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About this City Journal

Well this has to be my 6th attempt so far... oh well. Follow the adventures, roadtrips and lives of those gracing this city by the bay!

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I've been a busy bee!

Lets take a look at some suburbs.These shots show mainly Kimberleigh, an area about 8km north-east of Redwolf's city core.


The suburb is served by two stations, Kimberleigh and Argyle. Kimberleigh is the more southerly of the two and serves intercity and metro trains.


Argyle is more northerly, and lies at the Argyle St. crossing. (The government should really fix that crossing and grade separate it...)


Main roads border and criss-cross the suburb, with a streetplan designed not to impede traffic.



Rivers flow along the edge of the suburb, allowing for a natural break to the sprawl.


The north parts of the area are home to industry.


Houses here tend to be properties of lower income earners than those closer to the core.




Fairfield Rd bisects the suburb into two. It also provides a direct route to Victoria and the city of Redwolf, as well as north beyond.

That's all for now! I shall hopefully bring you more suburbs soon, as Redwolf is starting to boom!



Northward to Canterbury



If one follows the Cremorne Highway along the coast, they come to this junction. Continuing straight along the highway approaches the Ellraine Bridge, where turning left wraps you around into Scarborough. We will take the bridge for now.




You can get some great views of the harbour from the bridge.


The northern approach of the bridge cuts through a part of Canterbury known as Bridgemarket.


A closer look at the apartments and terrace houses...



The other bridge across the straits takes you more directly to the northern part of Scarborough. It is much older than the Ellraine Bridge



Downtown Canterbury.



They have spacious parks too!



Thats it for now! Hopefully you enjoyed!

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Okay there's more. This is Scarborough as it currently stands


Thanks for the positive reception on my last teaser entry.

However I need to apologise! I intended to have an entry ready by a week later, but work has gotten in the way. I thought I'd show off some slightly different work today. This isn't Redwolf, and I honestly don't know if I will develop this city further. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.







@The Steve: I was actually thinking something more like The Chromatics' 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6p8UKQ362o'. Rather lovely album.

@Ace: Thanks for the note. I didn't check the peak time, and I should probably get a persistent automata mod. The roads in Redwolf definitely are busy if you check the route query.

@All: Kitteh bellies have definitely been rubbed.

And now I present a mosaic, looking from the Observation Tower through downtown and to the bay.









I rarely play in night mode. I should more often.

This entry is just a quick and dirty one, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

TekindusT: You can never have too many trains!

SiMapGuy: You can use the FLUPs that come in the NAM

The city still lives at night. Whether people are out to enjoy fine dining, clubs or simply have to get that office report on time, it easily thrives well into the hours.









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I am absolutely thrilled with the reception received by my last entry. Not only did it put me at No 1. in Ben's Top Ten, it received over 30 comments and the highest repped entry EVER. So I would like to take the time to thank all you, who motivate me into creating this work, as well as taking the time to reply to a few specifics.

TekindusT, Sculmanator: Yeep, the tequila bit may or may not have been inspired by an event several weeks ago :rofl:

SimGuy23, XAVERIOS: Those lovely seawalls can be found here.You have to be registered and logged in to access the download.

prens: I like prens

Mithrik: I couldn't keep it hidden forever, could I?

Anyhow, lets get stuck into this.


"I'll have a flat white, please. You?"

"Soy latte. Don't skimp on the strength, either."

The waitress scribbled down their requests, then hopped back inside. The two girls were sitting on iron wrought furniture placed on the footpath, whilst the few cars that were around this afternoon buzzed by.


"So when do you think you'll be back at school? They all miss you there," asked Lucy.

Carla retorted, "Oh nonsense. The girls there are all shallow, and it's pretty clear that the guys there only have one thing on their minds. Not like they'd be interested in someone like me, however. Besides, I've been having to deal with other things."

Lucy put her hand on Carla's. "You know you can tell me anything."

Carla looked down, and bit her lip. "Yes... but..."


"Everything's just happening so fast. I don't even know what the hell is going on half the time. I just need a bit of time, time it seems I don't have."

Lucy reached into her pocket. "Smoke?"

Carla hesistated. "Sure, if you got 'em. What's your poison these days?"


She placed the cigarette in her mouth, cupped the end and flicked open the silver lighter sitting on the table, revealing a flame rather comforting for this chilly day. She tilted her head back in the chair and drew.


No sooner than had she done this, the waitress had arrived with their drinks. When she laid them upon the table, Carla picked up the cup and sipped.

