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City-building game(s)

Found 33 results

  1. I looked through the forum and searched as well but seems this topic is not on here anywhere. Seeing if other members want to share their Origin screen names and add each other to the friends list. I know my Simtropolis name is a little different from my Origin name and I am certain others are also. Just reply with your info and we can add each other, etc! My name on Origin is "CWLGamer"
  2. What if there was a multiplayer server that had a Cities:Skyline 1:1 representation of the entire planet, a la Google Earth. Some kind of UI could let you zoom in to various 81-tile chunks in your game. You could work on them and submit them back to be shared. A wikipedia-type system could approve and accept updates to the main model. Super freshness would be if you and a mate (or mates) could work on the same chunks at the same time. Oh the future of possibilities.
  3. I can't use multiplayer functions with my brother, I saw that it's possible but I don't have the multiplayer options (on the screenshot joined) Can somebody help me ?
  4. There's a new YouTube series coming to DesignerFurry and we're looking for players for it! If you play from a design perspective, and you like to have high realism in your cities, we are looking for players like you to join our region in SimCity (2013). If you even still play the game, or you just want to dig it out again for some social interaction, feel free to get your origin profile and join us for this. More Information, and application are on my website at: Application NOTE: The reason I have posted it here is because there are external links in this post, and that's not allowed in the region games thread. If a mod/admin sees it fit, despite the links, he/she may move it over to that thread. I see external links in this though, so I really do not know where to post this announcement. If i could run this past @Cyclone Boom, @CorinaMarie, or @TekindusT to see if this should be moved or not, that would be nice, as I wanted the application to be on my site, as opposed to ST. Quick Note: This will be exclusive to my channel. It will not be posted on Brian's channel.
  5. Hello, So I started a region a day or two ago only to have bots or extremely uninspired players travel through gobbling up the available plots then leaving them with little to nothing placed without actually abandoning them. This has led me to start a new region of Titan Gorge or whatever it's called and set it as private. I don't want to take up all 16 cities myself, so I am trying to find 3 other players that are interested in building 4 cities each. There are no requirements other than that you play semi-regularly. I want an engaging region that will be fun for everyone involved. If you're not interested in controlling 4 cities, that's okay. It was merely my initial concept in mind. Please reply on here, or add/pm Aziac in game(if that's possible). Thanks all, Aziac EDIT:If you can/want to just request to join the region, it's labeled as Land of Fire
  6. This is just for discussion purposes. I love Cities Skylines and the incredible amount of flexibility it offers, its quite possibly the best City Simulator ever released with SC4 running neck and neck with it. CSL offers real 3D and feel with a market of mods just as plentiful of SC4 and growing with the ability to make and adjust content in the game seemingly effortless as it was in SC4. I have for the most part completely dropped SC4 in favour of CSL, however; there is one thing I REALLY miss from SC4...and you guessed it... Region Play. The Maps in CSL can range fairly large, the largest one - 81 tiles, I've heard is about the size of the Metro area of Washington D.C... that's pretty big I'm not going to lie, problem is, thats still only large enough for one relatively large city. I'm also aware of a building limit in CSL as well so most don't see a need for maps any larger than 81 tiles. I specifically play Space Engineers, a game that allows you to craft bases, ships, hubs, anything you like from scratch. It's not so much a great city building being its based on a block system and the population is limited to the exact number of players online at the time, however; the game features a Planet System, meaning you have an entire PLANET to build on and let me say, you do feel very small in the grand scheme of the overall world, on top of which you can also travel to other planets without ever leaving any loaded instance by really physically flying to them. I'd say this is a bit overkill but at the same time revolutionary as you have an entire planet you can do whatever you want on and every time I'm on a planet I always think "Man how awesome it would be if I could build a CSL city here, or a highway there, or a road, train, ect." I'm not attempting to converge CSL & Space Engineers. What I'm saying is, I wish there were some way that we could at the very minimal support regions the size of countries, continents, or even planets to lay down our dream cities. Such regions, however they may be imbuked (Countries, Continents, or even Planets) could be locally hosted, or shared on a network for multiplayer. Unlike SC2013, all tiles would be accessible, and especially unlike CXL, region / world map would not be limited to a bitmap drawing that populated terrain only after selecting it, everything would be there and accessible and even possible to travel from your alotment clean cross country to another city, another players town, or your own establishment elsewhere in the world. ALSO unlike SC2013 or CSL, it would be an entirely optional feature, not forced. Connecting Highways, resources, and routes between two major cities would be something only an Admin or Moderator could do on a multiplayer region, however single player regions will impose no such limits. Mods are shared between each planet and region. On multi-player region, to prevent conflicts with other mods, a Moderator or Admin would have to approve of the mod, until it is..it would go into a pending queue. Now, tackling the building limit. I wonder greatly, if its possible to enforce only a building limit within the city limits of a certain city, and not the entire region as to allow others elsewhere on the map to continue to sprawl and of course only load their city into your PC's RAM when you're within the vicinity of it as to prevent your PC from slowing to a crawl when you're on a map filled with cities spread 100's of miles apart. Basically.. I desire to share multi-player regions in a way thats not forced as it was in 2013 or CXL.. Much like I used to do with BlueHope in SC4. Does any of this idea seem possible regardless of how feasible or infeasible it may be?
  7. Hi, I'm looking to form a simcity game/region with somebody else - I usually play on North America West 1 My screen name is HonorableMrSir. EDIT: I am starting a new region on North America West 1. Feel free to join me - region name is - ALL CAN JOIN Please join me EDIT#2: For Some reason, my game crashed and that region bugged out - so region name is now ALL CAN JOIN #2
  8. Ok so only had the game a couple of months and already fed up with people dropping out in public multiplayer, so would like to start a active region with some serious players. So either add your name here or add me on origin. ID is: Ohmagain I realise there is another thread for this but that one tailed off some time ago. Either way happy gaming
  9. Multiplayer SC4

