It was not available anymore due to the the demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by Pegasus. The PEG CSK2 Locks have been updated for use with the PEG PPond Canals and ploppable water. This new lot is a "one lot fits all"... in that it can be used both with the canals and the PPond ploppable water. But wait... There's more. This is also a "2fer" lot... as in 2 for 1... as the same lot now replaces the CSK2 Ocean Lock as well. It can also be plopped along your coastlines and used with the PEG CDK3 & OWW2 coastal collection of lots. That's one less menu icon to scroll around looking for. [YEA !!] * If you are not familiar with these Lock lots, they are used to allow your canals to change altitudes. The PPond ploppable water that is used to make lakes, rivers and streams has waterfall lots for that purpose. However, the Locks are the only viable & realistic way for a canal to traverse down a slope. The Lock uses timed props to create an animation effect. During the day, the Lock will change several times from being full to being lowered. Various river Scows will also appear in the Lock. Like the original, the Lock will automatically adjust to various heights of the slope. There's no need for precise terrain editing... although the area above and below the Lock should be level. The new Lock has been reduced in size to only 4 tiles deep... but it is still 2x tiles wide. The upper-level canal section on the original has been removed so the Lock is not limited to use only with the Canals... and it could also be used with any other type of ploppable water or canal style. * Please be sure to consult the Developer's Notes section of the included readme file for details on plopping and using this lot. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here. Dependency:
  5. Hello everyone, While I don't visit the simpeg.com in my life, I sad with the 2015 SimPeg.com fatal error. The site data is gone. However, Pegasus fans gives the Pegasus' and his friends' mods to the PLEX & STEX staff. But, there is no new mod created by the SimPeg again, The Prop Pox bug maker in the some mods still unfixed (Sorry SimPeg, I'm not hate you. I just send the fact that is on SC4D). We don't see the CDK development again. We don't see the new SPAM that support the CAM, officially. But, the reality is changed. I'm not a modder. But I can make the SimPeg revive again. We don't want the SimPeg staff is retired from making the quality mod (if they still can make a mod). We want the SimPeg staff making the mod, again. In this plan, I will show you how the new SimPeg led, what are the vision, what mods we make, and the challenge that we need solved. Organization The new SimPeg is led by Pegasus or someone with good modding skill (maybe Paeng?). The SimPeg organization structure is (from the level, ascending) Leader, Co-Leader, Secretary, Webmaster, Admin, and Moderator. Co-Leader is needed when the Leader is not in working condition or the Leader leaves from the community. Secretaries are for writing what happened on the community, what the community needed, and more. Moderators aren't splited to 2 parts. SimPeg staff member is same as before, but with some tweaks. Our missions are: Making a quality mods Host many of quality CJs Make researches about SimCity 4 and community Make innovation about SimCity 4 And our visions are: As the world's biggest SimCity 4 mod creator As the biggest CJ hosting As the biggest SimCity 4 contributor Mod We Want Make As a quality modder, we want make many quality mods. But for now, we just want to making the new SPAM that compatible with the CAM, new CDK that uses more modular architecture, and new Utopian BATs (I personally like the SkyFarm). Challenge I am not a modder. And, I not a senior SimCity player. So, I can't be the SimPeg leader or co-leader. However, there is solution. Either as a member but plan the SimPeg or as a staff member on the SimPeg. You can decide. I'm not hunt the rank. I just want contribute. The experience can't be fully restored. By this, we need creating the new experience that more better than before. The SimPeg is around 10 years old. By this, we need create a new logo. However, my laptop currently not available, so there are 2 options: use the old logo or make the new logo, but created by someone Sorry if I breaking the rules. Sorry if I can't explain more detail. Thank you for your attention.
  6. Sorry if I breaking the rules and sorry if the board is incorrect. Hello everyone, As far as we know, SimPeg was shutted down in 2015. The cause of shutdown is a big website error and data corruption (this is made the error can't fixed). And now, SimPeg name is filled with other site. In Indonesia where I live, SimPeg is resulting to 'sistem kepegawaian' or in English, employee system, that is used by various institutions, including education institutions. The popular site, regardless of country, should rank first in the search. You can see the screenshot in the attachment. Don't forget, the world sometimes not unique. And, I say thank you.
