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From a 1851 settlement to...

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Replies + Teaser


Replies to the last teaser:

@Ln X :  What a GIF! I will check out the early areas to see New Sorgun when it was a tiny village.
Thanks!  I’ve been trying to get images of the town throughout the years with the idea of a gif in the back of my head.  Glad it’s finally paid off :)

@raynev1 :  Awesome GIF , showing the growth . Great and creative idea . I think that your entries are fantastic.
Thank you!  Hopefully I can keep it up and we’ll get a GIF spanning three more decades.

@GoKingsGo:  Way cool!  Nice even/realistic growth
Thanks for stopping by!

@tankmank :  Rear Gif, I like to see how the little town has grown over the years.
Tanks man! :)

@Schulmanator:  Awesome gif! Perhaps New SorGun's future will include feline rule? ;) 
The results are in… scroll down to find out :)

@noahclem:  Love the gif!  The growth over time appears quite realistic. Wish I'd remembered to mention W Bush's joke about being a tree farmer in response to the last update: “It helps me practice my stump speech!”
*Badam tish*

@kelistmac:  Me too, I love that gif !! Can't wait for the rest
Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the full update.


Replies to Election Day:

@gviper, @philforhockey51, @feyss, @MilitantRadical:  
Thanks for the kind words and support!

@kschmidt:  Very nice town, women voting still a long way to go; some suffrage women around, well done !
Thanks!  Unfortunately there was a glitch when using the ‘post in the future’ option and I had to remove the first entry – so now your comment is saved for posterity here :)

@raynev1:  This CJ is so awesome , you have made Simcity4 more like Simcity1800's . The images are fascinating to look at and a cool story as well . Viewing the first image to the last was so nice . You have done a great job . And that GIF , :thumb: . The progression is astounding . I know I said it before and I'll say it again with each time you post one . 
Like I told kschmidt, there was a glich in the entry, so your comment disappeared – so sorry!  Anyway, thanks for the compliments, they really made my day!

@MissVanleider:  Great entry, always nice to see. Early exit polls predict a landslide victory!  New SorGun , Rocks !
Thanks – but we know how reliable exit polls can be… just ask President Gore :)

@kelistmac:  Fantastic update ! I like all the pictures but that one with that canal... fantastic as always !!

@tariely:  I love the animation picture ! As I've seen New Sorgun grow from the very beginning, it brings back fond memories.  Remind me : (1) are those good people available in MMPs (I think so, with the docks, but I am not sure) ; and (2) what are they building near City Hall ?
Thank you – it was fun to go back and dig up some of those old pictures.  Times have changed!  Yep, you can find those people as MMPs in the historic harbor set.  And as for the new construction… There’s always something new going on in New SorGun :)

@takemethere:  Great looking 19th century scenery there and Kitty all the way, she's got what it takes :yes: 
Kitty thanks you for your support!

@Fox:  I have to agree that the animated picture is awesome.  Congratulations on getting this election to be more enjoyable than the current election.  Best of luck to both candidates.
Thanks Fox!

@Schulmanator:  Great looking pictures! And I would take either candidate over anyone running for President this year!!
That seems to be a reoccurring theme in these comments :)

@Ln X:  Amazing pictures, great use of MMPs and T21s! The smudgy/wavy photoshop effect you use works really well.
Thank you Ln X!  Some of those extra close-up images get a little pixelated, so there are some photoshop tricks that I have discovered to help smooth them out :)

@Cyclone Boom:  Well done, an engaging narrative (including the previous entries). Also the pictures are so authentic to this era.  Love the time-lapse too, a neat way of showing development. Just wondering how you managed to get all the frames taken from the same position? It's very effective, and might even be a possible idea for a ST challenge! 8) 
Thanks CB!  It took a little time in photoshop, but I just aligned all the images (I used some trees that have been there since the very beginning as a reference) and then cropped it nice and tidy like.  Then I used a .GIF maker to add the fade effects from one image to the other.  I can't wait to see what the new season of Challenges brings us :)

@Themistokles:  Lovely as always! How did you get such realistic steam from the locomotive?
Thanks!  That is just my amateurish photoshop attempt at steam, so I’m glad you like the result :)

@cmdp123789:  I am blown away with this.. I honestly, and no joke here, I loved that GIF.. that made it for me.. that was it. Great update! And I really like it when people can be part of it too.. the voting process makes us all part of the big picture, and that makes it feel almost real!
Thank you for the wonderful compliments!

@sucram17:  Kitty! Would be really great to see a lady in the ruling post.   Best regards/ santa malin
Kitty is fighting for the working class, and she appreciates your support.

@TekindusT:  This update was electrifying! Only a few can describe here in ST the sensations of excitation and uncertainty an election day causes! And the GIF, the MMPs... brilliant once again.
Thanks Tek!  I’m always happy to see you stop by :)

@tankmank:  And election day is upon us. I have enjoyed the whole process, some great images, the work gone into them must be staggering. Looking forward to seeing who will win.
Thank you Tank!  Stay tuned to see how things pan out.

@ROFLyoshi:  Can I vote for Donald Trump instead? :P 
I’m pretty sure the citizens of New SorGun would be pretty suspicious of one of those east coast business types :)

@Titanicbuff:  As a Hillary supporter its time for the woman to lead- so I voted for Kitty- after all, women need to be able to lead should they choose.
Kitty thanks you for your support.

@Belfastsocrates:  Love it! Goodness I really enjoy this CJ. It's such unique and well-crafted work and has a superb quality to it. From the HD props to the MMP work to your gorgeous buildings, Top quality work!
Thank you!  I’m hoping to get some of your great models into New SorGun in the near future :)

@Urban Constanta:  now this is what i call a real piece of F*****g alternate history! I love every post you have. Amazing work.  PS i voted for kitty :)))
Thanks Urban!  I’ve always liked alternate history fiction, so I appreciate your compliments.

@Cyclone Boom:  This is running right down to the wire -- it might need a recount! :golly: 
EDIT: Not now, looks like Mr Finch has a clear victory.

Yes… the voters have spoken…


Next time…
The tumultuous election is finally in the history books and New SorGun has elected Eastman T. Finch as the next Mayor.  The voting was close, and some predicted a Kitty victory as the early returns came in, but an avalanche of Finch supporters finally put him over the top.  


However, Eastman Finch’s greatest challenges still lie ahead…

Stay tuned…


Election Day


Update 50
Election Day
Fall 1884

Previously on New SorGun… 
Each candidate spent the last days and hours in full campaign mode, reaching out to voters and appealing for their support.  Now the time has come… it’s Election day 1884.

Across America citizens were visiting the polls and casting their vote to determine the 22nd president of the United States.  Although New SorGun was part of the Washington Territory and couldn’t participate in the national election, a number of local races meant the citizens around the SorGun region would be headed to the polls as well.  

The town of New SorGun was especially electrified, as the office of Mayor was up for grabs.  For over thirty years, the first settlement had grown into a thriving town with plenty of bumps and bruises along the way, but this election was the first time the citizens had to choose which path to take forward.

For months, the town has been the site of a political boxing match.  Both Kitty Timworthy and Eastman Finch have been battling for votes in an effort to secure the top job in town.  From high profile debates, to last minute stump speeches, both candidates have spread their message far and wide.

Finally, today, Tuesday, November 4th 1884, would determine the future of this burgeoning frontier town.  The polls opened early and lines began appearing from the get-go.

Finch woke up, and like every morning he had breakfast while reading the paper and glancing out his window at the harbor.  

He then made the short walk up to the new Town Hall and cast his vote.  The large crowds took him by surprise, but he was glad to see democracy in action.

Kitty, on the other hand, was up at the break of dawn to help her supporters pass out papers and encourage voters.  The Yarahi wharf train station was a hub of hustle and bustle, and Kitty made sure to greet and shake hands with as many town folk as humanly possible.

As the sun set, Mrs. Timworthy finally made her way to the old school house to cast her vote.

She couldn’t lie, it was a thrill just to see her name on the ballet.  Other women were making similar strides across the country, and even though women couldn’t vote in the presidential election, Belva Ann Lockwood was the first woman to run a national campaign for president.   Kitty didn’t know if she had a chance at winning the mayor’s office, but she was proud of the campaign she had run.  She looked down at her ballot once again and marked the box next to her name.



Now is your chance to determine the future of New SorGun.  Please mark your ballot, and thanks for your continued support of this CJ :)



Replies + Teaser


Replies to the last teaser:


@Dreadnought: Looks like Finch is gonna get a Long shore man's Union started !!  STEAM !!  I'm waiting to see if you've got IRONCLADS !!
You never know what will show up in SorGun harbor next :)


@Fox : Another great picture of that harbor .. love it!  Thanks for the reply .. I might try to post some of the missing pictures from my CJ .. but nothing new as I'm playing Cities:Skylines now.. although I do miss playing SC4 every time I see some great CJ posts here. Best wishes and looking forward to the election. 
Thanks for the compliments!  I’d love to see some of your C:S work as well :)


@Ln X :  Now THAT's a habour scene! I see you even got the MMP people on the roofs, did you make a prop of them and add them to the building model?
Thanks!   You can actually find that prop in the Historic Harbor set (ortho and diagonal!).  We also turned it into a lot… check the ‘under construction’ lots. 


@tariely :  OK, I'm teased. (I miss that SimPeg emoticon, the popcorn one...)  I wish there was a more weathered version of those docks, for later. They can't be spanking new eternally, can they ?
Swapping in a ‘weathered’ set of planks wouldn’t be too difficult modding wise, but I’d need all the props and textures first and my skills haven’t ventured into that area yet.


@gviper :  Ahhh, delightfully colonial! Though the location of that cargo box seems a bit odd in the pic...
Thanks!  It’s actually hanging above the water on that crane hook, but I can see why it might look odd. 


@heartless :  Gorgeous work!
Thank you, and glad to see you stop by.


@takemethere :  What a lively port! Btw are those ships and buildings custom BAT's? They look fantastic.
The small boats are all part of the Historic Harbor set here on the STEX, but the large steam frigiate is something that C.Scott has been working on and should be available in the near future :)



Replies to: Stump Speech

@feyss :  I love all those people conducting their everyday business on those pictures. And the diagonal docks are also amazing.
Thanks feyss!  I always like creating a ‘scene’ and I’m glad you guys enjoy the results.


@tariely :  The empty railway bridge is a very nice touch ! And I would love to get that steamer ferry. I DO miss that SimPeg emoticon. I am waiting with bated breath. (Which I cannot say of the coming US elections. But you began that storyline way before them:-)))
Thanks!  The steam ferry should be available on the STEX in the near future… 


@Belfastsocrates:  So much loveliness to take in and admire. I love the use of HD props, it really brings something to the scenes, which have been created with skill. Historic CJ's are difficult but you make it look so effortless.   Can I ask where those stone retaining walls are from? I rather like them.
Thank you!  Krashspeed’s amazing props from the Historic Harbor set have made creating historic scenes much easier (and with better results too!)  The retaining walls are by kergelen (although I slightly changed them for a more 19th century feel).  


@vinlabsc3k:  As always an impressive work!!   I can't imagine how much effort you have dedicated in the laying of MMPs and Lots. 
Thanks for the kinds words!


@gviper:  Always love to be taken back in time with New SorGun...love it!
I’m so glad you enjoyed it – more to come soon :)


@Themistokles:  Really nice! Like belfastsocrates said above, historical scenes are very difficult, but you've pulled it off really well. And those wooden piers look absolutely spectacular! Are they published anywhere, maybe?
Everything can be found in the Historic Harbor set – check it out!


@kschmidt:  Love the different town growing stages of the communities and the harbour scene´s, rail bridge ? Looking forward to the next stage, well done !


@kingofsimcity:  Those diagonal harbors look amazing! Masterful execution of a late 19th century setting with your choice of well... everything!
Thank you!  Unfortunately most harbor props are of the ortho variety, so it’s nice to be able to break the grid out at sea once in a while :)


@Tonraq:  Wonderfully executed, and the town is growing well. I guess I'm with team finch on this one.
Stop by next week to cast your vote – Finch appreciates your support!


