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  1. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    Nice progress! I like the night windows :-) cud be a tad brighter. What type of material are you using for the night windows? If you use Arch&Design and its self-illumination option you can make the night window texture spread its light to the surrounding area. This would look good for example at the balconies. speaking of balconies, I would light up a few of them too. All their windows are dark atm, which sticks out to the eye. For the roof: better details with the vents now maybe a bit repetitive like that. I would remove the ones from the top of the stairway hall. Also you could add a few extra details. I don't have reference pictures now since I'm on holidays. But to get an idea: Another option you can consider is making the roof texture more dirty and less uniform. Let us know if you want tips on that. For the color variations, it's best to evaluate if you post some example renders of the different colors.
  2. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    True, I wasn't even aware of this. Given the obvious fact that Corporate Ground Zero Plaza is a near copy of 500 5th Avenue and that JP has it almost completed, it would make sense, yes. Let's see what the two of them think.
  3. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    I'm sure you won't ;-)
  4. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    Ok here's how we are starting with the BATing: Bradbury Building - @nofunk Bluerise Plaza - @Jasoncw SimMars Research Centre - @MushyMushy Triangle Terrace - @JP Schriefer Corporate Ground Zero Plaza - @Diego Del Llano Kong Tower - @andisart and as a wild card we have @Krasner doing Sketchy Towers
  5. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    @coolsim1 post those buildings also in this thread, who knows maybe some will be made.
  6. King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 2

    Amazing and beautiful, very realistic, useful. Amazing value for a single download. Small minor are the many dependencies.
  7. andisart's BAT cookery

    Iris Bay is taking shape, WIP....
  8. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    yes but to be fair, not to the modern standards of BATing. BATing has come a long way since this model was released, so I think it's fair to allow a recreation.
  9. mipro

    Stunning! So beautiful, those details...
  10. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    These looks great! Beautiful work. I love the details and especially the plastic plane cover. I assume you found a great texture for this or did you create it some manual way?
  11. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    Yes it looks better with the saturation. What I forgot to mention is that when you lower the saturation in a material it gets darker. The new version lacks a bit of contrast now, the colors are in a similar contrast level now which makes it look a bit undefined. I would suggest you try brighten either the white parts or try brighten the color (not saturation but brightness only). Actually, looking at the the last two pictures, it looks like in the lower right corner, the corner building, that is a desaturated, but more contrast rich version. Is that correct? This I think looks more appealing. The best test to quickly see how the appearnce works or not is to paste it into an ingame city screenshot. Can you post one like that?
  12. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    Wow these are giving so much variety! I love it Great job on creating this flexibility! What I would like to suggest is that you check the color value in contrast to the SC4 ingame colors, at present the yellow looks to me a bit too bright and it might not fit well into the tileset of the game. An easy way to do this is to save your render as a PNG file and paste it into a screenshot of the game. I think you only need to turn down the saturation for it to work well. Good luck looking forward to see more
  13. Aarsgevogelte BAT's

    Î would also merge my scene into a new blank file (select geometry -> Save Selected -> Import Merge into a new scene). Hopefully that will solve it, it should.
  14. andisart's BAT cookery

    Iris Bay, Dubai
  15. andisart's BAT cookery

    @Glenni thanks very much, very kind, glad you enjoy it that much! @JP Schriefer thanks my friend, you flatter me @Hanson784 thanks! well by the sound of it you might grow accustomed to the new towers as well. you live in the city? @rsc204 very welcome and thanks very much here's a preview on the next dish being cooked: