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  1. I was hoping you and GoaSkin can make Elevated Rail, HSR, and GHSR versions of this Rail Station with Center platform. Pretty soon, for STEX and SC4D LEX.
  2. GoaSkin has the GLR version at his Railway station with island platform (v1.0) download at SC4D LEX.
  3. Rail U Turn for UDI

    Can you make a U-Turn for Ground High-Speed Rail (GHSR)?
  4. Ginbashi_Raw08

    This Elevated Rail station with a Central Platform, Where did you get this from?
  5. Ginbashi_Raw01

    That station in between the elevated RHW, What is the name of that Elevated Rail station there? Where did you get this station from?
  6. Tokyo Station

    So like How can you possibly get those train vehicles to go through this station in UDI mode, just like the one in your first uploaded photo describing this station on STEX?
  7. Tokyo Station

    Here's my Subway view. You can tell that the Elevated Rail and Monorail automata lines are broken away from the station, even when physically connected as actual.
  8. Tokyo Station

    The automata paths aren't showing through the many central platforms of Tokyo Station. I've dragged those Elevated Rail lines and those Monorail (or Shinkansen Bullet Train-modded) lines through this station and no vehicle can go through, visually. And that means that my El-rail and Monorail trains can't go through here in UDI mode.