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    wandering in France
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    Architecture, Urbanism, Literature, Philosophy to some extent. And creating buildings for Simcity 4.
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  1. Krasner B.A.T. thread

    Best compliment I could receive. Thanks I'm almost done with it, I'll just add a few details and I'll possibly share it, in the same time I'll also upload a long-forgotten small BAT that I re-mastered some time ago and forgot again.
  2. Krasner B.A.T. thread

    Thanks everyone for the replies I started BATing again one of these small angles inspired by some of the buildings in one of the neighborhood I lived in as a child and a teenager. I thought that I didn't make enough of these yet - the few I have get quite repetitive in my own cities : (this is WIP obviously)
  3. Meizhou(Part7)

    I just discovered your MD - your temples and close-ups are particularly nice And the huge dam is amazing. It has some personnality and I'm eager to see what you'll do next.
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    @twalsh102 Good suggestion - but I think you tagged the wrong person ^^'
  5. Rio de Janeiro

    I can't figure out how you managed to make this overview shot at the beginning - I don't even have a vague idea. Great as usual
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    @tariely First of all, what a nice lot As far as I know, there are no recycling centers of this kind except one from barbyw that was made years ago - great idea. On the other hand, I can't think of any truck that look unambiguously like a recycling truck. Maybe these few flatbed (but empty) trucks @R6, long inactive french BATer did around 2010 I think. I used these recently so it's the only ones I can think of.
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Dreadnought Someone with BATing skills like myself maybe I just made two fort pieces and a filler lot for that (and I also modified Ferox lots), but I'm quite excited with doing some more of these as the side project it started as, and why not, some gun turrets in a Maginot (concrete) style or something older and more accurate mixed with what I showed here (the textures I used are from a fort built in 1874, following a doctrine that was the more modern in france around 1870 to 1880 I think, and some of these already had gun turrets from which I could get some inspiration. As well as insane steel drawbridges on steel wheels ). ...So I may lead this to a small pack that could be decent enough to be shared.
  8. RRetail Development

    That's a very neat one, you're improving your skills ^^ About the roof texture, I would suggest you to search for something a little darker, a little more dirty and with more contrast. Here, a pattern is slightly visible. IRL, roofing is seldom maintained with any care.
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    I went back on these few fort pieces, I combined them with some of @Ferox fort pieces and other stuff. I'm quite convinced with the result
  10. Björn_1984's BAT's

    Interesting though - there's quite a lack on hospitals. Nice work so far
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @kschmidt Hey, as you're pretty active on this thread, I wanted to ask you how did you manage to have plain concrete sidewalks, without grass, on the various images of your recreation of Praha. I wasn't able to find any information about that... Thanks in advance ^^
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    @kingofsimcity This is extremely nice, your work fits very well with these awesome ruins by Simmer2 - certainly the best abandonned lots I've seen so far, and it was really needed. I need crippled neighborhoods to go with industrial areas
  13. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    @madhatter106 great to learn about an architectural style I didn't know about and that apparently, had not much influence in Europe - or I simply didn't notice yet Looks good so far ! I guess it will receive fancy colors ?... As it, without textures, it reminds me of the many 70's / late 70's buildings that are so common here, especially in public services. But usually, it's brown with grey and brown with grey, lol.
  14. "Scoty Modular Airport" project

    I've started an ATC tower a few months ago but just left it unfinnished, going on with other projects - I'll be back on it when I'm done with what I have in the cooking currently I guess ^^'
  15. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    I tend to infer some precise real life cities that could have been influences just to realize that this city is simply very realistically shaped - and simply represent very well lots of mid-sized cities in western europe, and that you nailed like the concept of them. Very well done