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  1. Can u send me on driver this build? http://imgur.com/hmGYTsZ.jpg

  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Looking for this building Thanks in advance! This reminds me a building found on http://cafe.naver.com/sc4labs (unfortunately I don't know which page)... PM me if you can't grab it It sits on a 7x6 lot. The bad news, what you see in the pic actually is the model file.
  3. Ennuyeuse Apartments

    Tout sauf ennuyeuse mon cher Matt! Lovely detailed
  4. Jenquai Alchemy

    Each time I visit the STEX a new upload awaits, it's magic Thanks Matt!
  5. Tsvirkunov Electronics

    Never enough IHT! Looking good man, thanks for sharing your hard work
  6. Quay House

    Will fit snugly in any kind of modern city. Generic midrises are most welcome! Thank you for your work Matt
  7. Modern Sound Barriers

    Superb! Those remind me a similar set released some time ago but without diagonals. Thanks for filling the void Matt
  8. NAM General Support Topic

    Nah I rechecked, haven't ticked that nasty box However compiling the controller manually worked like a charm. Oddly it was disabled by default, perhaps because I don't use RHW? Anyways problem solved, thank you Rsc!
  9. NAM General Support Topic

    Hello Long time I haven't played this game - downloaded NAM 35 from moddb and installed it in an empty plugin folder to start things smooth... Every component I tested seem to behave fine however I noticed some problem with the NWM starter pieces, they do not trigger the texture override (pic) So I uninstalled/reinstalled the NAM, rebooted my machine, tried and retried every NWM network starter to no avail. Anyone have a clue what may cause this? Attached to this post the install log, if it can help the troubleshoot... I don't think I messed with the "decoupling network option" but hey, it's not 100% guaranteed - I remember having some fiddling in the past with previous NAM installations. Game version is 1.1.641 (GOG), Win7, 8 Gb RAM, etc. Thx install.zip
  10. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    Aye, Just wondering, would it be possible to have the road S-curve and short 90 degrees curve in draggable version in a next NAM release? That would be a neat addition imo Speaking of draggable, anyone encountered this issue with one-way roads? NAM 34 installed of course...
  11. Okay, so I recently updated my rail network with the RRW included in the new NAM and as a rail lover I truly enjoy the increased flexibility it has over maxis rail - praise goes to NAM team for their endless efforts. Nevertheless, I'm a bit bugged by a little cosmetic problem, that is wealthification. Basically, I'd like to have different rail textures and sidewalk to show in my high density zones and so far I figured out how to trigger the sidewalks when zoning hd which is good, but can't find how to change the rail texture itself. I gather this is probably because the RRW has some model-based bits thus wealthification/texture modification wouldn't work the same way. The only workaround I could find is to use T21s and "cover" the hd-zoned parts of the network with props but the result isn't very satisfying - unless land under the network is perfectly flat - which almost never happens of course. I have a hunch that some other possibility can be exploited to fix this... Anyone can shed the light? Thanx
  12. MGB - Long Pedestrian Bridges

    Sweet, many thanks for sharing - though I'm wondering why the models are so weighty? Anyways good job
  13. Traffic-enabled Re-lot Issue

    To your 1st problem The Lot Editor can't deal with traffic enabled tiles. You need either ilive's reader or SC4 Tool to remove them. If you use reader, open the lot config exemplar (the one with loads of LotConfigPropertyLotObjectData entries) and delete every entry starting with 0x00000007. Then right click to bring the contect menu, "reindex lot config" and save. SC4 Tool is more intuitive, but also more prone to crash. However: choose visual editor for transit enabling, load the dat containing the lot file, click on the tiles displaying transit and simply pick the "remove transit" option for each tile, then save. To your 2nd problem You need the plugin manager to do this. The process, although rather easy to achieve, is tedious to describe. Basically you have to assign a new building exemplar to your lot, thus changing its nature. If you're familiarized with SC4 PIM or PIM-X it's a 30 secs job. There is certainly a bunch of tutorials buried somewhere explaining this, finding them is the hard part... If you hand me the link to that shipyard I'll generate a new building exemplar suitable for your needs.
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    At Caribou's atelier Bus Office from Jim's onedrive
  15. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @ Constanta: Thanks I was able to track down the BATs in the 1st picture. Blue & Pink roofs were indeed somy's creations although the other ones not from SFBT but Delecto. Still looking for those 3 grey tenements in the upper left corner: Thanks