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  1. One World Trade Center

    astonishing as always!keep on doing your works! it's a pity that you didn't catch this forum at it's golden days ,im sure that you would have had thousands of downloads.as you well deserve !
  2. New RCI 1.1 (More Workers, Shoppers and Freights)

    orgin games/ simcity/SimCityData   i looked in booth my documents and c:/... but i didn't find this .i read all the comments trying to find a solution but i couldn.and also i dont have those scripts .could you tell me what's missing because i would love to have your mod
  3. New RCI 1.1 (More Workers, Shoppers and Freights)

    where should we place the files?because i cant find a simcitydata folder?
  4. Green roofs mod

    april fools ?
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    It is one of the original Maxis landmarks, you can find it here; http://screwpile.wor...ex/maxis-files/ (a roundabout version is not needed as any 2x2 lots will fit into the standard Nam ploppable roundabouts) ...and please don't write with all big letters, it's considered rude/shouting. We do know how to read... That is included in the SFBT Discount Store-pack;http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2555 sorry i must have forgotan caps lock on,by the way i allrady have the arc de triomphe but its a 3x3 lot not 2x2
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THE ARC DE TRIOMPHE ROUNDABOUT PLEACE!!!!!!i need it to finish Pairs!it's very important!!
  7. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    you're building are WOW!!! here is a suggestion City Of Capitals towers Moscow http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d7/City_Of_Capitals_20th_October_2012.JPG
  8. Amsterdam

    tnx,now i'm in the process of making a new Amsterdam witch is even closer to the original hopefully i will post it after new year.
  9. Amsterdam

    tnx,i tried to make it look like the real Amsterdam,unfortinatly there isn't a lot of stuff on the stex or bsc from Amsterdam
  10. Amsterdam

    Bonjour à tous! As you chose (a few months agoo) here is the great city of Amsterdam and one of my favorite cities in the world! Annyway like in the real world my Sim Amsterdam is a meager port and a regional power house Here is the old city center with it's grand chatedral and chanals and offcorce the town-hall The main train station in Amsterdam that servesec up to 50 000 passengers a day....alsoo one of the best known landmarcs in Amsterdam THe oldest part of the city separated by a chanel from the main-land.From the remparts that surounded the city the tower in the bottom-right corner is the olny thing left This is just a part of the viaduct that were needed to be build in order to conect Amsterdam to its neighbours And only one picture of accros the bay where the new oppera building now stands Zuidas,the new financial district of Amsterdam And finnaly en aerial view of this sphlended city
  11. Tokyo Station

    no i dont ,is that the problem?
  12. Tokyo Station

    why are the train platforms not showing?