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  1. One Liberty Place

    Thank you for making the DN version. I have waited for it for a long time. It looks just gorgeous!! By the way, I look forward to more LA buildings
  2. DK35 Bank of America Center, Los Angeles, CA

    Could you please make one which doesn't need to put on the decline ground?? It's really painful to try hard to put it correctly .And I don't like the decline ground in CBD
  3. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    Thank you guys for making incredible SC4 BAT!! I went to Toronto for vacation this summer and it was really awesome to visit the buildings made into SC4 world! KPMG tower (I forget how to spell exact name of the skyscraper, where I met a quite lovely guy) as well as the library on Yonge Street are my favorite! I have deleted all the old buildings without true night lights and just use these HD BATs with fascinating night lights! I'll keep looking forward to your next incredible work! Thanks!! By the way, I'm still waiting for the project of Toronto Dominion Center and BMO Tower (First Canadian Square? ) : D. Also expect to visit LA one day : )
  4. I went to Toronto for vacation this summer. I was surprised by what I saw that several towers of Toronto Dominion Center was still being under refreshing construction! While this project has also been taken out for 5 years......
  5. South America + Bonus Pictures

    Really amazing! And thanks for making SC4 edition of the Great Wall. Happy new year!
  6. Scenes From Africa

    Really Amazing!!!
  7. Greece - Part II

    Really Amazing !!! Thanks for the comment. -korver
  8. Renaissance Tower Sacramento

    Really Awesome!