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My Cities II

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About this City Journal

Hello everyone!!!After being absent for a really long time from Simtropolis .Well i'm back and have some relay nice cities for you!!

Entries in this City Journal



Bonjour à tous! As you chose (a few months agoo) here is the great city of Amsterdam and one of my favorite cities in the world! Annyway like in the real world my Sim Amsterdam is a meager port and a regional power house


Here is the old city center with it's grand chatedral and chanals and offcorce the town-hall


The main train station in Amsterdam that servesec up to 50 000 passengers a day....alsoo one of the best known landmarcs in Amsterdam


THe oldest part of the city separated by a chanel from the main-land.From the remparts that surounded the city the tower in the bottom-right corner is the olny thing left


This is just a part of the viaduct that were needed to be build in order to conect Amsterdam to its neighbours


And only one picture of accros the bay where the new oppera building now stands


Zuidas,the new financial district of Amsterdam

And finnaly en aerial view of this sphlended city



You're Choice

So guys i have decided for you to chouse the next city ill post ;)

Here in this enterey i will show you a picture from cuple of cities,also i will put all the names in the commenters and the one with gretest amount of like will be next :D



















This is a small meadevil town,locaied under the largest mountain chane.Tjis is a rare town that still hase it's fortifications.


This is the oldes part of the town with it's main swuere and lots of hiden ones just waithing to be descuvert by turists



Samo pictures of the fortification around the old city.


And this is new newer part of the city,which was build around this abbey


Last but not least en aerial view.



Hey,so this is my second largest city with a population of 2.3 million people,recently it had a meager re-hall,the largest part of the highway is now under ground with spectacular parks on top,unfortunately this city has become to large for my computer and the game crashes...so I'm very sad that i cant finish it :(

Shenzhen is the home of one of the worlds tallest buildings the Ping An Finance Cent. The busiest transport hub that servises around 800 thousand passengers in located in downtown Shenzhen


Other perspective:


A large city deserves a large city hall,so this was build,also the City Stadium


This is the commercial district located on the main land,not as spectacular as the first but it's ok :)


The black build you see was build along with the face-lift that this city was given


This is the newest part of the city where lot's of new residential buildings are being build and also to be build will be a very large shopping mall


Even in one city the difference between the rich and poor is gigantic



This is the new Shenzhen University and Library building


for the lst picture i give you a bird's eyed view of the city ;)


(i just wanted to add that i don't know much about Shenzhen,so i don't thick this recreation i very accurate)


Honk Kong (island)

Now it's time for the big boys!!I think it was enogh for the litle cities?Honk Kong was a small port city only 200 years ago,and now it's one of the mageor hubs for comers.The city is around 1.8 million.It has one of the most fameous sky line in the world.


victoria Harber



Downtown as seen from the mountain


Aerial View of the city with the new airport island


And some buildings on the main land


If you are interestid you can see pictures of Hk 2 years ago here



When one thinks of gambling in my empire Monaco comes to mind. This is a Special Administrative Regions that has more control about its self-government. This city's main source of income are the hotels and casinos. monaco is the MOST expensive city to live in with taxis going up to 20.00. In the middle ages it was your run of the mill city. Now the only things left from it's not so glorious past is just a fortification tower.


Here are the four spires that have dominated the city's sky line for ages but now thy are in the shadows from the new high rises. Here in Monaco are the two most well known hotels,The View witch overlooks the sea and the Royal where many famous and influential people.


Here is a closer look of the city,with it's medieval buildings witch are distinguished by their red roofs.



Here are two pictures of the board walk in the firs one there are the two famous hotels that i mentioned befour. And in the second there is the city theater and opera and city hall.


This is the famous court of Monaco where the Duck and Duchess threw the greatest parties in the kingdom. Their children still live in this palace.


And finally the new part where all the new hotels and casinos are. And even a sneak peak at the chateau of the rich.



