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  1. I think you can just cap the avenue with a street. You don't need to transition to a road unless you want that for your setup
  2. I thought that RD-6 also had DIPs to increase the capacity of the network over both Avenue (-4) and the RD-4 network. So TLA 5 and RD-6 both have the same capacity.
  3. I will try and run a clean test to see how this plays out, but in my experience, and in the experience of the NAM devs, especially z1 who wrote the simulator, mass transit isn't a barrier, particularly because the game considers walking to be part of mass transit, and the default travel time of 6 hours in more than enough for a Sim to walk from one corner of a large map to the other and still have time to spare. So the idea of "lack" of mass transit being a barrier here is also odd, and suggests that something isn't playing nice together (Sims walk marginally slower than bus traffic on both streets and roads, 15km/h vs ~20-24 km/h, and aren't affected by high congestion that otherwise slows down road traffic). Needless to say my words mean nothing without testing, so I'll see if I can whip up a scenario with just the NAM and a handful of other fixes and see what I can get out of that.
  4. The NAM has default values that the TSCT can modify, but the preference of a traveler never determines whether or not a Sim can travel using that method. Travel-type preference helps determine mass transit usage, particularly of buses, especially since the default NAM option has buses contribute to traffic rather than the Maxis default where they didn't (this caused mass unloading of Sims onto buses regardless of preference due to how the game treats traffic), but it never prevents Sims from using mass transit to reach their destination, or from cars being used. Remember that low wealth Sims don't actually have a cost-barrier to owning a car, merely a time penalty (I think it's 4 (?) minutes Sim-time) to using one. So approximately half of [R$] Sims will immediately prefer to not use a car, but if mass transit isn't available then this isn't a guarantee that they will not use a car, merely that desirability of that home for that Sim will be reduced. I have MT preferences set fairly high and have run large (caveat; more like 150k pop on a large tile) cities without buses or other mass transit for many years without ill effect (or at least, the mass abandonment that would inevitably result) which would not be possible if the preference value you are describing was instead an absolute value on Sim car ownership. The game simply doesn't make such distinctions or assignments. In fact, even in a game where R$$$ has zero MT preference, they will still happily take the bus to work if it's the only way to get there. Lack of cars or mass transit simply isn't a concern as long as a valid path exists (and proper road/car access, because Maxis devs). From the relevant section of the TSCT user manual:
  5. I'm pretty sure low-wealth workers will drive if necessary, but their first preference is to use mass transit. In fact, all Sims will walk if necessary as well, but doing so for higher wealths will tend to lead to lower desirability. So for low-wealth workers, driving isn't an issue and I've never had a problem with not having any mass transit in a starting city; you may experience lower desirability for low wealth if you lack mass transit (without tuning the parameters using the TSCT, something generally recommended only for more experienced users), but low wealth desirability in new cities is usually so high that it's generally a non-issue.
  6. SC4 Plugin Packer 2008 don't work

    I have 8gb of ram, 7gb of plugins, and a buggy machine. I've tried ram disks before was never super impressed. Maybe if I had 32gb or something.
  7. SC4 Plugin Packer 2008 don't work

    I did find in my own use of the datpacker that larger batches would simply fail to pack properly, and scaling back the size of the files that I was packing made it much faster to pack. I never got a baseline for how long it took to load, however, mostly because it takes so long anyways that I usually make a cup of coffee while I'm waiting for it to load everything. An SSD makes loading much faster but it's still enough time to make the coffee if I preheat the water. Oh, and my plugins folder is about 7gb, mostly poorly organized, for reference.
  8. On my laptop with a separate nVidia card, I simply use the nvidia control panel to force the computer to use the graphics card. Most of the time it auto-selects the nvidia card anyways but every so often it decides to use the internal GPU so I simply changed the settings to remove the option. For most users with a dedicated card, I suspect that the motherboard isn't piping any graphics rendering done by the CPU to the GPU, since in order to use the GPU's power you have to connect the display through the card, so either your card is being used to render everything or it's not being used at all. The bigger problem is getting SC4 to run properly after being loaded onto a high-speed card (which is really every graphics card nowadays, no matter how terrible), which is addressed in Jeffry's linked thread above.
  9. In a way, allowing homes to develop without water is kind of realistic if you think about certain rural areas that lack municipal water supplies. The whole laying pipes thing isn't very interesting, but even in San Diego I know a number of communities that look like normal planned developments, but all the homes have a well in the backyard because there isn't a water district for that area. Some of these neighborhoods are really expensive, so I guess SC4 isn't necessarily realistic in that respect but you can't account for everything with a simulator like SC4's. It does provide flexibility and groundwork for us to tinker with and abuse it's limits to visually replicate real life, however, which is nice. In fact, probably the low wealth low density restriction on homes without water is more useful than immediately providing water everywhere, given the lack of tools SC4 offers to the player to control neighborhood wealth or other specific density tools that newer games like C:S provide (I imagine that the height restriction in C:S is immensely useful; unfortunately that game slows my PC to a crawl due to the graphics). I do wish that Maxis hadn't completely disabled the flags for the water simulation in SC4. I'm sure it would have slowed the game to a crawl if modders could reenable it but think about other things that Maxis neglected to eliminate that we've made such handy use of, be it the RHW mod (dirt road), the Poseidon mod (vestiges of the hydrology simulation), the Aurora mod (weather effects), or seasonal flora (repurposed growing flora as well as the remnants of the game's disabled biome system). I'm sure there are other great developments I'm forgetting here.
  10. Interestingly enough SC4 had the underpinnings of a proper hydrology simulation, as well as a full weather simulation and multiple biomes, but all of these got axed before release and their flags in the executable disabled.
  11. Honestly, 30 seconds is a great load up time. My laptop with mods was taking around 5-10 minutes, faster if I'd played the game on that particular session before, longer if it was the first time after a restart. I haven't tried playing the game since I reinstalled on an SSD but in theory it should load up a bit faster. I do have some things datpacked but I need to update my packs. Maybe one day when I build my own desktop I'll redo my entire installation in a fit of madness becoming of one who spend the better part of a month's salary on such an endeavor (the PC, that is).
  12. The Milestone Thread

    I have the sudden urge to design my first PC build so that it fits inside an toaster...
  13. USA/NATO/Saudi Invasion of Syria imminent?

    Couldn't we at least have waited for proof first?
  14. The Obituaries Thread

    R. Lee Ermey, at age 74, from Pneumonia. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/r-lee-ermey-dead-golden-globe-nominee-full-metal-jacket-was-74-1102863
  15. Raise the UI Mod

    Absolutely invaluable for Windowed mode! I've used it for the last 5 years and it's been great.