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  1. One Liberty Place

    One of my favorite buildings, and it looks like you've done it great justice. Thanks for sharing your art with the community!
  2. andisart's BAT cookery

    I love love love the night lighting !! I think I just found a new wallpaper for my desktop .. perhaps I might print it out and put it on the wall with the rest of my art!!
  3. andisart's BAT cookery

    Looks amazing .. Top quality art! My Cities:skylines cities need an architect like you.
  4. Burj Khalifa

    Glad to see you haven't given up old friend.. this might make me reinstall SC4
  5. Love the detailing on the rails.. can't wait to see more progression pictures of this city. Looking back through your CJ, I love the airport you made, very inspiration and the marinas you've made are fantastic.
  6. 7:24pm .. Must admit I love the shadow of the water tower ..
  7. Working on a new City, playing around with the stadium again ..
  8. Show us your Area view

    I love how every thing flows so smoothly, from the river Quays, to the high rise buildings and the roads, really gorgeous and certainly inspiring.
  9. Your regional view is looking great.. Love the picture before this, the distinct look between the old and the new is pretty inspiring.
  10. 6am Sunrise looking out over the latest city I've been meddling with.
  11. Funny Screenshots

    Since lots of people seem to like this picture I thought I'd show off another one from a different angle. BTW... yes it did look amazing while in motion. Here's another great towering inferno I stumbled upon after working on the other side of the city.. certainly caught my attention..