@Swordmaster:  What's a stem engine? :???:  Nice work, though
Apparently I was confusing a 24th century technology for a 19th century one… silly me!


@Fox:  Love the look of Indian Point.. great job once again .. must take you a week to make each picture look perfect.  The election is so exciting, the way you write your story keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting more. .. can't wait!
To get all the pictures ready, it can take a week or so.  Sometimes less, sometimes more :) Thanks for you kind words!


@Ln X:  More gorgeous pictures. You are the MMP and T21 master.  Also have people not heard of stem engines? They run on stem bolts you know, self-sealing stem bolts. If anyone gets this DS9 reference then they 100% understand my avatar.
I better get Chief O’brien on the horn so he can straighten me out…

@noahclem:  I think the stem engine works by burning stems...from somewhere :D  Quite a beautiful update, though I certainly have my work cut out for me catching up. Wouldn't expect anything less than some brilliant showcasing of the historic harbors. I have to ask if you've lotted the people into the places they're gathering or if it's MMP work. Lovely story line, though I sure hope they don't burn down my favorite tavern! I'm for Finch, all the way
Short answer… sometimes it’s lotting, MMPing and photoshoping.  Usually a combination of all three.  Glad to see you around, and thanks for the nice comments!


@C.Scott:  Lovely to see the  New Sorgun  Story continue and we are now in1884. The Harbor is great.
Thanks – looking forward to more of your turn of the century models to sprinkle around New SorGun!


@sucram17:  this was fun. lovely entry. Let the poll be open!
Thanks!  And be sure to stop by next week to make your voice heard.


@TekindusT:  I can feel the electoral tension!
It all ends next week :)


@tankmank:  Another great entry, I'm enjoying the election buildup, can't wait to see who wins.
Be sure to take part next week – both candidates will appreciate your support.


@GoKingsGo:  On my way to work this morning, I saw a car with a sticker exactly like your cougar logo.  I said "I know that cougar from somewhere..." and after following them for a few minutes it hit me................Simcoug!  no idea why i thought you'd want to hear that hahah.  Anyway, great entry, great cinematics with the burning tavern!
Us Cougs are everywhere :)


Next time…

The election day is here.  New SorGun has grown from a tiny settlement into a thriving frontier town – now it’s time for you to decide what path she will take going forward.



Stump Speech

Update 49

Stump Speech

Fall 1884

Previously on New SorGun…

The Great Debate’ as it was to be called took place between Mrs. Kitty Timworthy and Eastman T. Finch.  Both candidates roused the massive crowd into a tizzy.  The election of 1884 was shaping up to be a pivotal point in the history of New SorGun and the surrounding region…


The November air was crisp, but still pleasant.  Eastman T. Finch looked out across SorGun Harbor as the ferry made the final adjustments before docking. 
“Beautiful day today,” he heard one of the passengers say as he began gathering his belongings. 
The weather had been quite enjoyable this fall he thought to himself.  No nasty storms or frigid temperatures that he could recall.
“Indeed,” agreed Finch, almost halfheartedly. 
How quick we are to dismiss the distant storms when the sun shines, he cynically thought.Update%2049%20-%201%20FerryDocking.jpg



With only days until the election, Finch was on a mad dash across the town to rummage up as many votes as his stamina would allow.  Anthony Myers suggested he take the short trip across the bay and stump the south shore.   Despite the hard times, New SorGun was still growing at a rapid pace.  Until recently the area south town (separated by the Rannug River) was barely developed, except for the random farm.  In fact, there were still logging camps that hearkened back to the days when loggers were the only inhabitants of the area.  However, some houses now stood where the great forests once dominated.Update%2049%20-%202%20LoggingCamp.jpg


Now, the ferry dock and surrounding area were growing at a rapid clip.  Mr. Terrance Harwell kick started the recent growth by building his cotton mill adjacent to the new wharf.   Known as a salesman who could sell you the dirt from under your foot, he made a hefty sum selling Corliss Steam Engines along the east coast.  Once the patent expired, Harwell headed west with detailed schematics of the engine.  He eventually found himself the owner of the largest (and most efficient) textile mill in the SorGun region.  Update%2049%20-%203%20Mill.jpg


Finch hoped to reach out to a part of New SorGun that often times felt like the forgotten step child.  Big things were happening around the center of town, but the south side was always a river apart.  However, Finch hoped to change that.  While doting on the gathered crowd, Eastman did his best Harwell impression by selling his vision of a new bridge that would span the Rannug River and bring the south side into the fold once and for all.  Update%2049%20-%204%20BridgeVision.jpg

The locals had heard this all before though.  A rail trestle was planned to span the river and extend rail service to the south bank, but the recession that began in 1882 dried up all the funding.  All that was left was a dirt and rock trail that marked the path that the tracks would take.  In a bit of irony, the path was only a stone’s throw away from where Finch was delivering his remarks.Update%2049%20-%205%20FinchSpeech.jpg


Meanwhile, just across the river, Ms. Kitty was taking part in her own last minute campaigning in the center of Indian Point.


Operatives for Kitty’s campaign were flooding the town with posters and papers appealing to the working poor.  The People’s Party were determined to get their candidate into the mayor’s office where they could begin to make drastic reforms and put the put the power back into the hands of the people, as they commonly espoused.Update%2049%20-%207%20Posters.jpg


Along with championing workers’ rights, the Peoples Ticket favored drastic reforms aimed at eliminating vice and corruption.  Some of the more vocal leaders in the party favored outright bans on alcohol, brothels and other sinful behavior.  Kitty even had to reign in some of her more fervent supporters, as she knew that such extreme measures wouldn’t sit well with the general populace.  It was a fine line she had to walk, made all the more difficult by a number of supporters who were involved in property destruction and in once case setting fire to a popular tavern.Update%2049%20-%208%20Fire.jpg


Eastman T. Finch and his Businessman’s Ticket was a stark contrast to The People’s philosophy, giving the people of New SorGun two distinct paths going forward.  Finch continued to rally the town around his can-do optimism and economic expansion.Update%2049%20-%209%20FinchDocks.jpg


Would the town continue to rely on free enterprise and personal freedom in the form of Finch.



Or would workers’ rights and a war against immorality win the day? 


The polls open next time.  Stay tuned.



Replies + Teaser


Replies to Merry Christmas 2015

@Schulmanator, @Ernestmaxis, @kschmidt, @MilitantRadical, @__B, @Mr Saturn64, @airman15, @Cyclone Boom, @gviper, @citycowboy, @polock1
Thank you all so much for the kind comments and replies.  I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

@slickbg56 - It's nice to see snow SOMEWHERE! It's looking like a green Christmas here in Michigan. We've had only 1/2 inch of snow for December. if that holds, and it appears that it will, it'll be the least snowy December in Grand Rapids history. Great photo as usual, excellent lot and photo editing, although its getting harder to tell which is which! Upon further inspection, and understanding of the referenced material, that appears to be uncle Eddie's RV in the driveway... very nice touch.
I'm sure you've gotten some snow since that update, because got a pretty good storm a few weeks ago and TN isn't known for snow.  Thanks for the comments, and yes, I was indeed looking for Uncle Eddie's RV and I think I found a pretty good prop :)

@MushyMushy - Looks great! Do I smell a Griswold reference?
The $%&^!ter was full, so most likely, yes :)

@sejr99999 -  Thank you & Merry Christmas     I can't have this house in my cities due to lack of nuclear power plants.
Thanks!  Just flip the auxiliary nuclear switch and you should be good. 

@raynev1 - I didn't know the Griswalds lived in New SorGun .  Merry Christmas SimCoug and all of New SorGun , and have a Happy New Year .
New SorGun is full of wacky characters - it keeps it fun :)

@tariely - Yay, New Sorgun is BACK !!! Happy Year's End, Simcoug !
Thanks, glad to be back :)

@metarvo - If I weren't too lazy to climb on the roof, I would totally do that.  Now, these are Christmas lights!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, SimCoug.  As far as snow goes, there'll be no white Christmas but I almost definitely will get a white Dec. 27 according to the forecasts.
A guy in our neighborhood does the whole Griswold lights thing and it looks great... But I'm with you - too much work to install and take down.

@Charles Darwin - Oh great, just another half a year until the story finally continues...
Ha!  I deserved that :)  I'm glad you called me out - I hope to keep a more regular update schedule this year :)

Replies to The Great Debate:

@Ln X, @tariely, @Compdude787, @Belfastsocrates, @raynev1, @GoKingsGo, @Titanicbuff, @feyss:
Thank you all for the wonderfully kind and encouraging comments - I miss doing this, so hopefully it will happen more often this year :)

@Swordmaster:  Fantastic!! Makes me wonder though if there shouldn't be a fix for that SAM transition road stub.   Cheers, Willy
I'm never one to get in the way of the NAM masters work their magic :)

@Dreadnought - Yo, guy -- Luuuuuv the two-decker tied up next to the old warehouse (or ships loft)!!! Great theme -- good story -- great work!!
Thanks!  Keep you eyes open because there will be more big ships in the coming months :)

@gviper - Simply love the thematic presentation. The blurred pictures bothered my eyes, but otherwise a fantastic presentation (imo).
Thanks - and yeah, I probably overdid the bluring effect on that one mosaic.  That's what you get for trying to be all 'artsy' :P 

@KRMill09 - Great story telling. I truly cannot wait to see who wins. And the images, as always, are fantastic.
Stay tuned, you will find out shortly (and you can even play a part in the outcome!)

@sucram17 - This is just great. Very well done with the crowds and all. I would like to know where to get those cobble sea walls.
I think you are referring to the JS Seawalls... there's a little trick you can add to these with the iLives reader to make them much easier to place in water.  Let me know if you are interested and I can point you in the right direction. 

@slickbg56 - Wow. Two candidates that actually seem electable. Truly a work of fiction.
Thank you! - it seems to take me more time to write these than any of the actual building or modding... crazy as that sounds. 

@kschmidt - Wonder how you create those crowds, entertaining story, well done !
A couple custom lots (using the 'sim' prop families found in the Historic Harbor set) and plenty of MMPing with HH sims and others.  Thanks for the kind words!

@kergelen - I really love the singularity of your CJ. Great use of cp buildings.
Thank you!  C.P. has been my savior... I don't think I could have pulled this off without his amazing custom content (and there's more on the way!)

@Fox - I'm inspired by both speeches!!   Great to see you back with some new pictures.. really enjoying the hard work you've put in to creating New SorGun.  Always love seeing pictures of that harbor, great detail, but I must admit this time, that school scene wins it for me, awesome work on the creek and the flora on the area, it's pretty damn impressive.
Thank you so much Fox!  It has been a while and I hope to get back into a regular update schedule.  That said, I wouldn't mind seeing some new stuff from you :P

@TekindusT - New SorGun + Politics = Winning combination!
It's actually really hard to make politics interesting (writing wise) so I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Next time...
Election day is less than a week away and both candidates are scrambling to reach as many voters as possible.  Forget soap boxes - Finch is scaling the various boxes around the harbor in order to get the word out... Stay tuned!
(click for full size)



The Great Debate

Update 48

The Great Debate
Fall 1884

Previously on New SorGun… 
With time ticking away, Eastman T. Finch realized he needed to do something before Kitty Timworthy walked away with the election.  In an attempt to cut through the lies and gossip being spread around town by Kitty’s associates, Finch proposed a debate between the two candidates.  Kitty readily agreed, hoping to bury Finch for good.  Mayor Walker agreed to moderate…

“Ladies and gentlemen… Ladies and Gentlemen,” Mayor Walker roared, attempting to quiet the huge crowd.
Finally, the debate had begun.  Finch knew the election would hinge on his performance this day, and he had to be nothing but perfect.  The format allowed for the first candidate to speak for an hour, the second candidate would respond for ninety minutes, and then the first candidate would be able to finish with a 30 minute rejoinder (the same format was used for the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates of 1858). 
Finch squeezed his hands tight – he could feel the sweat of his palms.  The businessman wasn’t new to public speaking, but the size of the crowd and the importance of the event would unease anyone.

