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  1. Fair enough, I probably did put this in the wrong area but what I am mainly looking for is to see if it is "technically" possible. I was aware mainly what the agents are used for ect however regarding the idle portion in a different part of the city, I still believe in a sense this can be accomplished while not damaging the CIM economy and over taxing one's PC ... by literally taking the average output over a course set of span time that the agents (for example workers at a factory) achieve over a time and then the average time that it takes goods to be produced by said factory and sent to their respective commercial districts to be sold and the average time it takes all buildings (assuming requirements are met) to raise a level.. When the user leaves the area, (and by that I mean by a pretty decent margin.) the simulation will cease to run agents in that area and will continue to run based on averages that were produced when agents were in the area. Agents coming FROM that are could still be produced much like neighbor connections --- based on the averages produces from that area but while the user is not there, so long as a light weight database is in place to continue running the simulation I don't see a need to have those agents loaded. Would something of that nature be technically possible? Edit: By possible, I'm aware the game would literally have to be re-created.. this wouldn't necessarily be a mod, so I see what you are saying when you say this thread is in the wrong location.
  2. Do you think Paradox Interactive may actually do something like this? It seems like they are only focusing on mod content for the current title. Edit: I guess what I should really ask is this, if we had the opportunity to have world sized maps and no limits to buildings WITHOUT taxing our computers any further than they already are, would you be willing to support the idea?
  3. So as its currently understood, the positioning (not modeling or rendering) of the default traffic lights in C:S cannot be altered, however; what if they could instead be mimic'd by placeable props representing traffic lights? In theory here is how this would work... You would first deactivate the default traffic light asset so the signals would become invisible, this doesn't mean they cease to function (like removing a traffic light) but that you cannot see the default prop, cars would continue to function as if a traffic signal were in place however. You next place down the props of the traffic signals you wish to use in the positioning and location you wish for them to be located. A mod with a GUI attached would allow you to bind the signal props you placed to the actual intersection. You would need to configure which light represented which street and direction and after that the signal would replicate the games signal that normally controls the intersection (which would be invisible) thus giving you the ability to reposition and move traffic lights into positions you desire. The other thing is this may possibly give us the ability to make things like left turn / right turn signals / arrows. Do you think something like this could work?
  4. I'm aware of the agent limitations and building limits. I'm also aware that most of this is hard coded into the game itself The main thing that irritates me so much about this game. 81 tiles is decent but I would love to have a city building game where building multiple cities throughout a large region is possible. Preferably I would really like to have a map the size of a world much like space engineers. I personally don't think the agent based system is good enough of an excuse as to why we can't have that. Several games also use agents but offer much larger maps sizes than C:S although these are not city builder games. I personally feel that the agents only within your immediate vicinity should be rendered / loaded but still allow players to travel freely through the region. What would it take to get truly larger maps? The current map size even at 81 tiles (somewhere around 150 square miles) is about the size of Spartanburg SC.
  5. Avalon Indie City-building game Reboot 2017; now 3D.

    Without a population or map limit, assuming it could be made to work where only the immediate area you're working in is fully loaded and simulated (not on a tile base like SC4 but a location base like GTA) then this actually has the potential to smash C:S
  6. If I were to submit a request to CO requesting larger maps, and a non-mandatory multiplayer option for multiple users to play and design on those maps, would you guys be willing to support me by posting on that thread? The more supporters the more likely CO will hear it.
