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A democratic socialist country far away

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Alkon Crown, Highlands







The winter has arrived at the central highlands.

Today we're gonna zoom in on an area called Alkon crown. The nearest settlements are about 80km away. And the last 40km you need to go by foot since the roads is to end.







In this pic you can see an expidition with mechanics which are on their way to a military radiotower.

On a journey like this you need to be prepared to hike in the wild. To get here is no easy walk especially in the winter, and this crew are well trained.






Mile after mile with frozen soil.







After a two days hike the crew will arrive at this spot.

I can't give you the exact location since the army don't want too much people creepin around.









Romans Peak







Hello everyone. This time i'm taking you to the south east of the highland coast. In this entry I will focus on Romans peak located at the very east. The nearest city are Wondur and the little smaller town called Solhill a few miles away.




To get to this location you will need to take some smaller roads from Solhill. The trip will take about two hours.








While entering Romans peak you will arrive about two hundred meters away from the lighthouse, and you'll need to continue by foot. The view from the lighthouse are just magnificent.

Getting down to the beach is not the easiest thing to do. Either you go by foot which will take you at least a few hours, or you can take the car a few kilometres back and then drive around the the tallest cliffs. 

-It's totally worth it, the professional surfers said.






Just be carefull getting the car stuck in the sand. The local cattle farmer is not always present with a tractor.








Night-time the fog sweeps in.





.hope you enjoyed.







Saint Malin Highlands






Greetings from the central highlands of Saint malin.







The central highlands are the most deserted place in the whole republic of Saint malin. There are a few towns but mostly of the highland towns are located along the coast.







There are a wide range gas pipeline that intersects almost the whole mainland. Starting in the city of Wondur at the east coast heading all the way to Codham in the district of royal coast.







Here along the Jennyains mountain range the winter arrives around at the end of october and stays for about 6 months.

The climate around the highland steppeland are quite harsh and the wind often gets up to about 25m per second, especially during the fall.









Half Point Island






So here's a quick look at another island, but this time south of the mainland. It's called Half point and it consist of two islands, the smaller northern island and the bigger south one.



 To get to Half Point you need to take the ferry line from either Ferryton or the city of Grand. Both lines are making a stop at Almyn Isle before heading to Half point. The ferry stops at the south island. The northern island are not to enter for the public and you shall not reside this island. This is because of the military activity. The navy has a reconnaissance facility here and therefore you shall not enter this isle. But we're gonna take a look at the northern one from the air!




In the pic abow you can see one of the military structures on the isle. Some say there is an underground military facility at this spot. No one really knows except for those who really needs to know.







Another quite strange thing is the fact that you can find electrical poles that appears to lead nowhere.

Obviously this has to do with the presence of the navy. The rumors says that there have been some people that entered this area never to return.





In this pic you can see some warning signs.

The signs say:




Photography strictly forbidden!




That's all for now.


Mians Island




Autum on Mians Island

Today im showing you some pics from the uninhabited island called Mians Island.

The island are deserted besides from some herds of sheep.

It lays north west of the mainland.To come here you must take a few hours boat ride from Sunpoint. There's quite complicated to get there since there are no regular ferry lines to this location.



The only structure on the island are a lighthouse and a small outpost for scientists.

The lighthouse are in use and are automaticly driven.




There are mostly shrubs and bushes on the island due to strong winds.But there are some trees on this island mostly pine, larch and poppel.





At this time of the year the fog often sweeps in from the surrounding atlantic ocean. The science outpost showed +2 degrees celsius this morning.

And with the moist in the air this is not the most delectable place to be right now.












Hope you liked it

For more precise location look on the map below.





Mills Peak



Let me introduce the little coastal city called Mills Peak layin on the very north east end of Kroonburg island.





This city was founded in year 1823. The city lays at the very north east of the province Lake lands. It's a typical small city with a marked maritime atmosphere. The proximity to the sea once made Mills peak to an important harbour city. But during the establishment of the great harbours in the city of Grand further south, the Mills peak harbour has today lost its importance as an harbour city. Today the most important industy in the city are tourism especially coastal tours and fishing trips.





At the bottom of this picture is the start of the city centre coming from the south. With the Mills peak Paper building in the south end of the Moss road which leads you to the downtown.




Continue north on the Moss road you'll pass Whale square and the great market hall. Keep going and you'll pass the old brick school building. After you go by the bus depo and the tennis courts you'll reach the shopping area, seen in the next picture.







Here you can find some nice restaurants, cafes, hostals and much more.

As you can see the architecture of Mills peak is quite different comparing to Kroonburg City, with a more parisian look. This might be explained from the many canadian citizens back in the 1800s.






see you soon...


Downtown Kroonburg





It was a while ago now, but here's a random update from west central Kroonburg.




Redbought park and Salman cross.

Kroonberg Bank in the front leans over the Redbought park. Not the calmest spot in the city but a great place to buy drugs...









Boldville street, Creeter road and West Prack valley.

Better not cross under that bridge after sunset, these blocks have the reputation to be quiet rough, especially during night time.








