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Well... Long time no post!!!


However, I have to do an announcement to all SimCity fans: I will continue CJing, but updates will be more sparse and more random stuff, because I don't dedicate as much time to SC4 as I did in the past nowadays, but...

...let's go with today's update, Casteñola's airport, or better.... History of an airport!!


We start down in 1956, when the project of a new airport in Casteñola was born. The airport of Casteñola-Rivalles, the one existing at that time since 1920, was starting to be too small for a fast-pace growing city like Casteñola. A bigger airport was needed, with enough space for even bigger aircraft, and far enough from the downtown to avoid noise pollution, increasing that time because of the new jet-powered airliners.


In 1964, the State Goverment bought a large plot of land at Villanueva de Casteñola, 19 km away from downtown Casteñola, and then, started a bidding process for the construction of the airport. Finally, the bidding process finished, and the works began in 1970, finishing in 1974. The first flight to land at the new Casteñola-Villanueva (or Castenyola-Vilanova) airport was an Aeroimperio Douglas DC-9, coming from Vistalegre, the 6 September 1974.



The Casteñola-Villanueva terminal, Photo taken in 1974.


However, the golden era of the Casteñola Airport came in the '80s. Between 1979 and 1987, the Casteñola airport became the busiest airport in Nueva Iberia, superseding the Vistalegre airport. However, the majority of this dense air traffic was due to layovers of flights reaching other destinations, because of its large capacity. But after the Vistalegre airport was expanded, the leadership returned to the capital.



The airport's main entrance photographed in 1980.


The '90s was an important decade for this airport too, because a major expansion took place. Back in the '80s, the idea of a new terminal started to grow, and finally in 1991 the works started, ending in 1994. Also, a third runway was constructed, increasing even more the capacity.


The B Terminal finally opened in November 1994. It was made for single-aisle aircraft, but some gates were left to larger aircraft. It features a main building, where all check-in booths and baggage claims are located, altogether with some gates, and then a T-shaped concourse, where the majority of gates are located.



The main entrance of the B Terminal.


And now, time for some pics of the airport...


Main entrance of the first built terminal, renamed 'Terminal A' since the opening of the new one.



A view of the A terminal and the ATCT.



The main building of the B Terminal. In front of it, the skyway leading to the A Terminal, and the B Terminal parking.



An overview of the B Terminal.



A closeup of the B Terminal's concourse.


Both terminals A and B are linked together by a shuttle bus every 10 minutes, and both of them have subway connection between them, and with the rest of the city. It takes between 20-25 minutes to reach downtown by subway.


So, hope you liked this update, and don't forget to comment and rate!




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TekindusT: In my hometown, Burgos, we are used to snow In Madrid... I remember closing down Barajas airport a couple of years ago because of just 5 cm of snow... >.<

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So I don't update this for a while, because of the college tests and, also, because a lack of inspiration. I stopped making updates of Casteñola for the moment (maybe in the future I return... who knows... :P ) Now I'm a bit inspired again, let's go!!

... A cold winter morning, cruising through the vast plateau at Northern New Iberia, we are looking for a little town...


As we exit the motorway, we pass near a small factory, where some Iberian pork delicacies are made: Chorizo, Lomo and Iberian ham, well-known all over the world! This means we are near our destination...


Eventually we arrive to our destination:


Villavicencio -not to mistake with the actual Villavicencio in Colombia- is a small town (ca. 45.000 inhabitants) at the south of the province of Arciniega (North New Iberia). For centuries, this town has lived of agriculture and livestock, but recently tourism has been an important source of income of the town, for those people that -usually for a weekend- want to leave the bustling city to enjoy a calm place and the regional gastronomy.

It's time for lunch now. We are in Calle del Arrabal, where we can find El Trigal restaurant, one of the most popular places to eat in town, where traditional dishes meet modern cuisine.


Roasted lamb, Iberian potato tortilla and Huevos rotos ("broken eggs" literally) with Jamón -pictured below- are the most popular dishes in here. To drink, we suggest one of the many red wines of the region.


After lunch, clouds have almost disappeared and the sun shines over Villavicencio. Here is a mosaic of one of the many narrow pedestrian streets that lead to the Plaza Mayor. (sorry for the weird house glitch in the bottom... :lost: )


The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) of Villavicencio was built in the XVIth century, and it is a perfect example of a typical main square in the North of Nueva Iberia, with its particular architecture of arched houses. We can find the Villavicencio city hall in the square aswell (in the left side, the middle building).


