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  1. The Greater Terran Region

    Hehe - no worries - I really just like the city, the fact that there's a Master Sword plaza is just a bonus Nice work - I hope I can get my current region to such a mature point - I have yet to even complete a single region, which is my basic goal with this one.
  2. The Greater Terran Region

    Kickin' sweet. Where'd you get the Triforce Master Sword looking plaza?
  3. Berlin (Pt. 1/2)

    Just catching up on notifications here.... been taking a break from the internets. Real nice work @korver Is there any chance you'll be swinging by Hamburg?
  4. Roman Empire (Pt. 2/3)

    Top notch work, as always..... It seems more often than not these big city fires are set intentionally...... Thanks for sharing @korver
  5. Roman Empire (Pt. 1/3)

    Frickin' awesome .... (it's cool to see how the buildings would have looked, all painted up, too.... )
  6. Triple Track Rail (TTR) is Coming!

    That's unfortunate to hear.... hehehe - though I wonder if the jumping could have been any worse than this (which is pretty bad, in all honesty )??:
  7. Triple Track Rail (TTR) is Coming!

    I'd really like to see this happen, but unfortunately I don't know a thing about NAM 'under the hood'.
  8. Ancient Egypt

    I think this one might just be my favourite so far. Fantastic work buddy!
  9. Ancient Egypt (Preview)

    Awesome. The only change I'd suggest (and not an obvious one) is to change the Shpynx's head to be Annubis, as it would appear from personal research that that was the original 'configuration'.
  10. Using SC4D seaport efficiently

    Hehehe - it's not too difficult (and totally worth the time ) So, quoting right off the PEG CDK Container Seaport, the dependencies are: ** REQUIRED DEPENDENCY FILES ** PEG-CDK3 SUPER PAK PEG-CDK3-SP Container Ship Fleet Pack PEG Security Fencing Kit Also required but not listed on the container port's page is the master controller: PEG-CDK3-SP Master Seaport Controller I think that's all the basics. But don't forget the extras - there are 'processing' (i.e., non-functional) ports for both break-bulk as well as container and fillers like 1x break bulk and 1x container port pieces (since the seaports are transit enabled, they can't go right side by side, so they need something to separate them). And here is a tree of the PEG CDK stuff in my Plugins folder:
  11. Using SC4D seaport efficiently

    Because basically the vanilla seaport is incomplete..... (I actually expected there to be a rail connection, too, when I first started playing) Seriously though, I would highly recommend Pegasus' CDK seaports, they allow rail traffic, and are way more realistic in my opinion than the vanilla seaport. They require a fistful of dependencies, but not too many.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Central Tyoko Industrial University Waterfront
  13. London - Landmarks

    O_O Damn.... you even did a historical shot. That's pretty interesting that they just built right on top of the bridge like that.... also interesting that they didn't anticipate more river traffic. Well, you've once again outdone yourself @korver - thanks for sharing
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    That's what makes this game so awesome..... I used to keep things natural as well, but then I found seawalls and later PEG's CDK stuff.. and I went a little nuts. Like Nonny used to say: a little patience with the civil engineering tools....... and you can get results like this: