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  1. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    That's a nice sum up, yes. The question is now who'll be part of that team. I think we can agree that some of the members have to have responsibility in both ST and SC4D, for practical reasons. Using tags for categories has already been discussed here (includes a list of tags in the link). How far was it implemented, I don't really know. ======== Interesting! I guess that's what would have become the JUPITER weather controller! I use it in most of my cities
  2. Oh yeah, I had tried that before but didn't let it load! Problem solved.
  3. How have you done it exactly? Via "insert image from URL", via "insert code" (if so what language) or via "link"?
  4. That's also the reason I haven't mentioned them. I don't want to host my pictures on those companies. I'm guessing, since photobucket and imageshack have changed their business model, others will follow suit soon. Since I don't really post too much, I rather have links on my pages (and yes, boring text as in the old days) then to have to rehost everything again in a couple of mounts time. Also, the reason why I didn't suspect it was a DB change in policy is because the link format they suggest in the post really does go directly to the image Eg. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/5gxpd2yyhy8baq2/VV13980.jpg I assumed it was just a matter of the forum not recognising the host. According to them, My account was opened August 27th, 2008! Quite a while ago!
  5. Hahah you're right! The fact that there were comments dated "3 days ago" and "one month ago" misled me! Back to the drawing board then (I really am trying to avoid putting bandwidth strain on CB and on ST)!
  6. So I've now downloaded all the 3 882 files (spread over 15 albums, thank god Photobucket allows full album download). I was trying to use dropbox for external hosting via THIS method for fizing my old threads in the forums. However, when trying to use the "insert image from URL" method, the dialog box simply refuses to accept the link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/ Is there a way to overide this box and allow for html edit? Or to patch this dialog into accepting dropbox links?
  7. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I don't agree with modifying another creator's work for a re-distribution pack. That goes against the spirit of everything our community has defended over the years. One thing is to correct IIDs or some other technical aspect that renders that lot un-usable. Another completely different is re-lotting, changing occupancy and "remastaring" a lot for some kind of consistency.
  8. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    If these Packs idea really takes off, a practical example like what you describe could be very helpful.
  9. Just as an update, the chat bug (that forced chat reload every couple of seconds) seems to be fixed in the latest version of Chat. I'm back to using Safari 5.1.10 and everything seems to work just as smooth as it used to!
  10. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I guess what we're discussing here is broadly similar to what we now take for granted as Dependency Packs. Through the years we've all been aware there was bulk sharing happening, especially within younger players that have had contact with the game outside the community. To my knowledge, these players eventually face compatibility issues that are not easy to troubleshoot even if one is willing to turn the blind eye on some practises. A Themed Starter Pack as @T Wrecks suggest seems to me like a good compromise between releasing full folders and the system we currently have. The existence of these packs does not impede in anyway the download of more content from other authors or the deletion of undesirable content. As far as duplicated content goes, it wouldn't be hard to do a Cleanitol file to be included in the pack (although, to be honest, the application's UI could use a cleanup itself). This could ensure that the same dependency in multiple packs would not be repeated. A problem with this method though is the wide variety of naming conventions. Proper documentation could also be easily done. I have, however, some doubts on how effective these type of documents actually are. It used to be frequent to see noobies in chat asking for assistance on bad installations on the NAM (especially before the Monolith installers). I feel these new batches of players are less willing to go through a 5 page pdf document with extensive descriptions and lots of text.
  11. Region View Glitch

    I though the thumbs updated everytime with a normal save and they didn't update in quick-saves (crl+s)... Oh, so it's just a resolution thing, not an actual problem! Thanks I say... Moderator, please lock this thread!
  12. Happy 14th Birthday to SimCity 4

    My my, has it been 14 years already (and I'm late)?! Weird how a computer game can have so much meaning and acompany us through a decada and a half of our lifes. Happy birthday, The 15th is on the horizon!
  13. Region View Glitch

    haha I was hoping for a slightly more detailed explanation of the problem, actually
  14. I've had this problem for a while now. In region view there's a strip of terrain east-west that does not render on the border of a city tile. It doesn't show up in satellite or transportation views. Does anyone have a faintest idea of what it may be?
  15. For those who use multiple versions of 3dsMax for the past years, sometimes you may get confused about what version was your file done in. I found this tiny program called 3DS Max File Version that lets you know just that. It is pretty straight forwards. The program is hosted in Scriptspot.com Linkie Enjoy!