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City-building game(s)

Found 8 results

  1. Nakahara 25: "Non Directional Art" (Mitsuya, Akashima) (quiet an intersting thing that the song above samples similar sound as one of sc4 mayor mode music) As a mosaic of the Akashima city, the city grow since early 17th century when Suzumoto Clan rule the Hasaki Domain of the area. The city however suffer devastation of earthquakes and tsunami multiple times including the latest one in 2014. Akashima grow into major metropolitan area of Nakahara with rather non-planned chaotic pattern but managed to emerge as a well developed city in end of 20th century... Shiraigawa (白井川町), Naka ward(中区) one of the densely developed area in central Akashima near the main downtown core of the city. As for the public transit access to the area, Akashima Subway Mitsuya Line built in 1983 to improve connectivity of the area. The highway network of the city follow the pattern of the city development going through densely build area today.. Akashima Expressway Yumesaki route (赤島高速5号夢崎線) serves the main road access toward the southern Yumesaki area of Akashima alongside with recently built Akashima Bay Bridge toward Arakawa city. Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route passing through densely build area in Mitsuya (美津谷町), Akashima Mizuguchi Station (水口駅), one of the Station of Yumesaki Line (夢崎線) is crowded in the morning as usual day in Akashima. Mizuguchi Station located in Naka Ward, Akashima and it serves the area in northwest part of Yumesaki area of Akashima Parallel toward the Akashima expressway Yumesaki Route, Yumesaki Line serves the Yumesaki Ward, the southern part of Akashima city located in Yumesaki peninsula. Mitsuya (美津谷町) is a district located just in the west of Akashima Downtown core. One of the famous part of Mitsuya is the shopping area nearby Mitsuya Station where it can be interpreted as "Akiba of Akashima" which mainly sold electronic stuff as well as many of the pop culture on Nakahara. Part of Mitsuya is home to many offices and company around the city.as an example western part of Mitsuya host wall to wall offices building rows. Mitsuya Station (美津谷駅), as the main station of the area, awkwardly located just below the Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route serves the Tokaido Main Line alongside with the Akiya Line, and the Inner Loop Line of Akashima. A lot of people rushes for the transfer either toward the bus or the nearby Akashima Subway Mitsuya Line. Akashima Expressway Chuo Line (赤島高速3号中央線) passing through southern part of Mitsuya basically marking the border of Mitsuya and Shiraigawa in the south. Into the night, the district is never sleep as the district host many entertainment area where many office worker in Akashima may spend night here before going home to hang with the co-worker or just to forgot the stress they got earlier during the worktime. Cross of Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route with Chuo Route at night... Thank you for viewing hope you enjoy it! Replies: @korver @kelistmac @scotttbarry : Thank you for the comments! Glad you like it! @kschmidt @Linoa06 : Thank you! yeah I take note of the addition for Temples and Shrines.. Thanks for the suggestion anyeay!
  2. Basically this update just to throw the whole pictures from update 24 which havent posted yet beforehand which has been roting in my flickr folder for like 2 months.... So I dont really have any story or major description as in my previous updates.... Nakahara 24.8: "ままならない" (Nakazono-cho, Akashima) Images from Nakazono-cho, located north of Imaizumi-cho and northwest of Nojiri-cho: Picture from Narisawa-cho (north of Nakazono, east of Shin-Akashima): Pictures from Okaizumi-cho (east of Nakazono-cho) Overview of Nojiri and Nakazono: This should covered the area showed in update 10, 17, 23 and 24: Thanks for viewing this... next update will cover different city as people might already bored with this theme... Replies: Thank you! Thank you!
  3. Amakusa-cho overview

    From the album Nakahara

    赤島市天草町のシーン Scene of Amakusa-cho, Akashima
  4. Imaizumi-cho.jpg

    From the album Nakahara

    赤島市西区今泉町に港亀線のE231系を通ります e231 Series of Kogame Line passes Imaizumi-cho, Akashima
  5. Shin-Akashima Night.jpg

