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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    The diagonal in Brough (like Prague with a 'B') seems to be working well moving sims in and out of the CBD. Next comes the tram...
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    I think I like the previous (dark blue.... Peg Brigantine?) better. The trees look nice though
  3. New Zealand

    Lookin' great! Appears there's a lot of MMP work in the countryside - looks excellent. Really like the city scenes, too. (Hehe - I think spotted a Maxis building in one of them )
  4. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    Depends on your building style. I wound up developing over time a system of spacing avenues every 29 tiles. Within a square 29x29 I usually fit 4 farms (14x14 tiles each). Since the site's search tool is sketchy, you might want to try searching the site through google. Just add 'site:simtropolis.com' to the end of your search phrase. That would be my personal suggestion, especially if you want to focus on rural/agricultural development. Though there are a few other options. Here are some discussions on the topic: https://steamcommunity.com/app/24780/discussions/0/490121928359126227/
  5. Look after your brothers and sisters...
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Trying something different with a diagonal and the one-ways defining the central plaza. Looks neat, anyway - who knows how well it'll actually work
  7. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    @APSMS nailed it in point 2. Play the vanilla game for a while and you'll undoubtedly start thinking of little things you'd like to see or work differently. For a long time the only mod I had was an air purifier lot. Then a while later, the extra cheats plugin. Next was NAM. Then most recently, in the last year or so, I went nuts with a bunch of mods: my favourites probably being Peg's seaport stuff, SimGoober's industrial packs, SPAM, and the terrain/water mods (Olympic Terrain/Peg Brigantine) - just to name a few
  8. Toronto

    Despite a small connection to the place, I've never been there. Looks cool though! Nice work as usual @korver
  9. Los Angeles

    While I'm sad to hear that @korver, I look forward to see what you got up your sleeve next (I hope Chicago is on the list )
  10. Just stumbled upon this little gem
  11. Los Angeles

    LA has grown on me over the years. Hehe - no GTA V commentary here, but the beach does look like it has a bit more trees than in RL. Looks really good though all around - if ever you decide to do more entries here it wouldn't hurt my feelings.... Thanks for sharing another great instalment to True Earth, @korver
  12. Well stated @rsc204 . The only thing I would add is that it can be helpful to mark R$ buildings 'historical' so that the city doesn't become too gentrified. It's tedious, and there are other means, but it gives you, the mayor, more control over what you keep and what you let upgrade.
  13. The Greater Terran Region

    Hehe - no worries - I really just like the city, the fact that there's a Master Sword plaza is just a bonus Nice work - I hope I can get my current region to such a mature point - I have yet to even complete a single region, which is my basic goal with this one.