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City-building game(s)

Found 37 results

  1. Lt. Manuel Conde Airforce Base

    Lt. Manuel Conde Airforce Base. The number of aircrafts suggest there's a VIP visiting the island. The airforce base shares the runway of Didicas Island International Airport. The small airbase is located on the north-eastern part of the airport. The Airbase has three(3) large hangars for shelter, maintenance and repair of aircraft, another two (2) small hangars for helicopter can also be found. The airbase is also composed of the Headquarters office, Officer and Enlisted men housing unit, Supply store, Medical Dispensary and Military exchange store just across the street (beside Airforce MRT Station and Buddhist Park) Lt Manuel Conde Airbase is the home of the 203rd Composite Tactical Operational Wing is tasked to perform Tactical Air operations within its assigned area of responsibility and to provide, operate and maintain base services at station/location. It has contributed extensively to the objectives of national security, maintenance of peace and order and the preservation of the environment. The 203rd Composite Tactical Operation Wings doesnt have organic aircraft on the wing instead the aircraft are provide by other mother units such as the C130 and C295 (220th Airlift Wing), Bell 412, S70 and UH1H (207th Tactical Operation Squadron). Bell 412 EP - The 8 units were acquired in 2015-16. a further 16 units in 2018 were supposed to be added but was put on hold. (credit to update.ph and original photo owner) UH-1H - The Vietnam era utility helicopter is still the main workhorse helicopter. There's around 40 still running currently and is planned to gradually be phase out as more Bell 412 become available. (credit to update.ph and original photo owner) C295 Airbus transport plane - 3 are currently operating with the airforce with a future option of another 3 to be acquired (credit to retiredanalyst.blogspot.com and original photo owner) C130 Hercules - A, H and T models. The backbone of Heavy lift operation for the airforce (credit to maxdefence and original photo owner) S70 - a single S70 is mixed up on the helicopter detachment at the airbase (credit to PAF and original photo owner) TC90- a pair of TC90 (Philippine Navy) parks on the tarmac for a stopover after their patrol in waters around batanes and babuyan island. (credit to PN, PTV and original photo owner)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    By request... these aircraft props were created for use in a journal but, to my knowledge, were never used. They are now available to anyone would would like to use them. These are offered "as-is"... and are not supported by Pegasus Productions. Therefore, as an addendum to the standard PEGPROD EULA listed below, any developer may freely distribute these props, either singularly or collectively via the entire prop pack, in any non-commercial fashion they choose. * If the prop exemplars are modified in any way, please give the exemplar(s) a new, unique Instance Address to avoid conflicts with other instances of the prop that might exist on an end-user's machine. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  3. From the album Up in the Air

    My second time in Newark wasn't a successful one. Only a couple border officers at passport control to check several aircraft incoming from Europe during the midday. It took 1h40 to get through passport control and customs, and my connection to Orlando was 1h40. Got rebooked to Tampa on a flight several hours later, so had plenty of time to enjoy Newark's sights.
  4. From the album Up in the Air

    ... and suddenly, Lufthansa's retrolivery airliner registered D-ABYT, popularly known as Yankee Tango, is always a special sight wherever it flies. I was so lucky of sitting at the left side window on my B747 and seeing YT on its full glory.
  5. From the album Up in the Air

    This Christmas I flew home with Lufthansa. I delayed my reservation for too long and the low-cost airlines were alredy full. Still, not a large problem as I would experience LH's intra-European service and "know" Munich airport, where I had never been on. Both flights to and from MUC were almost heavenly. Operated with rather old A321s, there is plenty of space and the flights are rarely fully booked. There is a snack and free alcoholic drinks service, something I'm totally not used to as I normally fly low-cost when in Europe. The flight MUC-TXL was amazing (including a dangerous crosswinds landing), as the aircraft was only half full and the crew was so attentive and having so much fun during the service. They got many compliments by the passengers for that.
  6. From the album Up in the Air

    Taxiing in MUC I had the chance of capturing the long A340-600. These old and inefficient planes are currently being phased out off Lufthansa's fleet with A350-900 XWBs, and soon will be a nice memory of another time.
  7. From the album Up in the Air

    Some Bavarian sights while approaching to Munich airport. While it looked peaceful, Germany was under a big storm, leaving heavy winds all over the country. The flight had been very turbulent and the pilots had to land among heavy crosswinds. They achieved that at the first try.
  8. From the album Up in the Air

    Midday long-haul operation at BCN. American flies to JFK and MIA from pier E at Barcelona's T1 and both flights depart within a few minutes difference. I watched the pushback of this flight from my own flight's boarding queue.
  9. From the album Up in the Air

