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  1. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    Really impressive work here! However, I'm not a big fan of the rail elevating to go over the road.
  2. Welcome to Saitama International Airport

    I love the R2D2 plane. Nice touch there. Great work, overall.
  3. 5-Way Interchange

    The patience it must have taken to build this is impressive! Having said that, I think the scale is a bit too big.
  4. Nante

    This would look better with a completed city.
  5. The 'Chester

  6. Entry no.25 - The Suburbs of Dresden

    Stunning work here. I really enjoy how you are able to weave in highways and rail through the burbs. Nice job!
  7. Research Center

    Really amazing work here. I'm with sucram17, however. The pond feels out of place to me.
  8. Some views from across the University Quarter

    I don't think these are available anymore. Any chance you could upload to the STEX? Thanks!
  9. Entry no.24 - Downtown Dresden

    Probably my favorite entry so far. Wonderful rail and road work here. Couple that with a nice blend of Maxis and custom content, and wow. Impressive!
  10. Entry no.14 - Mayfield

    Really nice work here. How are you making those curved streets?
  11. Entry no. 8 - Transportation & Places of Interest in Cisco Bay pt.1

    The waterfront work is good stuff! Especially the industry!
  12. Entry no.7 - Broadcast Hill and my own little version of Cities:Skylines

    Stunning MMP work. The rail work is quite nice as well. Looks like a rail line is sneaking from another city behind that factory. Do you have plans for that?
  13. Entry no.6 - The First Map & Cisco Bay@nite

    The tunnel work is incredible, especially the rail one in this entry (by the warehouse). How did you make that?
  14. Encyclopedic Entry no.1 - Highway Interchanges

    I really like how to you pay special attention to the edges in your cities. All the different wall choices really add a nice touch to the appearance.
  15. Teaser - Trueno Rriver

    The power line picture is the best, for sure. Nice work up top with the MMPs!