    From the album Nakahara

    夜に赤島県赤島市新赤島町のシーン. Night Time of area in Shin-Akashima, Nishi Ward, Akashima, Nakahara.
  6. 2nd part of the Update 24... now its about Amakusa-cho, Akashima which located in south of Imaizumi-cho. +-------------------------------+ Nakahara 24.3: "Nightfall ~ Evening Stars" (Amakusa-cho, Akashima) Another day in Amakusa-cho (天草町), area in Nishi ward, Akashima. Its a rather windy day today as it almost entering fall season. Shot in northern part of Amakusa-cho Area in central of Amakusa-cho For people who want to find a rather easy access apartment and close to city center, Amakusa-cho might be one of a good choice as it located inside the loop line (Kogame Line) of Akashima. Higashi-Amakusa Intersection in eastern Amakusa-cho Although it might not be a good idea if you dont want a quiet neighborhood. This area almost lively 24/7, partially because the presence of Akashima Expressway Chuo Line in the south of this area. Akashima Expressway Chuo Line in Amakusa-cho Nevertheless, there are a lot of available housing this area, as there are a lot of large apartment here, Central Amakusa-cho with dense residential area Not forget to mention, this area close toward mass transit, where Imaizumi Station of Kogame Line located in the north of this area. Northeastern Amakusa-cho bordering with Yatsuzawa-cho in east and Imaizumi-cho in north Or else, Yatsuzawa-cho which located in east of Amakusa-cho is another good choice to live in inner city Kogame Line in Yatsuzawa-cho more shot of Kogame Line in Yatsuzawa-cho Akashima Expressway Chuo-Line in Yatsuzawa-cho Overview of Amakusa-cho, Imaizumi-cho, Yukimori-cho and western Yatsuzawa-cho Over the night, this area, especially near the Akashima Expressway is pretty much lively. Nightshot from Akashima Expressway in Amakusa-cho Nightshot from Akashima Expressway in Amakusa-cho Nightshot from Yatsuzawa-cho More should be soon... Thanks for viewing!
  7. This entry would be the first of 3 part of update 24. I got total 88 images for this update so I decide to post about 10-25 images per entry. this entry consist of 20 images that cover Imaizumi-cho (今泉町), Nishi Ward, Akashima and several night shot of previous update (which apparently I forgot to put any). Nakahara 24.0: Imaizumi-cho, Akashima Imaizumi-cho (今泉町) located just in east from Nojiri-cho which showed in previous update. Not much difference with Nojiri-cho, this area dominated with dense residential area of Akashima. Kogame Line, the northern inner loop line of Akashima runs in this area. Kogame Line's Imaizumi Station. Featuring e231 series train. Imaizumi Station located one station in the east after Nojiri Station. Yet another view of Imaizumi-cho, this time more to west Area around Imaizumi Station mostly covered by residential houses instead of commerical district as in other station in Kogame Line (including upcoming Miyashiro Station). Imaizumi Station closeup Kogame Line's e231 Series in Imaizumi-cho Area in east of Imaizumi Station. Imaizumi Park (今泉公園) located in south of Imaizumi Station North from Imaizumi Station Southwest of Imaizumi-cho bordering with Yukimori-cho Imaizumi Station Area at night south from Imaizumi Station (including Imaizumi Park) Night overview of Imaizumi and Nojiri-cho Kogame Line crossing Takagi-Kaido in Nojiri-cho at night time Nojiri Station at night Picture of Nojiri-cho at night Takagi Kaido at Yukimori-cho nighttime Shin-Akashima Park at night Tokaido Main Line at Shin-Akashima at night Offices and commercial area in Shin-Akashima at night Shin-Akashima Station at night Overview of Shin-Akashima-cho at night There are 2 entries ready to post Nakahara 24.3: Miyashiro-cho and Nakahara 24.8: Nakazono-cho. Hopefully it will be posted soon. so stay tune
  8. And yeah aside with continuing Karasem and Nakama CJ, I also continue Nakahara CJ although now I put it together with Nakama CJ. There was 5 updates (18,19,20,21,22) which currently not posted yet in ST but it's already posted in SC4D. I still deciding whether I would post them all here or just leave it there. Replies from Nakama's Entry in my Greater Cibebek Area CJ. As for Cibebek CJ replies will be added in the respective CJ from now on. +--------------------------------+ Nakahara Update 23: "Sokubaku Anemonation" Nojiri-cho or Nojiri town is a district on Nishi ward, Akashima. Nojiri located just north of Nishiko Station, a major station of Akashima. Nojiri Station in Akashima, transfer point for Akaden Kirishin Line and Kogame Line. Kogame Line (港亀線) is northern