Hope you liked this update!! Don't forget to comment and rate!! :P



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First of all,

Thank you to all ST members for this 12,000 visits, and I hope you will still looking at my work!! :party:

OK. Today, to celebrate this 12,000 visits, a tiny little update... not much...

Monday 21 January, 07:59

Today, before work, I put the radio while I was having breakfast...

"...8 O'clock in the morning. Here is the weather forecast. We expect snow storms all over the north of Nueva Iberia, also at the sea level. In Casteñola we expect some snowflakes falling, but it will barely accumulate. However, be specially careful while driving and be careful too of the ice on roads..."

Then, it was time to read the newspaper:


"National Weather Forecasting Service Warns About Danger Of Severe Snowstorms. Snow Level Will Lower Almost At Sea Level. Northern Cities Can Accumulate Up To 50 cms. Of Snow. Expect Delays in Communications".

Then, I came out of home, and this is what I found:


...And this near my office at Paseo Marítimo:


Hope you liked it!!! Comment and rate!!! ;)

Credits to JENX and his new Jupiter Weather controller, that was extensively used in this update.



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Hellken: I'm thinking about it, but I don't know how to find out what dependencies would have my lots...


OK. Today it's time for an update!! Today we visit the old harbour (Puerto antiguo) of Casteñola, once an important and bustling harbour, but now a major touristic spot.

08 January 2013, 12:22

After a 15 minute walk from our hotel in the Rambla San Miguel we finally see the sea since we were in the city. The Paseo Marítimo is a large avenue that crosses the old Casteñola harbour. Today it's a warm day, 18ºC, despite being in winter, and many people decided to go for a walk or go cycling. This area was deeply revamped in the '80s from a greasy industrial harbour to what is now, a nice place to have a walk.


Some overviews of the area...



The Paseo Marítimo crosses the Avenida del Puerto (Harbour Avenue) at this point, the Plaza del Portet.


The Avenida del Puerto going northwards.


We stop by the Portet subway station, one of the original sub-surface stations built in the first Casteñola subway line in 1899. In the '90s, a glass canopy was built over it to protect waiting passengers from the weather.


And this is how it looked in the late '80s...


Now we head to El Portet, an old fishermen and sailors' neighbourhood, in the past a gritty and dangerous area, but now it's a popular place, full of restaurants, cafés and pubs.


However, in some areas we still see reminders of the past, like empty clearings with piles of garbage...


So this was the update for today! btw here's an image of the latest promotional campaign for the city of Casteñola:


Hope you liked it!! Don't forget to comment & rate!! ;)



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www.toutsimcities.com a french SC4 fansite. In the "Télécharger" (download) area, you can find the pack and other buildings by the author (and dependencies :D ) No registering required.

YUUU: Actually that shopping centre doesn't exist (well, yes, it's in Paris

:D ) Maybe it was some of the commercial centres at Plaza Cataluña or Ramblas...

grstudios: Thank you!!!

alerules: Gracias!! Espero ver ese proyecto pronto!



Saturday 15th December, 11:04

Today we decided to visit one of the most bustling places of the city. Despite not being very touristic, it's a very busy point of Casteñola, the Plaza José Fábregas (or Plaça Josep Fàbregas). It's just below the Ensanche district, and two major arteries of the city meet here: the Avenida Meridiana and the Gran Vía de Casteñola.

First, I took my tablet to find how we could get there by subway, finding out that many subway lines lead to our destination.


Then, we had to take the subway. I bought a single subway ticket for 16,50 Reales (~1,65€, ~2$), but I could buy a MetroPass refillable card for subway and bus services for 250 Reales (~25€, ~32$).



Eventually, after a short subway trip, we arrived to our destination. Plaza Fábregas. The low winter sun made the barely 4,5ºC a bit more bearable...


So here we see the square looking towards the Gran Vía avenue.


The Avenida Meridiana, a large avenue that crosses Casteñola from east to west, going through the square...


Some scaffolds covering two buildings that are being reformed...


And, at the end, a mosaic of the square, looking northwards...


So that's all for today, sorry if it was too short, but I don't have much time to play SC4 (and lot, edit pics...... :D) and in January I don't expect having more time (Exams, University...)

And, just to say...

¡Feliz año a todos!


NOTE: In the pictures of the tablet and tickets no actual pictures were used. Just adobe Illustrator :D



grstudios: Those are just eye-candy, modified from parks (I don't know how to make completely new lots, just placing the stuff on already made ones).

