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  1. New Zealand

    Breathtaking!! I think New Zealand just went up a couple of places in my bucket list...
  2. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    Water mods are especially effective. I used to hate that crystal-clear blue tropical-ish Maxis water until I discovered this [link]. Water mods are the simplest thing to use; you just paste them in your Plugins folder and they automatically override the default water. And you forget about them. A simple step that makes the game look way better.
  3. Toronto

    Downtown jungle at True Earth!! Unbeatable!
  4. So far I recall, the town hall building was planned to have different growth stages during the game's development. This feature was eventually left out before the release. You might even find the other "grown up" city halls somewhere in the game data. I remember having seen them a long time ago in some thread. As for negative values for growth stages, I'm not a modder (and sure @rsc204 or more experienced people will come to the rescue soon) so I can't really give you an answer there.
  5. Video Preview

    This is going to be fun!
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I like that pic! May I ask what CJ/MD is it from, or in what thread can it be seen?
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I'm almost sure the beach props are contained in this pack [link] found at ToutSimCities. Beware, these Mayor Mode Ploppables (MMPs) have always associate dependencies packs! The huts are probably original from this pack [link]. And knowing korver's work a bit, I'm sure the trails are made of MMP gravel, but I can't recall their author now... sorry.
  8. Los Angeles

    That's probably the first and last time we will see korver using Maxis mansions in a True Earth update! Another city nailed down!
  9. The Beginning

    Looking great, please show us more! I'm curious to see how you develop the old town, and the harbors.
  10. Up in the Air

    Some planes and airports in here!
  11. Hong Kong

    I visited Hong Kong this last September as it was quite atop of my bucket list and it blew my mind! You really captured the Central district feel with that glass and concrete towering jungle, and also with the night view in the 3rd picture. My hostel was placed in a similar street and has given me great memories from a couple of months ago. Also, amazing job with the Big Buddha picture!
  12. Even more detailing, even more fine-tuning, even more style! Every update is better than the previous one!
  13. Sounds very interesting! You'll have to work hard on the texturing, automata and these small details that bring a game from good to great, though.
  14. If you keep an eye on the commercial aviation world, probably you've heard about Air Berlin bankruptcy. If you're not familiar with that, in the spoiler there's a quick recap: (EDIT: Note the livery displaying with advertisement of BER Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. People are still laughing about that.) Myself living in Berlin, the demise of this company meant more than one more airline going bust. It is one more hit to a city that can't really get it straight with its transport infrastructures. Air Berlin put Tegel airport in the map and was the only airline that used it as a hub (with reduced operativity as TXL isn't ready to function as a real hub). It carried the name of the city around and, so far what I have read, many saw it as a flag carrier for the city, in "substitution" of a Lufthansa uninterested in Tegel. Not everything was romantic though. In my very own opinion, Air Berlin earned its demise. I've flown with them a couple of times and basically they offered the same as low-cost airlines for a more expensive price in their European destinations (although the crew gave every passenger a chocolate in the shape of a heart after landing). Not a good way of operating these days in Europe. The airline expanded too far, too quickly, opening far-flung, short-lived routes to Las Vegas and Dallas/Fort Worth from their Düsseldorf hub (its long distance hub, a real one) in direct competition with flag carriers first and with long range LCCs later. They especially targeted many North American destinations that simply offered not enough demand. Probably this is not the only cause of their losses, but poor planning is. All in all, the demise of Air Berlin means a huge shake for air travel in Berlin and all around Germany and, truth be said, a shakedown on Berlin travelers. EasyJet and Lufthansa are tearing down the airline as we speak, and beneffiting of the left out aircraft and valuable landing slots at Tegel. These are especially coveted, as TXL is quite a congested airport. Lufthansa needed to act fast to fill in the gaps Air Berlin left all over Germany, but sure they are wildly profiting from that. In a desperate measure, Lufthansa is deploying a B747-400 on the Frankfurt-Berlin route to cope with the increased demand, which will bring TXL to a strain, as this Cold War relic airport is clearly unprepared to host large jumbos and to make them turnaround in only 50 minutes. Passengers will need to board by walk on an apron area. Residents around Tegel runways ain't too happy about that. And all around Germany, Lufthansa and its subsidiaries have become a monopoly controlling all inner German air traffic, and fares are already skyrocketing due to the increased demand and the aim of earning easy money. Germany is a country where right now; coach, rail and air travel belong to only three monopolies: Flixbus, Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa Group. It feels like if you're in a budget, you're forced to go by bus. A slow, dirty, crowded and with malfunctioning Wi-Fi bus. If you're middle class, you go by train. And if you're a business traveler, you go by plane. Citizens of first, second and third division in today's egalitarian Germany. And there's nothing you can do about that besides BlaBlaCar. EasyJet has struck the Deal of the Century with Air Berlin's empty landing slots and aircraft. Lufthansa wasn't really interested in them and EasyJet was seeing how Ryanair has consistently grown larger and larger at Schönefeld airport, flying an impressive 42 destinations from there. This could be easily felt at some point in mid-2016, I simply stopped flying EasyJet as fares were consistently more expensive than those from Ryanair. EasyJet is stationing in the next months a bunch of ex-Air Berlin A320 family aircraft, which are already compatible with the all A320 family EasyJet fleet, and opening a second operating base in Tegel. EasyJet will become in the next months the leading airline in Berlin, present at both airports and challenging the monolithic Ryanair position at SXF. For travelers, soon we will start hearing stories about "I booked a flight with EasyJet and I missed it because I automatically headed without my morning coffee to Schönefeld airport (as it's been done for years) and this specific one was departing from Tegel". I hope you never hear it from me, though. What are your thoughts on all this situation, and especially, on the new monopoly rising in Germany? What could have Air Berlin done better?
  15. Are you thinking of making a CJ of it? You already have material for dozens of updates...