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  1. 1970s New York City

    Not been on for a few weeks, but i have to say that you have outdone yourself this time Korver! This has to be my current Favorite Cj of your's, maybe even topping Shanghai and even the pacific Northwest, these cj's really do get me excited to see what next place you have really outdone, much better than I could ever do.
  2. City Building Preferences

    Recently I have been into building realistic, smaller towns separated by forest, rural villages and farms. Being from the UK I tend to make farmland and towns look more 'British' rather than American, but I guess this can be quite hard to do. On the subject of Industry I tend to have separate tiles for it, or have Large Industry areas, followed by usually medium density and low density Commercial. Then I have low Res, then Med and usually on larger tiles an area of high Res and Commerce, as a small city centre. My play style is a little weird sometimes; it usually changes quite a lot.
  3. PC Small Shop Set

    Really nice small stores, very much needed.
  4. TL-Pooty Santa Monica Promenade & CS $$ PLOP

    Real nice stuff here. thanks
  5. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Very nice @WolfZe, I've really been enjoying the screenshots of your small medieval town, it really is unique, and has a lot of really nice touches, keep great stuff like this coming!
  6. Another returning player

    I'm a little late to this post, but welcome back @Violator31 and I hope that all these great people here have helped you run your SC4 game again and helped with modding too, I'm no expert here, and can only really help with in-game advice rather than any modding advice or problems.
  7. SimCity 4 on Steam

    I picked it up on steam a few years back, and has to be the best purchases I've made on steam, SC4 has to be in my top 10 games or even 3.
  8. Shanghai

    Wow. Amazing as ever, this must take so much time and patience, patience that I don't have! Very nice work, hope to see some more amazing CJ's to blow my mind.
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Currently working on a small island town, only just started really, and its slow progress, trying to understand the steep learning curve of NAM.
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi, I saw some really nice buildings on alejolopez13 post, on 'Show us what you're working on': I'd like to know where I can find the Toshiba building, the McDonalds, and the skyscraper in the foreground with the green sign. Thanks!
  11. RRetail Commercial Relots - Version 2.0

    Really nice, so many re-lots! and dependencies!
  12. Hi there, I currently don't have much, if any Batting experience so I'm not much help , but maybe @CorinaMarie , @jeffryfisher or @matias93 might be able to help out. If the main building doesn't show up, and you were in a hurry to test it in-game, perhaps it's related to the placement of the lot before you saved and tested? Honestly i'm not too sure either.
  13. Returning Back to SC4

    Hi there @hrobi2, welcome to Simtropolis and back to SC4. If you're looking for some sort of multiplayer, then definitely check out the link that Cori posted. For skyscrapers and the like, I would check out CAM, which adds new growth levels for buildings, and you can download CAM-patable Lots that will grow using CAM. To find some buildings to start with for CAM, i would recommend looking Here on the SimTarkus page for CAM related stuff. Also I would recommend checking out anything available on SC4Devotion and on this neat little page for a lot of other mods and options for modding SC4 the way you want.
  14. Streaming SimCity 4

    Honestly, I usually enjoy chilled streams and game playthroughs. For me, this seems very interesting and I would be onboard with it, to have something to listen or watch with some downtime. SC4 streams would for me, and probably others help give inspiration for new styles of play, and new things to build, but it comes down to what everyone wants as a whole, and whether it's viable for Haljacky to do overall. ( But im guessing that live streaming SC4 would be what Haljacky wants to do, seeing as this post exists )
  15. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @airman15 wow, I never realised just how short maxis runways actually are, and how long some real life runways are, 2,500m! I'll definitely be using this, as I so far haven't got any airports on my current region, so im hoping that this will help me make some airports that will fit my realistic run, and look nice too. Seems like they will be the looks of it!