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  1. 4 maps

    Version 1.0.0


    A set of maps of cities from a parallel world I made quiet a long time ago for personal use. I placed them in separate archives, so you can choose any one you like. Each one is SC4M file (you'll need a SC4 Mapper), 48x48 km (12x12 tiles), 144 large cities. Have fun!
  2. Taseth

    Version 1.0.0


    A map of a fictional city of Taseth. SC4Map file, 48x48 kilometers (12x12 large cities). A mix of islands, coastal landscapes, mountains and lots of rivers. Have fun!
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    Thinking about starting a new CJ after 10 years of absence. Kind of world recreation in one region with the most prominent cities included. Here's the first one - not quiet finished yet, but I can't help showing it off
  4. How funny these things sometimes are: you tinker around with settings, updates and reinstalls, dig into geek forums, brainstorm intensely, when the actual solution for the problem is pure and simple - run it in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP3. Thanks to all the people who responded here and sorry for the fuss.
  5. Thank you guys, but I'm well aware of this moment and it's not the case here. Didn't help The program doesn't like my current region (too wide) so I looked the affected tiles up in Reader - they do have a PNG of a flat plate and some other empty PNGs, but no pictures of actual tiles It is overall in the game from what I see. I did some testing and nothing is quite clear to me so far. It seems to not happen in plain vanilla, and with mods it seems to depend on the size of the tiles - once it gets over something like 3.5 Mb it is unable to configure a PNG. I don't know, I guess I'll have to play around with it more later. P.S. By the way, I'm unable to open some city tiles in Reader... Should I worry?
  6. Hello. It happened so that for a long time I've been playing SC4 Deluxe Ed. on Win 8 (x64) and only recently did I upgrade to Win 8.1. Now, the process went smoothly, everything works fine, the game starts, plays, saves and exits except for one thing - the thumbnails of city tiles are not being saved anymore. The cities themselves work fine, it's just the prospect of having the whole region like a dead green bedsheet that annoys me a little. I play using SC4Launcher in windowed mode on DirectX with 1280x768 resolution; tried to change the settings there (resolution, render mode, window mode) - didn't help. Also tried reinstalling the game and updating NVIDIA drivers - no results either. Has anyone ever experienced something like this or got some idea on how to handle it?
  7. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Hello. Great mod, but I'm having a slight problem: for some bizarre reason palms on streets and roads are not affected at all, they remain all maxis. I tried this mod alone without any other plugins and the problem stayed. Is this something to do with the mod itself, or something wrong with the game? Update. I did some more tests and found out two things: 1) The clean install I told about earlier wasn't really clean - my bad; 2) it looks like Cascadia Tree Controller was the cause of the problem - it loaded before the mod and caused conflicts with it in some way (I'm not savvy in that matter). I changed the order of the folders so that the tree replacer comes after the CTC and everything works perfectly. So, the problem solved. Thank you for the mod!
  8. OlScare PlazaWalls Set1