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  1. NAM General Support Topic

    I'm not sure that this is a NAM problem? You can use the TSCT to adjust the reduction value of the Clean Air Act ordinance which will reduce your traffic pollution by the stated value. As for the industrial and water pollution (keep in mind that pollution from traffic is viewed differently in the simulator from air pollution due to industry), there are a number of LOTs available on the STEX and LEX that should suit your needs, and should be pretty easy to find with a search.
  2. NAM General Support Topic

    If I had to guess, those pieces simply lack Stop Points, which is the only place where you can position stop lights and expect them to work. I doubt it's a problem with the SRM; if there were a true conflict then the pieces would simply display the normal stoplights rather than none at all, though the SRM is easily removable without any extra effort required, if you really want to check (unlike a LOT there's nothing extra to be done save moving the relevant files outside of your plugins). These pieces were made a long time ago and haven't really been touched since, save for some QoL improvements to make them compatible with latest NAM codebase updates. You might try drawing the base network first and plopping the TIA pieces over them to see if the stoplights stay afterwards (SC4 is weird sometimes) but if the game won't let you do that (and I've a suspicion it won't) then there's probably nothing you can do, unless you want to find all those pieces' IIDs and make T21s to add fake stoplights to them (which, IIRC, would show green all the time).
  3. Why so complicated?

    I feel like this mod might be handy in protecting against power surges:
  4. How's your highway usage and congestion maps? The first question I would ask is if you're using the NAM. CPU time for the pathfinder is basically nil in the base game because MAXIS left the settings for the minimum hardware at the time, which was something like a Pentium 2 or 3 at 500MHz, something even back then they could breeze through but leads to traffic problems because the Sims can't pick proper routes to work (prioritizing distance over actual travel time, meaning that the shortest route gets picked almost every time, rather than the fastest route along, say, that nifty Highway (MHW)). The only relevant part from the NAM you need, to avoid overload, is the traffic simulator, if installing lots of extra networks is either not wanted or too confusing (a valid complaint). Subways will, in theory, trigger the destination finder to select more distant jobs because in the MAXIS default settings the subway is the fastest network in the game and the only one consistently capable of reaching the furthest destinations (the opposite corner of a large city tile, 4km x 4km) within the MAXIS commute time maximum of 6 minutes. I agree with Cori that your residents are likely outpacing job growth and in SC4 this is simply a fact of the simulator we have to work around. Slower development is generally more balanced and leads to less problems later on, even if it is fun to watch. Another thing to consider is that high wealth commercial and Industry only provide a limited number of high paying R$$$ jobs (say, 10%), but Residential buildings only contain residents of the specific wealth type (so for high wealth, R$$$ only). A lot of high-wealth R$$$ high density buildings might be oversaturating your job market at the high end and if enough residents in a building can't find work then the building will abandon, at which point you should probably bulldoze it because empty buildings lower land values and will tend to drag neighboring property values down more than simple vacant lots might. You will need a lot of R$ low-wealth residents to keep the Commercial/Industry employers full with working Sims, just like in RL, but fortunately unlike RL business don't stop functioning in SC4 simply because they don't have employees, so keeping your SIms employed is more important than making sure businesses have laborers.
  5. Is that a Tucker Torpedo I hear calling?
  6. Game Questions