    I was looking at Sabretooth's awesome new CJ, and he had mentioned breaking his region up into 2-3 pieces. I immediately thought, 'send me a chunk'. Then I began thinking about multiplayer SC4, and how it could be done. Maybe somebody else already figured it out. Everybody would have the same map, the same plugins, and then they would have to email everything to one another, and everyone could each have a tile or ten, build their best city, and then email that all together and everyone would make an awesome CJ. I think you can plug and play the cities in the region folder If I'm not mistaken. Does anybody know if this can be done? What do you guys think? Everyone would have to work together and commit to it, but I think it can be done. I was already thinking about (and working on) organizing all the plugins I have by date, so like all the 1850-1900 buildings in one pack, all the 1900-1950 buildings in another, etc. There would be like a rule that you can only use this plugin pack and click Chicago 1890 tileset, and only use the spam dirt roads. You can do whatever you want on your tiles, but when you get to a certain date or population, you have to stop. Then everybody would email back and forth and we'd all be synchronized and calibrated, and then we'd show the world. After that, then the different cities would be dealing with one another, so to speak, and this would effect commerce and trade, taxes, job demand, etc. Then, you would be allowed to use the next plugin pack, and click new york 1940, etc. Of course there'd be lots of rules and stuff, but if millions of people can figure out how to make fantasy football work, this could be done too.
  10. Brand new series with JT and I! Here's the first part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vvukCvvtXg The hardships of editing, amirite?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WENq7Tditk Our towns are turning into prospering metropolises.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JKuUDNvVyw There was no audio in our first attempt at this video .
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vvukCvvtXg The hardships of editing, amirite?
  14. I really only use online mode to experiment with the Global Market at best, and fix people's abandoned cities on random servers. I do have friends I collaborate with on North America East 3, but I only use multiplayer 20% of the time because of the major benefits of Offline Mode. I would like to know about the state of EA's SimCity servers, so I would like to know how often the community actually uses them. Thank you!
  15. Hello Guys! I''m looking for players to my new region : Império Add me or i can add you. Origin: nhrj Server: American East Free Slots: 15
  16. Unturned

    Unturned is an early-access indie game being developed by Nelson Sexton. Set in the remains of society after a zombie apocalypse, the gameplay combines elements of survival and sandbox games in a way similar to Rust, DayZ, and Minecraft, while retaining its own original charm and visual style. Unturned allows you to scavenge, build, grow crops, hunt for food, loot, and explore in an open world, all while trying to survive. You can play alone or with others on PvP and PvE servers. Currently, there is only one map, based on Prince Edward Island in Canada, but more are planned to be added as the game progresses. In addition to these features, Unturned is highly driven by the community. In the words of the creator: "The game is being developed entirely with the community in focus, and tons of features are based entirely on feedback." Possibly the best part - the game is completely free. You can get it here on Steam. Has anyone else played this game? What do you think of it?
  17. Come join my region!