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SimCoug: The yellow weeds are from Girafe (VIP Team) Wheat MMPs. I don't know where are they, either SC4D or STEX.

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:D You'll definitely like this update...

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city89: Thank you!! I don't remember many of the links, but the green and red large sheds are from CapitalSimcity, the large logistics centres (red & white and Maersk) are in the STEX and the smaller warehouses are from SC4Polska.

packersfan: Thank you!! Power lines are from mrtnrln, and transformer was in a prop pack I don't remember (maybe Jestarr's) Good luck with lotting!!


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Fresh Prince of Wmbg: That was my inspiration



OK, so after millions of years a long time without posting anything, today I will post an update.

Today, we're visiting Casteñola, second largest city in Nueva Iberia and a major tourist hotspot, and economic and industrial centre. First some facts:

Official Name: Casteñola (Spanish)/Castenyola (Catalan)

Population: 3.145.808 h. (2011)

Population (Metropolitan Area): 4.995.009 (2011)

Demonym: Casteñolés, -esa.

Year of foundation: 845 (estimated)

Coat of arms:


Saturday 1st December 2012, 15:00.

We came out of the McDonalds in the Rambla San Miguel, near the harbour, and we decided to go up the Rambla. It was a cloudy and cold afternoon, but the Rambla looked beautiful with all the Christmas lights and ornaments.


Some of the light bulbs in the Christmas lights were being replaced though...


As we were walking up, we find the Palacio de los Pedrell, a Colonial-style XVIth Century building that hosts an important Latin-American art collection.


In both sides we can find little squares, and throughout the Rambla old historic and new buildings coexist.


We stop in a nearby café to have a drink and watch the people walking in the street, looking for Christmas presents or just having a walk.


As we were walking, we were approaching the end (or the beginning...) of the Rambla San Miguel.


And, eventually, we were at the end of the Ramble, in front of Samaritaine Department Stores, built by a French company in the '70s, and still a major landmark of the area.


We reach Plaza de la Conquista, in the end of the Rambla.


The monument in the middle was built to commemorate the conquerors of the New world. In 1980, a large monument was built, with a boat-shaped end, representing the conquerors' boats.


The Plaza de la Conquista is a major tourist attraction, and a bustling commercial spot, with many department stores and large shops. Here's a pic of some of those commercial buildings:


Now some mosaics of the Square and the end of the Rambla:




In winter, days last shorter than in summer, and almost at six in the evening, it's already night. Time to make some night shots! (some poor editing, I know :sly:)



So I hope you liked it, and don't forget to rate!! ;)

Special credit to TekindusT who gave me some tips about creating a Barcelona-styled city, and made possible this update.


Today, after a while (college stuff), I will post a new update. But first...


nedal2001: Thank you!!!

grstudios: Thank you again!!! Well... I'm not a BATter (those 3D stuff looks very hard to do...) Buildings are from other people, I just re-lot them.

TekindusT: It's my first custom airport, so they can be mistakes... Anyway, gracias!!! :golly:

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!!!

ggamgus: I think ST is full of good airports, and you can surely find a better one than mine ;)

10000000000000: Thank you too!!

fighterfungus: Thank you!!! Sorry I can't show an overview, my airport is in 2 city tiles cause I didn't have enough room :( Anyway, great cityscaper mate!!

Bastet69008: Thank you!!! Elevated network and station is included in Tadasu's Kansai Terminal.

Mastof: Thank you!! :golly:

art128: Thank you!!!

elavery: Thank you!!! I used Adobe Illustrator. It works pretty much like MS Paint, but results are way better.

spursrule14: Thank you!!! It's an honour to be in the BOTB again!!

Benedict: Thank you!!! :golly:

OK. We're done with replies, so here's the update. It's a short one (again lack of time, 1 week saying "I'll post this tomorrow", etc.). I showed residential and commercial areas of Vistalegre, so now it's time to show a small industrial area!

This area I show is one of the many industrial zones that popped up in the '70s in the outskirts of Vistalegre.


Here's a pic of the power lines and the substation that carry the electricity to the factories. By the road, some people still live in their old houses, despite the dense freight traffic:


Many of the factories here are logistics centres, medium manufacturing industries and warehouses. No heavy industry here.


Here some warehouses...



...and a last overview


Hope you liked it!! :golly: Don't forget to comment and rate!