Always the gentlemen, Finch insisted that Mrs. Kitty Timworthy be afforded the first chance to speak, which she cordially accepted.  It was not unusual for women to speak publicly in those days, especially on the frontier, where gender roles were more relaxed.  But a political debate between a man and women was less common, and one with a mayoral election in the balance was almost unheard of.  The buzz of excitement among the crowd was electric as Kitty began her speech.  

“Fellow citizens of New SorGun,” Kitty began.  “I am honored to be speaking to you today as a candidate for the mayoral office of this great town.  Only a few years ago, such a scenario would have been thought impossible.  But I stand before you today not only as a woman, but as a populist and a champion of reform.”
The crowd roared with approval.
“For too long, the businessmen and their allies have dictated policy in this town, and for too long those policies have benefited the few, while enriching their own enterprises.  They continue to promise growth and prosperity for all, but I have not seen the realization of these assurances.  Have you?”
Murmurs of disapproval could be heard shouted by the onlookers. 
“No… nor I, my friends.  In fact, businesses are being shuttered and a recession is smothering the life out of us,” Kitty bellowed in disapproval.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” Kitty continued.  “Almost a year ago, the golden spike was driven into the ground in Montana.  The Northern Pacific Railroad now spreads across the continent.  Our leaders promised a new era of wealth and prosperity… “ Kitty paused.
“More promises…” Kitty groaned sarcastically and the crowd joined in with a good laugh.

Mrs. Timworthy continued her assault on the failed leadership of the current administration.  The crowd was energized and laughing and booing at every cue.  Kitty was well practiced, as she had been replaying the same notes all across town while stumping for her candidacy over the previous months.  She spoke directly to her base, the laborers and women who were demanding jobs and an end to vice and corruption.  

Kitty’s hour came to an end, and Eastman T. Finch was given the stage.  As he walked toward the center, the crowd responded with some polite applause and a few heckles.  Finch looked out over the large gathering and cleared his throat.
“I know many of you gathered here today think unkindly of me.  Some of the things you have heard, read or experienced have influenced an unflattering opinion of myself… whether warranted or not.  I don’t expect to change any opinions rooted in hate, but I do hope my words can reach those of you who still hold an open heart.”
Finch paused, and continued.
“Like almost everyone here, New SorGun is my home, although not by birth.  Like you, this town became my home the day I set foot on Yarahi’s wharf.  I still remember that day, as clear as the natural Denenny spring that has provided our towns water since the days of the first settlers.  

“And like you, on that day I became part of not just a town, but a family of like-minded men and women.  Like all families, we have had our differences, but despite them we forge ahead and have achieved great feats.  Who here remembers the town coming together and raising the first New SorGun school house?  It still sits behind me, not too far from this very stage.  And how could we forget the dastardly actions of the Northern Pacific Railroad?    While the nay-sayers were writing off our town, we pulled together and built our own railroad!” Finch finished with a shout, and many in the crowd whistled in approval.  

Finch waited until the cheers abated. 
“Together we have built this small town into a leading force in the region, one that even the railroad barons cannot ignore.  Through industry and trade, New SorGun is the envy of the northwest and we continue to lead the way.   The new school house next to Denenny Creek only cements our commitment to educating our citizens and building a community that will endure.”

“And each new factory that springs up along our wharf means new jobs and financial stability.”

Eastman continued to outline the progress that New SorGun has witnessed over the past few years.  As his time allotment wound down he paused and looked out over the crowd.  
“Now, some believe all of our accomplishments bear an unacceptable cost.  Businessmen and industrialist are hoarding untold mountains of cash earned at the expense of you, the working men of this great town.  Certainly, I have been accused of such dastardly behavior,” Finch paused while a few murmurs and shouts in the crowd burst out.  

Finch raised his hand while the shouts subsided. 
“It is true; I have managed to build a considerable amount of wealth here in New SorGun.  Deservedly or not, that is a question could be debated until the end of time.  Does the lumberjack working an additional day deserve his extra dollar and a quarter?” 
The rustle of mixed emotions could be heard from the crowd.
“Or the barkeep who stays open late to service the late night patrons, is his time and extra energy not worth a dime?” continued Finch.
“hard work, extraordinary effort, uncanny persistence… these qualities have built up this great nation and we continue to thrive because we are rewarded for such endeavors.  Our home, this blessed town is no different.  New SorGun stands here today because we’ve given our sweat and blood to make it happen. “ 

Many in the crowd cheered as Finch paused, while others still offered their obligatory boos of disapproval.  
“Yes, it is true, I am a rich man.  I’ve earned great riches while living here in New SorGun.  Some would dismiss it as luck, while others may give a nod to hard labor and industry.  My aching hands and tired back remind me where I stand on that debate.  But let there be no debate about this…”
Finch finished the last sentence with a bellow so loud even the deaf man near the back of the crowd could feel the energy.
“I would spend every last penny, use every last muscle and give every last breath I have to keep New SorGun alive.  New SorGun is my home, and I will protect her like a father.  So long as I stand before you, by the grace of God, our town will not perish from this land,” Finch’s fist pounded the podium with a thunderous crack after his last word.
The crowd remained uncharacteristically quiet for a while.   Anthony Myers began to clap, and he was quickly joined by others, until finally a raucous crowd was hollering in approval.  Even the dissenters were quiet for a while.

Finch began walking from the stage while acknowledging the audience.  Mr. Myers caught his attention as he neared the edge and gave him a little nod of approval.  Eastman Finch had given the town a rousing speech for sure, but would it be enough to win the Mayor’s office?  
Stay tuned. 


Merry Christmas 2015


What's this?  New SorGun back from the dead?  
I told you I wasn't finished with this yet :)
I am deeply honored that the members of Simtropolis nominated this CJ for a number of 2014 Trixies.  Thank you so much for your support, I greatly appreciate it!

As a little 'thank you' I am offering a Christmas present, followed by some details of what will happen with this CJ in 2016... enjoy!



250 strands of lights, 100 individual bulbs per strand, for a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights.
I dedicate this house to the New SorGun family Christmas.
Drum roll please...
Drum roll!
taaa dada dadada dadad dadadadaadada...
Joy to the world...


Merry Christmas everybody, and may your best day in 2015 be your worst day in 2016.


Now, let's get down to business... what's in store for this CJ in 2016?
If you are looking for a quick way to recap what has transpired over the course of this CJ, be sure to check out this entry.
We left off just as the great debate was about to begin.  

We will pick it up right where we left off, so Happy New Year and get ready for New SorGun once again :)


Just Nominate!

This is less of an update than a plea to send in your Trixie nominations! Time is running out!

If you enjoy downloading from the STEX like I do, then you know there were so many wonderful creations that were selflessly shared in 2014. This is your chance to show your appreciation for the awesome content that keeps our city building hobby fresh and exciting. Have you already nominated for the main categories? Well then make up your own! Consider it a way to 'pay' for all the great goodies we get to play with every time we boot up our favorite city building game.

The same goes for the CJ and community awards!

It only takes a few minutes to nominate, and if you have trouble remembering, go ahead and take a stroll through the dozen or so pages on the STEX that encompass 2014. Need a few reminders?

Don Miguel came back last year with some amazing new content. In the nature department, released a state of the art tree controller while Girafe kept out cities green and beautiful. Partners in crime nofunk and Jasoncw kept me busy downloading, coming up with new goodies almost every month last year. Magneto had some incredibly useful content in 2014, and who could forget airman15's automata onslaught? Speaking of onslaught, Huston's slave BAT army uploaded more amazing content than you could shake a stick at (how else could he have made all that great stuff without some help?)! Reddonquixote... need I say more? IDS2 went retro with a set of amazing theaters and some amazing skyscrapers while Paeng dazzled us with his lotting magic. Wallibuk churned out some amazing historical BATs and FANTA1990 shared many of his nifty mods. Darknono, Seraf, Parisian and Aaron Graham kept the NYBT team well represented. had one contribution last year, but it was a doozie! FrankU and nos.17 kept us lotters in the game and Krio deluged us with more of his amazing models.

I apologize, I know I left many great content creators off of this little list, but I could have spent hours doing a recap of the whole year.

As far as CJ nominations - Ben's top 100 from 2014 is a good place to start! (and don't forget to nominate Benedict too!)

Ok... that's enough preaching for one day. So what is in store for New SorGun?

Well... lots... if I have anything to say about it. I've been working quite a bit lately on lotting, modding and laying the ground work for this CJ to start back up again. The mid 1880s was a time of great change in America and I'm going to attempt to capture much of that.

Along the way, I've been helping a bit with lotting...

From IDS2's amazing set of houses:


To helping C.P. get some of his amazing 19th century BATs out the door:


...and another collaboration with TCD is in the works, but no pictures of that yet. Hopefully soon though :)

So to keep a long story short, I'm still around :)


And big changes are afoot...



Replies + Teaser


Replies to Fog of War

Tonraq, takemethere, Luiz P. Romanini, dabadon5, feeroz123:

Thank you all for the nice compliments and words of encouragement.

Kim Sunwoo: Interesting as always. Every lot and texture in this CJ looks unique and so different from others. Great work.

That is very nice of you to say – I’ve never tried to be unique for the purpose of being unique, but I think that over time CJ’s begin to develop a style all their own and I’m glad you see that here.

Jetty Jockey: Outstanding work, as usual. You do have a flair for suspense.. Draw us in with an intriguing story and keep us eagerly awaiting more. Well done !

I won’t lie, the story is often the most difficult for me to write, but I do enjoy it when everything comes together – plus it’s also nice to take a break from lotting/playing once in a while.

Ln X: Yet more incredible lotting work. Also I am amazed by how you added new retaining wall pieces to the wall set from SimPeg4- the ones shown in the first picture.

Thank you – Yeah, I think Paeng shared those wall textures and I just wanted to add some finishing touches.

Huston: The calm before the storm indeed! This looks like it's getting very serious. And I really am just gobsmacked by the further than zoom 6 images. You pulled them of real well :)

Those close ups are made possible by the amazing HD props created by Krashspeed (and available in the Historic Harbor set).

Mymyjp: NOOOOOOO! You cannot end this like that!!! This is worst than watching a series on TV and having to wait the next week for the continuity of the plot....You evil man! lol

Excellent entry. Amazing skills. I am not courageous enough to venture with the Lot Editor, but it is always a pure pleasure to look at journals of individuals who do use it.

So looking forward to you next entry!

Thank you for the wonderful comment. I stayed away from the Lot Editor for years, but once I started playing around with it, something grabbed hold and I haven’t been able to put it down since. I probably spend more time tinkering with lots than watching them grow in the actual game.

Schulmanator: Nicely done!! Glad to see new stuff. I can always count on NSG to impress and delight. Keep bring awesome!!

I’ll do my best – I feel like I’m being pulled is so many directions, but I’m really going to try to stay on a weekly schedule, otherwise I can see these updates falling by the wayside once again.

slickbg56: I'm a big fan of the banner. Being able to pick out some of the props is fun! There's a lot of energy in the placement of each of the people. It has a genuinely organic feel. Very professional once again. Do you teach history in RL?

Thanks! That is another great prop created by Krashspeed. I’m sure they will make it to the STEX one of these days. I’ve had a number of different jobs in RL, but teacher is not one of them. Perhaps one day.

TekindusT: Classy banner!

Thanks – like I said, all credit goes to the one and only Krashspeed.

yarahi: Wonderfully evil to leave your readers with such a cliffhanger Coug :)

What could follow this build up? A heated argument at the debate?

Thanks! As for the next entry…

Next time…

The crowd was hushed, as Eastman T. Finch’s voice began to carry over the field.

“Many of you know me from the papers, or dining table gossip. Some of it may be true, and some not. But let me tell you a story about my first days here in New SorGun…”



Fog of War


Update 47

Fall 1884

Previously on New SorGun…

The Washington Territorial Legislature passed a bill that gave women equal rights at the ballot box. Mayor Walker was stepping down after decades of service to the little town, and Kitty Timworthy was immediately recruited to run for the vacant position. Eastman Finch, wary of Kitty and her supporters after seeing some of their radical proposals, vowed to run against Kitty and protect the pro-growth policies that had allowed New SorGun to thrive.

