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About This File

Dependency Requirement(s):
  • Cities XXL Community Patch
  • Tags.cfg for XL
Game Version(s):
  • Cities XL 2011
  • Cities XL 2012
  • Cities XL Platinum
  • Cities XXL


Civic Pack:

- 2 Fire Station

- City Hall

- School

- one fun centre

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    • By Cgameworld
      I made some road marking decal packs to place on roads to add to the overall realism of the game.
      The pack is available in two versions: white and yellow 

      White Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1335783895

      Yellow Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1336655207
      Let me know what you think in the comments below
    • By PaulSawyer
      A set of maps of cities from a parallel world I made quiet a long time ago for personal use.
      I placed them in separate archives, so you can choose any one you like.
      Each one is SC4M file (you'll need a SC4 Mapper), 48x48 km (12x12 tiles), 144 large cities.
      Have fun!
    • By blip2
      This is an expansion to the Canal Pack created by oppie which you can download from here.  [Archived Page]
      To install just unzip the file into your Plugins Directory.

      Gizmo's Vehicle Prop Pack v3  (For the boats)

      Please Note

      Staff Edit: Updated description from info provided by @Tyberius06.
    • By Moses Zal
      I don't know if the word penetration is the the correct term to use here. But with it, I mean the ability to arrest criminals beyond roads. Below are the stats of maxis police kiosk. Since this station has no dispatches, then I think that the dispatch center strength, dispatch exterior strength and dispatch radius are irrelevant. What is relevant are the radius, center, and exterior strength. The police has to arrest the criminals by foot since this station has no cars. With a center strength of 100/255(0.39) at the center and a radius of 192 (12 tiles):
      Police center strength (0.39) / coverage radius (12) = 0.03. This means that starting from the rim of the coverage circle where the exterior strength is 0, the police strength increases by 0.03 every tile towards the police kiosk reaching a police strength of 0.39 at the heart of the kiosk.
      So 0.03 * 7 = 0.21. We have a police strength of 0.21 seven tiles away from the rim of the coverage circle. 0.2 is the minimum strength required to arrest criminals.  12 - 7 = 5. Having said that this station has no cars, this means that the center strength, exterior strength, and radius applies to arresting criminals by foot. This means that the police kiosk can capture criminals 5 tiles beyond the road while other maxis police stations can only arrest criminals 3 tiles beyond the road since they have dispatches and the default dispatch radius is 3 tiles. 
      Did I got this right or f*cked everything up in my calculations and why?
      Edit: I am guessing that maybe the dispatch center strength, dispatch exterior strength, and dispatch radius of the police kiosk comes into play when kiosk's police try to arrest a criminal beyond the road. 

    • By Moses Zal
      Hello there,
      Is there a way or a mod that enable us to know the police protectiom strength in a certain area or tile?

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