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  1. Here is an update on the icons @rsc204 and @Fantozzi Took a little longer than I thought. GIMP 2.8 version that I have is not the most user friendly program I've used. Much reading ensued. The layers were easy enough to figure out. Fantozzi your instruction #6 wouldn't work for me only because I suspect the commands were translated from the German and weren't exactly the English commands. ie: unify layers is actually "merge" visible layers. I also discovered that the four little icons 176x44 pixel size I have to copy into the psd file can only be done if I use the "copy from clipboard" command and then "copy what is visible" command - all this in the EDIT menu. Never did figure out what you meant about the grid being magnetic?? Here is a picture of the menu icon I created for the Restaurant Patio. The font for Patio doesn't really show up too well - too small. On the other hand the first one I did you would have needed a 100x magnifying glass to see the fonts I've never worked in pixels before. The umbrella came from clip art. Not at all sure how Paeng created the little fence for his urban park. More experimenting etc to come... I also used the Lot Icon Creator program and have a much better understanding of how that worked. The little 44x44 pixel rectangle can't be enlarged as I tried to do initially as I didn't understand how those icons worked until I started fooling around with Gimp and your instructions. I now have much better pictures of my little 1x1 lots such as the scarecrow in a field - I can actually see its a scarecrow... Only just noticed my description didn't show up. Its the "CDL" icon. PS Fantozzi - I see you downloaded your farming lots. I did blanch when I saw the dependencies however I have been waiting for the new crops. That looks as though it will have to have its own dedicated plugins and download folder... That's a huge amount of work. Thanks for doing that for the SC4 community. I have plumbers in my place re-piping the entire building from copper to plastic due to water leaks (soft water is acidic apparently - sounds counter intuitive doesn't it) a big problem in the Lower Mainland of BC, so may get to do this as time permits. I lose water for a couple of days next week...oh Joy! Good excuse to go to the movies! Thanks again to you both for your help.
  2. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Hehe...no need to hide under the bed...it wasn't my laptop! If it were that would have been a real mess and I would have joined you under the bed Anyway waiting for the plumbers to show up. My entire building is being repiped from copper to a type of plastic pipe due to our soft water causing leaks. Apparently soft water is very acidic and eats into the copper (sounds counter-intuitive). So fun and games here at home!
  3. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Just opened my iPad and everything is back to normal I can see all the pictures, avatars etc and I can even sign out now that the search box doesn't cover the sign out box. I'm not sure who fixed the snafu but thanks so much! @Cyclone Boom maybe??
  4. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Hi Cori @CorinaMarie Yep that might be the culprit http vs https - Apple knows best don't ya know (Ha!) I did try with Chrome (no luck) and my preferred browser Firefox, on the iPad however the newest version can't be downloaded to my OS 9.3.5 iPad anymore. Firefox will only update to version OS 10 or 11 on the newest iPads (it looks as though Apple has made them do it) - they just want the consumer to spend, spend , spend and I say no,no and no!!! Well at least my laptop is quite happy all around (newest Firefox installed earlier this week), my adblocker works fine without interference from the Simtropolis software/server except when I download and I have to disable it but hardly a big deal. Fingers crossed CycloneBoom will be able to fix the problem for Apple products. Any iPhone complaints?
  5. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Hi and thanks to @Cyclone Boomand @CorinaMarie Yes cleared my history and cache yesterday as I thought that might be causing the problem. Not sure what "script blocked" means and where to find it to check in settings. ? That's a bit above my tech level.... I disabled restrictions inSafari as well thinking that might be a problem but it didn't help. And I can't sign out as the simtropolis search box blocks the sign out tab. I'll see you all later on my pc laptop hehe.
  6. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    I have an iPad issue and it seems related to the latest software/server upgrade. my iPad version can only be upgraded to OS 9.3.5 which I have - It is about 3 1/2 years old. I can no longer see cj pictures or forum images including avatars and even the Emoticons, except in my replies. I frequently use my iPad for browsing through Simtropolis as it is more convenient. Now it could be that nothing can be done but I thought someone should know. PS - no problem viewing other websites icluding sc4devotion, only Simtropolis seems to have this problem. Please let me know what you find out. Thank you
  7. Hello @rsc204 and @Fantozzi. thanks to you both for the information. I'll be printing out your instructions for easy referral. I was looking at the you tube video about layers over my morning coffee just now, very good tutorial. Some of those videos are rather like looking at paint dry as they fumble about. I will look up some more of that fellow's tutorials. Thanks for going the extra mile rsc. I must say you are a font of knowledge for the sc4 community. Fantozzi - very good instructions and tips on making icons in Gimp (80 no less - you got lots of practice there!). well Google can translate into English I guess if the commands are in German? As I am on my iPad I can't open the .psd file. What type is that exactly? I presume my PCwith Windows 7 will open it ok? A permanent template would be very handy. Looks like I will be busy on the weekend messing about with Gimp and icons. I will let you know how I get on (unless I get hopelessly stuck and send up a Help flag ) Thanks again guys!
  8. I've been trying to make better menu icons for some of my lots but frankly they look awful. The default icons weren't much better. Most look fine but a couple need tweaking. I tried using Gimp but not familiar enough with it to create icons form it. When I Googled for info, it came up with a thread here and thanks to @Cyclone Boom he placed a link to "SC4LotIcon Creator" in the thread and then I found @Simmer2 for the "really" easy instructions over on the SC4Devotion site on how to change icons here. I wouldn't mind instructions about how to use the captions in the LotIconCreator program. They don't seem to work for me. (ok so I need the "dummies" version). Below is a screenshot of Paeng's Park icons. How do you do this? They look so simple and clear... Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Help needed for TL-ObeliskPlaza

