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  1. And for anyone taking pictures make sure you have this thing installed; it removes the yelow pause bar thingy. and also the minimize button hider:
  2. BAT Request Thread

    really difficult thing to get a picture of.... so top down view from google earth required. It is the North Gate Long Beach port pier 400 / mearsek terminal. Its about 108 meters x 10 meters. We have great props for the queue - but nothing for the actual building.And nothing like it exists for SimCity amazingly considering the communities love for container ports. The white line was googles attempt at showing a road through it.
  3. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @Angry Mozart You should release them as a separate pack - the initial pack is so large I dont think people would like the thought of having to download it again for the trailers.
  4. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @Angry Mozart yes exactly like those trailers. That explains why I was looking in that lot and thinking "why does it look different... must be my memory problem again "
  5. Modern Freight Cars Props

    I was wondering about articulated cars .... I've been planning a N scale port for years and know the well cars are eithier 3 or 5 together. You rarely see just 1. The other thing I was thinking about (I'm building a port in lot editor) are trailers for the containers. The only ones are JES, and they are not correctly scaled for your containers. The containers btw are awesome, the coloring is perfect, and they look excellent in both a double stack well car and in container yard stacks. Now for me,, its back to the railyard I'm making. 12 tracks 51 tiles long.
  6. Torre Colpatria

    the second set of images are ok... but the first picture seems like it has a mistake: if you like at the strats they dont line up perfectly near the top or the middle. What I dont know if this was intentional (ie the real building is like that) or an exporting problem. Otherwise it looks fantastic like all your other stuff!.
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    @9gruntsand1hammer Awesome work... and I see the Port of Algoma has its namesake steelmill as well.
  8. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    12000 files ... wow. And you added switchers too, everything was thought out perfectly!
  9. Modern Freight Cars Props

    By far the most realstic freight car prop out there. Those stack and autoracks are sooo nice, especially when I'm currently lotting a seaport for my current region. And @Fantozzi took me only 14 seconds to download
  10. is there a way to hotlink images to a club album? I have so many pictures on my .com that are buried in facebook somewhere and archives somewhere else and dont want to have to find them. Dragging from my website to the upload box doesnt work in Chrome, and in Edge it acts like its working but infact its not. Not worried about bandwidth on my website.
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Modern (wide) container ships? The Somy, peg and jeronjii are panamax or earlier. Oddly... the PEG cranes are Post Panamax.
  12. Lot Editor - Help

    @Fantozzi aaahh. Another thing learned with this tool.
  13. Lot Editor - Help

    ok another question... why would a prop be usable in one lot... but not appear in the list of props for another lot ? Its the tops of the peg cdk post-panamax crane.
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    What prop pack are the cranes the following picture in? Its clear to me the prop pack that contains it is corrupted on my PC... but no idea which pack it is.
  15. BAT Request Thread

    @rsc204 The one set I know of that is just concrete requires the sea level cheat, or no water to plop, seams and black boxes on region view. Now I guess I can fix these myself, but its only diagonal and straight. I wonder if its a better idea to substitute the rock mod in the region for concrete - although that will mean there will be depth to the seawalls.