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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    Here is a new apartment complex I created from marcszar's Charles Village Apartments. I've always liked them but they rarely seem to show up in my small towns, so I decided to create my own version from the building props. Took a little longer than I thought as I had to re-create his front and back yards (not exactly as he did them). Let me know what you think and suggestions for improvements are welcome. This was supposed to be in the "Show us what you are working on" thread. What did I do wrong? And can someone move it to the right thread please. Thanks. Done!
  2. WinCDEmu for SC4 Disc download

    @Cherish DakotaHi There The WinCDEmu is a free imaging software download for transferring data digitally. So I don't think this will help with your cd's. I used this software to access the 3 STEX discs I bought recently which I accessed from a particular "url" Dirktator gives you once the payment has been made. Hopefully someone who is savvy about these tech things can help you out with your cd's.
  3. Hello to all you Modding Gurus... Below are two pictures of the Charles Village Rowhouses. They are all separate lots (1x3, R$$, Stage6) A few questions about this. How can I combine these 5 lots into one larger lot, without disturbing the props (that may be more complicated but I like what marcszar has done here). My idea is to create a series of townhouses similar to what I see in the Greater Vancouver Area. I would also like to know how to do this for other creator's models (such as apartments and so on where I could add my own props) - 1 - how to change the Stage from 6 to 2 or 3 (including the current lots). - 2 - occupancy rates - how does that work? Does each individual lot keep its own occupancy rate when combined into a larger lot, or do I have to adjust them? And how much is too little or too many? - 3 - In Lot Editor these lots indicate the following: What does this mean exactly and I presume keep them as is. Foundation threshold = 90.0 Elevation change = Max 5.00 - Min 0.00 I presume iLive Reader will come into this. I currently have the oldest version which I have used to organise my ingame menus and that's all I know how to do so far. I expect a steep learning curve here. Does a tutorial exist for this? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Riverview Part 3

    @RandyE I've been busy the last little while and just saw your comment. Did see the new tree mod but haven't downloaded it yet. Currently working on a tropical theme. A large tile as a park would be quite ambitious to say the least. I find them "too" large for me and stick to the medium tiles.
  5. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    Holy Moly! You really outdid yourselves in the CJ section. Korver's pictures look even more spectacular with the larger size and super resolution. Definitely need to change the font colour (white maybe) on the dark background. Hard to see. And perhaps some of the smaller fonts could be enlarged. - some of us are in the older crowd you know... The STEX looks way better. Like how you show the different city games. Really like the new header on the home page. Don't find it ugly myself. Looking forward to what you do with A Nonny Moose's avatar. Keep up the good work (even if I hate change on websites as long as I can still find stuff I'm good).
  6. Natural Wonders

    Good Lord you're at it again WoW - Super stuff. I wonder if the ancients came up with the idea of "hell" when they saw the sulfur pits in Ethiopia. I've never heard of them myself. Awesome - (a bit overused but appropriate here for sure) I meant to leave a comment about the earlier CJ - The Amazon River picture was the one I especially liked. You can just feel the heat and humidity. Jungle extremely well done.
  7. @CorinaMarie Holy Moly the Mojave desert no less! Than must have been an experience. I prefer cooler climes myself. I was born and partly raised in the Yukon (sub-Arctic) and then my family moved to Montreal and many years ago moved back to the West Coast. I like all the seasons (sometimes around here we get all 4 in one day) The only part of Canada I haven't seen is Newfoundland and the "true" Arctic. Otherwise I have covered a good bit through holidays, and moving across the country two times in my life. Love our National Parks and the wilderness areas. @Haljackey I'm always amazed at your interchanges. How do you keep track of what is connected to what and everyone is going the right way. I can't seem to do a simple overpass without a lot of hassle so I give up... I knew you were from the GTO but I suspected you were channelling LA. I can see Hong Kong but I'm not too familiar with Huston. Dutch design- hmmm I'll have to look up Mandelsoft. I was in The Netherlands in May. Amazingly flat landscape - the dikes are the only high point. @Handyman I hear you about the water. I live beside the Pacific so I like to include water as well. @icantthinkofaname (love your handle - very funny) Have you ever shown a CJ. Your take on Dallas sounds interesting.
  8. Riverview Part 3

    @RandyE I thought that turned out quite well too (unintentional) since I changed the usual black grid to the blue sky with clouds - just recently as a matter of fact. Thanks for liking the landscaping - I am a believer in green and more green space; rather like where we both live in the Lower Mainland. @korver I really like those fences too but I sometimes forget about them as they are not in the parks menu but in the water menu which is unusual. And they have all kinds of bendy bits to play with. Thanks for appreciating the MMP work.
  9. A Thank you for the 3 Volume Disc Sets

    Not a chance @Yarahi You're our secret weapon for the lost souls on the STEX "advanced" search - HaHa!
  10. I've been busy the last few days and only started looking through the 3 discs yesterday. I downloaded them on Monday (quite easy to do with the WinCDEmu software and now I understand how this works - couldn't be simpler). I just need to back-up the discs on a new flash drive (currently on my external hard drive - just in case - stuff happens...) I am quite pleased with the contents. A bunch of these creators I have never heard of but have some interesting content. Tried and true favourites are here: FrankU, Mattb, Jasoncw, JBSimio and so on. But it is so "well organised" I love it. No more trolling through the STEX trying to remember who created something or depending on our own private search engine otherwise known as @Yarahi That doesn't mean I won't be downloading some of the new stuff - great content still coming out!! Thanks to @Dirktator for putting them together.
  11. I'm curious to know where people get their ideas for cities, towns, rural areas etc. Do you use Google Earth? Your own part of the world? Batters' lots set an idea in motion? Other CJ's? Sometimes I run out of ideas to make something a bit more unique - things start to look the "same". Let me know what inspires you.
  12. Riverview Part 2

    I didn't see these likes from you all until just now. Must have dozed off last week Thanks so much!
  13. The Simtopian Dream

    Somehow missed the entire CJ from previous postings so had a look through everything. "Very interesting concept". I am not a big fan of skyscrapers galore as I prefer more green space, but you did a good job on this city. Congratulations !
  14. Designer City: Simtropolis Old Town

    Seems to me I played this for awhile on my iPad...then I discovered SC4. The colours are little too saturated for my liking but I see the allure. You did a darn good job on the last post and this one. Anything happening on the SC4 CJ front?
  15. Riverview Part 3

    Thank you for the compliment @IL. I'm not always in the "mood" to attend to the MMP's as I would like though. This time it turned out better. Sometimes I just hold off until I have more time and patience.