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  1. São Paulo

    It would seem there are a lot of fascinating cities in South America - I just recently stumbled across La Paz Bolivia - take a look for yourself on GoogleEarth (speaking of which I was able to find that bridge in Sao Paulo - trip that the highway there goes north on one bank of the river and south on the other).
  2. São Paulo

    O_O Striking...! Nice work bro....! Thanks for sharing. (And yeah, that bridge is something else)
  3. Show us your railroads

    That's some impressive work there..... clever use of tunnels and sunken railway station.
  4. The Balkans

    Hehehehe - pretty much what I was thinking..... Nice work @korver - thanks for sharing
  5. Just getting back into things after the summer with some terraforming for a seaport.   :D

  6. Madrid

    Very nice. I guess I should ask..... will Barcelona be included in this tour of Spain?
  7. Tokyo

    Superb work...! Thanks for sharing!
  8. 1970s New York City

    Nice rendition.... 70s were pretty grungy. My sister once joked of our younger brother who was getting into all things 70s - "the only one not born in the 70s yet he wants to go back... the rest of us are trying to get as far away as possible" XD
  9. President Obama's Limousine

    My sentiments exactly..... xD
  10. Mexico City

    Very nice - like the historic views especially. Thanks for sharing
  11. Scenes From Hong Kong

    Got a cousin and his wife who used to live there.... not sure where they are now, somewhere on the mainland I think. Nicely done - as usual - @korver
  12. NAM 36 Now Available

    Sounds like you hovered a NAM puzzle piece over a Transit-Enabled lot.
  13. Shanghai

    Very nice...... I wonder how long it must take you on average to find enough BATs to make the city look real.
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    Very nice work so far...! While having an extra engine at the back is done, more often than not they are placed at the front.
  15. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    I think this is the case.... maybe because the post has to do with a puppetician... erm politician..... I wasn't going to say anything 'radical'.... despite my reputation...... XD