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  1. San Francisco

    Who could think we would even see Maxis BATs in this update! Knocked it out of the park once again!
  2. SimCity 4 Glossary

    This is a good start! The SC4 Glossary site at the SC4 Encyclopedia is sadly a bit outdated (last modified in 2012) and new stuff happened in the community ever since and new acronyms and terms surely appeared, so probably your task can help to keep the list a bit more current.
  3. Why So Many Moderators Here?

    I still don't know what do you think we moderators and site staff in general do that you need to get there SO desperately to bring the topic up again and again... It's been pointed out already in this thread, but let me underline: we don't get paid and we have no kind of privilege whatsoever outside this little and remote corner of the vast Internet. We are no members of any secret society (that I know of). Admins even work their butts off to keep the site running when technical hiccups occur every now and then. And the "privileges" you "enjoy" as a moderator or chat op, they are no privileges as such. You see them as privileges, I think of them as tools. You are given as a mod a series of tools in regards of forum control and you have the responsability of using them properly to keep the site civil and clean. As a fun addition, you get the word "Moderator" added under your profile pic so anyone can see why you have taken some action, but also, to denounce it to the admins in case of misuse of these tools. Chief, as soon as I go offline from ST, I'm back to being Daniel, that dude who works at the labs in building 15 and still has problems to fill in some work related forms. Or whatever people think of me. Very few people in real life know about my ST activities, and the ones who know, couldn't care less about them. What matters, after all, is who you are in real life. And once the computer is off, we almighty moderators are back to being Daniel, the engineer; or Matías, the political science student; or Tim, the journalist and radio commentator; just to name a couple of us. Hope this post can help you put things in perspective and help you understand why do you want to be a moderator so much. And sure you know that, but as reminder on the site guidelines: 15. Staff Positions The site administrators pick only trusted, active, and helpful members to fill vacant positions. Staff positions are never obtained by asking or campaigning for them.
  4. U.S. Skylines

    Whoa, I can almost taste the American flavor from here! Nailed it!
  5. The Milestone Thread

    You'd put some of us to shame... 0.44 for me!
  6. Arquennes - Old City (1)

    Loving the variety here!
  7. Project recreating Malmö/Sweden

    Love how realistic these docks look.
  8. Has EA ever sold the rights to a game?

    As soon as they can keep milking the cow with the next iteration of SimCity Build-It In Your Tablet By Tapping A Lot And Paying If You Want To Have A Decent City, we can forget about that. SC4 keeps selling, they are very low numbers, but many of us who had problems after the Windows 10 update we had to buy it from a digital provider and sure EA wasn't exactly sad with that decision. Don't hold your breath that EA would give/sell the rights to the SimCity series in the next decades.
  9. Hardcore Industry

    This CJ is the best advertisement for Simmer2's work! Downloaded the lots right away!
  10. Up in the Air

    Some planes and airports in here!
  11. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Now I need to find a right spot for it in my emirates-inspired city!
  12. Member of the Month: February 2018

    Congrats to you both!
  13. Putting On The [RRW] Re-Skin...

    These smooth slopes look amazing there! Thanks for showcasing!
  14. New 3d Airport Building Game "Sky Haven"

    The airport geek in me, approves this. It looks quite promising, although I see they worked hard in some aspects of the game (ramp markings, aircraft texturing), other aspects were probably left for later. I wasn't expecting to see a runway with no markings. Still, I'll keep my eyes peeled on this.