  7. Paeng has given me all the files he created over the years as forum attachments, I have permission from him with regard to all his files to Unfortunately with the files that were forum attachments, the SimPeg forums is gone along with any information and pictures that used to be included with these files, he has given me some lists that he had done so things like dependencies should be reasonable easy to sort out, so if anyone has any information on any of the Paeng forum attachments that I can use to update the files here Paengs Scrabble Box It would be appreciated. -catty PS: I have also been given some other files that he was able to save from SimPeg like the tutorials, so if anyone needs to get any of them back let me know
  8. Simpeg's plugins

    Bonjour, Vu que le site Simpeg est mort, je me demandais si il existe une page où sont référencé les liens pour les plugins qui y étaient? J'en ai quelques uns et il serait judicieux de les partager avec vous... Par contre, je me demandais si j'avais le droit de les poster sur le S/T Exchange. En citant l'auteur bien entendu. Au plaisir,et à très bientôt
  9. Help, I need: FiRE - Fire & Rescue Education as a dependency for a fire training exercise set, I can't find it anywhere because simpeg.com was the only place that had it, if you know where I can find it that would be great.
  10. SurPLUS - SimPeg LUminary Society There comes a time when all good things must come to an end, however in the great circle of life, sometimes when we get to the end - we start at the beginning again... or in the time honoured tradition of Simcolumbus, we grip tightly to the yellow arrow and sail over the edge into uncharted territory. Whether we fall into the abyss to be devoured by garbage eating dragons, or pass safely to the 'other side' is all part of the adventure. Here at least we can provide a (more or less) safe haven, a resting point on our journey, for those of us mercilessly cast adrift by the harsh realities of data corruption and server implosion. May we stop a while, and reflect... raise a glass... (down a glass)... and reminisce on good times past. ----- Right enough of that mushy stuff... pass the beer and nuts. Especially the nuts.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Its not common knowledge but reindeer, like all aircraft, have a finite range. What goes up... must come down and refuel from time to time. Its also a known fact that the faster you go, the faster you consume fuel. When these two facts were presented to the Federal Aeronautics Committee, they needed no further prodding to approve 23.5 million simoleans to fund subsidized research into determining how the reindeer are able to make their global trek each year in such a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the original 23.5 million was promptly consumed exploring the popular "Fairy Dust" theory. This study concluded that the only mammals capable of flight are bats, reindeer, really motivated squirrels and, of course, pigs... if you drink enough. There was also evidence to the effect that when the Cows Came Home... they too occasional flew... but the funding ran out before this could be confirmed. Of 347 reindeer picked at random for testing, 13 were found to be on steroids, 16 had various STDs, 137 had blood-alcohol levels over .15, 6 were found to be stuffed with old rags and bunched up newspaper, 4 tested positive for Angel Dust... but none tested positive for Fairy Dust. And as none of the other flying mammals were known to use Fairy Dust, this theory was quickly dismissed... when the funding was exhausted. Interest in the research waned for several years until the irrefutable tabloid Eclectic Enquirer published the now famous photo of what experts have agreed can only be a Reindeer Rest Stop. Armed with an additional 23.5 million in research grants, the FAC is actively recruiting woodsman and photo journalists to scour the forests and confirm the new belief that the reindeer have been using remote and secluded rest stops scattered throughout the region. The Reindeer Rest Stop is a ploppable MTP Reward that will blends in perfectly with your MTP Pine Forests. For 11 months out of the year, its merely a simple forest clearing with an abandoned shed and small coral. But come Christmas time, the lot magically begins the transformation into a vital transportation hub in old Saint Nick's jolly jaunt around the globe. The FAC Wants You There are too few volunteers and far too much territory to cover. The FAC needs robust and adventurous characters like yourself to seek out potential reindeer rest stops and gather photographic evidence that they do indeed exist. It won't be easy staking out the suspected clearings in the dead of night... warding off the cold and boredom in hope that you'll catch a glimpse of old Kringle and his team. But you'll know you are on the right tract when replacement reindeer appear in the coral... obviously on hand in case one of the team blows a hoof or something. As the big day gets closer, the clearing will transform into a landing zone. When you see the landing lights come on, its time to get that camera ready and you better be quick. Old Nick doesn't waste anytime refueling and zooming back off into the night on his appointed rounds. ** This lot requires the following dependencies PEG MTP Super Pack PEG Nick O'Laus Toy Company PEG Christmas Development Kit All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  12. PEG Santa's Village

