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  1. Police Car prop and driveable

    I found why by using Ilive Reader... it was causing by BSC MEGA Props kevdan25 Vol01, they packed a police car prop from this plugin along with the UDI one( which should not be in there)...
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi everyone, I got an mayday request... a police car that I am sure I have never installed just appear in my game for unknown reason. I have tried to search DAT files in plugin folder but found nothing. Then I found that police car mod is this one: community.simtropolis.com/files/file/3827-police-car-prop-and-driveable/ Tried to compared the files in my folder and the download, nothing! Even though I found the SC4 model in LE, still unable to locate the file... is it possible that in was part of a dependency or other plugin that installed with?
  3. Police Car prop and driveable

    I am sure that I have never install this plugin, but still it appear in my game for some reason... tried to search in plugin folder but found nothing related to this... anyone got an idea?
    I love you...... seeing not just new things, not just some small piece about RMIP/AC/SCAG but such a big pack in 2017 just made me want to cry. I have been use alpha release for a while but still I should spot this final release earlier. BTW, is this an official SCA Group working? If yes, is that mean some of the SCAG members are STILL online? If that's all true that will be SIMPLY AWESOME!!! PS: I was doing random searches about SCAG on school computer when I was bored, then I found this and also found the ST page of a police car mod that I didn't know how it went into my Plugins folder and need to get rid of. So I rushed back to my Homestay and then just in 10 mins ago I installed Lot Editor successfully on my laptop, no need wait until the Christmas holiday to go home and deal with those lots that I want to edit...
  4. HAWX Space Shuttle

    Already used it for years when I found it with low english capability... and years before that I was trying to get the model out of the game and ask someone in my community to see if its possible to make a mod for SC4 but it failed. But after all I found this, exactly what I was hoping, I think I owe you a late thank when I see this site today. Thanks for this awesome work and also for the HAWX Air Force One.
  5. SIAT / Saitama International Airport

    And BTW, you mentioned some cities that those plane came from, but you said "Taipei in Thailand", but Taipei is in Taiwan...
  6. Pond Air

    Uhh... how can I use this with PEG Ponds? The parts have no water and I can over-place them on a PPonds lot, the read-me file didn't really help because it just told me to put an 1*1 pond lot besides the hangar and suddenly there are water under the hanger in the next step... I don't get it.
  7. SIAT / Saitama International Airport

    OMG, this, is, simply, awesome! One of the top SCAG airport I ever seen! And all those super detailed ancillary facilities, I wonder did you put all of them from different props?
  8. Boeing Family Megapack

    Nice!But I think the white base texture is better,the black base texture is for wide-body aircraft。And I hope you can made a lufthansa‘s 737。
  9. The Airbus Concept Plane

  10. SCAG Airport Road Improvement Project, vol. 1

    我想要那个机场廊桥,没找到有下载啊 PS: ↑Ahh sry to talk in not even English when I was... too young. Excellent work and I did found the ARIP part that I was looking for.
  11. ADI Pack 1

  12. Lufthansa Midjet