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  1. I personally don't mind the vanilla trees that much, but I can understand the need for a bare median too. I'd say go with whatever you feel it's best I'll share this for inspiration: We have this type of boulevard in Rosario too (Rondeau Boulevard; 2 inner and 1,5* outer with parking and turning lane. Inner lanes have higher speed limit. Boulevard transitions into a 4 lane before intersecting with Portugal and Alberdi Avenues at the south) *The outer part is wide enough for 2 regular cars to drive side-by-side, that's why I wrote '1,5'. Rosarians tend to drive in the middle of both lanes too, so that doesn't help.
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    I know. I should be working on that custom pedestrian network, but... I just cannot let Lakefield go, man! (Working on major redecorations)
  3. ¿Qué estás haciendo?

    He compartido esto en el hilo general de Cities:Skylines, pero creo que vale la pena compartirlo acá también. Estoy experimentando con el nuevo editor de carreteras, tratando de crear una red peatonal cubierta multiuso, en el sentido que podría usarse para representar ascensores, pasos entre edificios, galerías, etc: Hasta ahora es un mero boceto, un progreso bastante lento, ya que también estoy aprendiendo las tecnicalidades del modelado de los segmentos y nodos. Tomé inspiración de los ascensores peatonales de Rev0.
  4. Simtropañol

    Si mal no me acuerdo desde el disco debería haber un selector del lenguaje al principio, aunque no me acuerdo si solo es para el instalador o afecta el juego también. De todos modos, puedes cambiar el idioma del juego en cualquier momento sin tener que reinstalarlo. Click derecho en el acceso directo al juego > Propiedades > Escribe "-l:*lenguaje*" (sin comillas) al final de la ruta al ejecutable, donde *lenguaje*: English, German, UK English, Spanish, etc. La wiki de SC4Devotion tiene una entrada en esto, además de otras opciones.
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    Tinkering around with the road editor. Trying to make a multipurpose, covered pedestrian network. Very early draft; progress is very slow because I'm still figuring the segment and node modeling technicalities out: By the way, shoutouts to Rev0 and their pedestrian elevators for the inspiration
  6. I like these ideas so far! Maybe this is not a DLC-like idea, but one thing I would like to see is some synergy between existing DLCs. Some examples I have in mind: More existing DLC buildings should be capable of boosting the Concerts DLC Grounds and Match Day Stadiums in one way or another, like increasing the event's success chance, increasing the effect of a certain policy or giving more advertisement revenue and tourism. Example buildings: HT pack TV Studio, Natural Disasters' Radio Masts (when not in an emergency), Base game Unique Buildings like the indoor stadium and the opera house, etc. Snowfall Geothermal Heating plant and Green Cities Geothermal Power plant should give bonuses to each other when they are nearby, like increased heating/electricity output or even decreased maintenance cost. Maybe a similar thing with Green Cities Ocean Thermal Plant and HT pack Wave Power Plant (thought this one may be a stretch) Certain Unique Buildings should also affect certain active city policies, like the HT pack Electric Car Factory affecting Green Cities' Electric Cars Policy and the various government-style landmarks offering a tiny discount in all policies (European City Hall, Courthouse, Government Office, etc)
  7. RRetail Development

    I had (well, still have) plans to relot the rewards mentioned, but real life issues, university and interest in other things are keeping me from realizing them. That said, I have no qualms about someone else relotting those rewards in the meantime; in fact, I'm interested to see how it turns out Speaking of rewards, @FrankU made a series of dutch-temed relots of various Maxis rewards, including the Zoo. Might be worth to check it out.
  8. ¡Interesante tema! Creo que se puede incluir en esta lista: 'Bus': Autobús, Guagua, Colectivo... 'Bike Lane': Carril Bici, Bicisenda... Y quizá 'Alleyway', que según Google Translate es Callejón, pero acá en Argentina les decimos 'Pasajes' o 'Cortadas' a esas callejuelas angostas que atraviezan las manzanas de la ciudad.
  9. From what I gather, the large avenue with grass provides a slight land value increase and noise decrease, while the one with bus lanes reserves the outer lane for public transit and emergency vehicles (i.e: healthcare, fire and police vehicles with their sirens on). Other vehicles can still use the reserved lane tho, if they have to take a turn. EDIT: I misread the question. The one with bus lanes could be useful for bus lines passing trough arterial roads, while the one with grass may be there for the sake of having more aesthetic options.
  10. That actually solved it! Thank you I first tried without a normal map and the problem was gone. In between reading an older thread about a similar problem and checking the mapping again I found out that, for some reason, the normal map got exported at a higher gamma than usual (the lod's exported fine) One gamma correction later, and that got the normal map back to work like shown above. Once again, thanks everyone for the help
  11. I tried changing the specular map and the flat shading as suggested. Unfortunately, neither solved the problem. I also tried exporting it as .fbx instead of .obj, thinking that it may not like the .obj format, but that didn't solve it either. Here's what it looks like in the asset editor preview window, with the flat shading: At least the floor looks less shiny. And the model is no longer mirrored I'll add that I used modtools' asset export feature before on workshop assets for personal use, and those didn't have these lightning issues. Maybe it's an issue on re-importing CO assets?
  12. So, I have a small problem: I'm getting started in asset making and, as a start, decided to dump then edit the vanilla metro station model so that it occupies a 1x1 space instead of a 2x2. Here's the model in Blender, viewed from above and from underneath: When I import it as .obj into the game, I notice these lightning artifacts on the stairs and floorplate: How can I fix this? I tried remaking the affected triangles and remapping them, but that didn't work. Also, I noticed a similar problem in the raw dump made with modtools: I tried searching for this problem on the web, but didn't find any exact results. Maybe I'm being a dunce and missing something obvious
  13. Ancient Ruins - Pt. II

    Incredible work as always! I like the Pompeii picture in particular, that's an unusual angle to see in SC4
  14. South Asia

    Excelent work as always! I like how you made those tea plantations. Must've taken weeks to plop all those MMPs And the Taj Mahal scene looks gorgerous! Proof that the original Maxis models look nice in their own right.
  15. This is a more varied showcase of the city of Lakefield. There's some areas that still lack detailing, but for the most part, the city is final. I also updated the Imgur album. Starting off with an aerial view: View of Proyect Floodland and the many ferries surrounding it: Proyect Floodland Wharf Port: Floodland Cathedral, with a sunken ship that has been rescued from the bottom of the lake: View from the cathedral avenue towards the city: View of Proyect Insula: Ruins of the old second settlement: The Insula Beacon, a former lookout place turned into a monument: The utilities that service the region, located next to Vista Hill: There's also a little stream that borders the nearby neighborhood: View from Vista Hill south lookout point: View from the north lookout point: Trekker Castle, and the road leading to it: Woodstock district, located east from the city: Cargo terminal at steephill neighborhood: Oak Park, with a tram weaving through: Hoprock Park, with the LSA HQ (Lakefield Security Agency) on the left and a hospital on the right: The headquarters of the LOFTA (Lakefield Old Factory Transit Authority) : The 'Interchange on a Curve', wich connects Route ND-100 with Survivor's Boulevard: East and South sections of the Boulevard, respectively: Lakefield Stadium and its plaza: A ferry-bus hub: Lakefield Great Flood Memorial and park: A ferry-wharf port at Hoprock Sierra, south of the map: And last but not least, a view of Cypress Neighborhood from the sierra: Hope you've liked it, and apologies from being all over the place