First of all, I will put here the links of the buildings in last update, that some people asked for:

Hope this helped!! ;)

TekindusT: Thank you!!! I'm trying to do a realistic CJ inspired in Spain, so I try to include all those other "less known" parts of Spain, like the outskirts of the cities, for example.

art128: Thank you!!! :golly:

Benedict: Thank you!!! As you may notice, I used LE for guardrails, cars, lights, roadsigns and the noise barriers.

ggamgus: Thank you!!! You wasted two hours of your life crying at the beauty of it :D

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longtimepcgamer: Of course!! Look above ;)

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DanPeterson: Thank you!! Links above ;)

XAVIERIOS: Look in the links!! :golly:

titanicbuff: Here's the link: but those are just props, you must use LE first to place them in lots.

Now we finished with last update's replies, we continue with today's update. I usually don't post two updates in the same week, but I had this project started when I posted last, and I had time to end it yesterday, and this week there have been many airport updates here in ST: Shushtrepistaz, Hiroshima and Atarashima, for example. So, here is Vistalegre International Airport... Fasten your seat belts because we are taking off!


Vistalegre International Airport (IATA code: VGR) was built in 1969 in a place 20 km. away from the city centre to replace the old Villamartín Airport, whose runway was too small for new aircraft, and too close of the new developments of Vistalegre. After years of improvement, it now has two large terminals, four runways and it handles almost 50.000.000 passengers per year (2011), making this airport the largest in the country.

But first, let's take a look at the map where we should park the car and what terminals we have to fly from and to Vistalegre: (it's my first attempt of doing a map using Adobe Illustrator, so be kind please)


So we start going to Terminal 1, the first to be built.


Terminal 1 is divided into 3 parts, 1A, 1B and 1C. The first to be built was 1A in 1969, then it came 1B in 1978, and finally 1C in 1990. In 1993 there was a major revamping project and that's why all Terminal 1 looks the same in all its buildings.

Terminal 1A: It hosts several companies that use short and medium-haul aircraft (B737s, A320s). Almost all low-cost airlines are here (Ryanair, Easyjet, Air Berlin)


Terminal 1B: It's larger than the other two parts, and it has two parallel concourses where gates are placed. In this terminal we find mainly short and medium-haul aircraft, and different companies like British Airways or SAS use this terminal. In front of the terminal a hotel was built in the late '80s.


However, west concourse has gates for larger aircraft, such as A330s, B767s and B787s.


Terminal 1C: This terminal is a concourse built as an annex to the terminal 1A. It was made to provide space for large long-haul aircraft, such as B747s, B777s and A340s. This is the smallest of all Terminal 1, and now, with the opening of Terminal 2, many long-haul flights have been moved there.


The terminal 1 from the inside...



Now we go to Terminal 2. Terminal 2 was opened in 2005, because the Terminal 1 was overwhelmed with so much air traffic. Two buildings were built, the Terminal 2 itself and the Terminal 2S, a satellite building.

Here's a pic of Terminal 2 main building. An elevated train was built to communicate both terminals 1 and 2.


The main building is where the domestic and short-medium haul flights depart and arrive. The satellite building is the place for long haul flights. The satellite terminal can serve up to 20 wide-body aircraft at the same time, including 3 A380s, largest aircraft in the world. main and satellite buildings are connected by an underground people mover.


Here is a mosaic of the whole terminal 2:


A pic of the interior...


As I said, there are 4 runways in the airport: 27L, 27R, 36L and 36R. Here's a pic of an Airbus A340 approaching the 27L runway:


OK, we are done with the airport, but now let's take a look on the two major airlines in Nueva Iberia:

Aeroimperio: Founded in 1932, it was the state company until it was made private in 1995. Here's the logo:


It has a fleet of around 300 aircraft. It has regional flights (Embraer ERJ aircraft), domestic and medium-haul flights (Airbus A320, A319 and A321) and long-haul flights (Airbus A330-200, Boeing 777-200, 777-300ER and the brand new 787-8 )Here is one of the newest planes, a Boeing 787:


Surair: Surair is the second largest airline in Nueva Iberia, and it was founded in 1971. Here's the logo (Sorry Sabena, you no longer exist :D )


Its fleet consists of 145 aircraft, most of them for domestic and medium-haul flights (Airbus A320 family, after 30 years using MD80s) but it also has long-haul flights (Airbus A330 and A340). Here is an Airbus A320:


Both airlines have their hubs in the Terminal 2.

Hope you liked this update, and sorry for my crap photoshopping :D


Vistalegre: Tenements!


grstudios: Thank you!!!

TowerDude: Thank you!! :golly:

Fox: Thank you!! The building is called "the Beehive" and it's on the STEX.