    Version 1.0.0


    This non-conditional reward is a special Christmas gift from the staff & members at Pegasus Production to you and the entire SC4 Community. Like so many of the Santa's Villages that exist in mountain areas, our Village mixes tourist trap with amusement park... and theme-related shopping. Its all here... the shops, the rides, the reindeer petting zoo, the Polar Express train ride... and, of course, the kids running crazy on sugar highs and natural adrenalin fueled by the expectation of spending a little suck-up time with Santa. This sprawling 10x10 lot was designed for use with the MTP. Its a reward... but also offers over 600 jobs to your local residents. Its transit enabled, of course... and puts on quite a light show at night. In fact, its only fair to warn you that between the lights and the seasonal background music, you just might find yourself getting sucked-in while spending long periods reliving Christmases Past & imagining that you are there. The lot was too large & complex for the BAT so it was assembled modular style with numerous models designed to fit together. Still, considering its size & complexity, the overall file size and resource usage is fairly small. One of the advantages of modular design is the repeated use of models to conserve game resources. For some reason, the snow never seems to melt around Santa's Village. Some say they have refrigeration coils buried in the ground... while others suspect that they truck it in from higher elevations each night. The kids, of course, believe otherwise. But however it gets there, it sure is a popular attraction during the warmer summer months. * The snow texture matches the PEG-MTP Snow Mod textures.... but does not require that mod. The snow texture on the lot remains year-round, even without the Snow Mod installed. ** This lot requires the following dependencies: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/20966-peg-mtp-super-pack/ and the PEG Christmas Development Pack: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/11097-peg-christmas-development-kit/ All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here. From the Staff & Crew at Pegasus Productions... Have a Very, Merry Christmas !!!
  13. Hi folks Well we are making progress! We now have a dedicated PLEX section on the STEX! Over the next while, we will work to get all the legacy PLEX files transferred into this new section of the STEX. We are hoping that this will be completed within the next two weeks... seriously... it wont happen overnight but it will happen. Thanks again to the Dirktator for throwing us a lifeboat - it is very much appreciated. Simpeg Staff
  14. Simpeg Productions - Farewell

    Dear Friends It is with great sadness that we inform you of the permanent loss of the simpeg website. Pegasus has confirmed that the site has been critically damaged beyond the point of recovery. This is a huge blow for the simcity4 community as the vast majority of the simpeg knowledge-base and documentation has been lost as well... [Read more at the source]
  15. Dear Friends; It is with great sadness that we inform you of the permanent loss of the simpeg website. Pegasus has confirmed that the site has been critically damaged beyond the point of recovery. This is a huge blow for the simcity4 community as the vast majority of the simpeg knowledge-base and documentation has been lost as well. Many of you have expressed concerns over what happens to the content that was hosted on the PLEX. The good news is that Pegasus was never a believer in exclusivity and simultaneously released his content to both the PLEX and STEX as a failsafe, and the simpeg staff has followed this model over the years. This means the vast majority of simpeg content is already here on simtropolis and has been preserved. With Pegasus' blessing and Dirktator's kind help we will be creating a PLEX Legacy section here on the STEX, re-uploading and updating content as needed, as well as organizing it all into an more structured and easy to navigate whole to mirror the PLEX of old. This will be a long and tedious process, but we anticipate that 99% of the content that was on the PLEX will be maintained. We will also be attempting to update the omnibus here with what articles we've managed to save from the simposium. However, that is currently only a bare handful of what was lost. The greatest loss of all, though, is one that can not simply be re-uploaded. For many of us the Simpeg community was our electronic home. It was a tight-knit group whose interests and discussions transcended a simple game to encompass many aspects of our lives. Simpeg was a special place, not because of mere content and knowledge, but because of the people who made it greater than the sum of it's parts. So while we thank Pegasus for giving us a house all these years, it is with deep appreciation that we thank each and every one of you members of simpeg for making that house a home. What we had will well and truly be missed. It is our sincere wish that you will all find a new home, either here in the rest of the simcity community or elsewhere, and that it brings you happiness. Once again, thank YOU for making simpeg the place it was. Best Wishes, The Simpeg Staff
  16. For the past few days I've been trying to access simpeg.com home page - system will time-out. Have they disolved? New URL? Any clues?
