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  1. Not to worry, it was a harmless slip. I'm well aware of the release cycles. Anyway, I've got !7.04 installed on a new partition and when I get home I will try out SC4D, fingers crossed. Incidentally, I just read that Ubuntu is finally going to scrap Unity and go back to the Gnome desktop, they will be working directly with the Gnome team.
  2. @catty-cb I took a minute and perused your Mint 18 thread. Looks like you went through all the same process I went through over the years. My first direction was also VirtualBox, then Oracles Virtualization software ( this worked the best for me), on to POL, which also worked pretty good, but I was inspired to go bareback Wine by @A Nonny Moose. Using his info and a lot of research and trial and error I finally got things working perfectly. I am a little upset by the set back with Ubuntu 16.04 but I am quite happy to use 14.04 until this gets fixed. I am looking at alternatives like Mint, Debian, etc. As I said before I use a separate partition for SimCity so this does not affect my main OS. If I find the solution I will post it for others to use.
  3. I think I will download it and give it a try. I'll set up another partition so I can still play while test driving it.
  4. On the nose. I have a separate partition for my game so this works for me for now. An unexpected side benefit of re-installing my game on 14.04 is that my cities are loading super fast.
  5. I'm using Firefox 56 on Linux and I have not noticed any problems with the site.
  6. No, I am running an AMD A-Series APU, with Radeon R7 Graphics using the Gallium driver.
  7. Recently began having problems with Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and SimCity4. After an OS update, the game would only run in software mode. I have done a lot of digging trying to find the exact cause, but so far no luck. I have gone back to Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 until this gets fixed.
  8. I s anyone having problems with the SC4Devotion website? I've tried twice now, once last evening and again just now. I get all the headers and side panels, but not the main content of the page.
  9. Followed @rsc204 's directions and used reader to alter the settings pointed to by @RandyE. Put the override.dat in my Plugins folder and it seems to be doing exactly what I wanted. Ran it for a little more than 4 game years with no obvious side effects(and no vehicles on my bridge). So far it looks good. It also looks like there may be some other things in that exemplar to play with. Thanks to both of you for all the help.
  10. Could we simply use an override.dat in the Plugins folder instead of modifying the SimCity_1.dat file?
  11. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    Thanks for the suggestion Cori. I know I'ts popular but I just don't like using hosting services. (Not complaining, just explaining)
  12. This is very encouraging. I really thought I was wishing into the wind when I asked the question. I'm truly impressed and excited. This could really open up the possibilities for my style of cities. I don't , currently, have iReader loaded but I will get that done this weekend and try out your solution. I would be interested in your train solution as well, but in the reverse, as I sometimes have streams of trains that all meld together. Not a major concern, but if I could pare down the numbers a bit I may not need to double up tracks to handle the traffic. While I'm typing this I realize you may be wondering how I have so many trains. It's simply the fact that I don't use roads so rail is my main source of transportation. Thank you for the help.
  13. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    I had to test this because I've had similar experiences as @Moses Zal . It seems the tiny differences, in elevation that @rsc204 talked about, do make a difference. Also had to try the underwater tunnel, works great. I have a picture but that option is currently not working.
  14. Thanks Cori, that looks like a possibility. Also, Congrats once again.
  15. I have been playing around with Street and Road bridges with the intent to use them for pedestrian traffic only. It works OK when I use Street bridges (pedestrians use it and there are no cars). The Road bridges also work for pedestrian traffic but I always end up with Taxi's running back and forth. So I was wondering, is there a mod or trick I can use to ensure no cars show up?