“What gum!”

The sound of Finch’s fist pounding the desk could be heard throughout the house.

“This shecoonery must stop today. Miss Kitty and her boodle of bad eggs are spreading so many lies around town, I can barely keep fact from fiction.”

Eastman’s face was red with anger. He grabbed the paper on his desk and let it fly across the room.

“Reverend Payne and his bull laden excuse for a paper is only icing on the cake…”


Ever since Finch announced his intention to run for Mayor of New SorGun, Kitty and her supporters eagerly went to work attacking anything and everything they could to bring Finch down a notch or two. Some issues were legitimate targets, like the safety record at one of the new factories along the wharf that was financed by Finch. Others were purely fabricated rumors meant to slander the businessman’s reputation.

(click for full)


However, politics in the rough and wild frontier of the late 19th century was anything but a fair game. At first, Finch tried to mitigate the damaging lies by defending himself through public speeches and friendly articles in the newspaper.


Unfortunately, his words held little sway among many New SorGunites. It appeared that a large majority were increasingly drawn to Miss Kitty’s fiery oratory and the belief that she was truly looking out for the working class. Kitty Timworthy was a constant presence around Indian Point and the other working class neighborhoods around town. She opened up two more soup kitchens in town, offering free or nearly free meals to those who could barely afford to keep their bellies full.

(click for full)


Even though many of the soup kitchen patrons were ineligible to vote in the upcoming election, citizens in town who could were taking notice to Mrs. Timworthy’s charitable proclivities. In other words, Kitty was winning the public relations battle.


Finch may have been lost in the world of politics, but he was never afraid to get down in the trenches, and as November neared, he realized what he must do. After an early morning stroll along the waterfront, the idea flashed through his head.

(click for full)


“A debate?” questioned Mr. Myers, as he tried to keep pace with Eastman Finch. The two were darting down Main St. with a vigor Myers hadn’t seen in his friend in months.

“You heard right old boy,” Finch exclaimed. “There’s a rumor mill eating up this entire town, and the only way to set things straight is to speak directly to each and every citizen.”

“But isn’t that what we’ve been doing with your round the clock speeches and newspaper bits?” wondered Myers.

Finch suddenly stopped on the sidewalk.

“When you woke this morning and looked out across the town, what did you see Mr. Myers?”

Myers fiddled with his chin, recollecting his day and said, “Well, normally I have a wonderful gaze down the train tacks as they slice toward the harbor, but this morning was nothing but fog…”

“My point exactly,” interrupted Finch. “A fog has settled in our collective minds as rumors and doublespeak convolute the facts.”

Myers studied Finch with a skeptical eye.

“A debate, my friendly engineer, will burn away the fog like the afternoon sun, and there will be nothing left to the imagination” Finch concluded proudly.

Myers began to speak but Finch cut him off while he swirled back into his hurried pace, “It doesn’t matter if it’s only for a day… A debate will cut through this foggy town and clear the air. A great debate!”

(click for full)


Finch broached the idea in person to Kitty TImworthy, who readily agreed to the proposal. It would be yet another chance to show this town just how wrong Mr. Finch and his antiquated capitalistic ideas truly were, she thought. So in late October, a week before the election the Great New SorGun debate took place in front of the new town hall. Some would claim the entire town showed up, and anybody there that day would easily agree.

(click for full)


The air was brisk, that day, but the citizens of New SorGun were too excited to notice. The murmuring from the crowd was quite noticeable, when suddenly Mayor Walker stood up and addressed the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…”


Replies to the last Teaser:

Ln X: I really like that coast! Also those are some snazzy photoshopped waves.

Thank you – it took some experiment in photoshop, but I’m happy with this result.

Huston: Tranquil scene it seems. Haven't got a lot of that in a while :P

The calm before the storm :)

NMUSpidey: I can hear the ocean from here! And top notch writer like me? Aw, you are too kind to this here hack.

Thanks! Writing is definetly my weakest point when it comes to this CJ. It also takes the most work :P

Mymyjp: awesome mmp work as always!

Thank you!

slickbg56: Mmmm... I can feel the jellyfish stings and barnacles jabbing my shins already... Awesome work on this!

Thanks – every once in a while I need to chill out and ‘paint’ a scene or two.

Jetty Jockey: Lookin good. Steep drop off, lots of structure... looks like a good spot for some fishing, if the orcas haven't gotten them all already . In response to your query, yes Cape May County has been revived. :)

That’s great to hear – I’m looking forward to future updates!

Packersfan: Oh, wow, you are still going. I thought this thing died...but you just moved exclusively to the City Journal section.

I need some help getting historical buildings like you have...especially a fort. I want to do a few shots of historical establishment of my region like you have...but I just don't know where to start.

Hopefully I was able to get you started – I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with in your new region.

Yarahi: A smalltown Kentucky girl battling the evil of corporate industry for a position of great power?? This could be interesting.. *brings out popcorn*

Glad to see you stop by :)


Replies + Teaser


Replies to She sights a Bird — she chuckles —

89James89, 47ply, gigius76, pinkindustry, Prophet42, and tankmank:

Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement!

Ln X: Amazing! I can't stop clapping. Also is Vortext going to be uploading this T21 mod to the STEX or LEX?

That’s a good question. I imagine this was a person project of his, so the odds of it seeing a public release are slim – but I know for a fact that he’s a really nice guy, so if you PM him and ask him nicely he would probably be happy to share the file :)

Urban Constanta: amazing. i just love it. my favourite CJ and by far the most complex. A real city evolution through history.

Thank you for the kind words! An city evolution through time is exactly what I am trying to achieve, so I’m glad that is getting across :)

juliok92012: I ask the same question of Ln X. Everything is ... perfect !!! Your lots are amazing! Not of to explain. Everything is very well done !!!

Thank you! As for the vortex file, please see what I wrote regarding Ln X’s questions.

Kim Sunwoo: Amazing work in this city journal. I wouldn't even know where to start with a XIX century city. So well done!

Honestly, I didn’t know where to start at first either… this has been a work in progress since the beginning. Thank you for the compliment.

rubberduck3y6: I love the animation that shows how the shore's been built out with the docks.

Thanks! I’m trying out a number of .gif software… I’m glad you like it.

dljrfn2000: That explains the snow in the Northeast, hell froze over, the best CJ around Simtrop is back

LOL… yes… It has been a while since a real update. You got me :)

Kevenbro: Always great to see New SorGun

I’m always glad to see you stop by, bro!

Schulmanator: AWESOME! So glad to have you back!

Thanks! I’ll be honest… I feel obligated to treat the Kitty character with much care and respect, seeing how you brought her into this world :)

NMUSpidey: This is simply put a fantastic journal, and this entry is especially good: not only do we get to see how the town is developing into a city, but we get some real depth added to longtime characters. Sensational work, really.

Thanks Spidey! I’m always glad to hear some nice words from a top notch writer like you. It encourages me when I’m just staring at a blank word document that is supposed to be my next journal entry…

Bastet69008: Hmmm I thought it was supposed to be a SC4 CJ, not a set of Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay screenshots! Awesome work here! What have you used to have this view in the last picture? I'd love to have a mini tutorial on that :)

This post gives the basics (be sure to skip the adfly thing if it pops up)… it’s not much more than a bunch of zoom 6 pics stitched together and altered using the photoshop ‘perspective’ tool.

slickbg56: Incredible! The transition shots. The lotting. The MMP. The authenticity. I'm starting to think that time travel may have been invented! What settings are you running to get the pictures to look the way that they do?

Thanks for the kind comment! I don’t really change the images much… I apply a slight (20%transparent) sepia filter on some of them to give it an ‘old’ feel, but that’s about it. If you have any images in particular, I can try to be more specific.

Huston: Wow, some really interesting development! This really getting good, and that image of New SorGun's transition over the years :D

Thanks! I have a few more of those planned :)

1131989: Where'd you get those boarded-up retail buildings in the first picture? I think they're from c.p. but I don't know if he's released them yet.

ed: Never mind, found explanation.

Glad you found the answer – Yep, C.P. was very kind to let me use some of his unreleased models. I especially wanted to showcase the ‘abandoned’ look that he’s been working on.

OreoToast: How did you get the bird's eye view photo?

Check my reply to Basetet69008 a few questions above.

Ultramegatiny: Beautiful both visually and narratively! For some reason, the cemetery really popped out at me. I love what you did with the paths and trees there!

Thank you! Blunder also made a comment about that – I’ll try and get a few more pics of that area in the coming updates.

Superbacon: I see there's a little development going on across the wider river next to New SorGun. Are there plans yet to bridge the river mouth?

Good eyes... Yep, that area has been settled for many years now, but they have had to rely on a shoddy ferry to get across the river. Yes, a bridge is most definitely in the cards, but the current political crisis may be a factor in getting that completed… (dum dumm duuuummm!)

nu-man: i need to know how did you get the view of the last picture?

edit: i found out.It is just like how i thought it is.

That was a popular questions this week – Thanks for your interest!

Citycowboy: wow. go cougs

Thanks! Go Cougs! :D

Jetty Jockey: I'm so glad to return and see an old friend still thriving. New SorGun has always been one of my favorites and is even more beautiful and detailed than ever. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few dozen updates to catch up on :)

Wow, a blast from the past! I’m so glad to see you stop by. Does this mean we may get to see Cape May County revived?!?

Next time...

Kitty sat next to the lighthouse as she looked out on SorGun bay. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was soothing, which was silly because she was still a Kentucky country girl at heart. With the election always on her mind, it was times like these that she was glad she could still come out here to decompress. Things were heating up in town, so moments like this were becoming more precious every day.

(click for full)




Update 46


Previously on New SorGun

The system that has kept New SorGun moving forward is hitting a few bumps on the road. Kitty Timworthy has brought together a coalition of various groups with the sole interest of bringing down Eastman T. Finch and the other elites who run the town…

While Kitty’s movement was gaining momentum, Finch and his supporters couldn’t seem to catch a break. The recession of 1882 was beginning to be felt in New SorGun. A number of businesses were shutting their doors for good and the current leaderships promises of growth and prosperity began falling on deaf ears.


Kitty saw the shifting momentum as a sign that her cause was just, but something happened on November 23, 1883 that even she couldn’t believe. After many previous attempts, the Territorial Legislature finally passed a bill that gave women the right to vote. Only the Wyoming and Utah territories had enacted women’s suffrage prior to the Washington territory. Finally, Kitty and the rest of her sisters would have the same voice in the polling booths as their husbands, brothers and fathers.


Almost immediately, Kitty was approached by a number of supporters begging her to run for Mayor in next year’s election. It was no secret that Mayor Walker, now almost 70, was stepping down after almost two decades of service to the little frontier town. In that time, Walker had seen New SorGun grow from a few shops along Main Street, to a lively commercial center.



Until now, folks didn’t give too much thought as to who would replace the well-loved retiring mayor, but with the events of the past few years it became apparent that the future of their town could hinge on the upcoming election. As winter gave way to the spring of 1884, Kitty finally caved to the pressure and announced her candidacy for Mayor as the ‘Peoples Candidate’.

(click for full)


There was an immediate wave of excitement throughout town. Suddenly, disenchanted groups of citizens finally felt they had a real representative who would fight for their interests. Women, workers, prohibitionists and other groups from across the political spectrum all celebrated the possibility of capturing the highest political position in the region.


However, not everyone was leaping on ‘The Peoples’ bandwagon. Some of Kitty’s supporters, including the Knights of Labor held a spiteful reputation for rabble-rousing and causing trouble. Many in town, including business owners, investors, farmers and others feared ‘The Peoples’ ticket and the harm they could do to New SorGun by pursuing their reforms. Despite what many of Kitty’s supports claimed, New SorGun had achieved amazing growth and prosperity under the guidance of the businessmen who made up the current political administration in town.

