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  1. Gas Company Tower

    I can't even....
  2. AON Center

    What a fantastic BAT, this is leaving me speechless! You sir are very talented at doing this. Kinda makes Kodebo's plot go to shame, keep up the great work!
  3. Avon Heights v2

    Looks great, but they grow like weeds all over my city!
  4. Free Landmarks v2.0 (NEW BUILDINGS)

    Instead of uploading a lot of versions that only adds like 3 buildings, why not just do all of them and then upload them?
  5. NYBT essentials

    Why does it say New York Bat Team on all my buildings?! :(
  6. Today I just finished my own building, i think its "okay" but it doesnt have night lighting (don't know how to) and there are a few problems but i dont think it's terrible. what do you guys think? it was modeled in sketchup and not in gmax
  7. Hi, hopefully this is the right forum, but I have a question. I've recently been interested in making my own little buildings for SimCity 4 so I started off by getting some models from the Sketchup Model warehouse and exporting it to the B.A.T., the model was rendered fine with no problems, but my question is how do I make that building a CO$$ ploppable and not simply a landmark with no jobs and not growable? Sorry if it's a stupid question but I'm so new to all this stuff and installed like 5 things today, any help would be nice This is just for testing purposes
  8. your los angeles is AWESOME!

  9. Block ALL Maxis Buildings by DuskTrooper

    Wouldn't it be better to just raise the taxes very high so they wont grow?
  10. 777 and gas company! Your BATS are AMAZING, i hope you come back soon :(

  11. One California Plaza v02

    GREAT! Seems like this is the last LA building kodebo will upload sadly. He hasn't uploaded another one in like 3 years
  12. Figueroa at Wilshire

    MORE! :D