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  1. How often you log here?

    Although I close the web browser pretty frequently, I'm not sure that I ever actually log out. Usually I check in once or twice a day, depending on what my schedule is. Phones are terrible for responding to posts but great for reading so I usually try to stay caught up when I'm on my phone so my backlog isn't too big, plus I don't always have enough time to play the game but usually enough time to log on and check for comments.
  2. Education experiment

    Some pictures would really assist us in understanding the details of this experiment but overall it's nicely executed.
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    @Tyberius06 pointed out to me that my interchange that I posted above was missing a east-bound ramp from the upper freeway to the smaller expressway. In rectifying this problem, I eliminated some weaving and two of those look ramps, but the retrofit process took nearly as much time as building the initial interchange, and required that I shift the alignment of the north and eastern highway branches. I'm still not 100% satisfied with it's appearance, but is does solve a number of issues and looks pretty good, IMO.
  4. This might explain why some of my lots have missing models, even though I'm almost certain that I don't install lots without first ensuring that I've also downloaded all the dependencies at the same time.
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    Not being used to using the RHW disconnector (which is an absolutely incredible tool), I had been using the rail tool to accomplish the same thing since the onset of FLEX transitions in NAM 31. But, thanks for the heads up, and of course the disconnector is useful for so many other things. I got acquainted with it recently and was very impressed.
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    I made this off of a suggestion from Wiimeiser. I think he wanted something more compact than what he had made. It's not the most compact of interchanges, but I think it's alright. Not the world's smoothest and there's the slightest bit of weaving (I also overutilized those PS loop ramps) but there you go. Normally I go for earthen ramps but it's late and I was trying to get this one done. Overview:
  7. @olegario39 If you download Buddybud's sunken highway walls then one of the pieces is an overhanging model that goes underneath the avenue and/or road viaducts to make them look like that.
  8. If you want to unlock the rewards prematurely, use CTRL+X, and type "youdontdeserveit" without the quotes
  9. I'm not even sure, to be honest, how I was able to learn all the information about SC4 in the first place. I keep my stuff marginally organized by author, and for one-offs, by purpose, though there's a great many mods that are unorganized due to poor documentation on my part (well some of it is the author's fault since files without a readme become significantly more difficult to sort if I don't know who made it). I've tried using DataNode before and I think my PC just doesn't like it, because it always freezes on me. When I have gotten it to work, it was extremely useful. I still need to go back and figure out what I was doing that made it work, since there are a number of missing models that I know I've just yet to install, but can't figure out what they are.
  10. Unsure about schools

    Residential coverage only, although I'm pretty sure that aspect of schools was covered in the game tutorials
  11. NAM General Support Topic

    Could it be that you have a mod installed that removed wealth textures? Keep in mind grass only shows on low-density zoning. Medium and High Density do not have grass spacers in-between the roads and the zones/sidewalks.
  12. Four Lane Roads (no, not avenues)

    It's not really clear how accurate the commute time graph is, because the factors used to determine it are not well understood beyond their apparent inconsistency. FWIW, in reality the game's ferries have instantaneous travel time, all the extra time incurred is at the ferry station as a Transit Switch Entry Cost (TSEC). I presume this was done to simplify the issue of having an infinite number of valid ferry routes given the limited processing power available, and this behavior is hardcoded and not accessible to be changed by the NAM. Although for medium sized cities that graph is relatively accurate, a better indicator is how congested your networks are. Given that light rail travels relatively fast compared to roads, it kinda makes sense that your average commute would drop, assuming that those networks are well-used.
  13. Four Lane Roads (no, not avenues)

    @Fantozzi Sims travel 130% of nominal speed ratings when the road is empty, which drops to the stated speed at I think 30% usage, but I could be off by a few percentage points (that figure would be lower, though, not higher). So although it's a speed limit, there is flexibility and in fact a benefit to having empty roads, and this is what encourages Sims to spread out when traveling on multi-tile networks like the RHW or NWM, but also encourages Sims to seek alternate routes to ensure as many viable routes as possible have traffic to prevent overcrowding.
  14. Four Lane Roads (no, not avenues)

    Per my post in that same topic, if you're using the NAM then those aren't the speeds at all. Nominally, IIRC, the speeds are roughly as follows in the NAM (all speeds in km/h): Network: (car/bus) or as indicated Streets: 30/25 Roads: 50/45 Avenues: 50/45 (note that it's the same as the road network!) OWR: 75/65 Maxis Highway/RHW: 150/130-160 (depends on if you have highway bus lanes installed) El-Rail/Subway: 115/105 Passenger Rail: 140 Freight Rail: 105 Bullet Train/Monorail: 225 As you can see, these are all generally slower than most RL speeds, with the exception that highway speeds are considerably faster (over 90 mph) as well as el-rail/subway generally traveling faster than typical real-life schedules allow for (in San Diego and Boston, the two cities I'm familiar with, the fastest the light rail ever got was a touch over 55mph on long stretches, and usually was much slower than that) As rsc pointed out, the speeds are balanced to provide the best usage that mimics real life in operation, not to mimic real life in terms of network speeds, since adjusting for that behavior isn't really possible with the traffic simulator built by Maxis (NAM can only change so much). There are numerous reasons people drive on roads instead of freeways or take public transit and none of those reasons are represented in game. Sims don't wait at stations, don't get into parking-lot-like traffic jams (roads in SC4 never actually stop traffic flow no matter how much congestion there is), and never actually pay tolls or station fees. The primary concern of any traffic simulator is to mimic real life as best possible in predictable ways, and unfortunately using RL network speeds simply doesn't allow RL-like behavior to pan out in the rest of the game.
  15. NAM General Support Topic

    It's worth noting that draggable rail viaducts are RRW only, and with NAM 36 out of the way the project to allow easy rail texture conversion is next in line to be finished. Also, the RRW includes texture overrides for all the Maxis textures, and Eggman released a mod that overrides popular expansions to the texture set like the ones by NCD. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3350