  17. What are the main limiting differences between the BSC Farms and the SimPeg SPAM Farming option? Are they compatible with each other or are there risks to using both at the same time? I'd like to get info Farming now. The Maxis farms have gotten old and id like to add new better looking crops and barns to the mix. I use the NAM 31.1. Is there any risk or concern with either BSC Farms or SPAM farms working correctly with it? The BSC options look like they have a lot of variety and quality to them. It almost seems as though I could seamlessly drop 1, 2, or all of them into my game without risk of conflict or losing any of the existing Maxis farm crops and buildings. I have tried to read up, and it appears that the SimPeg SPAM eliminates all Maxis Farms so you will never get to see them again, except for what is already existing in the region before adding that mod. It seems that the SPAM changes half of how the game functions, which concerns me because while I liked all the ideas in its write up (forum README) and understand that id have to remove the little farm jobs 2x mod, and i would possibly not be able to use that very popular Census building that I saw that boosts agriculture demand (still trying to find it again), im mostly concerned with what problems I could cause by adding the SPAM and BSC Farms both to a game with the NAM 31.1 already installed. Any insights, advice, or links where I could research this issue further? Appreciate any thoughts from those who have tackled this subject already. Thanks!
  18. Version


    PEG MTP Sheriff Station By Pegasus Designed for the MTP, this small Sheriff's Station is ideal for adding authentic law enforcement & protection to any remote or rural community. The sign text is barely legible in the game and, of course, any nation's flag can be flown... so this small station can be used for almost any type of police protection in any jurisdiction. Although the basic properties are the same as a small police precinct, the range and efficiency have been customized to be comparable to real world police facilities in remote areas. Primarily, the range has been increased and the overall efficiency reduced. In other words, the coverage has been spread a little on the thin side... just as it generally is in remote, less populated areas. Other modifications include an increase from 2 to to 3 patrol cars that can be dispatched. The protection and dispatch range has been increased to that of the large police precinct. Total efficiency throughout that range has been decreased by 25%. However, the effectiveness at the outer reaches of that range has been improved. The lot uses the PEG One Flag - Many Nations mod, so you can fly whatever flag you prefer. Without that mod installed, no flag will be displayed. The lot will plop on almost any slope but looks best on level or near-level land. *This file was originally released in 2005, on the PLEX. Dependencies: PEG-MTP Super Pack Optional: PEG One Flag - Many Nations All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  19. Version


    The SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM) is an absolute, total and complete replacement for the game-default farming system. The default system was never really finished before game release and was, in fact, designed to be short-lived and used only initially in starter cities. The game, as it progresses, actually is designed to kill off all desire and usefulness for farming. We changed all that. Not only have we changed how all the farms look... but we also changed how they play. Originally in a city, you could hug a tree... or kiss the sky with glass and steel. Now... you can do both. At its most basic function and goal, the SPAM is an IND MTP Replacement Mod... similar to the RES and COM MTP replacement mods. Its primary goal is to give an MTP-ish look and feel to the game's default farm lots. Want to know more? Yeah of course... As a matter of fact, you NEED to know A LOT more - so before you install, we invite you to Visit the Full ReadMe and learn more about these - (PLEX Legacy update: all readme information can be found in the 5 pinned threads in the above link) FEATURES * Development Stages * Agricultural (I-R) Demand * Employment * Education * No Power? No Water? * Pollution * Sub-Divide and Conquer * Crop Only Lots * Improved Lot Orientation * Crop Selection * Future SPAM * SPAM Comparison * Developer Notes on General Troubleshooting and Compatibility DEPENDENCIES This mod requires the MTP Super Pack. INSTALLATION By default, the SPAM files will reside in a sub-folder named "SPAM" in your Documents Plugins folder. See the included Full ReadMe for more information! All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  20. Version


