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  1. Kaigata 92

    nice to see a w2w. Sometimes i dream about a whole new euro w2w set comin out 🤗
  2. Colossus Farming

    now thats a great upload! Incredibile !
  3. Scenes from the City

    i really like the train station area. looks great. well done
  4. Bipin Concrete Walls

    gettin a brown box in the boutiqe lot. When holding the questionmark over the piece it says 530 COLLINS. Some dependency?
  5. Bipin Concrete Walls

    ok, ive tried both but didnt find it. I now have downloaded the extracheats dll. but cant understand it? installed into maxis folder , then restart game, ctrl x and right click? nothing happens. why?
  6. Bipin Concrete Walls

    nice work! in what menu can i find the set?
  7. Developing the City of Pololomia

    nice. i really like the vibes of this city
  8. Cephalonia: Introduction

    nice,. It gives me the vibes of Liguria.
  9. Jason5871's Cruise Ship Port Set

    that left underground parking.. looks really confusing.
  10. Tour of Africa: Johannesburg

    the gif was pretty nice
  11. Eighth Avenue Place - East Tower

    super realistic. me liiiike!
  12. Perth Council Building

    thank you! this one is just stunning. The facade is really well done. keep it up
  13. Palais Garnier Remastered

    super realistic! That gold looks really shiny, well done.
  14. Entry 4: Welcome to Birdwater Point

    nice pics. I also think the beach pics looks the best.