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  1. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    The right building is the winner for me.With that penthouse and those large balconies,there is a lot of room for decorating and detailing.
  2. Airman's Hangar

    Yay,some good old fashioned V8 Power is always apprechiated.The Corvette looks amazing in SimCity form and the Bel Air wil surely be another top quality work from you.
  3. mipro

    Oh that´s a beautiful little Building you got there.Design wise it´s right up my alley. And wow,the Guardian Building makes me speechless every time i see it,great work,surely will be legendary.
  4. Okay i think i found it out. It seems that it´s the Fault of the Environment Changer Mod.When i want to turn a Winter Savegame into a "non Winter" Savegame i get that graphical Error and the same vice versa. Too bad because i often enjoyed it seeing a City i grew turning into a Winterwonderland and to switch it back anytime i want. Environment Changer (+ Improved Theme Selection ) Environment Changer (+ Improved Theme Selection )
  5. Yes to all Ouestions. At least i have good News and bad News.One of the savegames is working again after i switched off these Mods.I know some don´t have anything to do with that Glitch i have lately but better save than sorry: -Water Pipe Upgrader - possible culprit -Surface Painter - possible culprit -NotsoUnique Buildings - very unlikely -Move It - maybe -Environment Changer - This one seems to be a bit buggy lately - very likely the culprit -CSL Music Mod - Very unlikely -Ambient Sounds Tuner - Very unlikely. I also added the Cities Skylines Logfile,maybe someone can find something informative in it. I thought that i had separated the Problem but when i subscribed to the White Cape City Savegame and tried to load it the loaded Map was covered in empty Zones and transparent Roads again Maybe i should delete my subscribed Mods and Assets completely and restart from Scratch.
  6. Does the Game automatically create a Logfile and if yes,where can I find it?
  7. I already have NEXT2 installed but the Savegames are still unplayable and look like in the Picture above. Anyone else has an Idea what went wong?
  8. So,i recently browsed through the Workshop and saw a neat Savegame i really liked called "White Cape City" it´s This one... I have the 3 essential Mods installed (don´t care much for cluttering my Plugins Folder with Buildings and Lots so i only subscribed the essential ones) " To load the savegame without the complete collection u need only 3 thigns: Frost Valley Extra Train Station Tracks Network Extensions Project" The Problem is that the Map looks all kinds of weird,Roads are missing,eventually existing vanilla Buildings and Assets i actually subscribed are missing too on the Map. This is what all my Savegames look like now: 20171105010006_1 I didn´t remove anything from my subscribed Mods so i don´t really know what´s wrong with my Game. I can´t build anything either,no Roads,Buildings or Parks.So has anyonea bit more enlighted than me an Idea what went wrong?
  9. Airman's Hangar

    You really captured the essential Design Quirks of this amazing Car.
  10. Okay,now i still have another Problem.As i mentioned earlier,i subscribed two District Themes a few Days ago,namely Brooklyn Style and Manhattan Style. The first weird Thing is that they pop up in the Mods Section of the Content Manager but not in the District Section of it: And whats even weirder is that i can`t for example take growable Buildings and add them to a Style (or make one for that matter) I can click on "add to style" but nothing happens or pops up. For example i wanted to to put Buildings from the Brooklyn Reworked Series in a separate Style and also plan to find some high density commercial Buildings or Offices that fit a general New York Vibe to put them in District Styles too. So,any Idea what went wrong?
  11. Ah you are right,those old Themes were still in that xml File. So when i remove them,the File should look like this?: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <version>1</version> <UnlockPolicyPanel>true</UnlockPolicyPanel> <CreateBuildingDuplicates>false</CreateBuildingDuplicates> <Themes> </Themes> </Configuration>
  12. I have a Question:Does Cities Skylines or the Steam Workshop save Information about subscribed Mods anywhere else on the Computer or just in the Workshop and in steamapps/workshop/...blablah? I ask because i recently completely removed all subscribed Content and unsubscribed it to start with a clean and organized blank slate and also deleted the Subfolders in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\255710. But now when i choose a District Style in the Theme and Taxes Window in Game,it shows me District Styles i don`t have anymore. And the Content Manager on the other Hand doesn`t show the 2 District Styles i actually subscribed (Manhattan and Brooklyn by Feindbild) So,any Idea what went wrong?
  13. Airman's Hangar

    Oh,very exotic and exiting.I remember the Vector (or better,different Models from the Carmaker Vector were on Posters in many Kidsrooms) Sadly they had to fight a mixed Image of fascinating but unreliable which was not very Fair because they actually could be the most reliable Exotic Cars ever made...if you know how to care of them. I think Andrew Agassi once said to the Owner of Vector: If you can build me a Car that won't explode when I drive it out of the Garage I will buy it.