    NOTE: You do not need this pack if youalready downloaded / plan to download the full SIMPEG AGRICULTURAL MOD (SPAM)! This package is the main dependency for all things SPAM - from the main mod to most of the current or future additional sets. This standalone version is meant for all players who do not want to use the full mod but still wish to play with lots and items that utilize these props and textures. The SPAM SUPER PACK combines all SPAM props and textures into a single download. However, it will install props and textures as separate files to make any uture updates easier and faster. INCLUDED * SPAM_Resource All models and props used for the agricultural mod * SPAM_Crops_Resource All models and props for the seasonal crop varieties * SPAM_Textures All textures used in the agricultural mod NOTE: This pack includes no lots! AGAIN: You do not need this pack if you already downloaded / plan to download the full SIMPEG AGRICULTURAL MOD (SPAM)! You can use all the material for your own lotting projects. However, you may not include any of these items with your uploads - please point to this pack as a dependency! DEPENDENCIES This dependency has no dependencies :-) * The entire PEG SPAM collection is available on the PLEX (on the) STEX. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  21. Version


    This patch mod converts PEG-CDK lots for use with the PEG PPonds ploppable water. Most of the CDK lots did not have a water requirement and could already be used with ploppable water systems. But many... most notably the functional CDK Sea Ports... could not. Now... they can! With this patch, your PPonds are no longer confined to smaller waterways or meandering rivers and streams. You can now build entire, complex ports and harbors anywhere in your cities... at any elevation !! * This patch mod provides modified versions of the lot files that have had all water tile requirements removed. It does not create new versions of the lots to further clutter up your menus. Instead, it simply alters the existing lots to make them more flexible. The patch does not include any of the required files or dependencies of the original CDK versions of the lots.Therefore, the original CDK versions of the lots must be installed for the patched versions to function properly. * The default Coast Guard Station conversion patch is included in the main patch file. The optional "southern style" patch is in a separate file so it can be removed if not wanted. * The default install path is critical for the proper operation of the functional sea ports. Please consult the included readme file for full details. By default, all of the original lots of the following CDK collections are compatible for use with the PPonds: PEG CDK3 OWW2 PEG CDK3 Marina (excluding dock extension lots) PEG CDK3 Seaport Village PEG CDK3 Legacy CDK ** Requires: PEG PPond Kit PEG CDK3-SP Ploppable Ships Pack 1 PEG-CDK3-SP Buoyz From Da Hood All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  22. Version


    This is a revised version of the CDK3 Ploppable Ships for use with the PEG PPonds. The ships can now be plopped on PPond water and canals. Similar to other PPond water traffic lots, this is a single lot that randomly displays 1 of several different ships (7, in this case) that appear at different times of the day. The actual lot is only 1x1 tiles in size... but the ships occupy much more space. This smaller lot imprint makes it much easier to plop water tiles around it and to plop on large areas of the Mayor Flora Ploppable water. Note: As these are timed props, depending in the time of day, you may not see any ships when you plop the lot. Don't Panic! They will appear soon. And if you make any mistakes, they are very cheap to plop, bulldoze & replop. BONUS: As a one-time, introductory offer... if you download in the next 10 minutes... we will include the PPond version of the CDK3 Navigation Buoys for free*. * Just pay separate shipping & handling. Like the Cargo Ships, the CDK3 Navigation Buoys have been converted for use with the PEG PPonds. These 1x1 lots can now be plopped anywhere on your PPond water and canals. * PPond versions of CDK3 lots will appear directly below their CDK3 counterparts in the Water Transportation menu. * These lots do not include the original ship & buoy models. Therefore, the original CDK3 versions of these lots are required as dependencies. Sorry 'bout that. ** Requires: PEG PPond Kit PEG CDK3-SP Ploppable Ships Pack 1 PEG-CDK3-SP Buoyz From Da Hood All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  23. Version


