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  1. Chapter 1: Hangover

    Awesome, landscape.  Natural and realistic.  Wondering, where did you get those seawalls?  I'd like to learn how two build such a beautiful cities... Thanks!
  2. Faro del Commercio

    Cool, looks very nice when plopped.  By the way, where did you get those park path?  They do look very nice would like to have them too.  Thanks. 
  3. Vistalegre: Tenements!

    May I know the name of those brown almost round residential buildings? Would like to have them on my cities.
  4. United Nations Building

    Yes! Yes! Yes! is just another NYC building. Awesome. A Great Job. Thanks, Bud.
  5. Nighthawks Stadium

    Good Job, Buddy. Looks great, in game.
  6. RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition Vol 2

    Great, the guy is back! Thanks!
  7. TC's 2x2 Ponds

    Nice job! Like both settings. A good addition to park submenu and to cities. Looking forward to see more uploads like this by you. Thanks
  8. Festival of Britain Set (Maxis Night)

    Outstanding! Great building are usually demolished and get losted in hidden archives instead of keeping them as our human heritage.
  9. Growable Disappeared After Growing

    Thanks for your help!
  10. Recently, I noticed while playing I had and empty lot in the city for a building that had grown already. When I hit for information, I had the query for that building but, the building wasn't there. I just had there tiles like those for plazas. That happened to me once and I just went to my plugin folder and deleted the folder. The same anomally happened again, to be exactly with Cobb Central Park West. I've had that file for long in my plugin folder. Is there a way to fix that problem in SimCity Rushour Deluxe?
  11. The Palmolive Building

    I always like your creation and this one wasn't an exception. Your job was great. Keep on creation old and new buildings. Thanks. Two thumbs up! 10
  12. CTA Ashland Station

    This is a great add-on to NAM, one drawback once plopped it becomes invisible. Does anyone know why?
  13. ChaoTianMen Tower

    Just superb! Thanks!
  14. Broadway Mansions

    Awesome Job! I can just say, Beautiful!
  15. Krost Tower

    Awesome, just a great job, tall building! Thanks.