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  1. Several days have passed and, I don't know if you all have that impression, but I feel I like the new livery a little bit more now. Still not liking the concept of Eurowhite itself, everything being a copy of everything, but it is understandable in this razor-thin margins industry. Average customers have already trouble knowing the airline they fly with, especially in an era where codeshares are always written in a teeny tiny size when you're around booking flights. In my experience, very few people actually realize we are doing codeshares at the time of booking. Only frequent flyers and geeks in general tend to put a thought on that. Making all designs even more uniform isn't helping airlines precisely to stand out either. Back to LH, all electronic-based branding has changed already, as expected. Dark blue and a weird, flimsy-looking interpretation of Helvetica dominate the sights, same as 100 other airlines. Heck, it looks even worse than I imagined at first just seeing the leaked images. It looks like they didn't even align the letters properly, it's a typographic trainwreck. Tomorrow I'm flying long-haul with LH's 747-400, very probably still sporting with the old livery. The Apple Wallet boarding pass keeps (rather surprisingly) all yellow, which I do like, but the airline's name is written white. Yellow on white, they couldn't even get that right.
  2. Simcity-memes/jokes

    Great to see this glorious thread back to life!
  3. Member of the Month: January 2018

    Congrats to both of you!!
  4. The rumors we were hearing since a couple of weeks ago, seem to have become a reality. One week before the official livery launch, pictures and renders have been leaked, and all point to a modern twist on a classic livery, other than a full redesign. A lot of specialized outlets have already given their take on it [link], [link]. If you ask to me, I'm remarkably sad of losing the touches of yellow. That specific shade of yellow screamed "LUFTHANSA" at you every time you come across with it in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin. Even the Apple Wallet boarding pass is nowadays yellow, and really stands out among all the generic dark blue shared by Ryanair and United to name a few. A new all blue/silver tailfin extending down to the fuselage is just one more bland, generic airline amidst them all. Same as Qantas. Same as Joon. Same as so many others. It could be Oceanic Airlines for that matter. I dislike the new typeface. I like Helvetica. It is reliable. It is solid. It represents everything we want to associate to an airline. I don't like strange and sad rounded approximations to Helvetica which aren't Helvetica. Not in love with it, probably I'll get used to see it around during the next years. What do you think of it? Like? Dislike?
  5. 1933-1934 - Wheels of Progress

    Huge expansion at the other side of the tracks! In no time the town has grown an extra 50% (give or take)! Probably at some point you'll need a second crossing point between both sides of the city, as that at-level crossing will easily become a chokepoint once the rail traffic increases. I also found playing natural growth particularly challenginng in C:S. When the game was released, Dirk gave me and other players early access to the game (were you one of those too?) and I CJd for a week or so, showing the novelties of the game. Wanted to take it easy, in a similar approach to yours, but the village grew almost incontrollably out of my hands...
  6. Japan (Preview)

