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  1. San Francisco

    Hehehe - no representation of SF would be complete without Lombard Street.... Fantastic work as usual
  2. U.S. Skylines

    Can't wait to see more!
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    Here's that station, in case you're interested. I know first hand it can be a pain trying to find particular stations: And one other sunken station, which isn't as cantankerous as the previous: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2702
  4. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Sorry I missed this - do I smell a preview? (Chicago, for better or worse, is a place that is close to me - so it would be awesome to see more of this Korver™ reconstruction )
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    I don't use Mac, but there's a version of Virtualbox for OS X - I'm on Linux and run SC4 from an XP VM.
  6. USA/NATO/Saudi Invasion of Syria imminent?

    Just moar nonsense for the masses to consume and keep them distracted. Whenever the newz tells you to look left you should really look right, but most people haven't picked up on that yet (of course it is *if* you even bother watching the 'show' to begin with - I stopped paying attention to that noise a long time ago, and yet, the sky hasn't fallen down).
  7. Lagos

    Incredible work! (as if we should expect anything less ) And yeah, the circular harbour is amazing...... has me wanting to find out more about Lagos.... Thanks for sharing buddy!
  8. Lagos (Preview)

    Not sure how I missed this - but it's looking great...! Those streets are jam-packed.
  9. NAM 36 Now Available

    I thought that was the case - it may well be I missed some odd road or street crossing. I'll keep faffing with it Thanks!
  10. NAM 36 Now Available

    Unfortunately, I'd never tried UDI with a draggable network, but I can attest to automata not having any difficulties, as I have freight and passenger rail automata generators which I used in the first city with a draggable network. Other than the usual necessity to save and exit before the trains will actually travel through the stations, the automata generators and resulting automata work fine, crossing all crossings without issue. However, as we know, actual usage was zero. I run Disk version, fully patched to 640 (so working nightlights). Definitely understand
  11. NAM 36 Now Available

    Further work with the draggable ERRW network has convinced me that there is indeed something wrong.... further, I think more specifically it is the draggable crossings that are the culprit. I had built a completely draggable network which, unlike the last place, was a network which lent itself to reasonable usage. As soon as I tore down (most of) the draggable network and rebuilt it with puzzle pieces the network was seeing very good usage. I purposely left a small section near the edge with a draggable crossing. No sim yet is using the track with the crossing, though I plan on replacing it momentarily to see if that changes things.
  12. You should use this road system

    Brings back memories... I remember making a few earthen overpasses - and tunnels too. (For several years we had a fairly large pile of dirt in the backyard that was perfect for buidling )
  13. Pacific Islands

    Spectacular.....! O_O
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    Funny you mention that, as just last night I started playing around with it too... and yes, it is quite impressive.