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  1. Are you using SPAM? The default Maxis agriculture is broken. SPAM fies those bugs and introduces some new realistic features.
  2. You should use this road system

    Thank you Everybody for all your sweet comments and memories.
  3. Hello, I just saw this image and thought of sharing with the SC4 community. We can use this underpass system in our cities. I know many of you already use the NAM underpass though. Thank you
  4. My sustainable little city update

    Thank you Matias and Cori. Matias... Hehehe... Yes, I will immediately ban the use of chemical ferts. Only organic farming. And regarding canals, well every house has water connection and they have taps. So I think we dont need canals. Corina... Hehehe... Yes, I agree. Corporates are taking up everything. I think my sims both use barter system and simoleans. Though I like the concept of digital money transfer more in this modern age since we all have computers and smart phones. Yes, I am using SPAM
  5. Hello Mayors OK, I thought of sharing this with you all. I am following a different strategy this time for my cities. I didn't used this strategy before. Have a look at this blog post. A quick 1min read https://mysc4blog.wordpress.com/2017/12/23/dreamland-city-update-1/ Thank you. Feel free to share your thoughts
  6. Is this the latest version of iLive Reader?

    Thank you to everybody. So which one should I use? Ilive Reader or SC4 Tool?
  7. Is this the latest version of iLive Reader? https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21343-ilive-reader-093/ Thanks in advance. Someone said its 4.5.... I am confused. Also is this Hexadecimal format or binary format.. 0x00000099
  8. What is the Perfect Positive Tax for RCI? I got this chart but I think this one is for SC2013. Do we have or can anyone help me with a complete detail or chart for SC4? Thank you
  9. Will This Setup Lead to Commuter Bug?

    Thank you to Everybody Thank you Mark for your trick too
  10. Will This Setup Lead to Commuter Bug?

    So can this work? The white line can be a avenue or Highway.
  11. Hi, If there are 4 cities and I lay down a rail road or avenue or road in this format, will it lead to the Commuter bug ? Please see attached image. Thank you
  12. Dragging Tree Mod

    Good idea... But somebody need to do it ... Lol... I don't know how to use LE and atm not feeling the interest to learn it too
  13. Now that's what I wanted - Massive Bus Usage

    Yes I saw it but wont the fire trucks won't be dispatched only from the front of the building? Well I have no idea... I haven't noticed it yet that from from which directions of the building the trucks are dispatched. If it can be dispatched from both the sides then wow its brilliant.
  14. Now that's what I wanted - Massive Bus Usage

    Ohhh wow what an idea... you strike me with this.... this can be done will railway too... like ground rail, elev rail and mono rail and bullet train... wow.. will implement in my city...
  15. Now that's what I wanted - Massive Bus Usage

    Wow Thank you Corie and Cogeo. I like your city Corie.