  7. This is just for discussion purposes. I love Cities Skylines and the incredible amount of flexibility it offers, its quite possibly the best City Simulator ever released with SC4 running neck and neck with it. CSL offers real 3D and feel with a market of mods just as plentiful of SC4 and growing with the ability to make and adjust content in the game seemingly effortless as it was in SC4. I have for the most part completely dropped SC4 in favour of CSL, however; there is one thing I REALLY miss from SC4...and you guessed it... Region Play. The Maps in CSL can range fairly large, the largest one - 81 tiles, I've heard is about the size of the Metro area of Washington D.C... that's pretty big I'm not going to lie, problem is, thats still only large enough for one relatively large city. I'm also aware of a building limit in CSL as well so most don't see a need for maps any larger than 81 tiles. I specifically play Space Engineers, a game that allows you to craft bases, ships, hubs, anything you like from scratch. It's not so much a great city building being its based on a block system and the population is limited to the exact number of players online at the time, however; the game features a Planet System, meaning you have an entire PLANET to build on and let me say, you do feel very small in the grand scheme of the overall world, on top of which you can also travel to other planets without ever leaving any loaded instance by really physically flying to them. I'd say this is a bit overkill but at the same time revolutionary as you have an entire planet you can do whatever you want on and every time I'm on a planet I always think "Man how awesome it would be if I could build a CSL city here, or a highway there, or a road, train, ect." I'm not attempting to converge CSL & Space Engineers. What I'm saying is, I wish there were some way that we could at the very minimal support regions the size of countries, continents, or even planets to lay down our dream cities. Such regions, however they may be imbuked (Countries, Continents, or even Planets) could be locally hosted, or shared on a network for multiplayer. Unlike SC2013, all tiles would be accessible, and especially unlike CXL, region / world map would not be limited to a bitmap drawing that populated terrain only after selecting it, everything would be there and accessible and even possible to travel from your alotment clean cross country to another city, another players town, or your own establishment elsewhere in the world. ALSO unlike SC2013 or CSL, it would be an entirely optional feature, not forced. Connecting Highways, resources, and routes between two major cities would be something only an Admin or Moderator could do on a multiplayer region, however single player regions will impose no such limits. Mods are shared between each planet and region. On multi-player region, to prevent conflicts with other mods, a Moderator or Admin would have to approve of the mod, until it is..it would go into a pending queue. Now, tackling the building limit. I wonder greatly, if its possible to enforce only a building limit within the city limits of a certain city, and not the entire region as to allow others elsewhere on the map to continue to sprawl and of course only load their city into your PC's RAM when you're within the vicinity of it as to prevent your PC from slowing to a crawl when you're on a map filled with cities spread 100's of miles apart. Basically.. I desire to share multi-player regions in a way thats not forced as it was in 2013 or CXL.. Much like I used to do with BlueHope in SC4. Does any of this idea seem possible regardless of how feasible or infeasible it may be?
  8. Bipin's American Roadsign Collection

    Love this MOD, however; may we have signs with adjustable boards so that we can select from small, medium, to large boards on a post on either the left, center or right side of the gantry as to create boards that feature multiple control destinations, multiple routes, ect? Thanks.
  9. I had intended to research what it would take to create such a Mod, I was told that the Network Skins mod should beable to handle this sort of request but I stopped looking into it after the above mod was posted. Maybe I should again. Another thing I would like is more realistic traffic lights. I'm not sure if the game is sophisticated enough to handle left turn arrows. I was told it was impossible to place the signals on the opposite side of the intersection per boformer, however; atleast a more realistic gantry and signal would be nice instead of the ones that literally look as if they're straight out of a playset. Here was my initial thread:
  10. I read through every page so far and I have to say this recreation is OUTSTANDING. I am a former resident of Seattle and your I-90 / I-5 Downtown Seattle interchange is down to perfection in detail, likewise the 520 Interchange and the Industrial district just south of Alaskan Way / Downtown Seattle. But the the I-5 Express lane / Collector Distributor Setup / Tunnel... PERFECT... Then the bridges over the highway and the offramps and the spaghetti of ramps in their interchanges all perfectly replicated.. all of it really looks like Seattle instead of just a game. I know some serious Road Anarchy had to be used to do this. I love it though! Brings back so many memories of Seattle. I miss Seattle and the scenery there. Are you going to do Bellevue too or do you have enough space? I remember when I first got to Seattle that Washington was the first place I saw the left turn on flashing amber arrow. Didnt see that anywhere else but recently they're appearing all over the country. Then of course there's the rail system, I used to ride the Sounder train to Tacoma WA. Remember that The Sounder doesn't end in downtown, it also proceeds north by tunneling under downtown. I can't wait to see what you use for the rail station. You even included BusWay. I used to ride down that street on my commute to work on the bus from Tacoma. What are you going to do for the Transit Tunnel though? and also Alaskan Way? Are you going for the old double decked Viaduct look or going for the tunnel that they're building? I personally miss the double decked Viaduct. Also downtown Seattle has alot of indoor and underground malls. Are you going to do anything about that? What about the tram from the space needle to downtown? and finally the fish market area near the bay? GREAT replication either way this is super amazing and I say so because I would cringe at the idea of rebuilding Seattle as I know how rugged and complex the city really is and know this HAD to take a serious amount of work and attention to detail.