Hellken: Those are eye-candy lots. I'm planning to release some pedmalls with that textures, but I don't know what texture pack was, for dependencies.

ggamgus: Thank you!! :golly:

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suomi2005: Thank you!!!

Jacob Guajardo: Thank you!!!

KonstantinII: Not exactly :D

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cdn94: Thank you!!

joseluisjuancar: Vistalegre es la ciudad, que es una copia barata de Madrid está inspirada en Madrid. La plaza ya sé que es Las Ventas, y ya pensé que alguien se podía confundir :D

IL. : Thank you!!! Personally I like bullfighting, but I understand people that are against it.

OK. So we start today's update. As the title says I will show..... tenements! :D

First of all, a 90% of the Vistalegrian population live in flats, and Vistalegre's population is around 6.500.000 inhabitants (almost 10.000.000 in its metropolitan area), so the Vistalegre cityscape (and most of the Iberian cities' one) is full of apartment blocks.


First, we visit some buildings near the VA10 motorway, Vistalegre's inner ring road. (Motorways are usually numbered as Axx, being "xx" numbers from 1 to 99, ring roads are a special case, but this will be explained in a special update). These buildings were built in the '70s and '80s, and medium class families live in them mainly.

A pic of the motorway...


Some mosaics of the area...



The ring road seen from the buildings...


Let's move on.....


Ciudad Jardín is a quiet neighbourhood in the outskirts of Vistalegre, 30 min. driving or 25 min. by subway. It's an example of a standard modern district developed in the 2000s, with wide streets, modern buildings and bicycle paths. Here are some pictures...


Economic crysis that Nueva Iberia suffers since 2007 has affected the construction. We can see empty clearings where new housing projects were planned to be built, but those plans were cancelled.


Last, but not least, a mosaic of Ciudad Jardín:


Hope you liked it!!! :golly:



grstudios: Thank you very much!! :golly:

mystic_destiny: Thank you too!!!

TekindusT: Thank you!! Actually there aren't many :D but I took elements from other cities too. The Vía Imperial, for example, starts pretty much like the Champs Elysées but it ends being like la Castellana :D

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!!

ggamgus: That's a high rating I don't deserve :D Anyway, thank you!!!

Jacob Guajardo: Thank you!!!

vivapanda: Thank you!!!

city89: Thank you!!! PM me if you want the links. Many of them are from ILL Tonkso at STEX.


OK, We start. Today don't expect a large update like the previous one, we are going to visit two places in Vistalegre, both of them are small areas unlike the last update. So we start (now!)

Plaza de toros Monumental: (Monumental Bullring) Built in 1927 and revamped in the mid '60s, it's Vistalegre's only bullring. Bullfighting has been a popular entertainment in the country for ages, despite being offset by football in the mid XXth century. They used to be bullfights every week but since the '80s or so, they decreased its number enormously, so now the bullfights take place only three weeks a year, during the Feria de San Lorenzo. It's too a very controversial show, being very criticized by animal-rights supporters. Anyway, it's still a popular entertainment nowadays and a major tourist attraction.

Well, here are the pics of the bullring and the square in front of it:




The square:


The New Iberian Senate: As I said in the Parliament update, the Parliament has two Chambers, being one the Congress (the old one in the 7th update) and the other one the Senate. This Chamber was introduced in the latest Constitution, and its building was built in the early '70s (it was in another building before) with a singular shape:



Hope you liked and sorry for the shortness of this update... :(




Fox: Thank you!!! :golly:

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!!

Schulmanator: Thank you!! I try to keep improving it

ggamgus: I try to show a realistic Spanish-style city, so you'll find something like this :D

TekindusT: Thank you!!! :golly:

Jacob Guajardo: Thank you!!!

grstudios: Thank you!!! I hope there won't be many accidents too :D

SimCoug: Thank you!!!

111222333444:Thank you!!!

hackinosa: Gracias!!!

panthersimcity4: Thank you!!! I remember your CJ San Pedro, one of the first Spanish-styled cities in ST a while ago!

KonstantinII: Parking in streets is normal in Spain :D

mystic_destiny: A roundabout made with LE :D

CRAZYRUSSIANGUY: In STEX and LEX mainly, but you need LotEditor to put that cars on streets, etc

Pampa_uy: Gracias!!!

superjjcarvalho: Only props and then using Lot Editor, textures from NAM.

alerules: Gracias!!!

