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  1. SimCity 3000 Building References

    I love this post ... something dead. but it motivates me since it reminds me of those years when I was playing SC300. Ido not know anyone noticed, but here are some facts: *Maxi Teatre / El Capitán Teatre, Hollywood *Palazzo Apartament / I 99% is Hotel in San Francisco... Good Night (And sorry for my english)
  2. EJH Creations

    Good Night (In my country) ¨*Jasoncw: thanks for your support.. Well, for those who do not guess. This is my version of the "Lucky Casino" in Fremont Street, Las Vegas. A building of the golden age and the neo of Vegas. Sure, it has its changes since it is my version and I rely on the photos that still exist (Currently the building was demolished for the expansion of the Golden Nugget Casino) Enjoy a little more detail
  3. Torres Atrio

    otro gran trabajo de usted, veo que se esta enfocando en colombia, siga asi
  4. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    I loved the detail, especially the first one with the chairs and tables on the roof, it's beautiful, great job
  5. EJH Creations

    Well, for my first job (to the public). A creation between unique and inspired .... would be a "Parody" ??? .... I hope you like it Does anyone know what building I'm based on?
  6. EJH Creations

    Hi guys, it's me ... I decided to open this new topic to show my work in the Bat's by Sketchup. I know there are some who oppose the use of this program, like some who criticized my first rookie job. that's why, after a few of tutorials and practices, I think I have what it takes to take this project ... I hope your support and patience ... regards I want to give special and applause to: *Diego Del Llano *Jasoncw Thanks guys, without you, I would not have made it PD( Sorry for my English. I'm Chilean)
  7. mipro

  8. WalkUp Tower

    otra gran remasterisacion, gran trabajo.... has pensado en remasterizar el Edificio Shell de San Francisco, conocido como "Wren Insurance" en SC4???
  9. Cahalane Communications

    otra gran remasterisacion.... buen trabajo PD:... y LA???
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Help... where can i find the "2 Prudential Plaza Chicago"
  11. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    :O.... i can´t wait.....
  12. JP Schriefer's BATs

    another great work..... good job
  13. mipro

    what a beautiful job ... being honest, I was seeing old posts, and I get nostalgic to see so many projects that never saw the light ... I hope yours is not one ... keep up your good work