    Quite a rare sight here. Pictured one of the A330s operated by LEVEL, which is a long-haul low-cost spinoff of Iberia. LEVEL flies to Oakland, Los Angeles, Punta Cana and Buenos Aires. The deboarding was ongoing meanwhile I took the picture.
  10. From the album Up in the Air

    I've seen many pictures of the Z concourse at Frankfurt airport, with all wide-bodies at the gates. I tried to catch the same picture, rather unsuccessfully. Half of it is occupied by the A321-200 that flew me back to Berlin.
  11. From the album Up in the Air

    And that's the aircraft that flew me back to Europe. I was frankly expecting much more from Lufthansa's catering. Except the tiramisu, the food wasn't good and they had only one beer choice (Warsteiner). Ugh. Maybe my expectations were set too high, but as I experienced it, United blew Lufthansa off the water in this aspect.
  12. From the album Up in the Air

    Orlando airport has during the holiday season a nice variety of planes around. Last Thursday evening, time for departures to Europe, one B777 and two B747s were awaiting for departure. One of them, that of Virgin Atlantic, nicknamed "Pretty Woman". I know the picture sucks a bit, but MCO isn't precisely a great airport to take pictures at.
  13. From the album Up in the Air

    I happened to choose the right window seat for this flight, and had these amazing views of Manhattan during the takeoff to Orlando.
  14. From the album Up in the Air

    After one month of travel, I've been up in the air again these last two weeks for a conference trip. The first leg of the journey was a peaceful daytime flight between Berlin and Newark-Liberty. Although the crew weren't especially attentive or friendly, United offered three kinds of craft beer on board, and they won my heart with that!
  15. From the album Up in the Air

    And in comparison, the tiny A319 of Bangkok Air, which was awarded best regional Asian airline and world's best regional airline in 2017 by Skytrax.
  16. From the album Up in the Air

    Killing time at the observation deck (which doubles as smoking area) overlooking the southern runway at HKG.
  17. From the album Up in the Air

    Jetlagged and underslept, but still found a good window to get this Cathay Dragon regional jet in older Dragonair livery.
  18. From the album Up in the Air

    I was so excited to fly with one of the most modern and elegant airliners currently in the skies, hadn't slept a bit the night before... and two crying babies ruined a big part of the flight. 12 hours of intermitent crying really grinded my gears to the point of anger. Note the half a dozen or so Vueling A320s in the background operating at their hub in BCN.
  19. From the album Up in the Air

    Killing time at BCN T1 before my flight, with the sight of an Air Canada Rouge B767 in the background.
  20. I thought it's time to get my own topic running as I started some more advanced, larger project a day ago. Besides the vehicles I created before I started working on some vanilla-style modular airport, based on the vanilla airport and international airport assets. Due to my quiet limited time caused by real life don't expect extra-fast progress Still I've got to update my "old" vehicle assets too, but the vehicle editor seems to be kinda messed up since the last patch - anyway I'll look into this too by time as I already promised! For now I got the following types of buildings planned for this airport set which is heavily inspired by the AC teams set for Sim City 4 functional terminal block with three "small" gates functional terminal block with two "large" gate non-functional terminal filler pieces with gates terminal piece with control tower (RICO Office) terminal block without gate (RICO commercial low) monorail / (elevated) metro / train terminal pieces terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) terminal block with road maintenance service building (connected to the tarmac side to simulate road-traffic on the airport ) functional terminal with concourse (4 + gates using sub buildings) "T - style" functional concourse piece (featuring gates on both sides, will probably require network extensions as it has to be entered on foot from the underground using pedestrian "roads") eye candy ends for concourse, left and right eye candy transition piece between one-level and two-level terminals (maybe even RICO - enabled, we'll see) two-level functional terminal blocks (will be a challange to be set up - I try to set the entrances on the upper level, the exits on the lower level) two-level terminal with control tower (probably RICO office + functional (using sub building - I don't know yet if something like this is possible)) large fake-entrance piece for two-level terminals (RICO commercial high) (so especially when using rush hour many people gonna go into this one) monorail / (elevated) metro / train two-level terminal pieces two-level terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) two-level terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) simple helipads with one of each natural disasters helicopters working doppler radar dome (requires ND - a non working version is available on the workshop) stand-alone ATC towers surface movement radar tower some props like (enhanced) vanilla jet bridges, stand guidance displays and other small things which will be pretty Special features: rotating radar domes for ATC towers and the radar tower (gotta look into this!) usage of the "vehicle rotor" shader discovered by @Ronyx69 for large glass parts of the terminals (I try to work around the lod-problem) stock-game style as I use the textures and models from the game as my start-point usage of the "loading screen mods" benefits → as I use the same texture with the same name most of the times it will be loaded only once into VRAM when using this mod - which is great! living airports by the use of RICO settings - which you don't have to use at all (those buildings will work as an landmark if you don't use that mod ) more space between planes and terminals due to longer jet bridges - you'll be able to draw some road in between using the anarchy tool of your choise Downsides: jet bridges will disappear after a certain distance as I'll convert them to props. I decided to do so to increase flexibility on creating different terminal types and styles by using many working two-gate assets ingame the airport will get really congested! That's the reason for me to include non-functional versions too. Later on I might create a mod to enhance the vanilla runways and taxiways. I looked up the networks in mod tools and changed some values to test something which turned out to be possible: different wide runways (40m up to 65m for realistic regional and international airports - new network meshes needed) more realistic markings with lights on runways (probably by adding more segments to one network, segment[0] would be just asphalt to place some indicator like "20L", segment[1] would be the threshold, segment[2] would contain the dashed line only, segment [3] dashed line + precision marking followed by 2x (segment[2] again, then segment[3]) and finally segment[2] for the whole middle part to start in reverse after - dunno if that's possible at all) two-way taxiways (for special use-cases) taxiways with "shoulders" (a bit wider than now) and green lights in their middle taxilanes (taxiways with some flat mesh and without dirt-shoulders to be used on aprons. probably just the yellow line with green lights.) more realistic speeds for taxiways and taxilanes I gonna provide one screenshot just to show you the difference: On the left you can see the vanilla runway which is about 30m wide + 2m "shoulder" (mesh edge) → 32m footprint. The next ones footprint is 46m wide which would fit most regional/domestic airports. The one on the right is 60m wide which fits for large aircraft like the A380. ----------------------------------------snip---------------------------------------- First I gonna take off by showing you some first work I've done before starting this topic. This is going to be the first wall-to-wall terminal building featuring three gates (just like the vanilla airport). I removed the jet bridges and details on the left and right to save some polys and - of course - to get the bounding box right Next step will be to map those filled holes, after this I gonna cut the windows and create some basic interior as those will get some semi-transparent love they deserve
  21. The Fallen Eagle

