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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    had to take a little break to move across the country but I'm back to slowly working on urban lotting WIP lot doing a plop before going into more detail
  2. Mexico City

    Amazing work as always and among everything and all the little details one of the things that stuck out to me not already mentioned were the bus lanes in the roads and the little pedestrian street market in the Torre Latinoamericana scene. The details in between all the buildings - the trees, streetside props, people, parks, traffic really brings everything to life. Look forward to seeing whats next!
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    I thought that this may work in GoFSH and it's nice to see that it did
  4. Hello, just tried to send you a message but said you aren't receiving them.  It's regarding using your Concrete Walls as a dependency - if you could send me a message that would be great, thanks!

    1. matias93


      I've seen Bipin active at SC4D, maybe you can reach him there?


    2. VALASatoshi


      Thanks @matias93 I’ll try him on there 

  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has been tasked with decorating the side of a new interchange Lookout soon in my new thread for an update on urban lots in development. I have 70 Lots of @Bipin's Concrete Walls so far alone redone and just some lotting left to do on those in particular
  6. Hello everyone, I have changed my display name as I work on stuff to release on to the exchanges. Satoshi is a online nickname I use after the Japanese name for Ash Ketchum, by the way, and not after the founder of blockchain and Bitcoin, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Anyways, I'm working on a few different things right now. Have been experimenting with GoFSH and have I guess what would be better to call a 'rough draft' of a retexture of Paeng's Bicycle Paths using the highwealth texture from Catalyst's Asphalt Sidewalk Extension Mod. I got the idea to start using this texture actually from @rsc204 and his addon to the Catalyst one. However, instead of Bicycle Paths I'm re-purposing them as more of an Urban Sidewalk to be used on custom lots and to be made into custom filler pieces. The lots in the picture are the lots included with the Paeng Download and had been relotted by me a bit before I started the retexture, so sort of ignore the props because that is all going to change. I'm also gonna link two pictures of the SuperSHK Parking relots that I'm doing. This would be cool to eventually release with @kingofsimcity's permission as I used his repository and, I'm assuming, will adapt to whatever texture set up you would have in regards to that pack. Lastly, work continues on the retaining walls I'm making using the prop from @Bipin's Concrete Retaining Walls. But I was thinking as maybe my first BAT project, remaking if possible Bipin's prop and adding Diagonals and grafitti. Probably a bit out of scope as I have no modeling experience but you gotta start somewhere? Again, that's a big maybe, and if I don't decide to do it will still be continuing with the Ortho pieces In addition, I will be doing relots of BATs and if people like them I’ll try and release that too. The general focus of all these projects is creating urban settings with unified textures. Looking forward to moving forward with things for a first release of something!
  7. Pacific Northwest

    Amazing update. Love that this post has beautiful shots of both urban and natural landscapes
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    @rsc204 Awesome! Just sent you a message @matias93 thank you! I was thinking the same thing as I would love to get something up on the STEX/Devotion @monkeywater these are Bipin Concrete walls uploaded on his behalf to the STEX by @Belfastsocrates, however I’m using the prop included in that download on lots I’ve made and modified with the reader to make them slope compatible
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Sorry for posting so much but these are a much better representation of what I'm trying to accomplish on a uniform basis all the way to the retaining walls
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Finally decided to get familiar with the basics of GoFSH and wow I can't believe I haven't started using it earlier - @rivit and @rsc204, you both are legend's. @kingofsimcity's script's for SuperSHK and Mega Paths are incredible. Was able to use the DAT-FSH tool to extract Sudden Valley's texture and use it to replace the grass (similar to what the option in @rsc204's TGN mod did). I actually have a few projects going on now, first and shown with the crappy picture is creating a bunch of new Concrete Retaining walls borrowing the prop from Bipin's work. Planning to do parking and completely redoing the parks/plaza's ones that have been in some of my previous pictures. Learning some GoFSH basics lead me to also begin editing Paeng's Bicycle Path's Textures. Lastly, I started on editing the BMP's for CP's SCILT to create a new one featuring a texture from Catalyst's Asphalt Sidewalk Extension Mod (pictured below) but I'm not sure that doing this will simply create an override or would it be possible to use both the Super Light Asphalt SCILT and a custom one using this texture? I wanted to blend SLA with custom lots using Catalyst's texture. Anyways, hopefully it will all come together nicely enough that I can release some of the work. I'd probably need some second, better eyes to look at the modding aspect. If I understand correctly, at least the Concrete Walls with Parking lots would be interchangeable/not conflict with other people's textures set up for SuperSHK.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    Wanted to do some elevated networks in a downtown area and was tired of having grass under the transport networks, so I lotted a bunch of overhanging lots parking ones still WIP
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Wanted unified sidewalk texture, some variety and personal touch on @Bipin's concrete walls if only I had time and technical know-how to put some graffiti on them. Happy with the result though, and it's thanks to @rsc204. Couldn't figure out how to get rid of the original base texture until I came across a reply of yours about how to do in Reader When I seek out answers and see you have replied in a thread, I know I'm in good hands