West Prack bus station, Farmond park

From here you can take the bus to the north west suburbs. And remember that there is no fee on the collective transports.








Kroonburg's botanical garden

One of Kroonburg's two botanical gardens, also known as Eivor Garden was first founded in year 1866 by the the pastor and mistress Eivor Henriksson 1779-1880. The building was first to work as a stable for the city's local regiment. The building as we see it today has a collection of both mediterranean plants, desert plants as nordic plants and trees. The collection consists of around 800 kinds of species, both outside and inside.

The garden has no entrance fee and are open every day of the week 11.00-18.00.





Location on the map




Arsonists CAUGHT!





Earlier this afternoon the S.P.D declared that the suspects of the arson which took place at one of kroonburg's synagogues yesterday has been caught.

The Saint Malin Hate Crime division said that the crime was planned and accomplished by a neo nazi group called Soldiers of Thor. The special division says they have got their eyes on this group for a long time, which did make it very easy to track down and catch these perps. The Kroonburg S.W.A.T team was well aware of the risk of confronting this group of individuals, which are known to be very dangerous and probably heavily armed at the moment. At 15.30 this afternoon the S.W.A.T decided to storm the building, where the suspects were located.

There was smoke granades fired by the special force which lead to total confucion among the suspects, which only achievement were to set fire on their own property.

Thanks to the proffesional acting by the Saint Malin police force not a single gunshoot were fired and no one were harmed during this operation.

Now a trial awaits these suspects and justice will make its way.




And happily all four victims from yesterday has survived and are under the circumstances okay, says the Kroonburg Tilla Hospital.

During this day massive manifestations has been held on many places over the city, to honour the victims and observe this kind of crimes and hate phenomenon.

A greater demonstration will be organized this weekend by several different human rights and anti racism organizations, gathering from the whole republic of Saint Malin.

.More to come.





Neo nazis strikes downtown Kroonburg.

It was late last night citizens on Digger street heard a loud burst. Witnesses says they saw a group of men running out of the lokal synagogue heading towards a waiting van. The neighbours called the fire dapartment immediately and thanks to that the building was saved from destruction. Four persons has been reported injured and two of them seriously. Three of them are members of the church and the fourth are the janitor of the property.

-With swastikas sprayed on the facade there is no doubt this is a hate crime says the Kroonburg police superintendent Phil Redon. -And an act like this are to be seen as terrorism according to the santa malian law ,Redon continues.






The hunt on the suspects goes on and the K.P.D (kroonburg police department) says that they are well aware of these kind of far right movements operating in the city and these groups are well charted. The K.P.D even promise that these perpetrators will be caught in 48 hours.




Kroonburg central



                                Here's some pictures showing Kroonburg's north west downtown area. At the corner where Kallbrand street crosses Pad road lays some  downtown industries which gives this old workingclass block a nice feelin to it.






               And this pic shows the new trainhalt North east Klapper station. With an incoming commuter train. The building of this station is a part of the great extension of the mainline which will make it more accessible for more citizens.








     Further down the line passing a random block at the outskirts of the city centre.





Kroonberg downtown

Random pics from downtown Kroonburg city




This pic show you a glimps of the northern finance district of the region.





Take the subway (which nowdays are free) south and you'll reach the Bolmer street. From here you'll find the northern entrence of the great green Bolmer park.





Continue further south and you'll reach Malgot Square where you can chill out at the plaza. Mabey do some skateboarding or why not take a ride in the ferris wheel.













The Santa malian citizens of Kroonberg island has made a historical choice. With 30% of the votes ¨the green's¨ are the winners.

A green change is coming says the ¨green's¨. The green's did win the election and a ruling place in the government building. There's gonna be a great green revolution on this island says the new prime minister Thilia Cheko.


There are three other partys taking place in the parliament this winter. 

.The Blue Party 15%

.Liberals 15%

.Labours 20%


Three other partys will need to see themselfs outside the doors of power for the coming four years.

.KPS 10%

.DKG 5%

.P 5%





A smaller gathering to celebrate the winners. A scene from the city of Kroonburg.




And as always in Santa Malin no elections without riots. Anarchists versus riotsquad.








Government election!


Election for the Kroonberg government and the parliament.

Here is some info about the seven parties you are able to vote for. Choose carefully and then vote.

And remember the winner gets to decide who to rule with.

The four parties with the most votes will get in to the parliament.






¨The green's¨ are the green enviroment friendly party. They care especially for enviroment matters but also the care of the poor and the elders. They want to introduce a tax on fuel to make more people choose the public transportations before the car. They also want to keep the borders loose to make it easy for refugees to start over in Kroonberg. Less money on the army and more on conservation of nature. Less borders more openness.

And also build 200.000 new apartments on the island to resolve a future housing shortage.

.Will rule with Labours.





KPS ¨The Kommunist Party of Santa Malin¨ is as you might figure a communist party. They got their roots on the Kroonberg island. The party is a branch of the mainland KPS party that is in the parliament of Santa Malin mother government. The KPS wants to keep the strands tight between the mainland and the island. They strive towards a santa malian communist state just like the mainland KPS. They also would like to establish a special kind of police that will work to counteract far right forces to establish on the island.