    I was expecting to see the Shibuya crossing in this thread and... BOOM, first picture!
  7. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    It is already a tradition that I miss my Simtropolis anniversary, and of course, 2018 wasn't an exception. But this time it is more flagrant, because I wanted to post something a bit special for my 10th anniversary here. Sadly I've been a bit busy this weekend with a couple of friends visiting and had no time for celebrations. 10 years. I have such a huge stream of stuff coming to my brain that it is difficult to articulate a proper train of thought... it will be a very long post, but I feel like writing this in such days like this. I can't remember exactly what was happening on the January 28th 2008 but I remember the general mood. It wasn't good. According to my university record, I had just failed miserably my first semester in industrial engineering. Failed 4 out of 5 subjects. My relationship with my girlfriend those days wasn't going anywhere, but I still didn't know for sure. I preferred waiting for a few months more. Out of this panorama, I turned my eyes to videogames, to the very few my computer those days could still handle. An old SC4 vanilla copy was one of them. I played a large city and probably looked around for cheats and stuff to download. I was confused of the strange layout at Capital SimCity, which was telling me stuff about brown boxes and Rush Hour, and all links seemed to lead to an obscure website, Simtropolis.com. It featured a terrible home page back in those days, full of colours and banners, flashy ads, a lot of acronyms I didn't really understand... I just wanted some custom stations, so I signed in, took a while. I had been using the TekindusT nickname for a while, but who could know that TekindusT would become my alter ego on in the virtual world for so long. Downloaded the stations. Had brown boxes. Searched in Simtropolis just to find out I needed an expansion for the game, which I couldn't really find in any physical store around my area. Still, Simtropolis' city name generator was fun to use. From there on, I peeked at every videogames discount bin I could find. Until the jackpot fell. Although I don't remember the exact day I got SC4 Deluxe around mid or late 2008, it helped make it through some of my personally darkest hours. A very good friend of mine had just died out of a bike accident. I had just finished my relationship with my girlfriend at that time, and I'd be expelled out of industrial engineering a few months later. I made it through the days in automatic pilot mode and playing SC4. 2009 started and Simtropolis was just celebrating the 2008 Trixies, with a sophisticated-looking black and gold banner. At some point, I became that TekindusT who was always connected, always lurking, never saying a thing. Slowly learning how the gears of Simtropolis turned. Slowly improving my gameplay too. Marveled at guys like suplado!, Retep Molinari, woodb3kmaster, Amerikaner, SimHoTToDDy... There was already no way back. I decided to break my silence on March 10th 2009 according to ST's archive and became active in ST. Simtropolis became since then a part of me, my virtual home. I'd resort to it during breaks during my new studies, mechanical engineering. Facebook and Simtropolis would start by default on my explorer everytime I started the computer. I felt accepted at ST, surrounded by peers, by like-minded individuals, by a stimulating micro-society. Nowhere else was like that on the internet (maybe SC4D but I discovered that way later). I can say confidently that Simtropolis had its share of responsability in helping me put my life back on track. The rest, is history. That same year I started Taxi Driver, my very first CJ, now full of dead links. Later came Tenements & Rust, and later a MOTM award. I'd stare at the small medals under my avatar in satisfaction, happy and proud to be a member of Simtropolis, the "society" that accepted me in those dark times. Life was getting back on track, I was progressing in my mechanical engineering studies and passing all subjects. Later, Zelgadis invited me to become a mod in 2012. My ST time had diminished, as I was working part time by then and had almost no time to play SC4 anyomre, but I was hugely proud to serve the community in any way I could. The largest pyramid is just made rocks, and I'd push mine hard to build up that pyramid. In early 2013 my presence in Simtropolis diminished even more I moved to Germany to study my final mechanical engineering semester away. Since then, I had barely no time for my virtual life, no more CJing and no more SC4 as I was devoting the 100% of my time to my internship and to enjoy the very best time ever of my life. I knew dozens of people in dozens of parties, drank dozens of liters of beer, laughed dozens of times and shed dozens of tears. In roughly 7 months of 2013, made lifelong friends, got a job in Germany and settled in a cold, dark country where I couldn't even order a döner kebab properly. Slowly made it back to a normal state of mind and to ST. Now I can order a döner kebab with yoghourt sauce, without onion and a bit of extra cheese. My presence in ST ever since has ups and downs, now depending a lot on my job and my free time. I feel anyways rooted to ST already, rooted to that neighborhood you've lived in for decades. ST teaches, same as a real life neighborhood does, that neighbors and people come and go. Some are very important to you, some less important. Some are very missed. Some are in for a short stay, some for the long haul. You see some very often and some not so. I hope I can remain for the long(er) haul here, or at least, for other 10 more years. - Daniel
  8. I I I