    Come Join my region on multiplayer! Server: Antarctica Region: Central Wisconsin It is free to join, so please join, thanks! I'm just looking for neighbors to have in my region!
  18. You know that error you get when you claim abandoned cities on multiplayer? The one where you need more content? So, you get all the DLC, and you still get it? Well I have the solution. You have all the dlc in ONLY AMERICA. You heard me right. I'll show you right now. Play Micromania Media Markt Telia METRO Nissan Leaf, which we know about. We only know about the Nissan leaf set, right? These other 5 DLC, these aren't forged. Look them up. They're all free. You can find the freaking scripts in SImCityUserData\EcoGame! But I'm an American, how could I possibly access these? With Origin's geo-location services, how could I access the other DLCs? Easy, by using a VPN service, or even a proxy, I was able to access these and now I have them all. I'd like to thank xoxide for teaching me how to get these. By getting these I will probably never get that error again. BTW, this does not glitch the game out in any way. When xoxide figured out this, Maxis found this one glitch where you could have 2 special DLC's at the same time, but they secretly fixed it in like patch 2 or 3. And get this guys, ITS LEGAL! PS, sorry about the misspelling of the, accidentally spelled it there.
  19. As described my I'm in the early stages of designing a city builder and seeking community input on a variety of topics. The first topic I want to tackle: Multiplayer. Some people have no interest in multiplayer, and I similarly feel that a city builder should be single player at its core. But there's clearly a large demand to share in-game experiences with one's friends even within the city builder genre, and I'd love to develop a game that is designed to optionally accommodate that shared experience as fully as possible. Or at least as fully as is relevant, which raises the question: How much multiplayer are people interested in? The "MMO route" taken by Cities XL and SimCity 2013 isolate each city, and thus each player, quite a bit. The system is easier to implement on top of an otherwise single player experience, but does it do a good job of capturing the social aspect that people seek? How much more satisfying would it be if multiple players could be actively working within a single city at once? Greatly? Marginally? Would it matter if, for technical reasons, only one player at a time could be modifying a specific area in the city? Or more severely, only one player at a time modifying anything in the whole city at all? Would it actually be a welcome feature to be able to limit certain players to certain areas or activities, especially if hosting a public server with strangers joining cities? In short, what, if anything, excites you about the possibility of multiplayer? What type of experience would you most want to share with your friends? Is a save file and/or screenshots enough (e.g., city journals)? Or having multiple cities interact with a shared regional economy? Or do you want to collaboratively build a city together? What activities, what details, would be the most engaging in a multiplayer city builder? If you want to let your imagination run free for a moment, by all means, be my guest; I'm fascinated with the untold possibilities of where everyone's imaginations might end up.
  20. Hello everyone! Today I would invite you to join my region in SImcity 2013 on [North America - East 2] server. The gamemode is [sandbox]. There are some free cities ready to be claimed, and actually one abandoned city who required Cities Of Tomorrow DLC, Progressive Insurance (I think it's required), Nissan LEAF 100% Electric, Objective : Arcology Launch. Here are a few projects that I would maybe share with you on the region. But, in a second time, I will give you some little instructiosn about how to join my region. Let's see :
  21. Question: When you are playing a multiple city region with other online players, what happens when you are viewing another person's city and they are NOT online?? When I do this, I see time passing, money growing, and buildings being built... Is their city truly advancing just by me watching it?
  22. Hello there! I'm on Simtropolis for a long time, however I used it only for downloading things - forum was just an extension, something unnecessary. And now it's time to use it. Recently, I was looking for game similar to SimCity 2013; game that'd allow me to build cities with my friends. Instead I've found a tutorial on reddit about playing SimCity 4 online. I didn't believe it'll work, but I decided to give it a try. To my surprise it works and I can play with my friends together! There is just one problem: I don't have many friends playing SimCity 4. And so I'm writing here: is there anyone interested in making cities together? I've got much to learn about managing all this stuff, but it's playable already and with some time it will be working perfectly. There are already 3 small cities that will grow bigger with some time, however it would be nice to have more people to play If there is anybody interested, message me and I'll give you link to my steam account, so we could keep in touch.
  23. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, messieurs and mesdames, I had a general question I wished to ask: am I authorised by EA games to introduce any downloaded mods into my multiplayer regions in SimCity 5, so long as they do not affect the leaderboard statistics? I'm currently using my mods only on my single-player region in fear of unknowingly breaking any rules EA has put in place. I apologise if this isn't the correct forum to post this comment in; excuse my ignorance, I am new to the Simtropolis community Thank you, LaVerite
  24. Multiplayer?

    I have wondering...How do pepole play multiplayer on SC4?
  25. Sim Nation™ is a gathering of mayors from around the world! We share ideas, screen shots, building tips, and much more on our Facebook group page. We create and name regions that bear our guild trademark (SimNation™ or SN™). As we work together to create regions, our SimNation™ name and the SN™ tag will be seen on the Leader Boards of servers all over the world! We hold weekly special events where we work together try to take the top spot on the Leader Boards for: highest population cities, simoleans, wealth, health, sick sims, most educated sims, etc.... these events are great fun! Getting to know other players in the game allows you to gain more knowledge and increases your success while playing SimCity (2013). It is not mandatory that you participate in any of the events we hold. Just being a member of our Sim Nation™ Facebook page is a great way to find new people to play and build with. We are a group of people who share a love for the game, despite it's little flaws and bugs. We encourage tip sharing and SimCity photo sharing so we can all be inspired and learn from each other. Even if you have never played multiplayer regions or choose not to play multiplayer, IT'S OK! We welcome you in SimNation™! Our only requirements to join are...... a love for the game, respect for all players, and a willingness to collaborate. Learn, grow, and be inspired in SimNation™! Please join us! Please visit our SimNation Facebook group page and request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimNationGuild/ (Current membership stands at 296 members, and growing each week!)

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