    Every Ski Resort has some sort of facility that rents skis & related equipment to those who need them. This is also where skiers can have their own skis tuned-up, waxed, bindings checked and adjusted, etc... In this case, the MTP Outfitters sporting goods chain (of MTP COM Replacement Mod fame) got the call to provide rental and pro shop services at the resort. The Ski Pro & Rental Shop was designed for use with the PEG Ski Resort... but can be used anywhere in your city. In the Real World, it is not uncommon to see several ski rental shops lining every road that leads to a ski resort. The 3x3 lot provides jobs... and uses the same modular parking area that the other Ski Resort lots use. Has nitelites, custom query, custom query sound, etc... For best results, the lot should be plopped on level ground. * The PEG Ski Resort collection was designed for use with the PEG Snow Mod. However, the Snow Mod is not mandatory. The resort can stay open year-round at high altitude using a snow-capped terrain mod... or can optionally be used with any mod that provides a snow-covered terrain. ** This lot is an add-on to the PEG Ski Resort collection which is required to use this lot. Installation of the PEG Snow Mod 2 is also recommended for full Winter effects. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  24. Version


    There is a top and there is a bottom... and somewhere around the half-way point in between. there is a spot that is aptly named... The Half-Way Point. And somewhere around this point is where your will find a Half-Way Hut on the more astute ski resorts that realize that skiers usually carry cash & credit cards when they ski. "Half-Way Hut" is a common reference to a rest and snack area that can be found on many larger ski resorts. These rest areas provide a convenient place for skiers to warm up by a fire, purchase extremely marked-up food and beverages, and take a break before heading back out to carve up the slopes. Some are very simple little shacks... and some are larger and fancier. Ours is one of the fancier ones. The Half-Way Hut is a 4x3 lot that can be plopped anywhere on your PEG Ski Resort. It does not require road-acess. However, it does have nitelites in the Winter mode and will require power. The resort's 1x1 skier & safety netting lots are usually all that is needed to extend power up the mountain. Like all Ski Resort lots, when in Winter mode, the roof is covered with snow & the lot is active with skiers. The ski racks are full by day and smoke can be seen coming from the chimney. In Summer mode, the snow and skiers are gone. The racks are empty... and the windows are boarded up to prevent those pesky bears from ran-sacking the place. * The structure has an extended foundation and can optionally be plopped over a slope to give the appearance of having been built into the mountainside. The rear of the lot should be plopped on a row of level tiles. * The PEG Ski Resort collection was designed for use with the PEG Snow Mod. However, the Snow Mod is not mandatory. The resort can stay open year-round at high altitude using a snow-capped terrain mod... or can optionally be used with any mod that provides a snow-covered terrain. ** This lot is an add-on to the PEG Ski Resort collection which is required to use this lot. Installation of the PEG Snow Mod 2 is also recommended for full Winter effects. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.



    The PEG Ski Resort is a collection of semi-modular lots & accessories that allows you to build a realistic Ski Resort Complex in your cities. The Ski resort is designed to supplement the new PEG Snow Mod 2. However, these are bi-seasonal lots that remain year round. They automatically change to a snowy, active ski resort when the Snow Mod in installed... and revert back to a largely empty off-season snowless look when the Snow Mod is removed. * The Snow Mod is not actually required to use these lots. They can remain in the snowless "summer mode" all year round. * This collection was also designed to supplement the MTP. But again, the MTP is not required. The collection is fully self-contained with no outside dependencies. From the Staff & Members of SimPeg.Com to our Friends & Brothers In Sim at Simtropolis... Merry Christmas !! This all started with a discussion at SimPeg about whether it was possible to make a Ski Resort Chair Lift for the game that actually had cables running from tower to tower, top to bottom... and could be plopped up a sloped hillside. Well, it turns that it is indeed possible. The heart of the resort is, of course, the Chair Lifts. There are two... one that runs straight up the mountain and one that runs up diagonally. Each Chair Lifts uses a single, extended model that is approx. 