(click for full)


After Kitty’s announcement, the business leaders in New SorGun realized they would need to nominate a strong candidate to have any chance of retaining the mayor’s seat. A number of names were batted around, but in the end only one man had the charisma, expertise and popularity to challenge the People’s Ticket.

“Mr. Finch, some gentlemen are here to see you…”


Eastman T. Finch was reluctant at first. Politics usually made his skin crawl and he always managed to keep his distance from the ‘great circus,’ as he usually called it. But he had seen first had what a savage band of citizens could do, and he was fearful of the ‘People’s Ticket’ and their agenda.


When Finch faced a difficult decision, he was in the habit of reaching out to his good friend Anthony S. Myers. Myers always knew that he was more of a sounding board to Finch’s thoughts and rarely had any meaningful sway in his decision making process, but it suited Myers just fine – he actually enjoyed his friends company. On a beautiful spring morning, the two men met by the docks, which was Finch’s favorite place to be in New SorGun.

(click for full)


Finch sighed as he leaned over to feed the birds, “I've never enjoyed politics… I’d much rather create something with my own to hands than step into that mud pit.”

Anthony Myers laughed as he looked out on the harbor, “Your suits are too nice to be soiled in mud. I don’t blame you for staying out of the fray.”

Eastman gave a smirk.

“Besides, I’ve never seen a politician build anything but their own ego,” Mr. Myers continued.

“Unfortunately, my friend, I don’t think we can build our way out of this one,” said Finch sullenly.

Myers listened to the gulls circling above docks. “The thought of a free meal sure whips them into a frenzy…”

Finch sighed, “Yes, the gulls are similar to people in that respect…”

“Perhaps, but some would say birds are more civilized,” replied Myers.

Finch watched quietly as the seagulls clashed over the last crumbs of bread.


A week later Finch held a gathering of his friends and associates next to the new town hall, which was still under construction.

“My friends,” Finch began, “thank you for coming. As we stand here today, we can look across this marvelous patch of land and be proud of our little town. I first stepped foot on Yarahi’s pier nearly twenty years ago – I still remember the day fondly. It was only a few shops and houses then, but New SorGun was bustling with energy, and it electrified me. Today that energy continues to build and together we have erected a shining beacon that illuminates the region.”

Finch paused as the gathered crowd nodded and clapped in approval

“Now, Most of you know that I have little patience for politics, but I believe we have come to a crossroads,” Finch continued. “There are some who believe our great achievements are not worth the price and everything we have built constitutes a sin against man.”

There were grumbles of disapproval from the crowd.

“I, however, will not be shamed into exodus,” Finch bellowed. “I hold my head high and look around this great town with pride in my heart. I accept your nomination and on Election Day I hope to humbly stand before you as the next mayor of this exceptional town.”


Anthony Myers clapped loudly in approval along with entire crowd. He believed in his friend and his principles, but he couldn’t escape the worrying feeling that had been nagging him since Finch informed him of his intention to run. Anthony knew Finch would be a highly capable Mayor, that much was certain, but Myers understood his friend better than most, and deep down he was worried that a highly public and vicious campaign would break Finch. His friend’s public persona was always steadfast, but behind closed doors Eastman Finch would brood and fret over personal attacks and unflattering gossip. Myers could only hope that Eastman would grow a tougher hide over the coming months, otherwise he feared what would become of his friend.

(click for full)


I want to send a special ‘thank you’ to C.P. for graciously allowing me use some of his unreleased 19th century models. These will be popping up in New SorGun with more regularity in the future. If you have a second, I would strongly recommend taking a look at his BAT thread over at SC4Devotion – its chock full of amazing SC4 treats.

Replies to the last Teaser...

Urban Constanta, Mymyjp, SylvioJ:

Thank you for the compliments and support!

Ln X: How do you plop MMPs on streets?

That is actually the result of some excellent T21 modding by vortext. I haven't really looked into T21 modding yet, but he was kind enough to share his work with me.

Ultimate727: As always, wow! You are doing this for years and it still doesn't get any close to boring!

Thank you for the kind words - I try my best to keep every update fresh and new.

Huston: That's quite the crowd! I can only image what'll happen. :O

Thanks - we haven't seen the last of unruly crowds yet :)

ModyMentos: Can't wait for the next update, and its will be the 100 one !!!

Hope you enjoyed it - I will try to do something special for the 50th full update :)

nas786: This is amazing. I am learning some american history as I read through these entries lol. Such a great job of not only capturing the era, but also showing the progression. Can't wait to see how these shady railroad guys effect the area.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of the railroad barons :)


Replies + Teaser


Replies to New SorGun Recap

Moerp, Urban Constanta, MilitantRadical, Huston, Jacob_G2013, ModyMentos, JP Schriefer, tankmank, juliok92012, Luiz P. Romanini, Prophet42, Superbacon, Asser:

Thank you all for the kind words and show of support. I hope I don’t disappoint!

Ln X: That is some mighty fine MMPing and lotting.

Thanks! That first image is new and it was good to get the kinks out… it had been a while since I did some heavy MMPing.

Sexysark:P: Yes I am ready for more New SorGUn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear it – thanks for your enthusiasm :)

Mymyjp: I don't know how you did that broken bridge, but it is an amazing picture... Amazing work in this cj!

Thank you. The bridge picture is a little photoshop trickery, and some well placed MMPs :)

Schulmanator: Glad to see you back!!!!!! :D :D :D

Glad to be back… Hopefully I can stick around for a bit this time :)

Kim Sunwoo: Amazing city journal; lot of details and very good editing. You've got a fan here.

I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for stopping by!

Blunder: We've got a pulse.

I almost lost it after that Seahawks game though… o.O

NMUSpidey: I feel like I've read some of those, it's so familiar! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this story goes!

Ha! Well, most of that was regurgitating old storylines, but I felt I needed to take a step back before I started getting into it again. Don’t worry, 100% new updates will begin next week :)

coolwiththecool2: Glad to see its back, oh and I just realized 74 people are following New SorGun, im surprised I missed that but congrats to whenever that happened.

Holy cow, where did they all come from?!? I guess it’s time to get this ball rolling again :)

mb1.0.2: Oh, my. What a time for me to come in and check in at Simtropolis. Just in time, it would appear! Lovely recap. I'm ready for more! :)

Glad to see you back. Thanks for the kinds words.

Robotica: Great city, I LOVE your last image.... Which I am very curious about... How did you take that screenshot? You have the camera at an angle I haven't seen in SC4.... How???

Well, that involves some old fashioned image stitching and using the ‘perspective’ tool in photoshop.

I think I went into more detail in another post… let me see if I can dig it up.

Yep… Here it is.

estates to the real: Great to see this update, Matt! I really love this CJ series and your fine work on all the details, textures, and lotting. Very cool. It's fun to click around on the links to get the comprehensive story line. Looking forward to the next chapter of New SorGun!

Thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully I can keep the new updates flowing this year.

Next time...

The popularity of the 'Peoples Ticket' continues to gain traction, and the big wigs in town are starting to take notice. Who will step in and lead the opposition?



New SorGun Recap


Update 45


Well, it’s been over a year since there was any regular update activity, so I thought I would refresh my memory before we get going again. Feel free to join in. :)

Let’s go back to the summer of 1851. A group of pioneers set sail from Portland Oregon hoping to start a new life and make a few bucks while they are at it. The Pacific Northwest was sparsely populated, and our band of adventurers intended to start a town that would one day become the San Francisco of the Oregon and Washington territories. The going would be tough, but they set out with a vision and had the fortitude to see it through.


New SorGun was founded that year, and through hard labor and determination the group of settlers made a small village where a forest of evergreens once stood. Along the way they made friends with a local tribe of Native Americans, and slowly the jumble of cabins become a hub for traders, trappers and other wayward adventurers.


As the town expanded through the early 1850s, other settlers move in and start their own settlements. Junction, Materburg and Porthaven also get their start around this time. Logging becomes one of the prominent industries of the region and each town suffers its economic ups and downs.


The growth and expansion of the early settlements doesn’t come without its costs. In the winter of 1856, a war party of Native Americans strikes through the region after a number of violent incidents leads to armed conflict. Fortunately for the citizens of New SorGun, the town was saved, but Junction was put to the torch.


By 1860, Porthaven was growing steadily with Nicholas J. Delin at the helm. Through his leadership and the towns’ proximity to the new Army fort, Porthaven was already overtaking New SorGun as the principal settlement in the region. However, nothing could have saved the region from the crippling depression and stagnant growth that would result from the devastating American Civil War.


Even during the worst of times, intrepid individuals find a way to create opportunities, as was the case with Eastman T. Finch. As the recession of war faded away, the other towns in the region began to grow as well. By 1870 the entire region was profiting from the continued migration of Americans heading west. Mr. Fredric Stevens even managed to tally the entire region in the census of 1870.


By 1873 the rumor of a railroad terminus in the area was creating a firestorm of activity. The Northern Pacific Railroad commissioned a poll to determine the best site for the terminus of their trans-continental rail line. Unfortunately for the participating towns, the big wigs in charge of the railroad agreed that it would be financially beneficial to themselves to create a town out of thin air, and laugh all the way to the bank.


Almost immediately, folks began moving to Steamer Bay from the other towns in the region, including New SorGun. Business was booming in Steamer Bay, and the railroad bosses had every intention of shutting down any town in the area that dared get in their way. But Mr. Finch wasn’t going to give up so easily. The little town was hanging on, despite the concerted efforts of the Northern Pacific to erase New SorGun from the map. And with the help of a new friend, Mr. Finch devised a plan that would keep New SorGun chugging along.


Fredric Stevens would make his return to the region for the 1880 census. Steamer Bay was growing like gangbusters, and a number of other towns were popping up in the area as well. Unfortunately for Mr. Delin, the Northern Pacific got the best of him and gobbled up nearly the entire town of Porthaven.


Stevens continues his census tour with a rugged Scotsman and learns about some shady activity by the Northern Pacific Railroad. He finally reaches New SorGun and is shocked to see how much the little town has grown since his last visit, despite the appearance of some political disagreements among the populace. The surrounding countryside has seen changes as well, including the booming quarry business and large swaths of farmland.


The 1880 census concludes in the small town of Materburg, where Fredric Stevens decides to finally put down stakes and live out the rest of his days in SorGun. After 30 years of growth, one might want to catch his breath, but the 1880’s roared ahead at breakneck speed. Grumblings about immigrant workers began to rise to the surface in Porthaven, and political struggles were taking shape in New SorGun as Kathleen ‘Miss Kitty’ Timworthy rose to prominence.


Finally, a criminal incident in 1882 set up a political firestorm in the town of New SorGun, pitting Kitty Timworthy’s People’s Party against Eastman Finch and the Businessman’s ticket.


Will the Northern Pacific Railroad continue its dirty dealings and finally wipe New SorGun off the map, or will New SorGun self-implode under internal strife? What will happen to Lee Shao and his fellow Asian-American immigrants? Have we heard the last of Nicholas J. Delin? Or Fredric Stevens for that matter?


Are you ready for more New SorGun?



Merry Christmas everybody...


My inspiration:

There has been far fewer updates around here than I would have liked, but alas, RL plays hell with my SC4 time. I have a loose idea of where the story goes from here, I'm just lacking the time and energy needed to see it through. Fortunately the winter months leave plenty of idle time, so I really am hoping to get back into a rhythm here shortly.

Happy Holidays, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.


Tonraq: Can't wait! :D

Hopefully you can wail a little longer :lol:

slickbg56: I'm pretty sure that guy at the bottom of the photo is about to take a header off the dock. AWESOME DETAILS!

Krashspeed really went above and beyond with all the props from the Historic Harbor set.

Huston: Wow, how much content have you got for this? I don't think ME:TMW comes close to how much you've made for New SorGun :O

Well, I've never really opened the BAT in my life... fortunately Krashspeed is such an amazingly talented BATer, otherwise these updates wouldn't look half as good.

Benedict: Great teaser, and congratulations on another week at number one on BTT.

Thanks - and hopefully I can get back on the list soon.