    I'll always applaud those who experiment with CJing and stretch the meaning of City Journaling to the edge of its limits. Those who innovate and take risks with their work are bound to be remembered. You took risks with this CJ update, its format and content, and were well aware they might not suit everyones taste. A good part of it didn't suit mine too. When you do something politically charged, there will be chances somebody doesn't like it and it is fine. However, I find that messing with vaccines and chemtrails wasn't a good idea, because conspiracy theories work well on things that are to be researched, that aren't well known due to the rarity of the events they refer to, for example. But the world has seen the effectivity of vaccines and how dangerous the anti-vaccine propaganda is. And anyone who understands how a jet engine works and a bit of chemistry knows that chemtrails are a veteran hoax around teh internetz. Your previous video update was superb, as you were showing in timelapse how you crafted the city. Video was the appropriate format for that, and you amazed everyone with it. But concurring with Linoa06, this update didn't work too well in video, because the images are static and were compressed to the point of a huge loss of detail. If posted here, the picture quality doesn't get compressed and we all have time to stop scrolling and recreate at the details. In video, of course you can pause it and come back, but it's not really the same thing. Still you got a like and a comment from me, because I admire those who can take risks and confront their consequences.
  9. @Silur, I've hidden some of your last posts as they are irrelevant for AmiPolizeiFunk's modeling work. As a general reminder, if you want to further discuss politics, the Off-Topic and Current Events forums serve to that purpose.
  10. My Personal Questions.

    There are several very good and varied regions out in the STEX. Search for drunkapple or for blade2k5, both are very skilled map creators with a variety of landscapes. In my experience, here is no direct influence between non-adjacent cities accross a region besides the increase in the cap limits in commercial demand. Regional gameplay is needed to achieve those skyscraper-filled downtown districts. It's got to do mainly about how the simulation is carried out. SC2013 is an agent-based simulation, where every Sim in your city is an existing object going around to work, to school, taking a car, and so. Larger maps allow building larger cities and this taxes the processor exponentially. Developers had to cap the size of these maps in order that people could run SC2013 in medium-spec computers. Later it was proven quite a bad decision, leading to horribly unrealistic cities and layouts. You can create your own region maps, and do them as small as you want. In that case, probably someone has filled up a region entirely, but it's quite an uncommon case. You'd be playing for a couple of decades trying to fill up an entire map from one of the creators I wrote previously on this post. I'm playing a region with a population of around 1.2 million, where only 10 of the about 100 available tiles are occupied, and the computer is already struggling a bit with that. Airports do not carry commuters in between cities. They are there mainly to boost commercial demand, but under no circumstance they are used by Sims to commute around. Ferries are quite an efficient and cost-effective way of transporting Sims around bodies of water, and they have a good capacity. You can also place a bus or rail station next to a ferry terminal for a multi-modal approach. Subways are, as in real life, always best in dense environments, downtowns and inner city districts. With the NAM, you can use the subway network in a more cost-efficient way, building trams or elevated subway networks, which are way cheaper. Rail networks can be used also for cheap commuter transport and they have the added benefit that they're not underground and you can see the trains running around, giving a higher touch of realism. Imitating real cities, observing where and why different building densities happen, understanding the history behind cities and towns, how they developed and why they did so; is an important part of building realistic cities. Why that city boomed in population and the one 10 km further didn't? Did the Greeks found it because of its safe harbor? Maybe it was a railroad town built for industrial purposed during the industrial revolution? Understanding this and the purpose of the existance of your city is a great start to define its urbanism and at the very end, how realistic it looks like.
  11. SimCity 4 turns 15!

    What is more amazing to me is seeing a community that keeps small but strong 15 years after the game's release. I think I'm not exaggerating when saying that the community is the real driving force behind SC4 and pretty much any city-simulator. Without devoted people like us, SC4 would be abandonware since long ago together with the other +/- 99% of games released in 2003, it wouldn't be being featured in GOG.com offers from time to time, for example. Here's to 15 more years of SC4 and; if these arrive, be sure Simtropolis will be riding along!
  12. "Scoty Modular Airport" project

    These textures are starting to look very good! I appreaciate the chance of having a bit more "grungy" textures than the usual RMIP packs. These packs, although excellent, always lead us to build visually manicured and well-cared airports, where the tarmac seems to be laid yesterday all at once. Sure these worn out taxiways, texture changes, and apron tiles will give a more grungy and dated look, something that contributes to realism. Thanks for that!
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    Just found out now that @mattb325 is BATting elevated stations and I suddenly feel the need of having them AAAAALL!