22 tiles long. Yet, they reside on a 2x2 lot. This means that there is actually no lot under the majority of the Chair Lift and you can freely raise or lower the terrain to match the towers, add Mayor Flora props... or even plop other lots. Beyond what we can see on the surface, the real heart of this collection is the "mojo" that goes on under the hood. Everything is bi-seasonal... snow and no-snow... and automatically transformed when you install or remove the Snow Mod. When installed, the roofs are covered with snow and icicles, skiers are everywhere, parking lots are full... and the resort is alive with activity. When the Snow Mod is removed, the snow is gone... and the skiers and cars in the lot along with it. But the resort's facilities remain... in a closed down, boarded-up state as they wait patiently for the next ski season. Lets unwrap this monster and see what you get: 1. The Chair Lifts. There are 2, normal & diagonal. Complete with base and upper stations. They slope steadily up the mountain and can be used anywhere on your resort. In Winter, roofs are snow covered, the chairs are full of skiers.... and there are queue lines of skiers at the base station. 2. The Ticket Sales Booth. A combination of ticket sales windows, some admin offices and a small maintenance area. This lot contains a significant number of jobs to represent all the employees that work throughout the resort. Having jobs, it must be plopped at the base or the resort with road access. Has it's own modular parking area. In Winter, the roof is snow covered, skiers are lined up to buy tickets... and the parking lot is full during the day. 3. The Base Lodge. A large resort Lodge with snack & dining facilities, restrooms, lockers and all the normal lodge-type facilities. The basic starting point, lunch stop and Apres Ski hangout for all the skiers. Like many real-world resort lodges, the bar & restaurant remain open year-round to extend profitability into the off-season. Also has lots of jobs and modular parking area. In Winter, the roof is snow covered as are several other horizontal surfaces & bushes, etc, the ski racks are full of skis, skiers are everywhere... and the parking lot is full. 4. The Ski School. aka... Snow Plow City. Where newbies and novices learn to become even more dangerous. A 2x2 lot that can be plopped anywhere on or around the Ski Resort. In Winter, the roof & fence rails are snow covered and skiers line up to learn how to fall down. 5. Safety Netting. Three 1x1 lots with the classic orange-red safety netting you see on virtually all ski resorts. The 3 lots include a straight,, a diagonal and a curved netting section. The netting orients to the slope. These lots are year-round and can be plopped anywhere on your resort. 6. Ploppable Skiers. Can't have a ski resort without skiers. There are two 1x1 lots that allow you to plop skiers anywhere on your resort. One lot uses the animated skateborder props from the game's skate park so you can have snow boarders carving up the slopes. The other lot uses random static skier props with random chance factors to increase the variations from lot to lot. In Summer, these lots remain but have no terrain texture and no skier props are visible. The lot menu icons are also hidden when the Snow Mod is not installed. 7. Snow Paths. For extra continuity, a new Mayor Flora menu ploppable path textured has been added. The path texture matches the paths used on the various resort lots so you can visually connect them with pathways. This is one of the first, newly developed Terrain Intuitive Textures (T.I.T.s ) that adapts to the underlying terrain. In Summer, the path is dirt. In Winter, it adapts to the snow and becomes a barely visible snow tract. 8. Ponds & Streams. Another new Mayor Flora menu ploppable T.I.T texture ... similar to the PPond small water plop. Can be used to create small ponds and streams. Turns to ice in the Winter. 9. Player Selectable Resort Signs. You can choose 1 of 4 different resort signs to be displayed anywhere a sign is used in your resort. BATers can easily design and add their own. Two additional 1x1 lots are provided that use the same selected resort sign style and can be used to plop the resort's main sign anywhere you want... or a billboard version along roadways leading to your resort. * All of these lots are Park lots. Some provide Civic Jobs. The Menu icons are all grouped together near the bottom of the Park's Menu. * Please consult the included readme file for more detailed information on using this collection. * Additional lots for the collection are in development... including Ski Rentals & the essential Half-Way Hut. * Special thanks to the PCG and members of SimPeg.Com for the initial idea & inspiration for this project... and for the continuous contribution of ideas & laborious testing. ** This file has no direct dependencies. However... the PEG Snow Mod 2 is required to switch on all the Winter effects. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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