Gugu3: Nice!can't wait until next update

Thanks for stopping by!

juliok92012: WOW!!! Beautiful image, can't wait the next update²


eufl: What should I say? Reading entry after entry, some of them more than once, cause I started reading more than two years ago, I am highly impressed, more than that, your CJ is on my all time favourite list, and that is no easy task.

I love your way to tell about history by using a fictional story. There were a lot of points, where I followed your links to the historical background, and I learned a lot about the so called wild west and early colonisation of the northern Pacific States. Stuff like this never was part of my curriculum.

And to tell such a story with all these extraordinary pictures, your care for all the little details, not to speak about all the modding behind the scenes, I am really wowed.

And to come to an end: Thank you not only for this CJ but also for all you fantastic shared work. Since I´ve started SC4 again with your diagonal lots, well since then I really enjoy "playing" this game.

Thank you for the kind words, and I'm so glad you enjoy New SorGun!


Replies + Teaser


Replies to For Whom the Bell Tolls

Fan o SC4, portlandexpos04, Ln X, Schulmanator, Kevenbro, scissors, Leszczyk, and ModyMentos:

Thank you all for the kind words and support, I always enjoy reading your feedback.

slickbg56: Sounds like an unstoppable force is about to meet an immoveable object. And so it goes.

Strong willed personalities rarely give ground… stay tuned to find out what happens :)

Luiz P. Romanini: It's like Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant... but in the 1880's. You just got me even more hyped for the next update. Great plot!

WWF throwdown 19th century style… I like it :)

Tonraq: That's a nice plot, full of intensity. I like it :P

Thank you! I try to create an interesting story but historically plausible at the same time.

naterboy8796: Northern Pacific is bound to be involved in this. They just might be sinister enough to stir up trouble somehow...

Sinister is right… :)

TekindusT: Most of times, I don't comment on this CJ to avoid repeating myself... Guess that saying "Wonderful and epic" for 95 entries may get a bit repetitive.

But seeing your comments will never get repetitive to me :)

MilitantRadical: I kind of have to side with Finch and Judge Morgan on this one. Mobs and justice just don't mix. Kind of makes me think of this whole Ferguson situation going on right now.

Society is built on laws and justice to avoid incidents like this. Mob justice, even if it is the majority, can be a dangerous thing. The ancient Athenians learned this centuries ago.

pcwhiz24: Pleaasse tell me where you get the ploppable/mayor mode sims? :) Definitely the best I've seen in a long time and your attention to details is truly amazing!

These sims will be available in the future Historic Harbor set. For more info, check out the development and support thread here.

Fox: A very controversial time has fallen over New SorGun .. let's hope that justice prevails. Loved the picture of the hanging by the way.

Thank you Fox!

Huston: A rise against the big guys! Always an exciting and enigmatic plot to see through ;)

The plight of the poor will always be a lightning rod. Stay tuned to see how things turn out.

Benedict: Fantastic update - and you're back at the top of the BTT chart this week.

I’m always excited to see New SorGun on the BTT, thank you!

NMUSpidey: It is obvious that you have done your research about this era. Fantastic update, both pictures and story. Honestly, I'm not sure who to root for. Certainly Kitty and her desire to help the 'little guy' out are commendable, and I am extremely sympathetic to her cause. Prohibition, however, did not exactly work out the way the prohibitionists thought it would, and let's not forget Eastman's proposal to the sheriff all those years ago! Plus, his business interests have served the town well, and were he and his sly business acumen run out of town, who knows what kind of future that would bring? Oh, I hope for a peaceful accord, some kind of mutually beneficial compromise to this conflict!

That’s a pretty good summary… better than I could do :) Thank you for the kind words, I always value your perceptive feedback.

Jmsepe: Is this seriously Simcity? Hahaha. Great update. :)

Seriously modded Simcity… but Simcity nonetheless :)

Next time…

Finch sighed as he leaned over to feed the birds, “I've never enjoyed politics… I’d much rather create something with my own to hands than step into that mud pit.”

Anthony Myers laughed as he looked out on the harbor, “Your suits are too nice to be soiled in mud. I don’t blame you for staying out of the fray.”

Eastman gave a smirk.

“Besides, I’ve never seen a politician build anything but their own ego,” Mr. Myers continued.

“Unfortunately, my friend, I don’t think we can build our way out of this one,” said Finch sullenly.




Update 44


Previously on New SorGun

Kathleen ‘Kitty’ Timworthy’s journey from Kentucky to New SorGun was full of adventure and heartbreak, but her greatest challenges still lie ahead…

As the world rolled into the 1880’s, great changes were being felt across America and in New SorGun as well. The town was growing at an incredible rate, closing in on 5,000 souls at the turn of the decade. Suddenly New SorGun was looking more like a proper town, and less like a frontier village. As a result, the townsfolk were expecting the social atmosphere to reflect those changes. But old habits die hard, and parts of New SorGun still held a reputation for depravity and vice.

(Click for full size)


Kitty Timworthy was one of those citizens looking for change. After butting heads with the town’s ‘establishment’, including Eastman T. Finch, Kitty began building a grass roots campaign among the citizens of New SorGun. She entertained union leaders, dinned with socialists and vegetarians, and had tea with the local clergy. Kitty quickly found herself at the head of a populist movement itching for change against the bankers, businessmen, and social elite who were building enormous wealth off of the backs of the ‘little guy’. Both sides were heading for a clash.


The alarm bells began ringing, literally, on a cold winter night in January of 1882. A respected tailor by the name of Terrance Collins was walking home when he was stopped by two robbers demanding money. Mr. Collins reached into his coat pocket for his wallet when the two men shot him dead and ran off into the night. The victim’s body was quickly found and somebody began ringing the fire bell.


A large group gathered and upon hearing the sad news they began searching the entire town for the murderers. A short while later a boot was found sticking out of a hay stack on the wharf, and the mob pulled two men from their hiding (or resting) place. Most folks proposed to carry out justice right there and then, but Sheriff Willis, with a hand on his revolver, convinced the posse that sleeping in a haystack was no crime.

“We’ll take ‘em to the jail and let justice prevail,” he said.

(Click for full size)


The posse took the men’s shoes and compared them with the footprints in the soft mud at the scene of the crime. The shoes were almost an exact match and the citizens of New SorGun were convinced they had captured the murderers. The next morning the prisoners were brought before Judge Morgan where their only defense was to deny guilt. The judge ordered the men be held without bail until they could be tried, but at that moment a large group of men rushed the prisoners and subdued the lawmen surrounding them. The enraged mob gathered outside where the two prisoners were strung up by the old maple tree near the center of town.

(Click for full size)


Judge Morgan and Eastman Finch attempted to cut the men down, but both were stopped by the mob.

“You will regret this,” yelled Finch as he was carried off. “Our actions today are no better than the criminals who shot Mr. Collins!”

Kitty watched as the mob carried Morgan and Finch away, and she could see tears streaking down the judge’s face. She was partly terrified by the furor displayed of the throngs of irate citizens, but also excited at the same time. If she could somehow tap that raw energy, maybe the people of New SorGun could one day rise up and put an end to the entrenched interests of the established elite.


Days later, Judge Morgan fell deathly ill. Mr. Finch, one of the Judge’s good friends, visited immediately once he heard the news. The Judge motioned for his friend to come near.

“Those hangmen were in revolt against the very foundation of this country,” Morgan said in a weak voice. “They were exemplifying the doctrine of original sin and total depravity… Their actions will cast a shadow on our town that I fear may not be lifted for years to come.”

Mr. Finch nodded and held the judges hand, trying to comfort his dying colleague. Judge Morgan passed away soon after. Many would say he died of a broken heart.


Still haunted by the images he had witnessed days earlier, Finch vowed to do everything in his power to stop a similar event from ever happening again. With the help of some of his business friends, Eastman Finch went to the town council and mayor with a proposal to double the size of the sheriff’s department. Many in New SorGun welcomed the news of additional law enforcement, but Kitty and many of her followers accused the town council of using the new officers to protect the interests of the businessmen and wealthy investors.

(Click for full size)


The fact was, Finch was used to getting what he wanted. Eastman’s contributions to New SorGun could not be overlooked, and he used his money and influence to sway the town council when it suited him. His controlling interest in the SorGun Herald, one of the town’s most prominent daily papers, also allowed him a voice in the court of public opinion. When all was said and done, Eastman T. Finch was considered one of the most powerful men in New SorGun.

(Click for full size)


It was no surprise to Kitty Timworthy that the city council and mayor quickly passed Finch’s proposal, and the event only encouraged Kitty to double her efforts. In order to enact lasting change and restore power to the people of New SorGun, Kitty would have to tap into the same emotional energy she witnessed the day the two ‘criminals’ were rightly executed. The Reverend Zebediah Payne was more than willing to assist Kitty in that department.


Kitty met Reverend Payne many years earlier when he was still giving sermons out of an old school house. Zebediah was never shy about sharing the word of God, and each Sunday he preached the dangers of sin and the devil until his voice gave out. Whether it was the theatrics or the message, Zebediah’s congregation grew, becoming one of the more popular churches in the town of New SorGun.

(Click for full size)


Although the Reverend and Kitty didn’t see eye to eye on every social or political issue, they bonded over their mutual distaste of Eastman T. Finch and the other big wigs in the New SorGun establishment. Finch continued to profit from his stake in the Illahee, the local brothel, which was a cardinal sin in Zebediah’s book. Each and every Sunday, Reverend Payne would use his bully pulpit to inform the masses of the depravity and vice that was infecting the town through the establishments owned by Finch and his colleagues. As time wore on, Eastman, who wore his popularity as armor, began to notice the chinks. Finch’s veil of invincibility began to wear off.

(Click for full size)


The ‘magma pit’, as the locals liked to call it, was the area of town full of taverns, gambling halls and brothels. The area was a popular entertainment destination for many, but after a number of criminal incidents, including the murder of Terrance Collins, popular opinion began to turn and many citizens began demanding the removal of such vise from New SorGun. Kitty, with her connections to various groups such as the clergy and prohibitionist, became the de-facto leader of the movement to bring New SorGun into a ‘new’ civilized era.

(Click for full size)


Finch and the current town leaders quickly realized there was a new challenger to the established political status quo.

(Click for full size)


Replies to the last Teaser:

mb1.0.2: Oh...so glad this is back! Wonderful work as usual. Such an inspiration!

Thank you, I'm enjoying your current CJ as well!

Luiz P. Romanini: Is that Indian Point?

Good eyes, it is indeed :)

ModyMentos: Moor moor moor... of the good work.


Tankmank: Can't wait for the full update

Hope you enjoyed it :)

slickbg56: Rise up people!

Things are starting to heat up :)

Scissors: This would be an excellent place for a really nice train station. ;-)

That would certainly help the land value :)

Huston: There's no turning away from beautiful work...even if I'm looking at a slum. I feel an uprising coming on... :O

What is a town without a little political strife? :)


Replies + Teaser


Replies to Kitty’s Tale

Tonyr, IRE505, sarthakknight, Ln X, portlandexpos04, Bastet69008, fan o SC4, a_muses, Alex_1210:

Thank you all for the kind words and warm welcome back!

ioh969: Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work this is my favorite CJ

Considering the high caliber of so many other CJs around here, that is very high praise – thank you!

Luiz P. Romanini: Impressive backstory. I guess Miss Kitty will be the new engine that will drive New Sorgun forward.

Thank you my friend!

Borgmästarjojje: Are you the king of mmps? I do believe you are. :)

Certainly not – I’m just good at impersonating the real MMP masters like Paeng, Blunder and _Marsh_, just to name a few.

Scissors: Yes!!! Good to see that the story continues. I hear what you are saying about hobbies. I stopped playing SC4 all together unfortunately.

Thanks – I’m glad you liked it. There’s never a bad time to pick it back up again :)

tankmank: Such a great update, i generally am not a fan of history but i really enjoyed this story and the images were spectacular, so much detail.

Thank you – I enjoy getting comments like yours because I find history so fascinating and I’m glad I can share that interest with others.

Kisa Atsuko: Nice scenes! I really like the last picture where people makes the rail... it really looks real!