Mastof: Thank you! :golly:

spursrule14: Thank you! It's an honour to be in the Best of the Best section.

And now we start today's update. We go up the Vía Imperial again (the longest street, remind that) and we reach the Churruca district, where the city's first CBD was constructed. This area began its development in the '70s and it reached its highest point in the mid '80s. Still a bustling area, it has been partly offset by the new CBD in the 2000s, but you can still find restaurants, shops and nightclubs in this area. So let's get started. We'll see firstly the most important buildings one by one.

BCV tower: Built in 1986, it was the last tower of the district, but with 179 m of height, it has been the second tallest skyscraper in Vistalegre since it was built until the 2000s. It hosts the BCV (Banco Central de Vistalegre) headquarters.


Windsor Tower: (the same as the one in Madrid, duh) Built in 1976, it was the first tower in the area. It has a height of 106m. In the lower stories, it has a shopping centre and a nightclub.


Garconsa tower: Built by García Construcciones, S.A. (Garconsa) in 1980, it's the smallest skyscraper, with 72m high.


Plaza de la Libertad: (Liberty Square) It host an underground shopping centre and subway station. It's surrounded by the Mérida towers I and II, both from 1979, and a height of 88m both. Then, in front of it the City Tower, sometimes called "Mérida III", built in 1983, and a height of 107 metres.


Berlín, Viena and Mutua Aseguradora buildings: Berlín (on the left) and Viena (on the right) towers were built both in 1984, and they top 89 and 78 metres respectively. The Mutua Aseguradora building was built in 1980 to host an insurance company's HQ, and it's 124 metres tall. (the one in the back)


Torre Cuzco: Built in 1979, it has a height of 80m, and it has now the largest advert in the city.


Now we ended showing the buildings, let's see the Rodríguez Millán Football Stadium, with 87.000 seats it's the largest in the city (before the new Ciudad del Fútbol stadium will be ended, in 2013) It's the home stadium of the Imperial de Vistalegre, the most laureate team in the whole country.


Team logo:


A view of the residential districts near it...


Stadium and part of CBD overview


BONUS PICS: A helicopter trip near Vía Imperial


Road works ahead. Expect delays.


This update was brought by:


Hope you liked it!! :golly:



ggamgus: Thank you!!! :golly:

TowerDude: In Spain you can find those huge empty fields too!

grstudios: Thank you!!! Actually, fields and machines (and roads, railroads, etc.) are lotted, and I use the props in LE instead of the MMP versions.

TekindusT: Thank you!!! Very nice poem! Actually, my hometown is in the Castilla region, and when we drive somewhere out of town, this boring landscape is what we see :D

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!!

ThomasSimpson: Thank you!! I was inspired a bit on your last Lessito updates :D

halenbyname: Thank you!!

aparrot7: Thank you!!

dubaidude303: Thank you!!

Markus J: Thank you!!

testuser1234: It was my first rural scene :D but thanks for your advice!

Now we are again in Vistalegre. So we go down the Vía Imperial from the Imperial Square (Remember it?) to reach the Plaza 18 de Marzo (March 18th square) where the Parliament is. March 18th 1521 was the day the first colonies were discovered by the Empire, and were ruled by the country until their independance in the XIXth century (still some archipelagos belong to the Empire nowadays). But before arriving, a little pic.


Now we arrived, and we reach this traffic chaos roundabout in one side of the square...


Here is the Congress building, built in 1850, after the first Constitution, and it hosts one of the two Chambers of the New Iberian Parliament.


The monument in the middle of the square was erected in 1871, in the 350th anniversary of the discovery of the colonies.


In the '70s, two big buildings were built in the square. One of them is the headquarters of the Banco de Comercio de Nueva Iberia.


The other one is the Petrasa Tower, built in 1978, headquarters of the national petrol company (now private since mid '90s). The building, with its 182 metres, has been the tallest in Vistalegre until the 2000s, when the new CBD was developping. Loved and hated at the same time, it's now one of the most important landmarks in Vistalegre.


An overview of the square...


And a last pic from the Petrasa tower.


Hope you liked today's update!!! :golly:



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golpes_secos: Gracias!!

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city89: Those are the buildings you requested

harishna: Thank you!!!

Well, it's time for a weekend trip out of the bustling city of Vistalegre. Wheat fields are a common sight in the Iberian landscape, and now it's harvest time.


Now, people are working very hard during harvest.


As we drive down the road, we cross tractors full of harvested wheat.


The best place to stay in the weekend is a rural hotel somewhere in the middle of the fields...


