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True Earth

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Mexico City


Today we're taking a look at one of the world's most populated cities - Mexico City. Sitting 7,400 feet above sea level, the capital of Mexico is home to some 22 million people in its metropolitan area. This center of finance, communications, and industry sprawls over 2,000 square kilometers - few cities can compare to its massive size.

Mexico City is also one of the world's oldest cities - and before it was the massive urban area that it is today, it was once the center of the great Aztec Empire. Their capital of Tenochtitlán was founded in 1325 and was truly a sight to see with it's many canals and the great Templo Mayor overlooking the city's center.


The mysterious ruins of Teotihuacan are one of present day Mexico City's most famous sites. Believed to have been built by either the Toltecs or Totonacs, the complex quickly developed into one of the world's largest cities but eventually fell into ruin for reasons unknown.



A hot, smoggy summer's day in Mexico City. Here we see the city's most iconic skyscraper - Torre Latinoamericana - completed in 1956, it's said to resemble a mini Empire State Building and has notably survived a number of large earthquakes throughout the years.




In the heart of the city lies Chapultepec Park - this massive urban oasis is one of North America's largest parks and is home to a number of landmarks and monuments like the impressive Chapultepec Castle.



The Paseo de la Reforma runs diagonally through the center of Mexico City and is lined with modern high rises - and the distinctive Mexican Stock Exchange building is hard to miss.


A nighttime view of the Paseo de la Reforma with a few more of its most impressive skyscrapers on display - 807 foot tall Torre Reforma and the 738 foot tall Torre Mayor, the city's tallest and 3rd tallest buildings respectively.


Our tour concludes with a trip to the city's iconic public square - The Zócalo. With the famous Metropolitan Cathedral and Palacio Nacional close by, it's an area that's steeped in history and a can't miss destination.



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Previous Update: "Scenes From Hong Kong"


Thanks to @Artimus, @mike_oxlong, @VALASatoshi, @RobertLM78, @f3cs, @Toby Ferrian, @jakis, @Handyman, @alejolopez13, @Dgmc2013, @PaulSawyer, @raynev1, @CorinaMarie, @redfox85, @Dead_End, @matias93, @nos.17, @9gruntsand1hammer, @Bastet69008, @mrsmartman, @T Wrecks, @bladeberkman, @schokoladeneis 1, @MilitantRadical, @AlexandrosB13, @kingofsimcity, @Elenphor, @_Michael, @Androgeos, @ESP15, @The British Sausage, @TekindusT, @Kieren Barnett, @tonyr, & @bixel for all the likes and comments!


Recommended Comments

Okay that's it..I quit! I am currently working on a few lots to bring back my old CJ to life..how can you match that?

That 1st scene..omg..New favorite ! Did you get all the models on google 3d warehouse or did you do them yourself?

The Zocalo wow! Just wow! Did you use a custom texture or an existing one? I`m actually looking for something in that color.

Just a side note; Heblem did the Torre Avantel that sits next to the stock exchange ;)http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=852

A fantastic job as always! Congrats*:thumb:




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Thank you very much @Bastet69008! *:)

The Tenochtitlan scene was made up of lots of different 3d warehouse models. None of the existing models there were that overly great so I had to combine alot of the existing models into one super detailed version and do some re texturing work as well.

The Zocalo scene was made up of a big custom lot editor texture I made (well, a few hundred of them) and I used some overlay textures from existing packs as well here and there to spuce up certain areas.

Thanks for catching the Torre Avantel too - just updated the pic *;)

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Amazing as always. One gets punched by the first pic and then goes on, punch drunk, getting pummeled up to the end. *:golly:

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Muy bien! As always you've done such a wonderful job recreating one of the world's most populated cities.

Speaking of populated ancient cities, it's going to be interesting to see how you tackle places in India like New Delhi and Mumbai if you plan on doing either in the future.

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Great entry again - about an interesting city I didn't know much of and that makes me want to find more information. You certainly generate a lot of curiosity among people with your amazing work ;)

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@Hanson784 Gracias! Appreciate the comment *:) I've actually done some of New Delhi previously in my South Asia update, but I've given some thought to doing some more scenes from India in future updates so we'll see *;)

@Krasner Thank you very much! Glad to hear that my update got you interested in Mexico City *:thumb:

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1 hour ago, korver said:

@Hanson784 Gracias! Appreciate the comment *:) I've actually done some of New Delhi previously in my South Asia update, but I've given some thought to doing some more scenes from India in future updates so we'll see *;)

@Krasner Thank you very much! Glad to hear that my update got you interested in Mexico City *:thumb:

There are tons of other major cities that could be very interesting to do (Havana, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Panama City, Istanbul, Geneva, Stockholm, Helsinki, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Cairo, Jerusalem, Tehran, Beijing, Seoul, Pyongyang and so on). I have one big challenge for you though (if you want to take it one day); Astana, Kazakhstan! I'd love to see your take on a futuristic planned city, knowing it's very difficult to find matching BATs for that one.

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Great suggestions *:thumb:

I've actually already made some decent progress on a few of the cities that you've mentioned, so you'll probably be seeing some of them sooner or later.

Astana is really interesting and I love its architecture, plus I've been wanting to do a city from Central Asia for a while. Not really sure if anything on the STEX/LEX/etc would be close enough though so it would have to be mostly custom made stuff - so it really depends on how much work would be required in the BAT. It looks like there's actually a decent number of 3d models out there I could use but they would need a lot of work so it remains to be seen.

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Ay ay ay, ¡¡mi linda ciudad!! Finally recreated in SC4!!!! And finally done some justice. Amazing entry, you totally nailed Tenochtitlán and Teotihuacán, The Zócalo looks impressively close to the real thing, and the Paseo de la Reforma pics are awesome, especially the nightime one. Very creative recreation of Chapultepec, both the Castle and the hill, especially with the MMP's, I just wish someone would dare BAT the actual castle, which is an impressive sight.

Great work, as always, Korver

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Mexico City looks so colorful, vibrant, and very busy. Great job as always. I have always wanted to visit Mexico City. After this post I am going to look into it more! Those Aztec shots looks amazing, Tenochtitlan just blew me away.

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Amazing work as always and among everything and all the little details one of the things that stuck out to me not already mentioned were the bus lanes in the roads and the little pedestrian street market in the Torre Latinoamericana scene.  The details in between all the buildings - the trees, streetside props, people, parks, traffic really brings everything to life.  Look forward to seeing whats next! *:thumb:

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@Edvarz Thank you very much for the nice words! Chapultepec Castle is truly quite magnificent from some of the pics I was checking out - as you mentioned, it would be great if we had an actual BAT of it for sure!

@dabadon5 Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked the Aztec shots *:)

@VALASatoshi Thank you very much! Appreciate the comment - glad you enjoyed all the detail in that Torre Latinoamericana pic, certainly took a lot of Google street view to make sure I got everything down.

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