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  1. São Paulo

    I feel the sudden need to book a plane ticket to Sao Paulo right now... Traveling the world with korver!!
  2. Kištu-1986 (After the communism) - "Construction Time Again"

    Oh wow, this update reminded me so much of Justiniskes (have I written it properly?) in Vilnius! I stayed at a friend's place several years ago for a quick visit of the city, and I totally can see where you got inspired to build your microdistricts in this update.
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    That's Jeronij's street side mod, one of my favorites [link].
  4. The Balkans

    The commie blocks pic is what I desired my now-defunct CJ Tenements & Rust to become on its later stages, but never found that "grit magic" you undoubtedly gave to the picture. Amazing update overall!
  5. Madrid

    If you do Barcelona, I'll probably faint in my desk!
  6. Madrid

    Clapping my hands again at another post of yours. You tackled a very difficult monster in the last picture, these old town Madrid anarchic and narrow streets aren't made at all for SC4. Glad to see you recreated Plaza de España, I find that area of the city especially beautiful (but not its metro station).
  7. Tokyo

  8. Project X

    It's going to be interesting to see this one develop with such a hilly terrain!
  9. 1970s New York City

    Saw the alert ST gives me every time you post and thought: "Oh yas, that's going to be fun!" Spoiler: it was fun!! Probably you're the current CJer who pays the most attention to detail. You prove that by having thought on, for example, the relatively unknown (nowadays) helicopter shuttle service from the Pan Am building top deck to the NY area airports. And I was so close to comment that the helicopter on the top deck should be one of those with two rotors instead of a single rotor but guess what... doing my research found out that during a short period of time, the shuttle was served by Sikorsky S-61 type, a singlerotor helicopter. That's the level of detail your posts amaze us with.
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Except in a few extreme cases (Hong Kong and some parts of Barcelona come to mind), cities usually blend with the mountains surrounding them by having low density communities in the hilly areas. You can try my approach, I think it works well. Start building roads and streets as high up as your slope mod allows you (if you have any installed), following the minimum slope approach to the hill and then zone residential low density with a few patches of commercial low density. You can even terrace/plateau some hill for mid-density development. Then, plop some trees in the spaces between the spaces left by your low density developments, that will transition into full-blown forests on the hillier parts, where there is no way to build up. About the trees, there is a mayor mode tree plop tool which allows a massive plop radius, like an entire big city tile worth of trees (beware the consumption of computer resources!), can't remember the name but it must be at the STEX or LEX.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    I was never satisfied at all with my rushed and half-baked Al-Qurayyah International airport. So I decided to wipe it out and remake it for real. Probably coming soon to a CJ section near you!
  12. Mexico City

    I knew your Zócalo recreation wouldn't disappoint!!
  13. Scenes From Hong Kong

    Hong Kong became in one of my very favorite world cities after visiting it last September. My first time ever in Asia started in one of the cities that have fascinated me the most since years, and this fascination was only reinforced. It became an instant favorite among this world full of amazing cities. And your update is reinforcing this feeling even more! I see the compromises you had to make in the recreation, especially in the road ramps and the maze of overpasses between Admiralty and the Bank of China or in the strongly sloped neighborhoods south of The Center building, the Mid-Levels. But none of that is of importance after seeing the very BEST Hong Kong airport recreation ever done in SC4. Don't know how you did that, but it truly looks like the real thing!!
  14. A new addition to our skylines, the Upper West tower in Berlin (left), probably the least adequate city to build skyscrapers in...
  15. Show us your airport.

    That looks amazing so far!! Being picky I'd say these taxiways are a tad too close to the runways to ensure safe landings/takeoffs meanwhile another aircraft is taxiing. Other than that, superb work!