part of Akashima inner loop line. This line is one of the busiest in Akashima. By 2014, the line served by e231 Series Train transferred from Shizuku Line after some of the fleet wrecked by the Tsunami and Earthquake back in July 26 2014. View of area in Nojiri-cho (west of station) featuring Kogame Line e231 Series Kogame Line e231 in close up Part of Kogame line past Nojiri Station heading toward Nishiko Station merged with Tokaido Main Line until the Kamenari Station in eastern part of city. Area in western part of Minaminojiri-cho featuring Tokaido Main Line (東海道本線) and Akiya River (秋谷川) e231 from Kogame Line heading to Nishiko Station. Hamako Line from Arakawa can be see in the left part of the image. Nojiri-cho itself is rather developed as a dense residential area due to its proximity with city 2 major rail lines, Kogame Line and Kirishin Line. area in the north of Nojiri Station Dense residential area in the south of Nojiri Station Residential area in Kitabatake-cho, northeast from Nojiri Station Aside of its position nearby intersection of 2 city major transit line, Nojiri also located just in south of Shin-Akashima Area which will be covered later on in this update Nojiri-cho bordered with Shinakashima-cho with Tokai Shinkansen. Kirishin Line (霧港線) is a mass transit line operated by Akashima City Bus and Rail Transportation Buerau which locals sometime refer with Akaden, Transportation operator owned by the city government. Kirishin Line in Nojiri-cho Kirishin Line in Minaminojiri-cho, just south of Station Kirishin Line in Yukimori-cho, southeast of Minaminojiri-cho Kirishin Line in Narisawa-cho featuring Higashi-Shinakashima Station (formerly Narisawa Station) and Tokai Shinkansen Takagi-Kaido (高木街道) or Takagi Highway is a major road in western Akashima. This road will heading from Akashima toward Takagi city in Akiya Prefecture, north of Akashima. Kogame Line crossing Takagi-Kaido Takagi-kaido in Yukimori-cho Minaminojiri IC, an exit of Akashima Expressway Chuo Line is one of the exit of this major expressway from Arakawa toward Akashima Downtown. Minaminojiri IC. West of Tokaido Main Line from Nojiri-cho, is part of Tamataki-cho Tokaido Main Line and Akiya River in Tamataki-cho Also Shimodaira-cho Shimodaira-cho Shin-Akashima is a major city central in Nishi Ward. This area recently rapidly developed due to the opening of Tokai Shinkasen Shin-Akashima Station alongside with the Tokaido Main Line Shin-Akashima Station in 1979. The initial plan of Tokai Shinkansen was to put the station in the Akashima original city central, but instead it moved to Nishinarisawa-cho (which renamed Shin-Akashima-cho) in order to save money from land clearance and engineering design of the route as the route ends up in Arakawa instead of Akashima. As the link to the city center, people from Tokai Shinkansen can use Akashima Subway Kochisa Line or Tokaido Main Line from Shin-Akashima Station. Shin-Akashima Station, both Tokai Shinkansen and Tokaido Main Line while Kochisa Line Station is underground. Near the Station, Shinakashima-cho been developed as a commercial center of city outside its main downtown area. Shinakashima-cho with its commercial district Kochisa Kaido in Shinakasihma-cho featuring Shinakashima park (新赤島公園) Neighboring area like Narisawa-cho also pretty much developed alongside with the presence of Shin-Akashima Station. Narisawa Station of Kirishin Line renamed into Higashi-Shinakashima Station in 1979. Although the distance of this station is about 500m from Shin-Akashima Station, it still pointed as a transfer point due to the presence of underground walkway toward Kochisa Line Station Narisawa-cho and Higashi-Shinakashima Station Southern part of Narisawa-cho West of Shin-Akashima, there is Shimomukaiyama-cho (Lower Mukaiyama-cho) bordered with Tokaido Main Line and Akiya River. Akiya River and Tokaido Main Line in Shimomukaiyama-cho Kochisa Kaido in Shimomukaiyama-cho While Mukaiyama-cho itself located in the hilly area north of Shimomukaiyama-cho Hill in Mukaiyama-cho western part of Mukaiyama-cho Tamataki-cho, located in the southwest of Shimomukaiyama-cho has access toward Akashima Expressway Mukaiyama Route (north bound only) and Tamataki Station of Kochisa Line. Tamataki-cho Eastern Tamataki-cho featuring Tokai Shinkansen Last overview of the area on this update: Overview of Nojiri-cho Overview of southwest Nojiri-cho Overview of Tamataki-cho Overview of Shinakashima-cho Thats all for today, hope you like it!

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