Thank you! Krashspeed deserves all the credit for the amazing props he created for the Historic Harbor project (coming soon to a STEX near you).

Titanicbuff: Beautiful as usual. Wish my skills were that good- I build only large cities.

I used to also focus on large cities but eventually I became interested in creating realistic suburbs, and that led to rural areas which finally peaked my interest in modding and using the Lot Editor. I guess this CJ is a result of that transformation.


That’s quite a welcome back, thanks! :)

urielgarcia: Aww, development. So an amazing update - every image was wonderful. Loved Kitty's story too. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

Thank you, stay tuned – there will be more about Kitty next time.

Loffas: Everything looks very nice and the mod seems fun. One question: How do I get this mod?

No download button anywhere where I can see. Maybe you can´t.. I can´t find it anywhere anyway... Is this just like a little story, like a book?

Well, it is not one all-encompassing mod – I've spent hours trawling through the various exchanges looking for any and all buildings, props and other mods that fit in this era. I’m going to try and release as many of my own personal lots on the STEX as possible, but in many cases it’s just not feasible due to the insane number of dependencies. If you are looking to try and create a historical city, I would check out C.P.’s 19th century sets over on the LEX. Onlyplace4 also released a large number of Wild West themed buildings here at the STEX. At least that will get you started :)

MilitantRadical: A strong woman in a man's world. I like it.

And the neat thing is there are plenty of examples of these women in the history books too.

Fox: Stunning as always.. and really glad to see you back!! Woo .. go Foxton! Glad to hear about the revival of New SorGun .. well done Ms Kitty! Great story still!

Thank you!

Schulmanator: YES!!!!! Kitty has arrived at last!

And she’s only getting started :)

Huston: So much detailing involved, and the story really is pretty interesting. I'll be looking out for more ;)

Thanks Huston!

Superbacon: As always such a deep level of detail! I was starting to think you'd disappeared on us lol.

Yeah, the break was a little longer than I intended, but hopefully I can keep the updates rolling for a while now.

NMUSpidey: Fabulous. I'm a bit embarrassed about Mr. Finch's reaction towards her, but hey, he is a product of his time. Maybe she can appeal to his wallet somehow...

I don’t think Finch is a bad guy, but it certainly was a mans world back then and he needed to keep up appearances, least he look weak in front of his colleagues.

spa: My favourite CJ. Can't wait to see where New Sorgun goes next. Kitty for mayor?

Thanks spa! I can tell you have good political instincts :)

APSMS: You're back! What an interesting update, with those insane details with all the Sims and such... The Plot thickens...

Thank you! As I mentioned above, the detailed props and sims created by krashspeed really bring life to SC4.

StarcoGAMES: I want the mod that makes everything look like the 1800s, can anyone give me a link?

Like I mentioned to Loffas earlier, there is no all-encompassing mod that I used… each lot has been pieced together with all the wonderful BATs and props created by this great community.

Matt22a: Amazing how do you get the soldiers? Photoshop

You can actually plop your own – just don’t forget the dependencies :)

Prophet42: Another great update! I love the detail in the pictures, and the story line is very interesting.

Thanks! With all the writing and re-writing, the story often ends up becoming the most time consuming part of each update.

Next time... The poor and downtrodden look to a new leader...

(Click for full size)



Kitty’s Tale


Update 43

Fall 1884

Previously on New SorGun

Like so many others, Lee Shao arrived in America with a shirt on his back and determination in his heart. His hard work and perseverance led him to Steamer Bay and a job with the Northern Pacific Railroad. After years of sweat and toil, Lee had earned a sizeable savings, as well as a reputation as an honorable and decent man. But after President Chester A. Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act into law in the spring of 1882, it looked as though Lee Shao’s big dreams could come crumbling down.

(click for full size)


Kathleen Blake was no stranger to disintegrating dreams.

‘Kitty,’ as her family called her, was born on a farm near Elizabethtown, KY in the spring of 1837, not too far from where the 16th President of the United States first entered this world. Tragedy first struck the Blake family when Kitty’s mother passed away during child birth three years later.

(click for full size)


Fortunately, Kathleen had two older brothers who treated her like a brother too. She spent much of her childhood traversing the countryside catching frogs, fighting (imaginary) Indians and hunting rabbits.


Her father did his best to raise three kids and provide for his family. He remarried when Kitty was 6 years old. Virginia, Her step-mother, was a kind women but after giving birth to Kitty’s step-sister, she never had time to develop a close bond with her step children. Kathleen’s brothers were her real family, and they continued to remain close through adolescence.


Years later, President Abraham Lincoln, who was born only miles from where Kitty was raised, watched the country he swore to protect begin to crumble before his very eyes. The American Civil War was erupting across the country, and Kitty’s two brothers found themselves enlisting in the Union army to join the adventure, like thousands of like-minded young men. The brothers would see action across the western theater, but on one ill-fated day in 1862 both siblings fell defending their home state in the Battle of Richmond.

(click for full size)


The news devastated her father and shook Kitty to the core. The fall and winter months were the darkest she could remember, but one cold night brought a dream so vivid, Ms. Blake knew her life would never be the same. As the spring of 1863 warmed the frozen ground and her epiphany still fresh in her mind, Kitty joined one of many wagon trains heading west. With a new life ahead of her, Kitty felt alive for the first time since she received word of her brothers’ deaths.

(click for full size)


The journey lasted over 4 months, but in that time Kitty struck up a romance with a tailor by the name of Henry Timworthy. The pair married near the end of their trip, and Kitty followed her new husband up the pacific coast to a frontier town by the name of New SorGun. Mr. Timworthy earned a good living by mending and selling clothes to loggers passing through the area, while Kitty learned the ins and outs of being a homemaker on the edge of civilization.

(click for full size)


Frontier life suited Kitty, but married life did not. The adventures and challenges of a pioneer was exactly what Kitty yearned for, but Mr. Timworthy made it clear that he expected a prim and proper wife. Acquaintances would note that the pair fit together like oil and water. Mrs. Timworthy, like so many other women of the time, veiled her unhappiness and struggled on. She passed the time throwing herself at any community project that caught her interest, which often times included helping folks who were down on their luck. She enjoyed serving meals at one of the first soup kitchens in New Sorgun.

(click for full size)


By the summer of 1865, Kitty was well known and respected around New SorGun and she was beginning to feel at home in this new frontier. The Civil War, which took her two precious brothers, was all but over and a feeling of renewal and hope began to fall over the citizens of SorGun. But in a strange twist of fate, Mr. Timworthy fell ill and passed away soon after.


As anybody would surely expect, Kitty was devastated. Although the two were not necessarily the closest of married couples, the unexpected death shocked Kitty. Was she destined to be deprived of love and happiness? These thoughts filled Kitty, and as she mourned the death of her husband the only sliver of joy that struck her was when she found herself at the soup kitchen feeding the hungry souls who passed through the door. Suddenly, the dream she so clearly recalled came flooding back, and Kitty realized what she must do.


Mr. Timworthy was a frugal man and he left a sizable savings to Kitty when he passed. She could have easily used the money to live the rest of her days in modest comfort, but that life didn’t interest her in the slightest. Instead, Kitty Timworthy opened up a saloon in the up and coming area of New SorGun, right near the Yarahi Mill. Business was booming, and by 1867 Kitty was using much of the profits from the Saloon to offer free meals to the town’s homeless and destitute citizens, fulfilling her philanthropic instincts.

(click for full size)


As a business owner, Kitty became more involved in the political world of the growing frontier town. As a woman, she was acutely aware of the near monopoly men held on the governing of day to day life in New SorGun (that could be said of the entire world, as well). Naturally, she became interested in anti-establishment philosophies that touted change, including suffrage, socialism, prohibition and others. Kitty was even honored to host a dinner with Susan B. Anthony and Abigail Scott Duniway as they toured the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 1871.


A few years later, after the shocking decision of the Northern Pacific Railroad to make the western terminus in Steamer Bay, Mr. Eastman T. Finch was hailed as the savior of New SorGun after he and completed the coal line from Foxton to New SorGun. Like most residents, Kitty was glad New SorGun wasn’t turned into a ghost town, but she became distraught after learning the plight of some of the railroad workers. The pay was paltry and the labor was hard and dangerous.

(click for full size)


During one town council meeting, Kathleen Timworthy suggested an ordinance to ensure that every worker receive a hot meal each day, and medical attention if necessary. Of course, she was nearly laughed out of the hall by the town’s gentry for suggestion such an absurd notion. Mr. Finch delivered a haughty rebuke of her proposal, which incensed Kitty even further. It became apparent to Kitty that convincing the towns ruling elite to enact change for the good of the people was a losing proposition.


Fortunately for Kitty, the winds of change were in the air.

I'd like to thank krashspeed for creating all the awesome HH models, including the mind blowing details like the various sims... These future entries wouldn't be half as good without his amazing craftsmanship.

Also, thank you all for hanging in there - I know it's been quite a while :)


Replies + Teaser


*blowing dust*


*cough cough*

Looks like I need to do a bit of cleaning…

Well, that last break was a bit longer than anticipated. First there was the writers’ strike, then other projects got in the way, finally the nice weather in spring and summer never mixes well with sitting in front of a computer. Yep, unfortunately hobbies are always last in line when it comes to free time. But now that the end of summer is in sight, it’s time to pick up where we left off…

Replies to Tis The Season

Fox, Prophet42, MilitantRadical, Forthwall, Urban Constanta, scissors:

Thank you all for the kind words and support.

Schulmanator: Ho ho ho! Definitely a white Christmas in NSG! And a happy 2014 (or 1884?) to the Sorgunians!

And a belated happy 2014 to you!

Huston: Hey, awesome gif animation. Seems the total opposite where I am, but it's always nice to cool off and watch snow for a change :P

Ahhh… see what happens when I wait 7 months to reply… now the tables are turned and you can enjoy that snow scene next to a toasty fire and not feel a bit out of place.

giacomo83: bel lavoro tanti auguri

Muchas gracias mi amigo (HS Spanish classes… what would I do without you?)

spursrule14: i've been looking at your gif while listening to Christmas music...was a great experience! very calming and magical.

Thanks – I probably put that gif together while listening to the same Christmas music :)

Benedict: Congratulations! (seal of #1 BTT 2013)

What a ginormous honor! Thank you very much for all you do for this community and your constant support of all us CJers out there.

Charles Darwin: Wow! A month with no new updates is really making me excited for the next one! I can't wait to see this region strive with growth during the early 20th century. I'd love to see an urban depression-era Sorgun. With the ambition and realism you're including in this CJ, i have no doubt that you'll continue to amaze us all!

Oooh… you’re probably hating me right now because it ended up being way more than a month until the next update :)

MuricanMike: PLEASE upload all of the wild west shtuff! It's really cool!

It is really cool! And most of it is already on the STEX, LEX or PLEX. I’ve simply found great BATs by some very talented BATers and just added my own lots around their amazing creations :)

As far as my own lots – I’ve already uploaded some of them, but many won’t see the light of day simply because the ever scrolling list of dependencies would make anybody’s head spin.

Replies to Something Salty This Way Comes

Moerp, MTT9, Schulmanator, Gugu3, scott1964, jiu4yu, dabadon5, MatTSW, Leszczyk, TitanicBuff, slickbg56, Urban Constanta, Crazyforsimcity:

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments – your support is greatly appreciated.

Schriefer: Wow! All of that are your stuff?! Amazing!

I haven’t BATed a single model for this game – I am lucky enough to be working with two extremely talented fellow hobbyists (Krashspeed and vortex). None of the Historic Harbor project would be possible without their massive contributions.

theish803: Holy Cow! That's a lot of custom content. So glad to hear you're continuing the CJ, I've been following since Day One :)

Thank you – this game continues to remain fresh because of all the new custom content and I’m happy that we will be able to contribute our small part.

raynev1: Wow , simply fantastic . Can't wait to see these in your CJ . Two thumbs up and ten stars . great job :)

You won’t have to wait long – the new updates will be taking advantage of a large number of the Historic Harbor models.

