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  1. Last release in a while, going on holiday, but atleast I'll have plenty of texturematerial when I come back. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1155900339
  2. I´d say about 1200 tris 1024x2 max, but I´m really cautious when it comes to asset resources.
  3. How do you combine the canvasses? Or is every single mesh seperately drawn on a canvas?
  4. I've updated my first building: The Puck Building (well technically it was my second). That should complete all parts of the Puck Building. This one is adjusted to the lower 7 story part. Hence I reduced the level to level 3: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510658625
  5. Short answer: no Long answer: yes, it's technically possible to publish some models on SC4 out of models from Cities Skylines. I think Zed even did so to prove a point. However Sc4 bat tools use a very specific plugin in 3ds max to render the models and output the model format you can than use for imports of sc4. It only works on 3ds max 2014 or lower and frankly put it's a really shitty workflow. Most C:S modders use blender or newer versions of 3dsmax . C:S modders would also need to alter their maps for rendering use to get some good results.
  6. Don't you have the realistic pop mod?
  7. It took some great buildings and executed them well.
  8. Really great releases! My only gripe with it is, is that they are 18mb, but that´s probably due it consisting of two buildings. I would add an angled version aswell to the conveyors, shouldnt be that hard.
  9. Do you have this mod installed: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=530871278. It's how C:S used to look, get rids of the yellow tints of vanilla. @barcasam7 Hmm it's nothing more than some color adjustments, better up to @PaulJChris I guess.
  10. 3ds will default to the pixel in the lower left corner of your diffuse if you do not map some faces.
  11. Did some experiments with texturereplacement: Always felt that that building from Shroom's pack had some very bland texturing. Too bad due to the uv mapping I couldn't add more elements of the original.
  12. Here's some screenshots of colorcorrections I did on the diffuse of your Sherry Netherlands model: Before After I think I upped gamma to 1.5, than did some sharpening and desaturated by -40. Also darkened windows diffuse by quite a bit.