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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a lost file from rebalynn's (aka becca) work. The lots are neutral, self-contained (no external dependencies), and can be found near the bottom of the park menu. Rebalynn's original readmes are included. The pictures by Paeng were lost, but some shots of the pieces were made to replace them -- and a quick plop in-game of a gigantic, non realistic motel to show what can be done with them. rebalynn was very important for the community in the heydays of custom content, when SC4 was first open to batlotters; we are glad to bring some of her own content back here.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Unable to provide much information on this apart from the picture as everything else appears to have been lost when SimPeg went offline, its used as a dependency by If anyone has any more details like the original readme it would be great if you let me have a copy of it. -catty
  3. Version 1.0.0


    SPAM Irrigation Canals By Becca (RebalynnTS) SPAM Irrigation Canals are a set of irrigation canals designed for the SPAM. The water texture of these canals is designed to match the PPond set but they will work well in any rural setting. Core Lots: Straight End End, with culvert Turn Turn, Wide (2x2) Tee Cross Pedestrian Bridge Floodgate Reservoir Waterfall (1x3) Extender (1x2) Culvert Lots: Turn - Left Turn - Left-Right Turn - Right Tee - Center Tee - Center-Left Tee - Center-Left-Right Tee - Center-Right Tee - Left Tee - Left-Right Tee - Right Cross - All Cross - Corner Cross - Opposite Cross - Single Cross - Tee End - Both Utilities: Waterpump (water) Water Treatment (purification) Water Wheel (power) Developer Notes: Unless noted otherwise all sections are sized 1x1. They are very cheap to plop and to maintain. They don't consume power or water, create no garbage and have no impact on anything (demand, park- or landmark effects, mayor's rating) – they are perfectly neutral. The 'Utilities' are functional and produce or purify water and generate power at reduced capacity and cost. These functional pieces have a very modest monthly cost. The 'Waterfall' piece can be used to connect canals on terrain with different heights. Proper placement is the key for this lot, please follow the instructions given in the menu. The Culvert pieces can be used to easily create street or road crossings. The "Extender" can be used to run the canals under elevated networks All sections should be plopped on flat terrain only. The set has custom icons and is grouped together at or near the end of the 'Water' menu. Dependencies: None Recommended: SPOT (Simpeg Orientation Tool) Credits: BATs: Becca (RebaLynnTS) Lotting and Images: Paeng Awesome Ideas: Pegasus Additional Screenies:
  4. SPOT

    Our pleasure.
  5. SPOT



    ======================================================== SPOT (Simpeg Plop Orientation Tool) ======================================================== This is a set of props you can add to your lots to aid the player in seeing how to orient the lot. Where needed, these will be used on Simpeg Team Projects, at the developers discretion. They are bright orange in color, and should be easily seen in the preview. They are timed to show up, only one day, in a game year (Jan 1st). -------------------------------------- PROPS -------------------------------------- Diagonal - 4m Diagonal - 8m Diagonal - 12m Straight - 4m Straight - 8m Straight - 12m Straight - 16m -------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES -------------------------------------- None -------------------------------------- INSTALLATION -------------------------------------- Unzip files to your 'Plugins' folder. Default Folder for Installation: .../My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/PEGPROD/SPOT -------------------------------------- DEVELOPER NOTES -------------------------------------- Please see the SPOT readme for general information. -------------------------------------- CREDITS -------------------------------------- BATs: Becca (RebaLynnTS) Lotting and Images: Paeng
  6. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    The Canal Utilities are now in beta at SimPeg
  7. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    The first set of SPAM Canals are in beta, over at SimPeg. If you would like to participate in testing, please PM me there and I will add you to the PCG (Preferred Customer Group). We do ask that you actively and vigorously test them, however, there are no other qualifications.
  8. Lot Editor - FYI In "Lot Editor: Beginner's Tutorial" it states "Shift + Arrow Keys - Push selected object 8x how far it would go w/out shift " However, this is not correct, it is 10x (or 1/10 of a game meter).
  9. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    Originally posted by: ScottFTL Those really look great, Reba. I think this is your best canal set yet! Are you using the PPond water texture? I'd second the request for a piece to connect to the PPond canals. Also, are there pump or windmill lots that produce water included? They're a realistic way to provide water in a rural area. I think I see one in the images above, but I figured I would ask now.quote> Yes, there is a windmill lot that will produce water. I am also working on a water wheel that can be used to produce water, or even electricity.
  10. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    At this point I am waiting on some finishing touches on the over all SPAM. If there are any requests, or suggestions, this is the time to get the in.
  11. When the project comes out, I will personally (try to) go back in time two weeks, and announce it
  12. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    Originally posted by: T Wrecks Wow, some tasty stuff indeed! I also like those crops I see. The only suggestion I have is that the saturation on the banks of those irrigation canals might be lowered a bit to help them blend into the landscape as seamlessly as possible. Come to think of it, I'd consider decreasing the overall saturation level a notch or two.quote> I can see about that. One of the cool things about how I am putting this set together is we'll be able to have optional designs. Swap one set of files, and you have a whole new look.
  13. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    Originally posted by: drunkapple They look fantabulous! I know it is late in their development, but is there a chance of a second crossing that does not show the exposed culvert end. Very few channels or drains of this size rarely have exposed culverts. Also I suspect if you had a city with quite a few channels and crossings it could start to look a little repetitive. Cheers drunk(always) quote> I can do that. Might have to wait for an add-on, but we'll see. I'm not sure when we will release them, as the plan is to have the release coincide with the SPAM. There is still a lot of work ahead on that, so please bare with us.
  14. Becca up to BAT

    As you may have noticed, Sim Peg now has a new home on ST. Keep your eyes on us, we'll be doing some really cool stuff in the near future.
  15. SPAM Irrigation Canals

    Cubby, I did think about that, and it was a bit of a concern. However, I decided that the Sim City 4 community would realize that I would never, nor anyone else in the Simpeg team, intentionally hurt any one.