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  1. Kaigata 92

    Looks good! So nice to see you back here
  2. Back to Rural Again!

    Spectacular @The British Sausage great stuff. Such intricacy, and a unique look somewhere between midwestern US and european... Might be a silly question but is any of this grown or is it all placed? Have you thought about doing highlights for some of the pieces in your posts, so that others can download them? I just got back in the game after a couple years and this is a big source of inspiration!
  3. United Nations Building

    Spectacular work that's not only held up well over the years but looks just as fresh as it did on release day. One of the best, if not the best, BATs around!
  4. Grynder Apartments

    Grindr Apartments lmao
  5. Simcoe Place

    12 years later and this still looks fresh! You were so ahead of your time it's a shame you don't BAT anymore. Your second upload, Stephens Drive I think, was years ahead of anyone else in terms of quality and concept. I just got back in to the game after a 2 or 3 year absence and I'm (re)downloading custom content and (re)discovering familiar accounts--so glad I found you!
  6. Nakahara 25: "Non Directional Art" (Mitsuya, Akashima)

    Remarkable work, great job!
  7. Sydney terrace houses

    Back at this game after a couple years off and I just went through all four pages of your work and downloaded every single one. Only a few creators have the kind of consistency you do, and you've had it right from the start! Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you've done so far!
  8. Replies + Teaser

    Sad to see the series end, but that's the way she goes! Unfortunate that for the last 10 updates or so the pictures don't load
  9. Equitable Bank and Trust