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True Earth

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1970s New York City


After previously taking a look at New York City in the 1930s - today we're taking another trip back into the Big Apple's past and seeing how it looked in the 1970s. Plenty of famous skyscrapers were being built all over the city, and other areas of the city looked quite different than they do today - it was truly quite an interesting time in the city's history.

Our trip into the past begins in Midtown Manhattan - after a brief stop at the famed Empire State Building, we make sure to visit the always crowded Times Square. Brightly lit billboards, taxi cabs, and big crowds can be seen for blocks - any trip to this iconic intersection is unforgettable.



A look down Park Avenue with the old Pan Am building in view.



One more view of mid 1970s Midtown Manhattan with a number of prominent skyscrapers under construction.



A look at the newly renovated Yankee Stadium - with numerous World Series runs and the heroics of "Mr. October" Reggie Jackson, it was an exciting time to be a Yankee fan in the late 70s.



The iconic Brooklyn Bridge was constructed in 1883 - spanning the East River, it connects Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan which will be our next destination.


The World Trade Center towers were constructed from 1968-1973 and dominated the skyline of Lower Manhattan for nearly 30 years. Upon completion, they were the world's tallest buildings for a brief period of time and one of the city's signature sights.


The Twin Towers at nighttime were truly spectacular.


One last view of Lower Manhattan's impressive skyline in the 1970s.



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Previous Update: "Mexico City"


Thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @ESP15, @CorinaMarie, @bladeberkman, @Diego Del Llano, @Bastet69008, @JP Schriefer, @alejolopez13, @9gruntsand1hammer, @Don_Pato, @Duco, @edwardjeria, @VALASatoshi, @matias93, @kingofsimcity, @tonyr, @TekindusT, @Belfastsocrates, @AlexandrosB13, @Dead_End, @Handyman, @Dgmc2013, @The British Sausage, @jakis, @redfox85, @RobertLM78, @Manuel-ito, @mike_oxlong, @PaulSawyer, @Krasner, @MAW, @Edvarz, @bobolee, @eufl, @mrsmartman, @Androgeos, @tariely, @Hanson784, & @dabadon5 for all the likes/comments!



Recommended Comments

Wowowowow.... *:thumb:

I mean, every single update is stunning, and there is not much to say exept wowowow all the time. But I am again more active here, and it´s always good to show speechlessness in words... *:D

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Saw the alert ST gives me every time you post and thought: "Oh yas, that's going to be fun!" Spoiler: it was fun!!

Probably you're the current CJer who pays the most attention to detail. You prove that by having thought on, for example, the relatively unknown (nowadays) helicopter shuttle service from the Pan Am building top deck to the NY area airports. And I was so close to comment that the helicopter on the top deck should be one of those with two rotors instead of a single rotor but guess what... doing my research found out that during a short period of time, the shuttle was served by Sikorsky S-61 type, a singlerotor helicopter.

That's the level of detail your posts amaze us with.

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yrs, wowowowow (that first mosaic !!!). I was in NY in the early Seventies and... yes, that's it ! I could almost smell it. *:)

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I don't know what else to say other than "Outstanding!" As @TekindusT mentioned, your attention to detail is beyond compare. Superlative upon superlative is well deserved.

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Nice rendition.... 70s were pretty grungy.   My sister once joked of our younger brother who was getting into all things 70s - "the only one not born in the 70s yet he wants to go back... the rest of us are trying to get as far away as possible"   XD

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It is an authentic wonder as you manage to recreate each photo with the buildings under construction. And above all as you transmit the passage of time in the city.
As a lover of New York, I thank you for making this precious beauty. 

@korver thank's !!!! :D 

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Truly amazing! I'm just awe struck of this time traveling CJ update and am wondering how you did the Trade Towers under construction- each photo is incredible on its own.

Also love the cloud shadow effects on the buildings, it reminds me of the beginning of the film Koyaanisqatsi with the time lapse skyline and shadows from the clouds sailing across the building facades. Parts of the movie were filmed in NYC in the late 70- early 80's btw.

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Great entry, this has a special vibe :golly: I really like how you - apparently - tried to reproduce the colors and tones of the photos taken at that time. With a postcard-like style, or magazine-like, it would have a little bit more saturated colors I guess, but anyway it looks great like this. Maybe that wasn't even your intention though :blush:

...And furthermore, the reproduction conception is awesome - as usual ^^

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Spectacular entry! These photos have brought back a whole era of the city- the Pan Am building, the Twin Towers, even the old Checker cabs! The amount of period-specific detail is astounding here!

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I honestly cannot pick a favorite picture out of this set. The whole thing is just mind blowing, as usual. Can't wait to see what's next.

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Not been on for a few weeks, but i have to say that you have outdone yourself this time Korver! This has to be my current Favorite Cj of your's, maybe even topping Shanghai and even the pacific Northwest, these cj's really do get me excited to see what next place you have really outdone, much better than I could ever do. *:D

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@eufl Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the updates *:thumb:

@TekindusT Thank you very much for the comment! I think this update in particular was one of my more time consuming ones in part to all of the background research I had to do and to make sure I got every last tiny detail down. I probably spent 10-15 hours studying old pictures of the city to make sure that I didn't forget anything and to make sure everything was era appropriate - including the plane at the top of the old Pan Am building.

@tariely Appreciate the nice words! Glad it reminded you of your time there in the 70s *:)

@Jasoncw Thank you very much! *:)

@mike_oxlong Thanks for the nice words, glad you enjoyed all the details *:thumb:

@RobertLM78 Appreciate the comment and kind words! Hehe, I think I'm probably the same way - the 70s were way before my time, but I've always been really interested in that era, it really has a certain allure to it for sure.

@Bastet69008 Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the construction scene *:)

@mrsmartman Thanks for the kind words! Although I love some of the more modern buildings already built and being constructed in NYC - the 70s and earlier really had a certain charm to it that's hard to match. And as you mentioned - there also seemed to be a very strong architectural identity as well.

@Duco Thank you very much for the comment! *:thumb:

@ESP15 Appreciate the nice words *:) The construction scenes were made using some custom made models, some lot editor work, and a bit of photoshop work. Glad you enjoyed the update! 

@Diego Del Llano Appreciate the comment, glad you liked it! *:)

@Hanson784 Thank you very much for the comment! The construction scenes were made using some custom made models, some lot editor work, and a bit of photoshop work - definitely one of the more time consuming aspects of the update, but it was worth it to really give it that 70s vibe. I actually watched some of Koyaanisqatsi a while back - so that and some of the vintage photographs that I was studying of 70s NYC at the time probably influenced some of those clouds and shadows in the scenes. Glad you liked the update *:)

@Krasner Thank you very much for the comment! I studied a lot of photographs of 1970s NYC so I was definitely trying to reproduce that vibe in some of my scenes. I tried not to overdo the saturation though because I've found that too much can ruin a pic pretty easily so I was extra cautious there.

@Chien Chen Thanks for the comment! The main modding I did was with the taxis - and most of that is still in a WIP stage unfortunately.

@airman15 Thank you very much - glad you liked all those 1970s details! *:)

@dabadon5 Thank you very much for the nice words!

@Mascalzone Thank you for the comment! *:)

@Josh6 Appreciate the nice words!

@Tyberius06 Very glad you can see the pictures now *:thumb: Glad you enjoyed the update as well, I think after this update I definitely want to visit NYC even more myself now as well *:)

@Jackspital Thank you very much, glad you're enjoying the updates! *:)


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