    Thanks so much! That is very useful information. Huh, didn't have a clue about the props being a bit off the lot would nullify the lighting. I'll have to check the FSH textures first just to make sure if they even have lights though. See what your Mod Tutorial has done...created another obsessive relotter who hasn't been creating a city in the past few weeks. But I am having fun - activating creative juices and all that
  10. Help needed for TL-ObeliskPlaza

    In answer to @tariely's "relief" - I knew it had to be something I did, as the attention to detail you demonstrate in your CJs tells me your lotting would be just as meticulous and tested before you put them on the STEX. Downloaded your "modular" park and plopped them to test for missing props. I am currently still using NAM32 (procrastinating on NAM36 - lack of time right now). What props are missing (if you can recall) as you mention props from the newest NAM? I didn't get any brown boxes so I guess not critical? Night lights worked immediately upon plopping. @rsc204 Re: night lighting and patience. Here's the thing - I had an issue with the RTK3 waterfront lots. the 1x1 lit up immediately when I went into night mode, but the other lots did not. It occurred to me after I posted a question about it that I should have run it on "Cheetah" speed which indeed worked - all lots lit up nicely. So I did the same thing for Tariel' s lots - let it run on for 6 months on cheetah but no luck (did it twice on 2 separate plugins). However when I tried again, (I had left the test site in Night Mode when I saved it), immediately upon plopping the plaza, everything lit up as it should, right beside the "dark" version, which never lit up. I bulldozed it before I took the picture you see above. Another question for you about night lights I have taken building models and made them into props for my custom lots(all ploppable). If some of the models have night lights to begin with, do I need to do something extra to make the Props light up? Or do building props loose that function altogether? Some of the buildings light up if they were Landmarks but didn't actually check the original models on most. Can I change this after the fact? Also, is there a way to find out if a model has night lights, as I have come across buildings in the Props section of LE but they were not mine but I would like to use them. Looking forward to any advice you can give me on this. Thank you in advance.
  11. Help needed for TL-ObeliskPlaza

    Thought I would give it another shot. Oh for the love of God!!!???? I didn't "do" anything to the file, plugins - go figure. Now the dark cloud I mentioned is thundering and lightning and raining on my parade...How bizarre. SC4 needed to gather its thoughts or something? Love to know why I had so much trouble. Well we know it works just fine. Thank you for trying to help out.
  12. Help needed for TL-ObeliskPlaza

    As you can see below they are in the main folder I downloaded, which you did include. as stated in the Read Me. (NB Had to save Read me in Office Libre as I don't have MS10 docx - created a "merged.dat" file for some weird reason - don't dare delete it - just in case) Tried googling the two file names for SC4 so I could ascertain if something was garbled in the original download but none of Rivit's files show these two dat files - not on the STEX or Working Man Productions. Where did you get them from? I'm a bit stumped. There must be a dark cloud over me when it comes to night lighting. Other custom lots do light up so I don't think I'm missing an update (my SC4Deluxe came from Steam; fully patched I believe).
  13. Hello @tariely or anyone else who might know what went wrong. Love this delightful plaza, especially the nightlighting. "however" I am not having any luck making the lamposts light up. I tried the "cheetah" speed to see if it needed speeding up (had this silly problem with RTK-3 waterfront lots which was solved by "cheetah" speed). The Lot Editor seemed to be happy with your lot except for the Lights (came up blank when I clicked on the prop). And I was hoping to find out how you lit up your lots so well. My night lights are only "so so" and some don't work at all. I hope you can provide some insight on what I did wrong. Would it have anything to do with WMP Power lots? BTW that file fills up the Power menu - do I need "everything" in that file? Attached is a picture and the dependency folder (don't "think" I'm missing anything), which I tried out in an empty Plugins for testing. Didn't work with my "full" plugins either. Very disappointed
  14. Congratulations to all the Trixie Winners. Will have to look up some of the missed CJs . The Creators of custom content - keep up the good work! Without those goodies what would SC4 be? DULL!! A tip of the hat especially to: @rsc204 (for the Mod Tutorial (I'm happily beavering away on lots) and NAM especially), @CorinaMarie, (her friendliness and help to all and sundry, her Shoppes etc etc) @Fantozzi (his philosophic bent is a delightful read; wish I could meet up with him in Germany over coffee for a good discussion) @The British Sausage (aka - LnX) your excellent CJ was always inspirational. Glad to see you have resumed with a New URS CJ. @korver - Your images are just fabulous What more can be said. Well deserved Award.
  15. Scenes from the City

    Well Well Ln X !! Thought this CJ was really really good. Sorry to hear your computer died and the Imageshack hiccup. Does that mean all your old CJ's images are toast? Glad to see you back. Your new name and avatar does make me laugh. I've been lurking about on the forums but have been dealing with "stuff" lately (recovering from a detached retina surgery - Just call me "one-eyed Dick or Carol in this case) and I also take classes in the fall so hadn't really had time to make any comments, but I have enjoyed your new CJ very much. (going to steal some ideas... of course). Had to comment when I saw your "reveal" Five Starsfor the new CJ.