    C:S goes on sale pretty regularly for about $7.50 USD for the base game, and if we're being honest, the base game should always be experienced first before you start dropping money on DLC so that you know what you want out of your game first. It may be that the DLC adds nothing except extra cost even if others find it indispensable. The NAM is a vital mod, but not everyone wants or needs or will use most of its features, so for some the only necessary part is the traffic simulator, which has no cosmetic impact on the game and in fact can safely hide away in the corner as though it never existed, if that's what you want. The same goes for C:S DLC, so if you were to buy the game I would first invest considerable time in learning the basics before diving headfirst into DLC. You have to learn how to walk before you can run, and crawling comes before that. Don't swamp yourself in either game or you might find yourself overwhelmed and lose interest as the game becomes a chore rather than a joy to play.
  7. This is all that comes to mind. All else I can think of is a 20s/30s style Dusenberg that comes with the game (made by Maxis) and maybe some older trucks but everything else is probably a prop rather than an automata.
  8. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    I can't believe we can finally have this icon in our cities! I'd request more variations (like 4dr sedan and Nomad Station wagon) but I'm honestly quite chuffed that we just have this. If you could make more of these classic cars (from the 40s/50s) that would be incredible but for now I'm more than happy with just this. Quality work!
  9. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    A DAMN menu for the RMIP pieces would be a lifesaver. The MML is OK but turns the pieces into reward lots which makes placing multiples a pain in the butt. I should be able to make my own but none of the DAMN menu tools, either SSP or the newer one, seem to work on my machine, or at least, they are finicky beyond belief and changed some stuff around that I haven't been able to figure out how to undo, all while still not being conducive tools to making my own menus. Otherwise, the other thing I would imagine would be useful for a completely fly-in community would be subway lots disguised as taxiways (or something) that would allow Sims to travel to the runway to get to work (via hidden subway). The player would obviously know the difference but in theory it would allow for a community that is completely cut off, road access wise, from the other neighboring communities.
  10. Heavy Rail over road (as in, directly above and parallel to it) is not possible at the moment. However, El-Rail (light rail, passenger only) over Road and El-Rail over Avenue/RD-4 are available. The El-Rail over Road is puzzle piece based, which means you must place each piece exactly as you want it, and it must look how you want it. However, the El-Rail over Avenue/RD-4 (ERoA) is Flex based, which means that the various limited pieces you see can connect dynamically based on what they are placed next to. You can have ELR junctions over road, switches, and all other (or most other) functionality. Also, roads and other networks can connect dynamically if you drag the corresponding network up to the ERoA pieces; a connection should be indicated in the preview before you release the mouse as you do so. I believe it's a drag-to, not drag-through system but it's been a while since I last used it so a quick test will tell you all you need. This preview video by Ganaram is pretty comprehensive for how the system is supposed to work: New for NAM 36 is also basic Elevated Rail draggable functionality, but this is only available if you are using RRW (the newest Heavy Rail development in the NAM, which replaces the deprecated RAM from years past). I highly recommend the RRW, but to install it you have to choose custom installation and select it from the options. Draggable ERRW (Elevated RRW) comes in 2 heights (7.5 and 15m) and supports most crossings, but doesn't, IIRC, support Single Track Rail on the elevated portions, though crosslinks with STR (on the ground) are supported. The best way to encourage heavy rail usage is to design your cities around it. If you avoid highways and design mass transit funnels to your rail lines, Sims will generally flock towards using them, especially as long as they are faster than driving or using the bus (everything is faster than using the bus in most cases).
  11. NAM Deletes SC4 Installation?

    @quick If you are on Win 7, and have sufficient free disk space, Windows will often make backups of your files and folders to be restored in the event of a system restore. You can recover these backups individually (without having to go through the entire system restore process) by opening the folder properties and using the "Previous Versions" tab and seeing if there are any backups that might exist from before the most recent changes.
  12. NAM General Support Topic

    The RHW2 ramp was likely a placeholder for other single tile RHW networks but no new ones will likely be added until the implementation is redone, which iirc is after NAM 38 if Tarkus gets around to working it out (also I think it's a copy paste error?) . I think Dexter made models back in the day and a prototype exists but he topic hasn't really been visited properly since before NAM 31 (I think). So don't hold your breath.
  13. I think you can just cap the avenue with a street. You don't need to transition to a road unless you want that for your setup
  14. I thought that RD-6 also had DIPs to increase the capacity of the network over both Avenue (-4) and the RD-4 network. So TLA 5 and RD-6 both have the same capacity.
  15. I will try and run a clean test to see how this plays out, but in my experience, and in the experience of the NAM devs, especially z1 who wrote the simulator, mass transit isn't a barrier, particularly because the game considers walking to be part of mass transit, and the default travel time of 6 hours in more than enough for a Sim to walk from one corner of a large map to the other and still have time to spare. So the idea of "lack" of mass transit being a barrier here is also odd, and suggests that something isn't playing nice together (Sims walk marginally slower than bus traffic on both streets and roads, 15km/h vs ~20-24 km/h, and aren't affected by high congestion that otherwise slows down road traffic). Needless to say my words mean nothing without testing, so I'll see if I can whip up a scenario with just the NAM and a handful of other fixes and see what I can get out of that.