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  1. The Balkans

  2. Scenes From Hong Kong

    I knew the HKABT creates fantastic lots, but I didn't know they were so fantastic, you could use one screenshot containing several of their lots as a substitute for a mirror. ...but what a dense city, I must add. Thinking about it (and the price of land there) makes me feel amazed yet frightened at the same time.
  3. Shanghai

    Lovely. Tomorrow Square looks highly reflective. Is that how it looks like in-game?
  4. Pacific Northwest

    That's one Hell of a forest. Great job with the landscapes as always!
  5. Australia - The Outback & Natural Wonders

    The lightning overlay at the end made me but otherwise, a spectacular entry with lots of fantastic wide shots. I've never seen the Karlu Karlu in person myself, but do the actual rocks really stand out that much from the ground?
  6. Rio de Janeiro

    Huge. Change that E to an S and you get hugs. Awesome photos-...err, screenshots of Rio!
  7. Sights From London

    A minor nitpick - the bolded word appears to be missing: The front of Buckingham Palace looks a bit empty without the guards. Just saying. The terrace shot is beautiful, and for a fleeting moment I thought those were the standard Maxis low-density lots. As with Lagos, my favourite shot is the last one - it's equally optimistic but it also shows just how the city is changing with the times. All in all, a very nice view of London. It looks a lot better than when I was there last year (they apparently plopped barricades all over the place in the wake of a terrorist attack on London Bridge).
  8. Western U.S.

    What sorcery is this? I never thought such landscaping is possible in SimCity 4. Well done! (of course, probably just terrain maps and props in hindsight, but the Landscape Arch blends in nicely with the actual landscape) ...oh, and check the real-life photo of Half Dome - hotlinking's disabled for that one. What terrain mods did you use?
  9. New York City - Landmarks & Mosaics

    Who needs Google Street View or Google Earth Pro when you have...True Earth?! All kidding aside, I'm extremely impressed with your recreation of New York CIty, especially with that screenshot of Liberty Island. I'm not sure why, but the impression I always get from popular media is that the Statue of Liberty basically takes up the entire island, when in reality this isn't the case. As always, I have a handful of simple questions on some things that struck my fancy: Where did you get the Brooklyn Bridge? It's neither part of the NAM installation nor a Maxis bridge. How did you make that flyover near the Woolworth Building? Was it done with NAM puzzle pieces?
  10. San Francisco

    You've done a fantastic job with San Francisco. DarkNite really brings out the best in lots, especially the City Hall. It's also nice to see the Maxis Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge in this entry. This may have an obvious answer, but I must ask: is Lombard Street a prop, or is it actually a road that vehicles can drive on? I'd be really impressed if it's the latter.
  11. Cloverra

    If your render of the region results in a lot of shallow water, a quick and dirty way to make the shallow waters a bit deeper without losing too much of the terrain is to increase the black slider on a colour level histogram (like the one in GIMP's Levels tool, shown below) to a value between 5 to 10. Anything above that will cause much of the substantial terrain to disappear underwater.
  12. Cloverra

    Deep water is not (really) included. If you want more deep water, expect to either spend a lot of time in God Mode terraforming nearly every single map to your liking or otherwise use an image editor (such as GIMP) to adjust the colour levels of the terrain map. It really has quite a bit of everything else though.
  13. PARIS very large Fire Department

    Do not use this building if you're looking for a logical upgrade to the Maxis Fire Department buildings. It has an extreme coverage area - large enough to cover an entire small map on its own - yet has a monthly cost lower than the both the Large Fire Department and Fire Department Landing Strip. On the upside, it looks nice, and if you're looking for a radical lot to cover the fire hazards in your city, this could be it.
  14. Save early, save often, and this is SimCity 4, so you don't overwrite saves.

  15. U.S. Skylines

    Beautiful. Were there any custom props used? Everything looks like it came from either the STEX or LEX, in which case this could be yet another telling testament to what the community has made over the years.