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  1. Ask a forumer anything...

    My last lazy day was about a month ago and I enjoyed it so much that I'm ready for another one! Seems like they're fewer and further between nowadays but, on the other hand, it makes them more enjoyable when they do come around. Have you ever studied a martial art of any kind and, if so, what do you feel you got out of it the most?
  2. The Preference Game

    Science excites me and art makes me feel good so it's very hard to choose one over the other, therefore, this is an excellent question! Just the simple fact that I'm analyzing this I guess would mean that I prefer science. Male or female vocalists?
  3. Balboa - Part 2

    Really impressive and inspirational interchange work there! The level of detail is terrific and it all fits nicely without any gaps that I can see. Makes me want to tear apart my interchanges and start over! I really like your re-lots too. Thanks for sharing your hard work!
  4. GNR music is actually pretty good when Axel Rose isn't singing it.
  5. Been on a big Yes kick lately since their long overdue induction into the R&R Hall of Fame. They can still really kill it live, even after many years of not playing together. Who else could possibly fill the late, great Chris Squire's shoes on bass than Geddy Lee?
  6. Ask a forumer anything...

    Yeah, definitely freedom. I think everyone feels that way and it's kind of the whole point in getting your license anyway, isn't it? To be able to come and go as you please without having to rely on someone else to get you there? I also remember feeling elation, excitement, accomplishment, and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I knew I could now get to the job I really wanted in the next county instead of the crappy job I had in town. I knew I would have more friends because I could go places and do more things and I also knew I could meet more girls - and that was a great feeling at 16! What has been the most significant technological advancement in your lifetime that you recall?
  7. The Preference Game

    There has never been a time in my life when I didn't have at least one dog and there probably never will be. I currently have two; a black lab/German shepherd mix and a Husky/Blue Heeler mix. Both are 8 year old females and have the warmest souls you could imagine. My wife and daughter have brought two cats in as well and they're ok but I have always preferred dogs. Planes, trains, or automobiles for casual long distance travel?
  8. Ask a forumer anything...

    Yup. Had my tonsils out at 14, appendix removed at 19, right ACL reconstruction at 31, left inguinal hernia repair at 35 and an umbilical hernia repair at 38. I also had a small hole drilled in my skull to remove some fluid after smacking my head and getting a concussion about 6 years ago and I had a tendon in my right thumb re-attached last year. I have a very physical job but they just patch me up and I'm right back at it. Keeps me in good shape overall. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? If you were financially independent and could come and go as you pleased, where would you choose to live? Maybe more than 1 home? If so, where, when and why?
  9. If you're going for high tech farms with very few actual differences at that level you may want to have fewer jobs but they would be much higher paying jobs. Farms of this level of advancement would most certainly have engineers, technicians, biologists, chemical biologists, botanists, and possibly even veterinarians and vet techs as opposed to typical laborers. Many more advanced farms currently have these professionals on their payrolls already. They also use more machines and less intensive labor but there are skilled technicians who run and maintain the machines and computers. I love what you've done so far and where you're going with all this! It also seems as though there are a lot of helpful people in the community who are eager to see this through with you and I think that is just awesome! I love how @Simmer2 is just itching to build some cool stuff for your farming visions. You're definitely giving the whole farming aspect of the game a lot of well deserved and long overdue love. Your visions garnered from Harry Harrison are great and I had to smile when you said that because I see it too. Keeping in mind though that "Soylent Green" was a movie loosely based on Harrison's book "More room, more room!" and they were, in essence, two completely different stories, the concept of a dark and gnarly but technologically advanced future were the middle ground for both and you definitely grabbed that concept with your Hydro-Molecular Plant. It's still farming, just in a futuristic and less natural way. I've always been rather fond of the idea of futuristic farming being similar to the Douglas Trumbull movie, "Silent Running" starring Bruce Dern with it's geodesic domes keeping the botanicals going strong, even in deep space. They could be a bright spot here on a rather dark and dismal futuristic Earth too. I really like the narrowed paths a lot. Good idea there! Veldenbeek Brewery is top notch and I think everyone will want that somewhere in their cities. I'm very happy that you have taken this on and I'm eager to see more!
  10. The Preference Game

    Federation Starship. Seeming less militaristic without actually being less militaristic. Hyper-drive or Infinite Improbability Drive?
  11. Ask a forumer anything...

    PC for sure. Games would be: SC4 (obviously), Lords of the Realm II, Neverwinter Nights 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and John Tiller's Campaign Series (originally World at War). I choose these 5 because of re-playability, countless options, non-repetitive scenarios, terrific graphics for the age of most of them and, also, for being able to create my own maps and scenarios in each which simply never gets old. I could live very contently with those 5 games on my PC. If you had to choose one, and only one, brand of footwear to wear every day for the rest of your life what would it be? Different styles are fine but only one brand.
  12. 3 word story

    ever going to . . .
  13. The Preference Game

    Brunettes. Swiss or cheddar?
  14. The Preference Game

    Coke. grape or cherry tomatoes?
  15. 3 word story

    the 9th floor . . .