    From the album Photoshop Challenge (S3-05-E)

    Once hailed as stoic, nigh untouchable, the mighty Eagle meets an honorable end in battle. Down in flames, the king was destined to be usurped.
  22. I will be sharing my next assets in this topic, you can check my previous assets here in my workshop page . I finished my old bridge asset and this will be the first asset in this topic I hope you like it. Detailed information is provided in asset page.
  23. Air France Airbus A350

    Version 1.0.0


    We understand. The hassle of going through the airport security. The long wait times for your flight to arrive. And then boarding just to wait for the time you'll arrive at your destination. Airline travel hasn't been one of the most painless experiences; and it's about to change for the better. Designed to offer a much more relaxing flight, and featuring the greenest and most advanced aeronautical engineering to date. About the upload- This file is a replacement of the Maxis 767. It will appear in the skies above the city (with an international airport or other lot which spawns the plane) as well as in the region view. Dependencies? None required. This file was originally requested by C4TheArchitect and has been made available for all to download!
  24. "In gun range!"

    In this scene, an aerial cat-and-mouse game takes a turn for worse as a duel between an F/A-18 Hornet and a MiG-29 Fulcrum occurs. The Hornet was on patrol in International waters that have apparently been claimed as territorial waters. This prompted a response from one of the generals at an airfield not far from the shoreline. The Navy maintains the incident happened because the MiG pilot ignored repeated warnings from the Hornet and acted in an aggressive manner. Diplomats on the other hand claim the waters were indeed sovereign territory and the Hornet had no business on patrol within that region.
  25. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

    Version 1.0


    This project is done as of a BAT request. All project source files are available to download in a separated zip file. Info for game LOTs: - 4 lots included : orthogonal, orthogonal with cargo bay doors open, diagonal, diagonal with cargo bay doors open - you can find these lots in the aircraft menu - all these lots have zero in everything, no cost, no pollution, no electric required for night light to go on - all lots are 1x1 with overhang - Maxis night light, no electric source required - all props included, search for "C-5_galaxy" - prop footprint is 5 meter x 5 meter - all models are rendered in HD, means zoom level 6 won't be blurry - dependencies : none Info for project files: - please refer readme.txt included - aircrafts are 1:1 real world scale, no 1.33x vertical scale applied otherwise the aircraft engine became an oval shape Disclaimer: I do not model or own this aircraft model. Source of model: http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/us-galaxy-c5-41345.html I am not an aircraft-guy so pardon me if there is any mistake been done

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