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  1. NAM General Support Topic

    I'm not using any custom buildings, only vanilla. I didnt move any folders, simply delete the NAM folder and reinstall to remove the RHW and some stuff i don't use and take a lot of space. Open the game again and half the buildings are gone. I tried placing the NAM files from the previous installation but didn't help. Atleast i had made a backup of the region few days ago..
  2. NAM General Support Topic

    Hi, another quick question. I reinstalled NAM to remove some stuff that i didn't use and took a lot of space, and when i opened my game again half the buildings don't show.. I don't understand how the NAM can affect that.
  3. NAM General Support Topic

    Hey guys, thanks for all the answers. I did some testings, and all i can say without writing an essay is that is behaves weird xD. Even with waaay more residential areas than industrial, the industrial still "win" and force their sidewalk in the entire (yep) city. I had to leave a very small industrial area for the sidewalk to change finally. Anyways, my question is if this is normal and happens to everyone because i don't remember seeing this anywhere. If it is, i will just remove the turning lanes, don't really like them anyways (do they reduce traffic or are they just eye candy?)
  4. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Is that my 500 5th avenue model? This brings good memories of me trying to learn to bat xD Any chance u still have that file?
  5. NAM General Support Topic

    Hi, i have a question. When i install NAM with avenue turning lanes, the sidewalks act like shown in the picture. These are medium-high wealth residential areas, yet they have that industrial sidewalk. This happens when that avenue goes through an industrial area too. I think this should not happen?? Because i tried installing NAM without turning lanes, and it looks normal. Take a look at the pictures. With turning lanes (ugly looking sidewalks and no trees:( ) Without (sidewalk for high wealth residential as it should be) I hope i explained this well hehe, also sorry if it's supposed to be like this and this is stupid question. Thanks for the help.
  6. 3ds Max - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    Oh, that actually did it. Thank you!
  7. 3ds Max - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    Hey, I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but i couldn't find anything. Anyone knows why the render comes out so blurry and low quality? I'm using 3ds max design 2014 on windows 10. I tried installing the latest service pack but didn't help.
  8. NAM General Support Topic

    Hi, just a quick question. Is this supposed to happen? Somebody from a neighbour city is using the bus all the way till there, only to walk back a huge distance. Are sims even supposed to walk this far? PS: this is a test city, i know i could probably place some bus stations closer to the edge of the city, don't mind that.
  9. NAM General Support Topic

    Thanks for all the details. But i wonder how can it be, that it can't be fixed. Also how come this bug only appear for few users, and for most cases NAM runs normally?
  10. NAM General Support Topic

    Any ideas why i get this?
  11. Hello, I am getting a really weird bug when using NAM (for RHW, NWM). Take a look at the automada behaviour on a quick video. I did default NAM installation. Any ideas what's wrong here?
  12. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Both look great! Would love to see more
  13. So i've been back to SC4 and i had almost forgotten how much fun this game is. I started a new region and notice that the performance is really bad. Since it's about time i upgrade most of my older pc parts anyways, i was wondering what's the best possible setup for the highest possible performance for SC4. I'm only keeping my GPU, a GTX 770 card, and my SanDisk SSD 256 GB, both are relatively new. For example, what about the OS? I know SC4 was designed to run on XP, but XP won't go too well with modern hardware, right? Also how much RAM is enough, my plugins folder is a bit less than 2GB. Then processor speed and cores? Is less cores better? And so on... I really have no idea what's best for SC4 so any help would be much appreciated. I have a dream that one day i will be able to play a developed city on a large tile smoothly.
  14. SFBT Moscow Apartments - Texture Dependencies

    Oh well, i tried installing BSC Textures volume 2 and it worked, finally! I also did not have to change to software rendering. Hardware rendering works significantly better for me (not sure why, i always remember having better performance on software rendering). Thank you for all the support.
  15. SFBT Moscow Apartments - Texture Dependencies

    The game runs alone. I was just wondering if somebody could download this building and the dependencies, and see if it works. As i said i don't think it's a technical issue, it simply looks like i don't have the required texture files, althought i have downloaded everything listed. Also all other texture dependencies i use work fine. But maybe i'm wrong. The building above is this one: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2741