And sometimes, the peace of the countryside stops when trains cross it...


This update was a test of how I could use the recently released VIP Team AgriPack (at STEX), and then to show a rural scene, out of the urban scenes I showcased before in my CJ, but I will bring new updates soon from Vistalegre.

Hope you liked it!! :golly:



TekindusT: Gracias!!! The station was inspired in the Atocha station, and the Museo del Prado.

grstudios: Thank you!! :golly: I used the RHW2 underpass props in LE and RHW4 textures

Schulmanator: Thank you!!! :golly:

IL. Thank you!!! The trees in the streets are from CP (in one of his prop packs must be) and the other trees are from Girafe (VIP Team). The maples I don't remember where I got them, sorry :(

keder: Thanks!!!

Evillions: Just eye candy :D but thank you!!

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!!!

kruness: didn't know :D Thank you!!!

sani1987: The tall ones are from Peterycristi prop pack (at simcitykurier) the small ones are not props, they come with the BAT.

vivapanda: You should go at least once in your life :D

MilitantRadical: Thank you!!!

ilikehotdogsalot: Thank you!!!

Well... Let's start with our trip. Today we go west to the University District, located in the middle of pine woods. Here we can find the Universidad Metropolitana de Vistalegre campus, with an American-style layout, but some buildings are inside the city itself, like the Industrial Engineering School, in the end of Vía San Carlos:


Back to the University District, we go to the Plaza de la Universidad (obvious name, doesn't need to be translated) where we can find the Schools of Medicine, Biology and Physics


Now, the School of Law and Business Administration


Now, the building that hosts the Library and the Rectory of the university, built in the early '70s


In the campus you can find sport facilities like athletics tracks, football pitches...


Next to it, an example of the latest buildings in the area, the School of Civil Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, both buildings built in the late '80s


Now a mosaic of the Rectory building and the Plaza de la Universidad


And last, but not least, the University Stadium, in this mosaic, behind the inner ring motorway of Vistalegre


This stadium was built in 1958, and a football club was founded here in 1960, the Club de Fútbol Universitario de Vistalegre. This club won three National Leagues in 1975, 1976 and 1987, but at the moment, it plays in 2nd Division. Here's the club logo:


And to end, a final pic of the stadium:


Now hope you liked it and don't forget to comment or rate!!! :P



To all people asking for the giant building: It actually exists, and it's in Madrid, and here's a pic to prove it:


And the SC4 version you can find it here: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=1075

Evillions: Thank you!! :golly:

k50: Thanks!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you

Adjiebrotot: Thanks!! Those are custom textures made by me

ehs: Thank you!!

TekindusT: I think it looks like a barrel... :P Thank you!!

sucram17: Thank you!! :golly:

grstudios: Thank you!! Pedmalls are custom lotted. I may release them in the future, but they have a lot of dependencies

testuser1234: Thank you!!!

MisterRisk1: Thank you!!!

I. Lostalim: Pic and link are above.

hackinosa: I was thinking more of Plaza Callao, since Vía San Carlos is based in the Gran Vía but thanks!!

City Builder 9111: Thank you!! Link of building is above

newyorka: The road is an eyecandy custom lot (unreleased) and side parking (the one with the black cars) is part of the building (my lotted tweaked version)

golpes_secos: Gracias!!! De momento hay Nueva Iberia para mucho :D

kergelen: Thank you!!! Is an honour to be compared with Kelis :D You will find this update in CSC too! :golly:

Well... As I said before, today we visit the Museo Nacional de Arte (National Museum of Art) and the Southern Station.

Here, an overview of the museum


The museum is a major attraction for tourists. We can see long queues in front of the main door.


The Parque del Mediodía, behind the museum


It's a good day to sunbathe in the lawn...


The Glorieta de la Estación (Station roundabout) and underpass


The Southern Station, built in the XIXth century and one of the largest in the country


The main entrance, at the side


In 2000, a new building was built behind the old station, to cope with the increasing number of people using it


El Andén Restaurant ("The Platform"), one of the best known restaurants of the place


Near the new station, a hotel was built, but there was a lot of controversy with it because of its height, being close to the historic district.


Credits for JENXParis for the Gare d' Orsay (SC4D LEX) and JEC for the Estação do Oriente (very tweaked), at STEX; and Debussyman for the Berlin Zeughaus (museum).

