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  1. Airman's Hangar

    You really captured the essential Design Quirks of this amazing Car.
  2. Okay,now i still have another Problem.As i mentioned earlier,i subscribed two District Themes a few Days ago,namely Brooklyn Style and Manhattan Style. The first weird Thing is that they pop up in the Mods Section of the Content Manager but not in the District Section of it: And whats even weirder is that i can`t for example take growable Buildings and add them to a Style (or make one for that matter) I can click on "add to style" but nothing happens or pops up. For example i wanted to to put Buildings from the Brooklyn Reworked Series in a separate Style and also plan to find some high density commercial Buildings or Offices that fit a general New York Vibe to put them in District Styles too. So,any Idea what went wrong?
  3. Ah you are right,those old Themes were still in that xml File. So when i remove them,the File should look like this?: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <version>1</version> <UnlockPolicyPanel>true</UnlockPolicyPanel> <CreateBuildingDuplicates>false</CreateBuildingDuplicates> <Themes> </Themes> </Configuration>
  4. I have a Question:Does Cities Skylines or the Steam Workshop save Information about subscribed Mods anywhere else on the Computer or just in the Workshop and in steamapps/workshop/...blablah? I ask because i recently completely removed all subscribed Content and unsubscribed it to start with a clean and organized blank slate and also deleted the Subfolders in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\255710. But now when i choose a District Style in the Theme and Taxes Window in Game,it shows me District Styles i don`t have anymore. And the Content Manager on the other Hand doesn`t show the 2 District Styles i actually subscribed (Manhattan and Brooklyn by Feindbild) So,any Idea what went wrong?
  5. Airman's Hangar

    Oh,very exotic and exiting.I remember the Vector (or better,different Models from the Carmaker Vector were on Posters in many Kidsrooms) Sadly they had to fight a mixed Image of fascinating but unreliable which was not very Fair because they actually could be the most reliable Exotic Cars ever made...if you know how to care of them. I think Andrew Agassi once said to the Owner of Vector: If you can build me a Car that won't explode when I drive it out of the Garage I will buy it.
  6. I don`t really know if this belongs to here but could anyone do me a huge Favor? I wanted my Hometown in Cities Skylines and once tried Cimtographer,but this turned out to be a Mess because i had hundreds of chopped off Street Bits everywhere which didn`t even closely resemble my Hometown. Then recently i tried it with another Tool that also involves using the greyscale Map and the Coordinates terrain.party provides but it didn`t do anything.It just froze and never reacted again,so i kinda gave up. The Problem is that my Hometown is surrounded by a couple of smaller Towns and one big City,and to be honest,i just wanted my Hometown and maybe two of the smaller Towns next to it on my Map for Starters. Doesn`t matter if the rest of the Map is empty or covered in Forest. So could anyone be so kind and use Cimtographer/OSM Importand turn my humble Hometown into a playable Map/Savegame for me,please? It would be roughly this Area(the Town called Neu Isenburg and Gravenbruch) : https://www.google.de/maps/@50.051246,8.688077,13.5z?dcr=0
  7. Finnbhennach's Crypt

    Hehe,this will take a while until i`m all Bones And yes,your very own little Space for this Project,see:
  8. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Oh,another Piece of Art from you,and a really mindblowing one,too. Those "twin towered" Art Deco Buildings around Central Park are by far some of my favorite Manhattan Buildings ever (others would be the Dakota or the famous Plaza Hotel...coth coth :D) I really love your Sense for Details,and your newest Creation is something i really hope to see in my Game soon. Have to agree with Fantozzi about those Windows,each one looks unique which makes a Building look alive from the outside.Also a nice Idea to render the Building with different Colorschemes,adds a bit more diversity (and one could possibly plopp them around a large Park without someone screaming "Repetition" :D) Can`t went to see the final Outcome of this, stay awesome!
  9. I was just wondering,where do i get that Tool to check my Savegame? Google wasn`t really helpfull.
  10. Castelo Del Mar

    Sleek and elegant modern Highrise meets mindblowing batting Skills.Nice Building you made there,will sure come in handy. Say,in which Building Style does it grow?
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Good that i am not the only one. Well,i found the Picture on this old Blog,maybe someone knows the Owner and maybe he`s even on Simtropolis... http://nycj.blogspot.com/2006/10/trip-to-roosevelt-island.html
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Since we are already in New York theme-wise, does anyone know if this Thing here exists somewhere or did it sink into Obsurity? It is supposed to be the abandoned Hospital on Roosevelt Island and i really would love to have it.
  13. C88 Productions | Projects by: Ceafus 88

    Well i would`ve loved to say that i like how you put all the intricate Architecture Details and elegant Proportions of this truly magnificent Building into the right Scale in this equaly magnificent BAT...but we all know it`s just a Box with Faux Stone Walls and a Tin Roof No seriously,you did a reat Job at replicating these General Store Buildings and there are never enough of those.Love the Texture Work on the Tin Roof.
  14. Finnbhennach's Crypt

    I can understand you,i am not a huge Fan of those Supertalls too.The City seems to be a bit careless over the last Decade when it comes to preserving old Buildings and the old,classic NYC Feeling everyone around the World loves so much. I really enjoy roaming around with Google Earth and sometimes it really stings if you read somewhere that a Building or a whole Block was demolished to make Way for something new and when you look at old Google Streetview Maps to see what once stood there. Speaking of this particular Block: What`s with 48 E 57th Street?That Building looks like they printed some Cardboard to kinda look like an old Building Glad to hear you considered my Ideas.Your Update looks awesome so far,glad to see you are still alive and working on this large Project.Can`t wait to see it finished one Day...i will reserve a clean City Block in my City for it