"It's a little burnt."

Lucy laughed. "Oh Carla, you're so pretentious!"

"No I'm not!" she exclaimed, instantly defending herself. "I just know that last time I was here, they made it much better."

"Put some sugar in it and you won't even notice."

"Ha! Please." They both laughed as they proceeded to discuss the usual issues, leaning back into the chairs.


Carla looked at the time. "I'm so sorry, I have to go!" she said as she picked up her bag and hurried along the street, leaving her half-drunk, 'burnt' coffee resting there.

Lucy yelled out. "Okay, but let me know what's even going on these days. I have a phone you know, call it!"


Running down the road, she could feel the vibrations under the underpass of the train approaching ever nearer. Although trains ran every 15 minutes, she had no desire to be late, especially for this.


Guildford station was located annoyingly distant from the town centre, as opposed to many stations on the line which lay in the heart of their suburbs. Of convenience though, was it's proximity to the local high school.


She however had made it. Taking a seat on the nearly empty train, she gazed out the window, viewing the leafy roadside. She took a slight amusement in the traffic that was building up at the level crossing. "Victims of this incompetent government," she smirked.


The traffic remains heavy at many hours.



Two trains pass each other on the approach to Highbury station. At least this intersection was grade separated.


The station sits tucked behind several apartment buildings.



Four car lineups are common on this line, due to the short platform at Winchester station. Those coupled in 6 car trains usually bypass the station.




It's here at Newmarket the largely isolated Eastleigh line joins the main network. One can transfer to metro services, regional trains or simply get off and attend their classes at the college.


However, Carla was heading to Central. Her heart was beating, not knowing what to expect. Pulling her bag over her shoulder, she disembarked and headed down the platform.

The concourse was teeming with patrons. Intercity services were lined up at the station, and she could see many with suitcases, heading off to far lands. But throughout this crowd of patrons, a tall, bold man suck out from the rest. She had never seen this man before, yet he looked so familiar.

She hurried towards him. He noticed.

It was at that point she started running, faster than she had ever thought yet the moment lasted a lifetime. Finally, when not a few feet separated the two, she threw her arms around the stranger. A tear formed in her eye.

"It's me, daddy."

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Lets kick off this adventure with a rail-ish oriented update.


Chapter 1 - Hangover

"Ugh... what the hell happened last night?"


"Too many shots of tequila, that's what". A comforting voice hit Leon's ears, for her words paradoxically shrilly struck his aching head.

"What time is it?" he groaned in response.

"Time for me to get up and go to work." Millie wandered across the room to the blinds and pulled on the draw, much to the dismay of Leon whose bloodshot eyes were stung by the rays.

Leon begged "Can't you stay a little longer?"

"No, silly." responded Millie with a slight giggle. "You know this internship is important to me and I can't be late again. Now, I'm off to the station. I love you, dearest."

Leon watched her walk out the apartment door. Like every noise, the closing of the door also discomforted his ears. At least he got to sleep in.



Millie checked her watch. 11 minutes to the next train. She knew if she got this one, she would definitely be at the hospital by noon. Man, she missed Sunday afternoons off.


The promenade was beautiful this time of year. Although there was a slight nip in the air as the bay breeze brushed her cheek, she took her time to enjoy the atmosphere before descending to the underground station below.


A few minutes later, the train arrived at the Cremorne underground terminus. At least this line was frequent, unlike her home line which featured frequent unreliability.




The train stopped at several stations, both underground and surface, to let passengers board and alight...


...but it was once the station reached Central that the most activity happened. People rushed off the train, only to be equaled with a sizable hustle of commuters eager to get the train to Kensington. Millie smirked to herself, "they have a ten minute frequency, why the hurry?" Such was the mentality of the person these days.


The announcement read "STOPPING AT ST. LUCIA". A few people got off, presumably to grab lunch at one of the cafes that skirted the water's edge.


The line also serves South Wharf, the hub of the city's ferry service.




The train stopped off at a few more underground stops in Kensington, serving all parts of the inner city.

Millie looked up. The all too familiar anouncement read through the speakers: "STOPPING AT WELLINGTON STREET. CHANGE HERE FOR SOUTH CITY AND ARIZONA BAY SERVICES. THIS TRAIN WILL TERMINATE".


Millie checked her watch. 11:42. She had made it with 8 minutes to spare. "I guess no time for coffee, but oh well", she thought to herself. Her mind was now focused on what potential excitement would come barging through the doors of the ER this afternoon.

"There's always something."

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