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  1. [Re-resolved] Imgur images not displaying

    The images in my BAT thread are not restored. All that is left is empty image names, no link when in editing mode visible. Can you help?
  2. Lagos

    wow wow WOOOOW again... You keep leaving us speechless. I cant even start comprehend how you are creating these... This is really art. It's amazing, so realistic, but also so well planned out compositions. You are a artist using SC4 to create art. Amazing
  3. SimCity 3000 Building References

    That would be great! There isn't a good reference of SC3K buildings online anywhere at the moment. This could be it. I suggest postimage.org as image host platform, free and easy to use
  4. I had this problem before too, it was related to Max 2015, once I had that installed I couldnt install 2011 anymore. But you can remove Max 2015 (or I assume any newer versions potentially creating the same problem), install the older version first, and then the new version/s. Worked for me with 2011 and 2015. Hope it helps. PS: Max 2014 didnt seem to create this problem, only 2015, havent tried any newer versions.
  5. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Update for the Modern HD Car Props: MMP (Mayor-Mode-Ploppable) added, requested by @Urban Constanta Modding done by @Girafe Version 1.1
  6. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    Woooooaaahh welcome back! Such a nice surprise! You were missing here. I love your design on that arcology building! Glad you released it
  7. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Cool thx for sharing! When you found it, show me
  8. RDQ Venus Arcology

    Wow epic, so good to see you back! And good call releasing this beauty! And it's your own design!!
  9. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Thanks dear <3 glad you enjoy it Yes me too, show me then hehe, that's nice! your welcome So about the car props pack, @Urban Constanta commented I should make them also Mayor-mode ploppable (MMP), which I would be interested in doing. I just have never done this and can't find a tutorial (at least none that is still intact). I assuem I would want to make it so that it is one icon in the menu with option to scroll through the different models with a button press. Any ideas?
  10. ST at turtle speed

    This weekly backup you mention, is that by chance happening around Saturday nights/Sundays? Cause I've noticed at those times the site working super slow or not loading at all. If that is so, I assume there is no option to have it sometime other than the weekend, am I right?
  11. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Iris Bay has been released, download here: Also just release is the Modern HD Car Props pack, which is a dependency for Iris Bay (if you want cars to show up in the parking lot), get it here:
  12. Iris Bay

    Version 1.0.0


    ---------------------------------------------- AndisArt presents: Iris Bay Origin: Business Bay, Dubai Construction: 2013 - 2016 Building Height: 170m Floors: 32 Architects: WS Atkins & Partners Purpose: Office ---------------------------------------------------------------- Lot Size: 4x6 Contains 2 different lots: Landmark Plop Cost: 175.000 Monthly Cost: 0 Landmark Effect: 90, Radius 30 Mayor Rating: 10, Radius: 256 Plobbable with Jobs Office Jobs: 2460 CO$$$ Plop Cost: 174.010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available in MAXISNITE or DARKNITE, chose only one at a time! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dependency: If you want the cars to show up in the parking lots you need to download my Modern HD Car Props pack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Instructions: Extract the file folder and copy it to your SimCity 4 Plugins folder (usually MyDocuments/SimCity 4/Plugins). Buildings can be found in Landmark menu, sorted by plop cost. Most files have been packed in a .dat file which is required, do not delete. The two different lot files (landmark and ploppable with jobs) are left as seperate files and so that they can be used alone or both at the same time. The DarkNite version (DN) requires SimFox's Day and Nite Mod. Warning: Only use either the MaxisNite or the DarkNite version, you cannot use both at the same time! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Due to the nature of the building shape anti-alliasing had to be enabled on this model. Enabling anti-aliasing can sometimes produce grafic glitches when two anti-aliased BATs are overlapping each other.
  13. Modern HD Car Props (incl. MMP)

    Version 1.1


    ---------------------------------------------- AndisArt presents: Modern HD Car Props (incl. MMP) ---------------------------------------------------------------- This prop pack adds modern cars to your game as props (not as functioning automata/driving cars). There are 10 different vehicles with different colorings, totalling 30 variants. All models were rendered in HD, also know as Zoom 6. Vehicle models: ⦁ Audi Concept Car ⦁ Audi Roadster ⦁ Audi TT ⦁ VW Beetle ⦁ Futuristic Bike ⦁ Citroen C4 ⦁ Mazda MX5 ⦁ Nissan 350Z ⦁ Smart ⦁ VW Touareg The props can be used individually or as a prop family. Item names start with "AndisArt_PROP_carpack", followed by the model name and color. Prop family ID is 0A341980. There is a test lot that can be found in the landmark menu for an overview of all models. Can also be used in Mayor mode under tree menu as MMP (Mayor-Mode-Ploppable). If you do not wish to have this function you can delete the file AndisArt_PROP_carpack_MMP.dat in the download folder. Special thanks to @Girafe for the MMP modding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Extract the whole folder and copy it to your SimCity 4 Plugins folder (usually MyDocuments/SimCity 4/Plugins). You can now use the models in the Lot Editor or with any download that has this file as a dependency. The test lot is an individual file and can be deleted if not required. (File: AndisArt_PROP_carpack_testlot_67ba0db8.SC4Lot) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model credit: Cadnav.com MMP modding: Girafe
  14. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    It's the "item order" that determines it (Plugin Manager, tab 2; or edit with editing program in the LOT exemplar file). Default value is 1, which means the lot will be sorted in the menu by plop cost. If you specify an indivdual value as item order, the lot will be sorted by that number. I'm not sure exactly how it will be sorted in reference to the lots sorted by plop cost, but if you give all your lots the same item order value (other than 1) then they will be sorted together after each other.
  15. Linus van Pelt's BAT Thread

    That's a great base for the ground texture! The markings so far look very good and convicing. The red coloring looks like this is somewhere in an area with red stone, like Arizone. It might be more flexible for different settings if you make the color a bit more generic. To add variety I would continue to paint in detailed areas on the ground texture, along the tracks and especially on the sides and borders. Different textures blended into it, different coloring etc.