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  1. Melbourne

    Never been in Melbourne to judge your recreation, but knowing your history, I'm sure you nailed it again! @Reddonquixote, your work shines in korver's hands!
  2. Chicago

    OMG that last mosaic!!!
  3. Streaming SimCity 4

    I confess I'm quite old already, part of that generation that preferred playing videogames rather than watching others doing so. A bit on the T Wrecks camp here. That being said: I follow a few C:S authors, namely: Infrastructurist and the FBS International Airport team (Fluxtrance, bsquiklehausen and Strictoaster) and I have the feeling I know why. These guys are crazy about the tiniest detail and they give clear arguments and reasons why these details are needed and used. The three FBS players have conversations in the videos about the adequateness or not of making that decision, and that's what's intersting to the viewer. That is, in my opinion, what makes it fun, to see how other players think and reason and have ideas that would have never crossed my mind. Also, these are not pure livestreams, but edited videos, showing the most interesting parts. Most of the work goes behind the scenes, as it does for any of us city-simulation players. The other side would be a SC4 stream, in which 4 minutes are spent just scrolling down the Landmarks menu just to find that specific ploppable BAT you need for that specific application meanwhile the player goes like "eeerrrmmm... it must be somewhere here... in between the HK container port building and that obscure BAT I downloaded once from that Japanese site which is down already". SC4 is in my very own opinion, not very inviting for me to watch how another person plays, part of that would be navigating these huge menus (which also can be partly solved), but have in mind things like regional gameplay. You have to go jumping from city to city in your region to make everything grow realistically, this means what... 5 minutes load time? I won't stick around for long in the livestream if there is no action for 5 minutes... Just my 2 cents; if you want to pursue your endeavor, I'll be the first to wish you luck and to check it out
  4. Nice and original!
  5. PDXCon2018 Was a Blast!

    Congrats! Nice to know also the faces behind the nicknames!
  6. Rio de Janeiro

    Moar epicness from korver!! (Is it me or these favela lots look like Maxis brown boxes seen from afar?)
  7. The Greater Terran Region

    There's probably no player with such a recognizable playstyle in the community as you. These pics scream GTR!
  8. Sights From London

    Needed to walk far to collect my dropped jaw, but still, this time there are a couple of teeny tiny details to comment. There are rare occasions when a player's work is such of a high quality that, if a few lower-quality elements are incorporated, it blatantly shows the deficiencies of these elements. This is the case with the Routemaster automata. I know, they are automata and they have limitations in their texturing and detailing; but they look like shiny red shoe boxes on the streets of London. They distracted me of looking the excellent recreation of Picadilly Circus. Same happened with the 20 Fenchurch building, the "walkie-talkie". With the bare eye, I'd say the scaling is completely off, and the texturing is for sure not faithful to the real building. Still, I understand the difficulties of recreating a city without having the SC4-ready BATs and having to look for models somewhere else. As said, these are microscopic details floating in the sea of a magnificent update, I could be here writing until tomorrow listing all the stuff I liked and found faithful to reality, or the recreation limitations you solved using clever solutions.
  9. Western U.S.

    How in the world do you manage to make the SC4 pictures look better than the photographs?
  10. Airports turns Black

    Now I had a bit more of time, I checked Bripizza's website for the dependency list of these lots with black/transparent background. The Boeing 787 lots have the following items listed as dependencies. EN_B787-8 PropSet Ground handling PropSet B SCAG Mega Dependency #1 1 AC MEGA Textures Vol01 --> This might be the texture pack you're missing. AC MEGA Props Vol05 If this fails, I don't know where can be the problem...
  11. Airports turns Black

    So far it looks to me that you downloaded these large airplane lots (the ones where the A380 is being pushed back) from BriPizza's website without downloading the RMIP-2 pack, where the appropriate floor texture for these lots is found. If you're going to build a custom airport, you're going to need all RMIP-2 volumes, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The textures you need are probably found in Volume 2, but I'd recommend installing all of them because you'll end up needing lots contained in these volumes anyways. About the brown boxes, as rsc204 pointed out, they are missing props (lamps, posts, trash cans, etc.) contained in packages that need to be downloaded separately. Please check carefully the read me files of your rental car lots to see what are you missing.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Columbia is currently celebrating that its metro area has surpassed the 2 million population, making it ever my most populated region ever in SC4. This is my best take at a North American inspired city, with its strict grid pattern in the downtown and inner city districts (north-south streets are numbered, east-west avenues bear the names of US capital cities), a towering downtown with art deco and international style skyscrapers, decaying industrial areas, a couple of neighborhoods divided by busy highways, elevated subways at the inner city and sprawling ritzy suburbs. Expansion will be fun, which such a hilly terrain...
  13. New York City - Landmarks & Mosaics

    Probably I've said that before, but this is now your very best update up to date!! A truly epic update, everything we could ask for, korver delivered to the power of two or three.
  14. What Should I Do to Change the World.

    Funny that you mention the scientific sector because I was about to write about it. What about Python or even better, MATLAB? You can contribute to the improvement of society from a technologic/scientific stance. Renewable energies, life sciences, telecommunications, civil engineering... Almost any engineering branch has a direct impact on the improvement of society. And whatever specific branch, one thing is sure, fast and efficient treatment of ever increasing data volumes is key for a successful research. The best experiment-based research group without someone who at least knows a bit or two about MATLAB or similar languages won't go too far these days. It can even save some valuable funds if custom-coded programs are used instead of extremely expensive off-the-shelf data analysis software packages, this way, bringing science closer to those with less resources.