.Will rule alone.





The Labours party of Kroonberg. Labours is known as a democratic socialist party. They also has their roots in the mainland politics. It's actually their mother party Labours of Santa malin that is the ruling party in the mainland and the party with most support among the citizens.

The politics is not that different from the mother party's politics. They want to keep a good contact with the mainland but has point out that the citizens of kroonberg WILL have a greater influence of their own matters just as the ACT I 1 says. One thing they will do if they win is to guarantee every family of kroonberg a free space in a kindergarden just as in the school system. And they also promise to make the harbour of Kroonburg the main  international port of Santa malin. Which will increase the job oppertunities on the island but especially in the city of Kroonburg.

.Will rule with the green's.





The blue party is the opposition to Labours and are a conservative party. Their main goal is to make Kroonberg more of a free market economy with greater influence by the corporations. They will make the connection with USA stronger and welcome foreign companies to take part of the resources. They will not accept free public transportation and will fight to have the act destoyed. They will also cool down the relations between the motherland and the island. The blue party promise to lower the taxes with the result to abolish free health insurance. Abort the real estate tax.

This will surely promote a new richer class to grow.

.Will rule with the liberals and the DKG.





Peoples party. The peoples party is a local populist party. The only point they propagate are total independance from Santa malin.

The politicians in this party are not very educated in this kind of work but says they are the perfect representatives of the people. The want to make a new kind of local army, claim borders and make their own tax system to start with.

Experts are warning people from vote on this kind of populist parties because of the lack of competence. But still many are overwrought about total independence NOW!

.will rule with every other party.




DKG ¨Democratic Kristen Gathering¨ is a christian-democratic party. Their politics goes quite paralell with the conservatives but with a special focus on christian values. They want to make christianity more seen in the education system. Keep the free health insurance and guarantee homeless people a bed for the night. Ban public smoking and hand out free fire alarms to all citizens of Kronberg. Also make sure to keep a good relation with the mainland to prevent conflicts.

For you who wants free abortion? With DKG in the governmentis this will be a big NO NO!

.Will rule with Labours, The green's and the blue party.




The ¨Liberals¨ are the conservative liberal alternative. They say they want to keep going for independence but with the help from the mainland. Conflicts are very unnecessary these days and the kroonberg island would not stand a chance without the mainland as it is today. The liberals wants every citizen to claim more individual freedom and power to manage their own business. Legalization of marijuana and free needle handouts for addicts. Free birth control pills for women under 35. No more real estate tax.

Just as the blue party they will thrive to make the relations with USA better but still keep good relations with Santa malin. And make the market more ¨free¨.

.Will rule with The blue party, Labours, P and The green's.





Voting is possible until Sunday night at 24.00.






The Santa malian citizens voted YES! towards independence in this historical election. The yes side won with 71,43% of the votes versus the no sides 28,57%.

Update this weekend with pictures from Kroonberg island.




av_277302.jpg       FLAGMINI.jpg      av_277302.jpg



It's time to vote for the independence of Kroonberg island. For over a century the island of Kroonberg or ''Kroonburg'' has fighted against the Santa malian government to claim intependence from its motherland. The fight has gone on and on in the parliament and for year after year without any results at all. But in the last five years the progress has taken a new turn into a wider public matter. The debate has been seen and heard more frequently among politicians but also among the great mass.

This voting act is a great step towards independence from the Santa Malin government but in the reality this act does not claim total independence. It has been very clear among the congress that this act will give Kroonberg a greater power to act on a local matter without the need to first call Santa Malin mainland to get things approven. The act which is named ''act i1'' will make Kroonberg citizens able to vote for a local prime minister who's abides the main prime minister of Santa Malin. The Kroonberg citizens will also be able to vote in the election of the main prime minister like normal. The big thing in this local election is that the Santa malian citizens which lives on the mainland will not be able to participate in the voting of Kroonberg's future prime ministers. The Kroonbergers will also have a greater voice in the local way of handel school and healt matters. Also the matter to protect wildlife and nature within the Kroonberg borders.

When it comes to the defense of the Kroonberg island there will not be any changes what so ever. The army and the navy will not be affected by this ''act i1''. As well as the national tax system will stay the same and no local tax will be created. Besides from a toll fee that has to be payed when entering the island using the bridge. This specific fee does not affect the ferry lines.



The voting can be done untill this friday the 8th of january.





Some points that the YES side propagates are-


.Greater influence of local matters

.Free fares in public transportations

.Obligatory swedish language education in public schools

.Easier to protect wildlife and nature.

.The claiming of the Kroonberg flag.



Some points that the NO! side propagates are-

.Obligatory swedish language education in public schools

.Free fares in public transportations

.Toll tax between the two regions

.The people of Santa Malin does not have to be more devided

.This act will unstable the national economy and the national safety

.The risk of less control will lead to the growth of rightwing forces





The location of Kroonberg island on an old map
















































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