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  1. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @airman15 wow, I never realised just how short maxis runways actually are, and how long some real life runways are, 2,500m! I'll definitely be using this, as I so far haven't got any airports on my current region, so im hoping that this will help me make some airports that will fit my realistic run, and look nice too. Seems like they will be the looks of it!
  2. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @airman15 Thanks, I was starting to hate the Vanilla Maxis Airports and Airstrips!
  3. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @airman15 wow, very nice work. Also its nice to know that you don't see these communities much, thats probably why I have never seen something like this, and the staggering price for just Undeveloped land. Really do love those hangars, and the airstrip, where are they from?
  4. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    I have to say that Fly-in neighbourhoods are something I've never seen before, interesting, and something really unique, especially if it were done in SC4.
  5. Kroger Shopping Center

    Another fantastic retail lot form the one and only RRetail. Just what simcity4 needed, I've been scouring for more malls and fast food/restaurants for a few low density cities and rural areas. Thanks.
  6. SimCityPolska shutting down

    So sad to see the site go, right when i was starting to love the content i had just discovered on there. All the best to the Simpolska team, thanks for the great lots and bats you've given us!
  7. Advice on Plugins Folder

    @twalsh102Thanks for the great advice, it really helps! I had the idea to start all over, but after reading this think im going to spend time just sifting through all the plugins and save time by saving stuff that I have, ( a lot is really nice stuff from simpeg that i grabbed around 2014, and some is useless crap that i never use ) i think that 3GB is a lot rn, how is 8GB impacting with game performance? Mine is still relatively quick at loading, but all my assets bog the game down as soon as skyscrapers start popping up. @jeffryfisher Also thanks for this too, haven't heard of the data node tool, so i will check that out, this is really helpful for me.
  8. Hi, its me again. Back a long, long time ago, i went crazy with plugins and now have a pretty messy folder with most of the original plugins. The problem is that it now comes to over 3+ Gigs and even though I have done my best to sort it out, i fear deleting lots or dependencies that are required for stuff i don't even know exists . So, I'd like some advice on managing and maintaining a plugins folder, and whether I should just start from scratch with just the necessary plugins that i need?
  9. Water Tower Place

    Very nice Bat, and super detailed too. Great work!
  10. TL-Glenni Stokkdun Hospital (11x10)

    Really nice lot, I like having service lots, adds more variety to the limited and simple service lots that already come standard. Thanks for this, keep up the nice work!
  11. Tariel-Bandito St-APosteln

    really nice lot, nice to see stuff like this.
  12. Some good low/med residentials?

    @DavidDHetzel Huh, never seen a building like this before in simcity4, ill give it a try, thanks!
  13. Some good low/med residentials?

    Thanks for the help guys, my cities are starting to look much nicer now!
  14. thanks for this.
  15. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi, i'd like to introduce myself, even though im not new by a long shot, I recently got back into SC3000 and 4, after being on a little hiatus for about 6 or more months,(and still have the same cluttered plugins folder, which i recently started to clean up, but gave up after 2 hours ). It's nice to see that this site is still bringing in brand new players, which gives me hope for sc4's future. I hope when i get some spare time , I can contribute more to the site. Hopefully i can try my hand at a CJ, as I have been working on a nice region, and a few city tiles too.