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  1. Paris (Pt. 3/3)

    Just amazing. I really enjoy your entries. There is just so much detail and life to the scenes you created. Truly inspirational.
  2. STEX CDs and Donations

    What if you want to donate but do not want to receive any collections gift ?
  3. Cephalonia (Myrtos Beach)

    Wow. My sims would love to travel to this beach for vacation. Beautifully done !
  4. So recently I have been trying out different maps,terrain and water mods. Recently I have come across some issues. So the first issue I had was that when I had started a new map, the lower elevated areas was full of snow. I had used that map before, it is the Denver map by Drunkapple. I couldn't figure out why snow was appearing in such a low elevation when it hadn't done so before. Anyways I used another map, and when I load into a city with a higher elevation the game crashes. Anyone know what the issue may be ?
  5. Tour of Africa: Johannesburg

    Your post are really inspiring. I could never create anything like this. Truly astounding.
  6. San Donato

    Wow this is very beautiful. If it were a real place I'd go and visit.
  7. Three more suburbs of Mont-Valin

    Beautiful work of art.
  8. Arrandale - Update 3 - Station area

    Nice. Love how they city is setup. looking great
  9. Bohemia

    Wow this is so incredible.Just love all the details in every post.
  10. Scenes From South America

    Amazing journey through these wonderful pictures. Felt like I was on an adventure.
  11. The Story of Giovanni

    Poor Giovanni
  12. Takedown

    Just loved the trees and highway development.
  13. Cititower Guadalajara

    Wow, These look amazing. Great job !!
  14. NAM-RHW FLEXFly Issues

    Good news. It works now, just had to uninstall NAM then Re-install it. Funny, Because when I downloaded it 2 days ago it did not run the cleanitol program. This time it did however. Now I have all the features i believe, ill do a more thorough check later.
  15. NAM-RHW FLEXFly Issues

    Im sure I had an up to date version of it. I had those options before a while back. But a long time ago i deleted some stuff like RHW that i really didnt use. Ill check that thread and see if I find anything that will help.