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  1. My Personal Questions.

    You know, I first hated life when I installed a slope mod. Because I didn't want to start a new region, a lot of the roads in my current region couldn't be connected to because I'd drawn them on too steep of a slope and getting a new connection required redrawing most of the networks to let the slope mod work its magic. It was a pain, it was ugly, and I still never managed to redraw everything. Then I thought I'd uninstall it and see how that worked out... I couldn't do it. The undulations in the roads, the super steep (45 degrees) hill slopes, the bumpiness and wonkiness of the terrain wreaking havoc on my rail lines... Once I had gotten used to the slope mod, I couldn't go back. My roads were too ugly for me to handle. Maybe your experience will be different, but I've not stopped using hilly regions just because I have a slope mod installed. Now, I've modified my slope mod quite a bit to get it more to my liking (still not perfect though), but I have a very hard time finding a flat region interesting to play on, even if the sandbox options that it opens up might allow me to be a little bit more creative when it comes to zoning and parkland (being able to use canal pieces seems to be a primary advantage that I can't do in a non-flat region).
  2. NAM: Development

    Clearly NWM support and 220 FTLs are next in order
  3. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Where was I the last few days that I missed this? Absolutely incredible. Nothing short of amazing. I'm not sure how Peg would feel about this but I feel a bit sad he's not around to hear that regardless of whether he thought his files were responsible for the problem, it's now been fixed for good! Anyways, thanks so much for this. I've never had prop pox AFAIK, even when I had the BDK in my plugins, but to never have to worry about again? Well, I can't thank you enough for that peace of mind.
  4. WalkUp Tower

    Do you know, I can't recall ever seeing this building pop up in my game? I'm sure I must've grown the original Maxis version at some point but I can't remember it. Anyways, lovely recreation. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hi @That Retro Guy . Welcome to ST and the incredible modding world of SC4. It's a little bit like a firehose; having taken other kinds of firehose metaphor thingys, I think it's pretty apt. There are loads of threads on the forums about this. 1) Generally speaking, anything with "Fix" in the title is good, but specifically, the I-HT fix, the Opera House fix, and the City Hall expansion are good. I think there's also a Crime Doesn't Pay mod that adjusts how police stations work in game, but you'll want to read up on all of these to make sure you know what's in them. 2) Master the Vanilla game first, or at least, the game with a minimum of mods, assuming that you haven't done this yet. As you get better at playing the game and managing the simulation, you will learn which parts interest you most. For me, finances is a meh part of the game that I continue playing to help me keep track of the Economic simulation, but no longer worry about if I'm in the red every month, since I simply give myself as much money as necessary. Some people like that part of the game, though, and design their game strategy around it. Others like farming or rural development. There's a whole section (3, actually) of @Pegasus's work dedicated to expanding that part of the game. Maybe you like small communities. It's good to know what you want out of the game before you start going on a downloading spree, since that's a fast way to turn something fun into a chore. 3) Having figured out what you want out of the game, we can then be free to give good suggestions that will prevent you from getting swamped with dependencies and borked games/cities due to poor plugin management, which tends to happen even to experienced players if you're not careful about it. Hope this helps
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    @Darrius11able Westbound avenue to southbound freeway is missing an access point? I think I'd have used a turbo roundabout for that section, and maybe not separated the routes in the underpass, but it's still a nice recreation.
  7. Messing with farms

    Industry does not require workers to function. This is irrespective of industry type In a similar manner, COM also functions in complete absence of suitable workers. Freight traffic for IND and related pollution factors affect desirability, and economic drives maintain demand, but the simulation is highly statistical and designed to function on lower end hardware which might have otherwise had difficulty maintaining an actual simulation of workers and production flow. You'll notice that even multithreaded games, particularly the newer agent based Sims like SC2013 and C:S, have difficulty running under heavy agent load, and services and other economic drives can begin to slow as the simulation has trouble pathing and displaying the agents moving about their business. To prevent this from happening in SC4, Maxis designed business to simply run without anything. The only thing that is necessary is Customers, generally defined as the number of cars running by the building during the day. So to answer your question, the farms produce "freight" regardless of whether anyone works there or not. Although you may experience negative demand if you grow too many farms without enough workers to fill the positions, this is a byproduct of the face that residential produces demand for business, including farms and industry, regardless of whether they work there or not. Demand mods operate on this principle, that demand is decoupled from population.
  8. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    @redfox85My best advice for stacks is to use the half-dragging method for diagonals. This method immensely improves the stability of any interchange, but particularly ones that have a lot of adjacency to deal with.
  9. @licoricebomb Pedmalls are network tiles that are not affected by the issue with TE Lots that normal zoning has with them. In fact, the Pedmalls used to require a transit station (of any sort, TE-type included) to enable pedestrians to access the pedmalls. So if you place pedmalls behind your TE Lots (like RTMT stations), they should be able to access the pedmalls just fine.
  10. I just messed with the Graphics Rules.SGR file in the Program files folder. It didn't provide that nifty result of replacing all car automata with cyclists, but if you look in that folder you get the infamous Maxis line: "Sadly, we have no off" but you can edit the values as necessary, dropping the car spawn rate to 0 and increasing or adjusting the ped automata as desired, as well as the minimum zoom level necessary to see the automata (low by default is set to Z5).
  11. Well, that was surprising. A Nonny Moose won no less than 4 (did I count that right) Trixies! Well deserved, I'd say, even if posthumously. I also never expected to win a Trixie. That was pretty surprising as well; makes me wonder who was nuts enough to nominate me... Some well deserved mentions to @CorinaMarie, of course. And of course it's nice to finally have these out and available for all to see finally. Especially with a new Trixie season right around the corner. Thanks to the admins for their hard work on this (and whoever else was involved)!
  12. If you have the NAM and have made sure to install the TSCT, there is an option in there to adjust the pollution reducing value of the clean air act, which the NAM modified to cover both industrial and traffic pollution (base game didn't have any options to reduce smog from traffic). By default this value is set at a 60% reduction in pollution, but you can make this value greater (or less) via the TSCT. Although having used trams primarily in a commercial environment I've never had a problem with substantial pollution from it. At worst you can just enable the ordinance. There are a number of good pollution reducing BATs in the STEX and LEX as well that can help with this, if cleverly integrated into your planning. Usually the increased benefit from traffic outweighs the pollution from the transit line.
  13. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Their changes are different. At the end of the day although I liked the linked fix better than what the AC team did, I don't use the spaceport enough, nor do I have the expertise and time, to either not use the AC airports (with their amazing offerings) or to justify the work involved in changing the controller file to achieve what I wanted. I almost never used the spaceport as it was, as at that point I was starting to be more interested in building city scenarios and histories (and let's face it, the spaceport is not that realistic), so the adjustment really never caught on and I don't think I've ever used the spaceport once since then.
  14. NAM: Development

    Threads have been merged!
  15. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Yes, unfortunately the Space Port is overridden by the AC Airports and changing this requires fiddling with the Airport controller I had requested this not be the case but there was neither the manpower or will to create an alternate version without the Spaceport included. Any such changes will have to be done yourself and unfortunately I've no idea how difficult or easy the Airport controller is to modify.