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  1. Planets Mod

  2. CityTour Jakarta Double-Decker Tourist Bus

    [quote name="Lowenhart" timestamp="1404811971"]R you Indonesian?   Im happy there Indonesian mod...   Thx you :D[/quote] Yes, I am. Completely Indonesian. You're welcome my friend. Thanks to you too for the review. :D
  3. CityTour Jakarta Double-Decker Tourist Bus

    You're absolutely right.. i'll do it. thanks.
  4. CityTour Jakarta Double-Decker Tourist Bus

    I would buddy.. but as i mentioned above, I'm trying to figure out how the 3D modeling works. Thanks buddy.. that is a nice idea to be objectified.
  5. Version


    Introduction: Tourist in Jakarta uses this bus for city sightseeing Double Decker Bus as Tourist Bus: This mod replaces Tourist Bus in the game. Copy the package file to your SimCityData folder, remove your old Tourist Bus Package (if installed), and enjoy seeing this bus rides in your city. It's only texturing for the time being. because I'm frustrated with 3D modeling actually (especially the UV mapping thing). Perhaps, Oppie, Takuoma, Tobse, etc could give some tutorial. LOL Should you find any bugs, please feel free to inform me by posting a comment.
  6. Planets Mod

    Ouh nice mod buddy. You're so "out of the box" GENIUS!
  7. MiWay

      It's gonna be cool if we have Mercedes Citaro 530G in the city :D
  8. MiWay

    Nice texture my friend... I have a sugestion for improvement: I used to put tobse bus in my city, but still a little bugs in it. Here's the problem: there is a size difference between shuttle bus and municipal bus and so is their "model bounding box". if such large bus functions as shuttle bus there must be a little modification in the prop file (which is the model bounding box) to prevent some object clumpings. This is what happens to TransJakarta bus i've uploaded couple days ago. I have miscalculated MinY and MaxY which should be -6.5 and 10.3 respectively. After modifying the bounding box, it works good in my game.   Thanks.
  9. SimBus

    Wow! that's pretty cute buddy. nice work, I love it! It's gonna be cool to put this bus in the region.   Looks like Oppie has been inspiring us with his mod and his simcitypak. What a genius!
  10. SBS Transit as Municipal Bus



    Introduction: This is City bus operates in Singapore. I love to ride using this public transit every time i visit Singapore New texture for Municipal Bus: This mod replaces municipal buses in the game. So, you have to plop a terminal in the game. Please remove all mods running as municipal bus to ensure the bus mod works smoothly in your game. Should you find some bugs, please feel free to inform me by posting a comment.
  11. Trans Jakarta Shuttlebus

    Coming.. i'm in the process uploading it. Please note that it's a municipal bus mod, so you have to plop a terminal to put it in your game.   Thanks
  12. Trans Jakarta Shuttlebus

        Firstly, I want to thank you for the review. It's my very first mod for simcity game actually. Initially, I just wanted to put South East Asian's public transits in the game, any kinds of them, but i couldn't find them anywhere in ST/Exchange. It seems to me that the only thing i have to do is to create it by myself. So, I've been figuring out how the modding tool works.   Once I've figured it out, i think it's better to create public transit from my own country first instead of public transits from any other countries.   Hope this mod works smoothly in your game. Enjoy!
  13. Trans Jakarta Shuttlebus



    Introduvtion: In reality, this is a city bus service company operates in Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) Large Buses operates as Shuttle Buses: This mod replaces shuttle buses in the game. So, you just have to plop a bus depot to see these buses ride in your city. Actually this mod is just a minor retexturing of VDL bus uploaded by Oppie. Thanks to Oppie for creating such great municipal bus model. Should you find some bugs, please feel free to inform me by posting a comment.