Ah...Firenze the only city i have in en Italian style.Located at the edge of the Europ Empire.Also one of the greenest cities,powered only by wind that comes from the vast ocean.

So this city numbers only 37 thousand inhabitants,a modest number but it has 20 thousand jobs.and here are some pictures...


Here is en aerial view of the city.Only a small part of the castle is still left ,destroyed in the war for Firenze,on the same place a cathedral is build that looks over the whole city.the city has been given a large face-lift by planting lots of trees in the middle of the streets.


And here is the historic part of Firenze.look at all of the 'hidden' squares and caffees,just spectacular.


The central city squire with all of its magnificent buildings.you can also see the first water tower ever build.


One more picture of the old city center with the ducks near by,here is a better view of city hall.also one of the nicest beaches on this coast and the largest shooing district near the sea.


La Gare Central(central station),the reason this city has experienced such a large economic boom.also the Firenze squire with the two beautiful fountains,one one side is the city hospital and one the other is the magnificent pantheon that's is one of the most significant landmarks in this city.


As the city has expended it has swallowed this church that was once out side the city.


"the best example of Mediterranean architecture" the pseudonyme of this great church that is located on main street where the two avenues intersect.

hope you liked it :)



So for my first city to share with you I chose Lyon,on of my favorite cities. So here are some fact about:It's the central city of the state "New France". It's not one of the most populated cities in my empire,it has half a million people and 400 thousand jobs. From it's earliest history it has been en important trading city. And also it has been the capital.(please comment i'd like to know what you think ;)


Like many European styled cities,there is a cathedral on the main square. This cathedral of Notre-Dame du Lyon has been build on top of the roman church that has burned down. The only thing from that basilica are the catacombs under the cathedral.

Also you can see the city library(left) and the city museum(right),City Hall and the Theatre


Lyon,has one of the empires most prestigious opera houses .A seat here can cost up to 300 simoleons. Located on one of the 4 hills in this city,it can been sean from all around the cities and its on of Lyon's most famous landmarks.


This is the main railway station,it serves more than 100 thousand people!!Also the second largest square in the city,and one of largest domes which is finish-off by gold,build while this city was the center of the empire.


Once this was the worst part of the city,here were all the factories and the major slum of the city,but with the billing of the highway that has connected this city with the rest of the empire. This has now become a very nice part of the city with a lot of green space,the only thing that suggest of the history of this part is the large red factory that is now reused as en art museum.


As the city's is build on 4 hills,all the largest cathedral are bulled on the highest points of those hills. This is the basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière,which draws art lower from all around the world. Also here is the Palm House and the Court Hose.


Here is en aerial view of the city where you can see the new stadium that has been built and the new cable-stayed bridge. And the Lyon Manhattan where all the tall building are located.


And this is the last picture I have chosen to share with you,it's the skyline of Lyon,thats has firmly affirmed this city as a meager economic power which attracts more and more citizens to this growing city.



Hello and bonjour a tout !!!! Well as I sad i was absent for a very long time from Simtropolis. And I really didn't have lots of time on my hands. But after a break of two long years I'm beck .So here in my new journal I will show you how my cities have evolved during this time and the new I have created,so I hope you will like it!

please share you're opinion! It's the most important thing for me !

So for my firs post in the new journal I have chosen to show you how my region has changed through time....


So here is the center of my empire,the city I have chosen for a capital is well....Paris :)more pictures to come later ;)


Ah,the new cities...Who now are a meager economical hub. Made-up by 4 meager cities who all together have en estimated population of 9 million people! But only a 100 years ago they were small port cities...


Here are some smaller cities population wise. This cities you see here mostly have a french theme,like Lion,Bruxelles etc...


I thought ill add Bordeaux the center for the agricultural part of this empire...


Last but not list en American inspired cite of San Francisko. The greater cite area is around 3 million people San Francisko being by far the largest with a population of 1.6 million,La Cap(Cape Town) half a million and other even smaller cities...

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