  11. Any chance we can get other things in the game fixed such as the angles of which roads are allowed to merge from and to another road? They're alittle too sharp. This makes Highway exits unrealistic. American style traffic lights would be nice too. Also the way roads convert from less to additional lanes or vise versa is also inconsistent, the lanes don't match up, no taper.
  12. Not really no. I've made a few props for SC4 but I wouldnt really call that programming.
  13. So in short, where would I begin on this? I saw the link where the prop rendering happens. I'm assuming that this is in some in-game file that the code is quoted from. Which file is that and what exactly would I need to do to it? I'm guessing I need to create the sign posts / sign boards and props and the coding would call these props at certain instances? Can anyone teach me more as to how to program this sort of thing or is there anywhere I can learn? EDIT: I just learned that Network Skins is a mod. Maybe I should just contact the developer and ask him if he can assist me?
  14. I have 0 modding experience with Cities Skylines. I can 3D Model fairly decently but I am not a programmer. Anyway onto my questions. I wanted to eventually make a mod that literally allows users to "plop" custom Highway Signs instead of having to 3D Model them or custom make them for each interchange. It could be completely modular or it could work with the currently existing "Street Name" mod. So lets say for example that you have a stretch of highway and it has an interchange. The mod would do the following things for each interchange: Remove the existing Cities Skylines Highway Sign Prop By default, place a modern / realistic gantry or sign post near the exit ramp. Upon its initial appearance the post will be incomplete and will not have a sign attached to it. The user will select the post and will be brought to an interface to assign the sign's data and other specifications. User will select the type of post. Whether it be an overhead gantry that spans across the entire carriageway, or a post on the side of the road. The street name, route number, herald, exit number, direction, control name can all be set for the sign in this interface If a user has the street name mod, the sign can be set to automatically detect the name of the street at the end of the ramp to pretty much automatically generate a sign. Multiple sign boards on one gantry would be possible. (For example a sign over the main carriage confirming the router number / direction advising that you're traveling in, and another board to the right (or left UK) advising the information for the current exit) Provide the ability to generate approach signs. By default their distances would be set to 1/2 mile and 1 mile (like real life) but they can be altered aswell. Approach signs would also be modifiable to include other information If two approach signs are within 1/4th of a mile of each other, they will automatically be merged to avoid cluttering. The Mechanics: The interface will use pre-fabbed sign boards (so the game will not have to create shapes / 3D models in-game) and will use the data the user enters to determine which sign board is most appropriate according to size. In essence, everything will be built to fit in the smallest board possible, but if a larger board is needed, it will use a larger board. Approach signs will automatically merge if they're too close to each other, however; it will be possible to customize approach signs or de-merge them if necessary. Approach signs will also merge onto the control sign at a previous exit if its within 1/4th of a mile of the previous exit. Signs will avoid spawning under overpasses, but they CAN spawn on bridges. Users can import their own Heralds and define in the game how the route numbers will be placed on those Heralds The mod would be made to support multiple Heralds. The mod would be made to support automatic exit numbering, with an offset number aswell for interstates leading into your city (I.E. the first exit for your city is Exit 50 instead of Exit 1) Can be controlled by mile OR by actual exit. 2 Lane Highways will Generate a Rural Post (on the side) by default. 3 and 4 Lane Highways will Generate an overhead Gantry by default. Basically the idea is to provide a way to generate highway signs for those who don't want to 3D model a sign for every exit they have. Once again this is all still theory. Nothing is in the works yet. This thread is asking if my idea is even possible, and if it is..where would I begin?