MilitantRadical: Friggin cool! I'm eagerly anticipating your return. Oh and congrats on BT100 #1.

Thank you! Receiving the BTT #1 was a huge surprise and honor.

Luiz P. Romanini: Wow! Have you read my mind? Nice to see you've been busy. Just waiting for the next update and congrats to the Top 100. You deserved it!

Thank you – The new updates are a long time coming, but I hope you enjoy them.

Scissors: Your presence was absolutely missed. But looking at this, you're more than excused. Congrats...

Thanks for the kind words – creating such a large project made me appreciate the effort and time that goes into all the custom content for this game. Be sure to thank your BAT creators next time you download something from the STEX by leaving a kind comment – it only takes a few seconds compared to the hours upon hours they spent working on their creations.

47ply: those wood planks look great

I agree! Vortext was the artist behind the wood plank texture. You will be seeing more textures from him in the near future too :)

Andisart: Insanity! I am wowed! Soo many models, and look at all those people models :-0

Amazing effort!

The sim models will be especially helpful in giving new life to any SC4 scene. Keep an eye out for all the MMP options included in the HH mod :)

UndercoverNinja12: Definitely worth the two month wait! I see those two months weren't wasted. :)

Unfortunately RL often gets in the way and the past 4 months have been especially busy (spring and summer weather has a habbit of cutting down on computer time) but I’ve been chipping away at New SorGun along with many other SC4 projects over the past few months.

Prophet42: Wow, fantastic!!! Are the workers animated?

No, nothing is animated, but a large majority of the props are timed, so you will see dynamic harbor scenes with the changing game time, as well as seasonal changes.

Bluthlucidity: It's been months since I followed this CJ but I'm glad to see you're persevering with it! Your work is getting better and better and the political and social tensions are getting thicker. Very exciting stuff! I hope you keep working on this, you've got something remarkable here. And when is Hiram Colfax going to make his next appearance? I think it's time he takes his business to New SorGun, that's where the real money is!

Thank you for the kind words! Fear not – Hiram will be making his way into the story line in the near future :)

Luiz P. Romanini: So... don't wanna be THAT GUY, but when will the next update come out? I miss the good "old" New Sorgun...

It has been a long time coming, but New SorGun will return with regularly scheduled updates beginning next week.

Charles Darwin: Man, it's been over five months now, and i'm wondering, when will we see the next update? I've been pretty excited throughout all of this, and i'm checking almost everyday in hopes of seeing a new instalment.

The wait is over… New NSG episodes begin next week :)

ModyMentos: I weating with you...

I want to thank everybody for their patience! I hope you enjoy the new episodes…

Next week… New SorGun returns…



Howdy stranger! Wow, this CJ took a dive off the ol' cliff. Where has the time gone? Two months since the last update? Well slap me silly and call me a scalaywag.

But before the tar and feathers, let me appeal with an excuse... Historic Harbor is nearing completion!

Vortext, krashspeed and I have been burning the midnight oil getting things ready for a release.

Where's the evidence you say?

How bout' these...




And there's more where those came from. We're looking at about 100 lots in total. :)

And to fill up those lots, krashspeed has created over 1,000 buildings and props that will make your mouth drool.

But don't take my word for it:




We're working on the finishing touches, but rest assured, construction on Historic Harbor is nearly complete :)


But before you go, I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and supported this CJ over the past year. I am honored and humbled that New SorGun was recognized as the #1 CJ in 2013 according to Ben's Top Ten.


Your comments and support encorage me to keep up this CJ - and keep it up I will. With the Historic Harbor project nearing completion I have begun to work on the next few updates. Big changes are in store, so stay tuned :)

Oh, and one last thing! It's Trixie time, so please take a moment and nominate some of the great members of this community for all the hard work they put in over the past year. Don't know where to start? Well take a look at some of the top downloads over the past year in the STEX. Or maybe there's a member who is always making great posts in the forums. And don't forget some of your favorite CJers. Taking 10 minutes to submit a few nominations is a great way to say thanks and keep this community a fun place to visit. Thanks!


Replies + Teaser


Replies to Mother of Exiles

Schulmanator, MTT9, Gugu3, pasqualegio, City_Master, runamuck, Titanicbuff, Hieronymus, spursrule14:

Thank you all for the wonderful compliments!

Urban Constanta: OMG! State of the art man, state of the art, the barges, the rail construction site...unbelievable!!!!

Thanks! Krashspeed deserves most of the credit for his brilliant models – I just plop them down in the LE. And yes, for those interested, most of what you see will be available with the forthcoming "Historic Harbor" mod.

TekindusT: I don't comment too much on this CJ, feels sorry to write on the pages of a history book.

That reminds me of grade school and doodling all over the text books. Don’t worry, I won’t lower your grade for it :)

Lost Realist: No other "miniature world" can ever come alive quite like yours. This is inspirational on a crazy level and you continue to improve what I thought could hardly ever get any better. I look forward to every update!

Thank you for the kind words! I definitely try to bring something new to each update, so I’m glad you think each one is an improvement :)

Luiz P. Romanini: Well, looks like the railroad empire will strike back. And what a horrible law this Chinese Exclusion Act. Thank God we are in different times. Excellent update, as always!! I was starting to miss New Sorgun.

Glad to see you stop by. Yes, the Chinese Exclusion Act was indeed a blemish on America’s past – thankfully we’ve become more tolerant as a society since then.

NMUSpidey: That is some breathtaking work. Just phenomenal pictures. The story is excellent as well. You have crafted a masterwork of a city journal.

James Clavell has written a bunch of books about East Asia, and the one he wrote about this time period (actually something like 1865 or so, so a bit earlier than this), called Gaijin, was set in Yokohama, Japan with characters from the British Empire, the USA, France, Japan, and China, and the interesting thing was how incredibly nationalist and racist everyone was at this point in time. Everyone looked down each others' noses at each other and thought almost the same exact thing about the barbarian, uncultured, slobby races they were dealing with. I realize, of course, that Clavell's work was fiction, but it's well-researched fiction with more than a little truth in it.

That sounds like an interesting read. Certainly there was much more intolerance and racism in those days – history paints quite an unpleasant picture in that regard. It’s easy to condemn those attitudes now, but I wonder what current societal ills we barley even notice will be denounced by future generations.

UndercoverNinja12: I love how realistic this is. You make everything historically correct and it seems like we even have a real New SorGun out there. And props for the Eiffel Tower connection. :D

Thank you very much – I do try to keep things progressing within the historical mold. And I’m glad you caught the Gustave Eiffle connection – although it wasn’t his famous tower that he was working on at that point, but something a little smaller and more… feminine :)

Rellis: Long time fan first time commenter on what is in my opinion a magnificent CJ. I love the detail that you go into in each new post and the story telling is quite simply sublime.

I would love to see a set of maps produced for the region as I feel that it could add a lot to the CJ. I know that the entire island of Ireland was comprehensively mapped in great detail between the years of 1824 and 1846 by the Ordnance Survey Ireland, and was updated and revised multiple times. I am not sure when the first maps of the US were created but it could be a new story telling technique in case you want to mix up the census approach.

Thanks, and welcome to the conversation! I actually tinkered around with the idea of creating some authentic looking contour maps using a number of programs and actual geographical data, but after working out a number of bugs, the end result wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I suppose I could have played around a bit more, but I lost interest.

RepublicMaster: Amazing work you've done on this update! The story was interesting and engaging, and the SimCity pictures backed it up wonderfully. I also like the tie in to the real events and history of the period.

Thank you! There was so much going on in that time period, that I’m afraid that I will let many important things slip past.

Prophet42: Another amazing update. The detail in the screen shots is fantastic!! Also, upon further inspection it looks like you are using the same region map of BrisVegas that I am using for my new region. A great map for any region :-)

I am using the which may be what you are using. But yes, I really like the map – it offers plenty of geographic diversity to work with.

Paulobergonci: it was very interesting and entertaining, i LOVE the history, great work.

Thanks! I enjoy the history too – I just wish I had more time to read about it and make this CJ at the same time :)

Dibabasu: pls send me the link of the housing lots

I’d be happy to, but I’m using a great variety of houses, so you will have to be a bit more specific.

Scissors: I'm not that active with SC4 anymore. That also means that I don't visit simtropolis that often. But yesterday I discovered your CJ. The last two days I have spend on reading it from page 1 to page 88. It reads like a book. Or even better since I don't like reading books. But damn, I like reading your CJ.

Thank you for the very nice compliment. I hope you are able to stop by in the future, there are plenty of more stories to tell. :)

The fall of 1884... The mayor’s race in New SorGun is heating up. Labor rights, railroads, industrial growth, the Chinese... There are many hot topics being discussed around town. Stop by next time to see democracy in action.



Mother of Exiles


Update 42

Spring 1882

When Lee Shao was just a little boy his uncle journeyed to America to earn a fortune in the midst of the California gold rush. Lee didn’t remember much, only that his family was very excited. Most of his family had never left the small rural town in China. It wasn't until years later that Lee even learned where America was. Periodically he would receive news of his Uncles whereabouts and adventures.


After the gold rush waned, the building of the intercontinental railroad began in earnest, and thousands of Chinese workers, including Lee’s uncle, joined the endeavor. In 1878, At the age of 23, Lee made the trip across the largest ocean in the world and tried his hand on a railroad crew, just as his uncle had done years earlier.


After landing in Portland, Oregon, Lee Shao made the trek up to Steamer Bay and joined hundreds of other Asian immigrants in search of work on the Northern Pacific Railroad.


Lee knew only a few English phrases, but he could wield a hammer and his hard work earned him a spot on one of the crews. The labor was demanding, but Lee was young and the pay was far greater than anything he could earn back home in China. By the spring of 1882, Lee had a handsome savings and his own small house in Steamer Bay.


That same year, the Northern Pacific Railroad bosses embarked on a number of projects that would finally allow them to overtake New SorGun and wrest control of the regions riches for themselves once and for all. In an attempt to copy the success of New SorGun’s coal mining operation, the railroad began work on a spur line that would connect with a known coal deposit in the hills south of Steamer Bay.


This was good news for Lee and the many other immigrant workers who were living in Steamer Bay, as it would guarantee steady work for many months to come. The mine was in its infancy, but the deposits that had been unearthed so far proved to be good quality coal.


Railroad construction was a hard, dirty and dangerous job, but the Chinese immigrants proved more than capable. Their punctuality, diligence, and good behavior put them in excellent standing with the Railroad bosses and construction foremen, although fellow Caucasian workers were not as tolerant. Despite the tension between the different groups of workers, construction of the railroad was progressing and by the spring of 1882 it was quickly snaking its way into the hills above Steamer Bay.


Lee spent his weekdays toiling on the new rail line, and on the weekend he would be back in Steamer Bay to rest and recuperate. At the end of each week, he would look out the window of his train arriving back into Steamer Bay and he would notice more and more commotion down by the water.


The railroad was pushing full steam ahead on an ambitious project to make Steamer Bay the premier port in the area. Heavy construction equipment was arriving daily, and work had already begun dredging the harbor to make it accessible to all seafaring vessels.


The ambitious plan would add acres of land to the waterfront and enable Steamer Bay to reach its full potential as the western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railway.

*1390x1050 - Click for full


None of this mattered much to Lee, except that he was living in the center of the fastest growing towns on the pacific coast. There were opportunities abound, and it seemed like each day a new fortune was made somewhere in Steamer Bay.

*1680x1050 - Click for full


But all of Lee Shao’s dreams crashed into reality on May 6, 1882, when President Chester A. Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act into law. Suddenly, federal law prohibited any Chinese laborers from entering the United States. Discrimination, which was always festering in the shadows, suddenly became the law of the land, further emboldening bigots and racist across the western United States.


Technically, Lee was a legal immigrant, along with hundreds of other Steamer Bay inhabitants who were of Chinese decent. But how would the white citizens of SorGun react to the new law considering there was already considerable prejudice shown towards those of Asian descent?


Meanwhile, half a world away, a man by the name of Gustave Eiffel was overseeing the final touches on a colossal statue that was destined for New York harbor.


Stay tuned..


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