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  1. Back to Rural Again!

    Spectacular @The British Sausage great stuff. Such intricacy, and a unique look somewhere between midwestern US and european... Might be a silly question but is any of this grown or is it all placed? Have you thought about doing highlights for some of the pieces in your posts, so that others can download them? I just got back in the game after a couple years and this is a big source of inspiration!
  2. Nakahara 25: "Non Directional Art" (Mitsuya, Akashima)

    Remarkable work, great job!
  3. Replies + Teaser

    Sad to see the series end, but that's the way she goes! Unfortunate that for the last 10 updates or so the pictures don't load
  4. New SorGun

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you had become another relic of the internet, lost to the wilds of Cyberia. So glad to see you back! This is a top tier piece of storytelling and I'm excited to see it continue. Good to see you back!
  5. Something Salty This Way Comes

    It's been months since I followed this CJ but I'm glad to see you're persevering with it! Your work is getting better and better and the political and social tensions are getting thicker. Very exciting stuff! I hope you keep working on this, you've got something remarkable here. And when is Hiram Colfax going to make his next appearance? I think it's time he takes his business to New SorGun, that's where the real money is! 
  6. 1880 Census – Between Two Cities

    One can only hope eh? I'm really looking forward to watching this region develop over the decades. And aww yiss H.N. Colfax in tha hizzouse. Looking forward to his role in the development of the region as well. How exciting that New SorGun is back up and running. Great work on this installment, I'm especially loving the sprawling agricultural area outside Porthaven. What are you using as inspiration for the rural layouts? Historical maps? Farms back then used smaller plots of land, but then I don't know much about orchards. North of Winnipeg along the Red River there are still the original river lots which were given out to settlers, narrow & very deep strips of land between Main St./Henderson Hwy & the river. I'm not too knowledgable of their history, but I imagine they would have been farmed to their full potential. Will you be doing anything like that along waterways?
  7. Season 2 Preview (and replies)

    I'm so excited! The CJ section just isn't the same without New SorGun!
  8. Hensbår

    Gorgeous little town, very well put together!
  9. One Year

    Oh man, another couple decades of New SorGun and the .gifs will come pouring in!
  10. #11 - Med Inspirations - Montbard, France (1)

    You're a master city builder.
  11. Vernon

    Gorgeous, modern American industrial wasteland! Loved every picture! Where did you get the brown powerlines that can go over residential areas?
  12. #10 - Med Inspirations - Beacon Hill (2)

    Breathtaking. Just breathtaking. An attention to detail so supreme I'd think this was a real city. Especially like pics 10 & 11, but that mosaic at the end just killed it. Well done!
  13. Update 91 | Bakudo | Game on!

    The pictures are so sharp and vivid, what kind of editing do you do? Beautiful planning too, the powerlines and parking lots add so much to the composition.
  14. I • Another New Era

    It's a balmy 3 degrees outside, I don't know what you could possibly mean when you say Winnipeg has a nonexistent spring! Ah well, at least our winter wasn't that bad...it just seems never ending. Beautiful density + dreamlike aftereffects makes for a truly unique look. The third picture, the night shot of the apartment, is stunning!
  15. The Sent (§)

    Incredible job on the currency, wow!