Hope you liked it! :golly:



TekindusT: Thank you!! I remember that CJ too, and some Dutch themed ones he did (and he's still doing), one of the best CJs I ever seen.

elavery: Thank you!! :golly:

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ghgsdsghg3: Gracias!! Son lots propios, vamos que no están en ninguna página. (they are custom lots, they aren't in any site)

jose555jose5553: Son lots propios.

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Markus J: I tried to do so. Thanks!!

dzekins: No, those are lots and traffic are props, search for VIP Team and shk parking props to get them, but you need LE to place them.

hahei: Maybe I'll release them, but they are some problems: 1) Too many dependencies. 2) Other sidewalk textures (e.g. Maxis white) would look weird with those lots. 3) They are non functional. 4) They are not modular. If you want them, you can PM me, but I don't know the dependency pack names.

city89: The Reichstag, by Debussyman, available on the LEX (SC4Devotion.com)

colco2121: with a lot of patience :D

Simul8ter8: Thank you!!

Well... let's start with update 3. This update is shorter than the previous one, but for next update I have a big project in mind :P

OK. Today I'll show the Vía San Carlos (St. Charles Way), one of the largest streets of Vistalegre, that starts in the Imperial Square. You will probably remember the Cancillería building from last update, shown in this pic too:


In this avenue a lot of cinemas and theatres were built, but now, many of them have been converted into cafés and shops, but some of them still survive, like the Cines Hollywood (what an original name :sly:), shown here in the corner.


Another pic of the avenue.


In the middle of the avenue we find the Plaza Nueva (New Square), with the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, built in the mid '50s, and the tallest building in Vistalegre until the late '60s. It's still imposing...


In the 2000s, a transport hub was built in the square, known popularly as "el barril" (the barrel) for its singular shape. The Dirección Central de Correos (Central Post Office) building (the white in the corner) was built in 1932, and it was the tallest building at its time too.


Here is a closeup of the pedestrian streets leading to Plaza Nueva.


BONUS PIC: This is how the Plaza Nueva looked like a long time ago... :P


Credits to Gonzalo1234 (at Capitalsimcity.com) for the Plaza España and Telefónica buildings, great Madrid BATs.

...And that's all for today, guys!! Hope you like it :golly: and don't forget to rate!


Before starting with the update, it's time for...


Vivapanda: Thanks!! you won't be disappointed with this new update. :golly:

TowerDude: Thank you!! Those traffic crossings with the yellow grid are custom textures made by me, and I try to use as much custom content as possible in my cities, as you will see

keder: thank you!!

colco2121: thanks!! :golly:

TekindusT: Gracias!!

westy177: They are custom content, and I won't release it, because they are non functional eyecandy lots, i mean they aren't TE or cosmetic pieces so traffic can't go through them.

Simul8ter8: Thanks!! European average GDPs are quite high :D

Now we ended with the replies so we start our tour:

Today, we visit the Imperial Palace of Vistalegre, that was the Emperor's residence between the XVIIIth century, when it was built and late XIXth century, when a new palace was built in the outskirts of the city because of the capital's growth. Now it's a major tourist attraction in the city.


The Imperial Square was constructed in the early XIXth century. In its middle, a statue of José III, the Emperor who built this palace, was erected.



An overview of the square


Now, let's take a look to the palace gardens, right behind


And in the other side of the gardens, the Plaza de la Unión (Union square), built to conmemorate the union of the former kingdoms, with the two obelisks.


A closeup...


Now back in the Imperial Square, we find the Edificio de la Cancillería Imperial, where the administrative business of the Empire was made.


And the Imperial Square is also the place where the Vía Imperial (Imperial Way), Vistalegre's longest avenue starts.


To end our tour, a mosaic of the whole palace and imperial square.


P.S. Credits to Debussyman for making these outstanding BATs, the Reichstag and the Bâtiments de la Concorde (Palace and Cancillería here)

Hope you liked it!!! :golly:


Well... a quick introduction:

The Empire of Nueva Iberia, or simply Nueva Iberia is a large country with an european inspiration and a mediterranean flavour. It was founded in 1553 by emperor Federico I, who united the small kingdoms existing until the XVIth century, and proclaiming himself head of the new born state. In the late XVIth century the Empire expanded overseas, but in the XIXth century the colonies gained their independence gradually. Also, after the revolutions of 1848, a constitutional state was created, and it has survived with minor changes until now, being the last constitution the one of 1954.

Here is a picture of the Empire's coat of arms and flag, representing the former kingdoms that united 500 years ago:


Here are some facts of the Empire:


Last, but not least, a little mosaic teaser of Vistalegre, the capital:



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